Yo, what's up? Everybody man not sure average TV Happy Happy New Year, man 2018 is here, and we are ready and we're gonna start off with some amazing news I believe it's amazing news, but a everybody has different opinions bit connect X if you haven't heard about this already man We logged into our big connect platform today You know to check out our gains and all that stuff and here it is they are they're announcing big connect X Nobody knows what it is There's a bunch of links right here that don't work that you can click on them doesn't work There's a mining right here

So maybe it's like a mining platform Everybody thinking it might be an exchange I don't see any way that you can buy stuff you know I mean, it's like you can buy anything So I don't know nobody really knows what it is people that are that are that are Think that but connect is a Ponzi scheme or saying that this might be a way to try to get more money So they can invest that back into big connect, so you know so I could it could sustain itself But I don't know I personally I believe in it That's why I Invest in it I put some I'm 250 bucks I put into it and because you know 20 50 bucks is not a lot, but it's a lot for me You know I mean and the reason I did it because I believe in it I think it's an opportunity And I don't think it is they had they have their own coin then they don't they have their own Platform that everybody is that everybody is on So I don't really think it's a Ponzi scheme at the day They're keeping up with their words or giving

They're giving back You know they're giving back profits every day even though right now It's kind of smaller than Smaller than usual, but you never know I mean I think it's a solid platform I think this is great news for big connect This is dumb them moving up going to the next level, so we'll see what happens again none that nobody knows What this really is? But let me know man You guys let me know what you think make sure you comment below let me know what you guys think what this is do you believe in the whole bit connect platform you think this is a part of the whole Ponzi scheme this is just to get more funds to To fund the other part of it who knows man make sure you comment below make sure you subscribe to a notification bill You know why because we are giving away a lot of money this year We're sorry enough today is January 1st 2018 and We are giving away $25 in big because we did it we did it we did it 1001 1001 subscribers to my channel Thank you guys very much, man I appreciate every single on you guys

This is just a beginning I'd like if you guys haven't watched yesterday's video my 2018 goals We're at 1,000 subscribers today January 1st and my goal is to get 50,000 subscribers by the end of the year So let's keep it up man And let me know make sure you subscribe Make sure you share this video make sure you let everybody know that this is where we give away free Bitcoin constantly I'm right now I'm not gonna put I'm not gonna say that we give it away every week or every month But you know I've only been what we've been doing it for like a month now We've given away $100 worth of Bitcoin To five different people so we know we're already starting off on a good foot, so we're gonna keep it going again We are giving away $25 as a thank you to you guys for subscribing for supporting the channel Everybody's commenting Everybody's interacting with me, and I'm it's my goal to always be able to interact back with you guys again Oh a bit connect there's something that other that I am invested in so if you guys want to win I'm also giving away money for bit connect the first person that That does alone again

If you're not sponsored by me if I'm not your sponsor in bit connect Go ahead and use my link It's in the description Use that link it's gonna put you it put me as your sponsor and the first person that does alone Minimum is a hundred bucks that you have to do and you will be You would win twenty bucks from me twenty bucks in Bitcoin I will get you back, so is anybody out there that is questionable about Bitcoin Maybe bit connect, maybe it'll work Maybe it won't work the risk is even lower you invest a hundred I give you twenty back and there you go, and we'll go from there You know me so um The risk is a little smaller You know I mean so I want you guys to go out there

I believe in it You know I mean if I'm wrong I'm sorry But if you guys are already on the fence like maybe I should maybe I shouldn't I think this is a perfect opportunity You guys should get into it as you can see big connect platform is growing so I personally think this is amazing news again I'm a professional I'm not a professional investor I'm letting you know what I think this is my opinion you come to my channel to get my opinion It's all it is But I think yeah, I think it's good and also I'll be talking more about I know I know bit connect It's getting kind of lower the the weekly payouts the daily payouts and all that stuff the interest rate Davor deborah coin is another platform that I'm going to I'm just waiting for something I bought 300 hours with the pic connect a bit connect I say that I straight backwards and stuff I bought $300 worth of Bitcoin that I will be investing 250 of it The other 50 bucks is something that I just be working with I be able to give you guys some more Bitcoin Maybe I start getting to some alt coins I know I've been telling you guys that I hadn't really been You know looking into all coins or anything like that But I didn't invest into some all coins yesterday because I was like you know if this is true It's gonna be a big bang, so I invested in ripple I know rippled people were on the fence about it because it's a It's not decentralized

You know the banks use it and stuff like that So people are saying yes people were saying no on ripple, but if the the rumors are true I was hoping that what happened today that they're gonna be with their the coin base We're gonna start selling ripple I thought that was gonna skyrocket it so I was like you know what I bought 10 shares of ripple You know I put 20 bucks in there I was like you know what 20 bucks or 20 bucks and it's skyrockets to like 5 bucks or something 10 bucks who knows then I made it, you know I mean I would sell it at that point I'm just using this just to play around with or whatever So I did get 10 10 shares of 10 coins of ripple I'm also looking into I looking into Virg Virg ed I was looking into Virg I had a really good feeling about this but Yesterday if I would have bought it I would have bought it at 22 cents, and it would have gone down It's gone down 28% So I'm glad I didn't get that And the one that I really really want to get that I've heard a lot of great reviews is his write rate blocks right blocks It was 22 bucks yesterday

That was 29 has gone up 37 percent As soon as I get my own The bit because I fight with my bank I ate on coinbase takes like 11 days for it to clear so it goes to my account I'm so I'm really looking into getting some rate blocks is what I'm looking into as well like I said I want to start getting into this this market of all coins and stellar sellers has been doing amazing It's at 50 cents right now So I'll probably be scooping up some Skeletor some seller – it's up 40 it's on 40% so but as of right now Because the reason I invested into ripple was because the rumors that it might be on coinbase Like I said, I only put 20 bucks, and if the rumors are true You know I'm gonna make a little bit of money, and if the rumors aren't true I you know I invested 20 bucks So I got 10 shares of ripple or 10 coins a ripple whatever however you want to say it But that's how I'm starting the new year I invested into ripple We are Out of that we're past a thousand subscribers here and my trade which TV so I appreciate you guys a Big connect is coming out with big connect X so already man It's already been It's it's only and right now It's 339 p

m California time when I'm making this video and all kinds of great news is already happening man, so again Thank you guys If you haven't already please subscribe Hit the notification bell and make sure you comment what you think is gonna happen with this big connect x Comment any all coins any all coins you want me to talk about maybe all coins that I don't know about Or I have it because it should go to all coins here I mean so maybe some all coins that I don't know about it or maybe I've overlooked that you guys want me to Investigate and talk about I will be more than happy to I will you know I do reply to everybody's comments So keep commenting I appreciate every single one everybody's comment, and if you guys don't know how to get into all coins There's a link in my description as well Finance finance is the exchange that you have to first you have to get big if you don't have Bitcoin You have to get some Bitcoin through do coinbase if you don't have an account and got a link straight to coin I make it as easy as possible There's a link right there straight to coinbase get some Bitcoin once you get the Bitcoin you go into finance And then you um you do it that way and the best way to do it right now is taking forever If you do it from coinbase straight to buy Nannes is gonna take forever to the shitload of fees what you have to do is Download gtex so from from coinbase It's the same It's the same Coin base

This is an extension of coin base, so as you can see right here This is where I'm holding my Bitcoin right now a little bit a little bit I have so you go to coinbase you put it in the gene X free of charge You go to GX and you send it somewhere else free of charge It's super fast and that's how I that's how I am yesterday I sent it You know people that people that are winning on the show everybody that one of my big I'm a bit connect And I might give away the other day um they're giving me these these I Had a five people I've sent money to two people so it this is working so if you won, and you're giving me an address It's not working I'm letting you guys know that it's not working but I've had no problems yesterday I from here

I transferred a bye Nance and went super quick within about three minutes It was in by Nance no fees and And I bought some ripple, you know simple was that so yeah everybody if you guys are on coin base And you guys want to invest in buy Nance if you want to invest a bit connect if you want to invest in hash Flair All you got to do is just transfer your money to gee Dex, and if you don't know how to do that I do have another video of the one that says no fees no fees hacks Make sure you check that out, and I'll explain to you How you go from coinbase to GTX and how you withdraw and deposit and all that stuff man, but again if you haven't already Please subscribe make sure you hit the notification bell comment below We'll be giving away a lot more money so for now in this video comment below and tomorrow I will be picking a random winner about the 25 bucks 25 for some reason with a 50 maybe I'm just Mad yeah, we got a build to that we got a built it I can't just give away 50 now because where do I go from there 75 100? Let's start at 25 because I appreciate you guys man getting this channel to a thousand Thousand subscribers, so I guess the next giveaway For for the subscribers will be at 2000 I guess that every thousand will do will do a giveaway so keep them coming appreciate you guys comment below Let me know what you guys think of everything I talked about and I will be seeing you guys tomorrow, and I'll be talking to you guys in the comments again Thank you guys so much man Happy New Year 2018 this is the first day Have a great one See you guys peace