do you know Did Brian Armstrong design a small business website in his neighbor's garage while he was in high school? He earned a double degree in computer science and economics from Rice University in Houston During his tenure at Rice, Brian was an intern team leader at IBM where he developed Java-based tools for network-attached storage devices He also founded the UniversityTutor in 2003 with John Nelson A global market that allows instructors to serve potential student clients

In 2007, Brian wrote a book to encourage readers to follow their dreams and successfully transition to self-employment Bitcoin attracted Brian's interest during Christmas 2009 when he was browsing the Internet at his parents' home After graduating, he spent a year in Argentina, witnessing the impact of hyperinflation on the country's economic status, further arousing his fascination with Bitcoin Later, Brian worked as an enterprise risk management consultant and a software engineer at Airbnb in Deloitte When he left Airbnb, he began working with Fred Ehrsam to develop Coinbase

Today, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the United States is worth $8 billion With the popularity of cryptocurrency in 2014, Brian accepted interviews with other cryptocurrency leaders such as Vitalik Buterin, Winklevoss Brothers, Roger Ver and Jered Kenna in the documentary It premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival In 2018, Brian founded a non-profit organization where donors can donate anonymously by converting cryptocurrencies to cash without creating a digital walletintended to help people without bank accounts get financial services

Then in 2019 he joined the donation vows The campaign initiated by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett "encourage the rich to contribute a portion of their money to charity" Ten years ago, Brian wrote a goal: "Create a technology company with a market value of one billion dollars" Today, his net worth is $180 million "I hope that one day, as I did ten years ago, there will be more people writing down a "crazy" goal, and it turns out that this is not so crazy after all

" -Brian Armstrong (givingpledgeorg)