Back again with me This time I will review two sites bitcoin miners which was recently released so this was just released about two or three days ago so if you want to register you can open the link The description or you can search on google directly okay immediately to the scene the first is oneex This is the site bitcoin miners degoin dollar and Gh / s and tetntu only litecoin well here I mine dollar we got a bonus here 100 GH / s you can deposit with buy suppress GH / s here its features there is mining, partner deposit, withdraw we'll see how minimal withdraw for this site for this site myself minimal withdraw to bitcoinnya is 0001 so this was quite high so for us that mine free let's look at litecoin, in litecoin it 0

02 if in the dollar 1 USD maybe we will try to mine dollar because here dollar just 1 USD if degoin was 1000 dogein okay it's up to you to select which the important one you do not need to deposit too fast because of This is not necessarily sticky This could be a scam because only 2 days therefore quick-hurry up to register to see if This is legit or scam here only two days online we see features others like accounts here you can write the biodata you The second site is 5 start mining or five start mining well in this 5startmining we got 200 GH / s, pretty much yes here let's see, we can only mine bitcoin turns we can only mine bitcoin we'll see Here the speed is quite big yes 200 GH / s and new here three days online and the new payout 04 bitcoin and new usernya 14000 we refer to withdraw how minimal withdraw to this site the minimum is 0,001 high enough so it turns out but still optimistic, you know who this are sites that pay us for free without us making a deposit so you do not need to be afraid to sign up it's free to sign up, if the deposit you pay but the risks will be higher so we will see later if this is a scam or legit just sign up, go to the link in description perhaps the first review of my for the next video you can subscribe to this channel to see The latest sites of mining bitcoin do not forget to like and comment share my friends to you if you like this video