Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is August the 14th 2017 buy-and-hold resist temptation to sell at high prices get rich by desiring little pure commitment to bitcoin strong hand alright thanks to the awesome dude who likes to send me litecoin and thanks to the guy who sent me some Z cash you rock man so I'm in Dublin Ireland right now if you need a reminder about that and I will be in Quebec City on August 17th you can email me and I'll be there for a month about you can email me at Adam at traceur helpcom if you want to hang out or if you have ideas and here is your you can get this leather case at crypto HW wallet calm this one would be for your ledger nano but they sell leather cases for all of these storage devices like trays or ours and digital big box I think I check out my affiliate link below for crypto HW wallet comm and also you can shorts like this from cryptography to use the Meister discount code again it's ironic people it looks like Chase Bank I know people still have questions about this for some reason I'm come on use your heads here use your heads on that like button come on people don't disappoint me in your intelligence levels here alright so and your listening comprehension because sometimes I'll say something and then you you ask the question that I already answered five minutes before I don't I don't get it I guess I mean whatever found that like button if you like Adam Meister being confused all right I see veteran big towels over there in the chat he is he he is a smart guy I like him pound that like button for vention big towel and for the fact that Adam can't find his notes alright so yeah strong hand is really paying off lately isn't it if you didn't panic sell your Bitcoin you're really happy I know I've said that last show I wanted to say it again cuz I love having a strong hand Polonia axe has added B cash starting today that happened earlier today and they credited people who foolishly kept their Bitcoin on the exchange before August the 1st hey you're gonna say I wasn't a fool didn't get stolen okay it didn't get stolen but if you put it on BTC deshi it did anyway you got your B cash today be happy you can sell it now you can do whatever with it and if you have if you have B cash laying around you can sell on Palani X now again I recommend that you never buy this stuff but I'm gonna say something later in the show and some of you're gonna probably say well I'll buy it because of what you just said Adam alright so fear FOMO is in the air fear of missing out is in the air as I predicted when people got back to work this Monday morning they would start hearing about this I mean now we're at 4 to $300 Bitcoin I mean when I went on the air right now it said 4325 on what's it called Gemini calm and I use Gemini's prices the United States exchange so if you're gonna quote $1

00 exchange you better use use the Winklevoss brothers exchange why not it's it's in America it's in your New York but yeah so it was only Alan silver it has a tweet it's linked to below always check out the links section below these videos to get important links we have some really important ones to check out also check out my archives we're gonna refer to that later because I make a new video every day since like the beginning of 2016 I've been making videos since 2013 actually but at first there weren't that many videos you can check out the archives for yourself but anyway though the Bitcoin was going to cover the Wall Street Journal today alright that's what Alan silver put out there Bitcoin price jumps past $4,000 is said that's pretty awesome that's some mainstream media covers right there the Financial Times has an article that I linked to and they even said they even use the term FOMO fear of missing out they even mentioned in the article was hilarious they're they're creating the phone um they didn't pay that Rosie pictures for icos in that Financial Times article you can make up your own line hey a couple of notes here about the show people have asked are you gonna have asked me anything Adam you skipped the the August 1 in the July first one yeah I was I was traveling for both of those and also the ask me anything turn into like cesspools basically with a bunch of trolls asking a lot of personal questions but maybe then that I'll give it another chance so September 1st hopefully will haven't asked me anything here some people also are still confused when I say buy-and-hold 2020 I'm talking about the Bitcoin having that this is just a goal a long-term goal so people don't panic cell so people have a strong hand so they have a logical reason to hold until 2020 because the price in the past before these 2016 having rose a lot right before the 2020 having this does not mean that Adam is selling his all his Bitcoin in 2020 it doesn't mean Adam is selling any of his Bitcoin in 2020 actually it means the earliest possible date that Adam sells his Bitcoin is after the having of 2020 okay that he sells any of his Bitcoin any so I've said this before I guess I'm gonna have to say it eighty more times but it does not imply people people like to put words in my mouth and I know I sound a little frustrated with it is a little frustrating it's frustrating when people put words in your mouth and I know most of you don't mean to do it in that way and I shouldn't get this frustrated so I'm talking me through it right now we got to stay positive got to stay positive we all have days we get frustrated right it's the important thing is not to let it get you nothing's getting me down obviously but I just want to clarify that remember bitcoin is like a savings account train you as your savings account put you buy Bitcoin now the price is $4,300 alright so if you have extra money that you were gonna save use it on Bitcoin but don't let go in the credit card debt to start buying Bitcoin that's I mean some people might say that's cool I don't think it's cool hey also I can't see the guys in the chat I just see you know vention symbol but I do appreciate the people who participated in this super chat thing where you give me Fiat tips I think it's an awesome aspect of YouTube it is a lot of people complain about some things about YouTube but I like how they had this super chat thing so hey alright so the king of the trolls and an unnamed it says that he and some unnamed large friend holding the guys that hold a lot of Bitcoin their friends are his there's a reddit thread about this I've linked to it below he says that they've been considering selling their Bitcoin for be cash to you know to make a statement and that would definitely temporarily at least a pumpy cash and it wouldn't be good news for Bitcoin there be a drop for a Bitcoin I'd link to that below okay I link to that up reddit below and you can see who king of the trolls is you can actually read his name in that I actually was gonna say his name tonight but there's no reason for me to say his name but you can just click on it and you can know who the king of the trolls is he is a good thank you the bad virus for setting those 10 pounds he's a super chat thanks to protect for the win super chat for the win thanks alright back to uh back to king of the trolls over in Japan and he lives in Japan but yeah he's making these subtle threats now and you know it'd be insane for him to do this but maybe he will do it I don't know but you can click on that reddit and you can see his name now I want to clarify something about king of the trolls he is not trolling me he does not care about me so when I like he doesn't come to my chat to troll he's been on my show before but it's there some people and I guess it is Alan some people could think like well if you're calling king of the trolls that it must mean he trolls you there are people who think that so I just wanted I wanted to clarify that because I know there might be a little bit of confusion so he has I don't say the dude's name because he doesn't does you know them we pump out by mentioning these people by their names and giving links to their sites and doing all we do them a lot of favors and help them spread the word and cause a lot of fun and we were being used and they would complain about censorship and we want we wanted to be the good guys instead show hey we're not censors we're not censors but it was all part of the big plan you know complain about censorship and then they'll let us on all their shows so I let the dude on my show I'm not saying the guy's name I'm not helping him out anymore he might be dumping all this stuff soon though in the B cash so keep all that in mind when you just keep that in mind for November you've got to have a strong hand you gotta have a strong hand for these things these are temporary problems though if he sells all his stuff it is just a temporary problem before he could drop $1,000 though it okay good if he's so low his stuff tomorrow they couldn't could go down to $3,000 tomorrow it could it really could and people will be going crazy I mean basically here go down to 33 3,500 then drop even more on everyone going crazy because this one guy and his unnamed buddies sold there they're a Bitcoin for beat cash all right but it then it'll pass all right end of end of that rant people like to compare Bitcoin to tulips and tulip mania and especially you know they used to talk about it a lot during the mount cop the Goths bill dunk back in the day we had a run up to a thousand and then it dropped down to two hundred eventually well tulips Dave had a huge run-up and they dropped down and they were nothing at least that's the way the story's been told to me they never went back up again then tripled in value than quadrupled in value okay so bitcoins done a little bit more than those tulip mania people did now maybe some of you are gonna say Adam you're wrong about that huh then I guess I'm wrong about it they did tulips go up and down and up and then tend to the moon I don't know about that I don't know but I think is a valid point of bringing up here I wasn't around in the 1600 or whatever it was found that like fun so carbon easter he had taken you to where all the tall thing is so old I mean it's just like what happens if there's an EMP attack what happens if a nuclear weapon goes off I mean it's the same what happens that the moon crashes into the earth we got better things to worry about all right but these are the same things we hear over and over again from the funsters to don't give me the fuzz stirs too much uh too much airtime here tonight really so turn to me stir who is not but stir who's that awesome dude to follow who's been on this show before because I provide I am proud of the awesome guests that come on to this show all right and by the way if cubic trolls actually started to troll me in my chat and on my page then babe they've lost a really big time really big time I also want to say that remember be cash is not an ordinary and he does not troll me I just wanna make that clear he does had better things to do with his life thank the Lord because if you troll it out of Meister – then what's up with that I'm some dude with like 10,000 YouTube subscribers you gotta have better things do your life control me seriously but uh be cash is not your ordinary altcoin you told some dude from Baltimore alright so be cash is not some ordinary altcoin I mean the only thing lower than that is like trolling some dude from Cleveland or something or Detroit those places are okay Baltimore is okay I love it that's where problem so be cash is not your ordinary altcoin it can be used as an attempted tool of destruction remember that remember that so then when you hear people are buying me cash they might be using it as a tool of destruction it was not created and it friendly in a friendly way so always keep that in mind you know when we talk about be cash here it is an attempted total destruction for Bitcoin alright going back to tour de Meester his is a tweet which is listed below aside from aetherium and ripple look I said the word ripple uh-oh in the past this year every altcoin taught out before it achieved four percent of total cryptocurrency market cap now this is a very interesting point here we have a bunch people like I need to get up I just need to buy all the top ten all coins and I'll be in great shape no because they're constantly changing and only two of them have actually achieved four percent of total cryptocurrency market cap so there's shooting stars the issue so it's a flavor of the month type of thing there's a new flavor of the every month in that world buy a whole Bitcoin it's a sensible thing to do Bitcoin has been very very good to me you can check out a couple of shows ago and see all the stuff I was implying if you can read that between the lines how well it has treated me and obviously now that it's over $4,000 I mean even better financial shape and again it is um it's impressive it's impressive what buying in hole with his dot has done for me really I I mean and we show up and it's boring it's so poor it's boring all I did was buy but again boring pays off man I'm not complaining dudes but we're gonna get to buy you can't get into all coins in a second at all coin disaster story is is below it's linked to below also of course Alistair Milne who is awesome he has a tweet if you think this is exciting wait until you see the price during the run-up to the next Bitcoin having event and he says it's about a thousand days away from now yes yes I'm glad someone else is talking about the big point having of 2020 and as I mentioned it before it's important to mention again if Alistair is talking about Adams talking about it just hold on till then people hold on till 2020 it's about a thousand days away he said the next Bitcoin having event keep this in mind it's a basic deflationary aspect of the coin that attracts people to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin people forgot about basics like these because they're just into like flipping stuff but you really shouldn't forget this and it's it's a good point if you think this is exciting wait till with the build-up to that because during the run-up to that and I have said I think the run-up is going to actually start in late 2019 when people start talking about that Bitcoin having but here on this channel we've been talking about that Bitcoin having since the last Bitcoin having of 2016 because I want my people to know that any bit because if you listen to me yeah and we're just buying it wholly after the last bit coin having that means you were buying a $600 Bitcoin back thing after the last week weren't having it it like went down to about 600 it I think a flat line around 600 650 whatever it does even matter right now look it 4300 freaking bucks if you want to spend 6500 you would have 10 and you'd have 43 thousand dollars a big coin now all right so uh buy and hold oh you hear this link this link for act at ready you have to check it out yourself how I I won't use the word the person used how I messed up and turned 600 Bitcoin into 200 Bitcoin so this man is a wealthy man I think he spent about 15 million dollars on Bitcoin he acquired 600 Bitcoin this was he said he paid about $2,700 for his Bitcoin each all right now that Bitcoin obviously is worth $4,300 4325 as we go in the air today so imagine if he had 600 Bitcoin that was worth 4325 know what he did was he was impatient he bought first he spent a little bit of money on some all coin and it did real well so basically then he spent all of his Bitcoin on all coin all 600 on all coins and he goes through he lists every all coin he bought and how much he lost in terms of Bitcoin on each one so now all those all coins that he owns are worth 200 Bitcoin when if he just would have held his Bitcoin it his stash would be worth 600 Bitcoin okay so that's why you value and then people chime in instead well in terms of dollars are doing okay and maybe he is doing okay in terms of dollars I don't know but in terms of Bitcoin his stash is worth 200 now it should be worth 600 and that's some big money right there and if but again if you don't have a lot of Bitcoin if you do that with six of your Bitcoin and now it's only worth two Bitcoin that's a pretty big deal for someone there's a pretty big deal for a regular guy okay so check out that reddit link below you can please check out the links below click on them because these videos aren't just about listening to me or looking at me they're about you know clicking on the links I do the research I provide for the viewers I appreciate when you guys click links and they're friends of mine in the links to obviously I linked to guys I know and stuff but this is just a random reddit thing that and actually yes for motivation I was on his show yesterday check him out he told me about this link I should have said that sorry about that yeah he's gonna talk about it in depth I think tomorrow on his show speaking about shows by this week a Bitcoin show again was great the guest for great check out the archives check out the links of that below my suddenly funny about my archives I like to do these titles so I mean I guess that I love when Bitcoin hits a new milestone I like to put the number in there so you if you go back in time there's some hilarious ones like $700 Bitcoin and you look back now like that's not that much I mean I'd be panic selling if it went down the $700 people were saying guys you do not understand what it was hitting several hundred dollars I was I mean I was so happy that's probably half looking happier than I I do right like when I hits 4,300 it was just it was quite a time but it just shows how fast this space is growing how I mean we're hitting new awesome points all-time highs all the time and it's fun to look back pound that like button people seriously that makes me happy so I'll be this on an interesting note people do ask me like I don't is there a good time for me to buy in do you see it dropping soon and you know I cannot predict these things alright I cannot predict priced arts but but if you use your head here alright we already mentioned the king of the trolls thing if all of a sudden a real big public figure says I'm spending all my bitcoins on be cash then that's something right there that it'll project is something like that happened and we don't know if that's even gonna happen so that's a way of time you'd want to buy a lot at was the price will go down but I can't predict when their price drops really I can't I mean I think people just want me to say this very a price drop now again we've got the 2x situation coming up where there could be another fork that could create another coin in November now if that happens there'll be some temporary panic again the mainstream media are really pick up on that one two down one though really pick up on if they decide to do it now it's just a formation of another altcoin we all know that it's a temporary blip it's a temporary drop it could drop $1000 does Bikram it could be worth at five thousand drop down the four thousand then but still I mean people are asking about future drops in the price of Bitcoin there you go those are scenarios where it could happen but again let me tell everyone you just gotta have a strong hand through all of this and let me tell everyone again there will be bad days I can't predict the future there are going to be days where Bitcoin loses a lot there is going to be a day in the future where in terms of dollar value Bitcoin will lose more in dollar value than it ever has in one day I don't know what the current record is what is it like Bitcoin went down moon six five hundred one day once I don't know 400 I don't even know but it'll break that record one day it won't mean as much because it'll be MIT hopefully Bitcoin will be $5,000 then or something like that but these are just but I want to prepare everybody for the strong hand look back to see the small the all-time highs we were hitting back in the day and why if you weren't involved in the community then why if you took my advice to have a strong hand you'd be so happy now so have a strong hand just have a strong hand that's the end of the show right now i'm adam meister the bitcoin motions disrupt meister remembers subscribe to this channel like this video share this video pound that like button which is the same as liking this video i'm just repeating myself and check it please check out the links below especially today because they're very informative i would join you guys in the chat for a little bit it is late at night here in Dublin Ireland goodbye