Nicehash has come back after hacking incident December 6th an amount worth more than 62 million dollars has been stolen They have replaced the new CEO and completely returned the lost Bitcoin to the user many users on nice hash reddit has confirmed in the past the profitability of mining through nice hash was very high So I decided to go back to nice hash The current Dash mining using Bitmain Antminer D3 profit is too low

Now we will go to my nicehash to see statistics After two days running, I got 0001571 bitcoin – about 20 dollar You can see statistics showing the number of bitcoin that can be mine in a day My antminer D3 running with only two hashboard, with 124GH per second of hashrate speed Because one hashboard has been death, I had sent to Bitmain for repair

The normal speed is 193GH/s So If my D3 working normal with 3 hashboards, the statitics can be about 0001125 bitcoin per day about 15 dollars a day, 450 dollar per month After deducting the electricity bill about $ 70, I made a profit of $ 380 Compared to the current figure when mining Dash that much higher this is just temporary statistics profitability of x11 algorithms and timespan Now go to the Antminer D3 control panel to see the current hashrate speed I am using Antminer Blissz firmware If you want this firmware, please comment Running with two boards and 12

6GH/S average hash rate speed nicehash stratum pool and used nicehash bitcoin adress as user I reduced the Frequency of each board to 512 to run more stable, the miner will not become xxx status or hashrate drop This is my nicehash settings with Antminer D3 this is the nice hash default Bitcoin address created for you when signing up for a new account if mining unpaid balance is greater than 0001 Bitcoin they will pay you you can choose external wallet but pay a high fee unpaid balances must greater than 01 BTC you can generate stratum pool address by this nice hash tool depend on your location for the best connection speed to the pool decrease reject share or high latency Stratum adress, your bitcoin adress as username, default password is X Wow! you can make $519/day with Baikal Giant B Return to Profit calculator, I usually use Crytocompare or Whattomine to calculator mining profit If mine Dash, you can only get 134 dollars per month with one Bitmain Antminer D3 and with My currently speed of faulty D3 only get 82 dollars per month, after deducting the electricity bill

Very low Use Nicehash is the only way I can tell you to get higher profits, If you know which Coin to mine higher profits or Questions, Just comment Do not forget to Like & Share and Subs, Thank you!