Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is August the 19th 2017 buy and hold strong hand hold the root coin always hold the root all right first things first I hope you are having a good day so my second show of the day remember tech check crypto HW wallets calm links below use my affiliate link you can get traders ledger Nano all sorts of discounts you leather or case there's links to also a cryptography tea the t-shirts that I have yeah you guys know the deal but you know we have a we got a get props the people who support the show here so alright so there I am now yes this is my second show of the day and leather case and the first show I really got a lot of feedback on it was about this new concept of mine the crypto dividend that these coins that are being forked off of Bitcoin we must refer to them as dividends they're just dividends for the holder for the war though the holders like us here we get rewarded with crypto dividends whether they be the be cash dividend or the 2x dividend we're going to receive in November most likely so it's exciting stuff it's a I was really pumped in I got a lot of good feedback we had a lot of great comments a lot of people viewed it you've been spreading the word so or continue to pound that like button on that video and on this video now something I said during that show that was very me more I said something like well this this idea of just creating a new coin a dividend off of the original Bitcoin we know that 2x is coming out but who knows someone is probably gonna you know watch this show and they're probably thinking the same thing that year they're gonna do it themselves well I'm without saying too much I'm now sure that there are people thinking of doing that they're not me but I'm sure there are people out there thinking of creating their own Bitcoin dividends for all of us to enjoy I will leave it at that for now and I will try to keep everyone updated on that and any crypto dividend news this is gonna be your home of your main source of Givaudan news unless some other dude wants to cover too and be my guest people if you're a content creator out there adopt the word use the word people use it let's get rid of a fork because the golden of the golden holders don't know what a fork is you know the people who are 60 years old have Health's over their whole life they don't know if Forks are going to try to explain it just say hey if you hold this bitcoin one of the one of the main reasons to hold bitcoin is that you get these dividends when these new coins are created you get a dividend just like god when you own a stock and they will get it if you say it Forks off because of this hard fork soft work no you'll lose them so another thing you know we're living through an IPO crazies but maybe the crypto dividend thing is the next craze something to think about so I guess I'll talk a little bit more about the Crypt their dividends in this show but again last show that I did earlier this morning you gotta check that out because it is the I really reached an epiphany this morning and it was it was a good show so the anonymous coins like – mineiro easy cash they did pretty well today we're gonna get to why – did well in a second first thought I'd say that here's a tweet from Luke LUP and remember check out the notes section below I'd link to all this information below the more bch you and I don't necessarily I'm not recommending doing this I just want to read this off the board BC eh you convert to Bitcoin today the more 2x you'll be able to convert to Bitcoin in November alright that's a that that is true that is very true because you want to have the root coin bitcoin is the root coin and be cash is just a a dividend coin and so is 2x but in the future or in the present you have to plan a strategy what's best for you what's ooh what's best for you and all of this again it's all about maximizing your Bitcoin it always has but now we have new complexities with these dividends that are entering the market and it's just so exciting it's so exciting I know we've lived through this first dividend of be cash which is you know if you add as I said in the title of this video you add up the the B cash dividend and the Bitcoin root coin and it is $5,000 now so if you had like me for whatever reason you still have your unsplit bitcoin that's worth $5,000 if you control your private key and so that was something else insane later in this show another reason that you always want to control your private key is there's you're guaranteed to get your dividend if you let a third party control your private key you don't know you don't know what's gonna happen they don't know that they don't have to give you your 2x dividend when that comes around they don't have to do that you want you want to control your own private key so you can get your you can get paid you can get your what is yours your dividend there's no these guys are create I don't know why they're creating these dividends you know they they have them your people were like don't call it a dividend that's not the reason they created it I don't give a darn what the reason is they created B cash for 2x I know all it is is a dividend for me and you guys so the reason behind it who cares and you know yeah there are some bad reasons behind why they created them but we're gonna have some friendly Fork dividends coming up too and that's really exciting so uh and I mean so yeah I've been busy guys I had been really busy I have been unable to email a lot of people back and reply to comments and just do a lot of things so bear with me here bear with me I gave you two shows today so and some insight into what I think the future for the future of cryptocurrency will be so yeah simply put dividends are a new selling point for for cryptocurrency it's a new reason to buy and hold cryptocurrency it really is it strengthens us us holders have a strong hand our hands are getting freakin stronger there's more reason to hold down because of these crypto dividends and again bitcoin is not going to be the only one creating this but you go back to my next video I don't want to make this a repeat in my next video I see Paul is in the a chat there yeah Paul I will uh you'll be contacted some more so this is the last priests aggregated witness weekend are we about to see a big price jump in Bitcoin because of Saturday to witness what what's it happens on Wednesday I don't even know anymore I'm such a holder like does it make a difference if it's Wednesday or Thursday does that mean I'm gonna be holding it in on December 31st 2019 2018 2020 you know so this is just you guys this is long-term thinking people but we'll get down in a second to some something sunbaes made a prediction about the price so yeah I linked to the trésor website where they talked about the issue they've been having so everyone can be clear about that god I'm jumping around here there's something else I wanted to say about the the Tresor I had a really good quote here alright yeah anyway so uh Benson McDowell the great one he told me about a guy in a chelate and I'm trying to get in touch with a meat cow guy who is forced to leave the United States and he just did it real fast took his a bitcoin with him and now he's living the good life in Chile another use case for Bitcoin but I you know I'm in the past that talked about how if someone was having a messy divorce which I assume this guy was having that's an option that someone could take well it looks like this guy really took that option which is really interesting stuff so uh sure you know in terms of use case for Bitcoin there are use cases con that like button so another tweet here toward an Easter once you say here crackin CEO Jesse pal on it was easy to support Bitcoin cash because it has replay protection beat you a to X doesn't so repress yeah replay protection coin vs none that I forgot to say that too so yeah to X does not have replay might not have replay protection so be careful be careful with your dividend and some people like to be cash dividend more because of that all right but yeah I wonder if we're stuck around the dividend and Bitcoin adding up to $5,000 obviously I I don't think I think that money is flowing out of some of these altcoins into the ax B cash dividend and we have to wonder is this you know some people think be cash is the next aetherium in terms of spiking they wanted to be is it hurting the current etherium price I wonder I wonder if it's hinder and you know all the people who'd be pouring money into aetherium now are just playing around at B cash there's only a limited amount of money out there although it's yeah I might eat those words so much new money is flowing in maybe it's not as limited turn Bay's he actually mentioned something about a 600 that you know Bighorn go up six hundred dollars soon I don't know if he said this Emily said a few days ago sometimes these things change I think this this based on technical so that's not changing so that's interesting if forbes has an article out that is just a pure thud title chaos ensues as big coin splits into two separate cryptocurrencies that's linked to below well first of all there's been no chaos there's actually been a lot of people really happy it's been so much less chaotic than everybody predicted is this person even following the situation in two different coins well I guess you can call that thing a coin I mean it's just it's a couple in it for the current big point it's just reinforcing that uh Bitcoin is is the real thing and yeah now I just lost my place in this whole thing alright we talking about the trees or oh yeah this is what I'm gonna say before someone left this is a comment on a previous show update the firmware on the trees or and use a strong passphrase the security hole requires physical access to the trees or okay so do what that dude said and the problem actually involved you carrying your treasure around someone could have broke into and done something but if you just do the proper updates you're gonna be cool go to the link section below and learn more eric lumber our bras and clincal nut trees Orland eric Lombardo says Oh son I forgot to mention the other day so you guys should retweet this please retweet if you will never run BTC one or s2x even if a few big companies do so yeah this is again Justin this is just reinforcing the brand of the real Bitcoin that we all support just get our brand the brand awareness of the real big point out there by marketing and this is a form of marketing by retweeting that these fake bitcoins aren't real big coins so fun fry oh yeah beat the beat be cash though people were pouring into it you know there again 80% the people out there don't give a darn what a you know the logic and reason behind coins they're just gonna pour money in the stuff blindly and be cash is number one in trading volume on Fudd Friday which wasn't really that much of a fun Friday there were some price drops but in terms of Bitcoin but added up together they around $5,000 the – pump so there was a pump up – today people are asking why it's probably got something to do with this big thumb big thumb exchange in Korea in South Korea we have to realize that I mean the South Koreans help pump upbeat catch them they are pumping up – they kind of act like they hope I mean it seems like they just jump into these things this isn't the first time they pumped up a coin and just just get that the major trading volume for – today was in Korea which is impressive and you know so there's no really technicals or I mean there's nothing – she's about to do that cause this it's just the Koreans got word of – – decided to pile into it all at once and you know there's a every place in the world we have to take into account is this just a worldwide market cryptocurrency is a worldwide market okay so something that might be considered wild here they do differently over there and piling the things we would never pile into there it influences the market it clearly if this is the mark we have to take into account what they're doing in these other countries we have to follow what they're doing just like in Australia they don't panic like we do here about segwayed in Korea they clearly do think differently than we do in terms of currencies and what they jump into and why they do it and when they do it and it's interesting there is one rumor that on the B cash side of things that someone out there was making a case to some South Koreans that be cash is like the real Bitcoin so maybe they were fooled into this by a certain king of the trolls I'm not making anything I I heard there was some rumor out there so I want to make I don't make accusations about anybody that would be unfortunate that people were being misled in South Korea about what was Bitcoin and what is a crypt of dividend they should be excited go over to South Korea maybe I will and and talk to people and say hey dudes this is Bitcoin and if you hold it you get these cool crypto dividends like be cash and 2x and who knows what else is on the way and again I have not before some of their accusers bit of this I am not 40 Bitcoin I don't have that power I do not I do not have the ability or the mark I do have the connections now to to create a Krypton dividend but I'm not doing that that's not what I mean to you but anyway I know something's going on out there all right what do we got here oh yes so I watched I mentioned a few days ago weeks ago in South Africa I was very excited because now every Thursday night they have a show about cryptocurrency on cable TV their comment like button by the way we got a lot of live viewers this late night on a Saturday night when everyone should be having fun when Paul you know Paul is in the chat again he used to party with me on Saturday nights man remember that Halloween party down in Canton it was like it was a really fancy loft remember that you were there anyway so Paul was there at least that's what I'm talking to Paul he's in the chat anyway so yeah in the show in South Africa I'm happy to have a show but you can see why newbies get irrational sometimes they first of all the show it said they were good you know you have true big coin and that's not there and aren't you big but that way they were pumping up on the second show they were pumping up on making recommendations on what I see oh you should buy and this this the host and the host is a nice guy he says ripple is his favorite coin I'm like man what what road are you leaving these people down here because again I've been to South Africa I mean the cryptocurrency adoption rate is not as high there's a lot more people not into it there than here for Senate I just butch with that but I'm tired a little bit I ran a lot today but no in South Africa their luck people have a little bit more to learn then we're a little bit more advanced in terms of the average cryptocurrency person here knows a little bit more than they do down there so if you're starting to talk about ripple you've really got to explain a little bit more about what it is not just that hey it's my favorite coin because it's the ripple of ization of our he's realizing more and more people and with the new be contingent we have in the cryptocurrency space we're already ripple eyes to the gills here god I made up a new term there found that like show ya that's linked to below and I believe Tony actually touched on this I'm not sure when thumbs up to tone days he's in Russia now but what happens what happens if be cash overtakes aetherium I mean what would are what are the what's the etherium could fan contingent gonna do they'd be pretty quiet lately I mean what approach are they gonna take are they gonna start are they gonna start saying hey support segue become the biggest bitcoin fans in the world because you know being the number two cryptocurrency in the world so that's a pretty cool thing to be and you don't want to be number three and be behind some you know some crypto given any type of thing and maybe and maybe quiet you know during this whole lot so-called scowling debate lately I don't know what I mean it's gonna obviously people's desire that all the people who don't understand with be cash who are actually buying be cash which is like so why buy be cast when you get it for free as I have said many times now they won't be cash to be the number you're the next etherium then the third Bitcoin ever and again I don't think it's it might hurt but etherium a little bit I don't think it's gonna hurt Bitcoin it's gonna drain some of these all coins all coins are going to get drained into these derivatives into that derivative I don't know what damn word R word I'm saying now but it's getting it's gonna get it's gonna get a drank drained into these things and thanks to news and we'll we see the disappearance that the disappearance with a complete these fifth level fourth level flippable altcoins are they just gonna go down the like a couple cents and just all their money flow into these uh these new things of big point all right i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video pound that like button i will say hello to you guys in to the chin the chat about