Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the disrupt Meister remember subscribe to this channel like this video share this video check out the notes section below I post a new video here every day so keep coming back check out the archives this is my second video of the day and see now I'm clean-shaven took a shower which is a great feeling uh-huh I i was thinking about how I keep talking about the importance of for these altcoins having a strong crypto currency community surrounding them and I kind of started thinking about it later what what is the logic behind that you know what what the what will that bring these all coins and I think it bring it bring some differentiation you know the ones who speak the loudest that's that's good but it's free marketing that's probably why I keep mentioning it over and over again because i am a marketing base guy and I feel that marketing is so important marketing is so lacking in the cryptocurrency world that when I see something that is even remotely marketing marketing related it just jumps out at me so I think if if you do have a your favorite altcoin out there and you wanted to have a shot you know improving the community like etherium classic has like dash has its it's free marketing that's all of it that's what it boils down to a free marketing never hurt anyone i don't think at least free positive marketing and your bitcoin bitcoin can use all the free marketing you can get to so the Bitcoin community can get to get stronger and stronger more outspoken also this is not just a ballpoint thing and again these all coins they haven't really done anything yet so the more talk they get the more hype they get hey that's good maybe they'll get this attention and once they do something they'll take off from there so strong community strong crypto community to me equals lots of free marketing and that that is i think it's it's demonstratable anyway speaking of all coins Diego who comments a lot on my online video is part of a very interesting point their main output there are many other coins out there that also have a proof-of-work and a limited market cap of limited amount of coins that are being produced a theorem plastic has no projects at least that i will be the last time you checked and that worries him the most ok now the no project thing that's that's a great point we know these of course really have I mean someone say they have projects on guess but his point about it you know three classic being proof of work and having a limited supply yeah that is true that there are many many many other coins that are like that so what that why is it so important what makes it appear in classic different well it's the name simply put if they weren't called a theory if they did not split from that the number to crypto currency that is backed by many corporate entities obviously financially secure entities within split from that the first etherium and if they keep the name of theory and then yeah they'd be probably worthless i mean who knows they may be forgotten by now but that one superficial aspect that one marketing aspect you can say is is just such a huge differentiator and be in the fact that because they were called hearing from the beginning and now that they've been a top-10 Alcorn for since the beginning basically since their beginning when they split from etherium this makes them different this makes the difference but it all started out with the name if they didn't keep that name or and it didn't split from the original theory on in such a manner that yet they be like all the other ones so you can call it superficial you can call it a marketing aspect but this this is the huge huge difference differentiator you between it and all the other ones that are proof of work and limited supply and I remember what here in plastic came out out there was one on twitter there was one point it kept on saying where the original fearing plasticware the original theory pleasant because they are like a there are four color theorem but they weren't like this public protest of etherium and then use the ethereal name i forgot the name of it even was now i'm drawing a blank I think it also starts with an E but there you go that's shows you how important a name can be how important marketing can be so I see that the dow hacker was named the most invite by coinbase the most influential person in blockchain in 2016 I link to that article so I know that one and i think they got that that wasn't their personal decision based on the votes so a lot of people agree with me I think that's what the articles trying to see when we list the top 10 it's funny that i also mentioned in that poll that there were some clearly some token people thrown in there and one of these token politically correct people actually made it into the final ten there barely and it just saddens me that you know a a Bitcoin publication it feels the need to be politically correct and include someone who is not as important as he is clearly not supported so many other people who just because of sex or without right now and I thought we were supposed to be breaking out of that old paradigm and creating a new system here yet we still have people who are stuck in politically correct system even a big point oh well I guess we're all naturally drivers group of people we have people who are free thinkers and then we have people who are just like let's be politically correct still finally since i've been talking about all coins today i have to mention that i noticed pot coin again because I always check a check the the the level of the trading level of every of all the coins out there and I see that there's there's been heavy heavy numbers for pot coin and I see the popcorn is gone up so I'm here to ask the people like what is what is going on with the pot coin again do any of you know why why its trading by forgot the word trading by that was its trading volume is this is quite a is quite high so what's up a pot line I know there's been there is there's been news about pot lately the trading volume is very high but i doubt it speculators all manipulating entity it got like into the top five ten trading body therefore a game so enough I mean I really doesn't really care per se but it is it is notable we're not this very targeted coin to smooth those little special miche get gets in there into the top ten trading volume maybe maybe those but i think there's an election your personal I don't know anyway I and all the popcorn fans are happy that i mentioned them ok so that's the conclusion of the day how that applies to the bitcoinmeister I'll talk to you later