Hey Would you guys mind answering a couple questions on camera? You hear horror stories about somebody selling their house or car buying crypto

Don't start out like that I highly advise you to read The Bitcoin Standard or look into Andreas Antonopoulos Follow some of the thought leaders in the space You know there's Trace Mayer, Tone Vays, a lot of people that you can sort of go to, for information if you can't really do the the due diligence yourself We have credible people in this space

Seek those people out And do some of your own research on top of that, If it's out of your league, highly recommend look for credible people And just dive down the rabbit hole Buy some Bitcoin Use it

Lose it Figure out where it went wrong It's like riding a bicycle You can't read a book on how to ride a bike You strap the helmet on

And you give it your best shot Yeah I mean you've probably heard this before but you've just got to learn as much as you can I remember just spending my entire days reading after I quit my old job, really doing no work and just reading And then I like- "Oh, what can I do with my day?" You know it paid off

(Interesting) (I'm) somewhat knowledgeable I actually started writing That was my first gig besides like speculation I started writing for a few crypto exchanges in Canada, where I'm from

So that was nice I read, distill the information, write, get paid a little bit And yea So, when you're looking at things, looking at projects, try to figure out which one you think actually works and functions as digital cash Um

It's pretty incredible -Say that again It's pretty incredible It's one of those things that- If you look back at the technology the last 20 years, we're on the verge of something that's gonna have a mass change, across technology, which then in turn affects just everyday people So we're kind of on that tipping point in the moment

So a good time to get involved Anyone who's new to the space, I would really encourage them to question what their interest in the technology is A lot of people are interested in the markets and they want to trade and they want to, you know, get on all the exchanges and they want to do the secondary market stuff But I'd really encourage people to research what the companies do, how they add value, what their projects are, and really understand the technology and how it can be implemented in places like developing economies, how it can add value to existing businesses, and what you can actually do with it, and not just trading and speculating and playing the markets, like the actual technology Because it truly more valuable

But it's really clouded A lot of people they only see, 'oh I can you know cash out and buy a lambo' or 'I can pump and dump these tokens', whatever the case may be But there's a lot more to the technology than just the markets There's a lot more to it than just trading And so I just encourage people to really dig in

Understand what's going on And the number one place, the best place I can advise to anyone to start, would be with the Bitcoin white paper It's only eight pages long And you can understand blockchain with that one document It will teach you everything you need to know

It is vanilla blockchain in its most simple form So if you understand that, then you can build upon that foundation and expand your understanding of the technology You hear horror stories about somebody selling their house or car buying crypto Don't start out like that Just, you know Don't buy a pack of cigarettes

Or you know, don't buy a bottle of vodka for the night, or, you know it could be anything Just spend it on crypto instead See what it does And then play with it Once you're more comfortable, maybe a few months down the road, then put more money into it

Just get into it Have fun with it If you can't have fun, why are you doing it anyway I think you should keep in mind that verify, not just trust Because this is why I learn- what I learned from Satoshi's white paper

And this is why blockchain is different from other technologies I would say now they are very lucky So when I started back in 2013, there were four academic papers, very few blog posts, nothing else The way I learned was I sat in chat rooms And I just spoke with the core devs there on Bitcoin Wizards, Bitcoin Dev

Where now they're so lucky to have this huge community As you can see here at Consenus, there's like 4000 people or more So I would just tell them to get their hands dirty If they're a programmer, open up Remix Download some Bitcoin ____ maybe

And just start programming, getting your hands dirty and building something If you're into some other field like human-computer interaction or UX We need a lot more designers You know go up and talk to programmers and help build usable wallets so people can actually use it in everyday And if you just want to market it, just come and tell people what Bitcoin is about and what cryptocurrencies are about

I'm from Korea And a lot of people based in Korea are really into crypto But what they are focusing on is about in the perspective of trading and as an investment But before you invest or put any of your money into crypto, you better just get to know about what this is and how this works Um

Keep your principles Keep your principles and have a good look at why you're doing it Is it for the money or for the tech, or maybe both It's not a value judgment but check your principles I just say don't take too much risk that you can't afford

And also don't believe what you read Don't believe anything that you read online because – Nothing! – No one is truly an expert in this space And a lot of people try to act like they are And you can get burned pretty badly if you believe what you read online I cosign that

I agree with that, definitely I think in this space, there's a lot of ra______ and a lot of scam and so on So I will ask you to be careful, especially if you are, you know, looking into projects Really dig into their technology to understand if they are real or not I would definitely encourage people to educate themselves, because the biggest problem with our banking system is we're reliant on our banking system

And when you're involved in cryptocurrency you become your own banker So you now how to be responsible for yourself, which some people don't like to be responsible for themselves But I think it's time people educate themselves and become more responsible individuals Learning what a private key is Learning what a wallet is vs an exchange

horror stories Oh somebody's selling their house a car buying don't start out like I just you know like you don't buy a pack of cigarette or don't buy it for the night work you know it could be anything just spend it on crypto instead see what it does play with it once you're more comfortable have fun with it began have fun Marty do it in any way Come and join the ride