>> Narrator: Live from San Juan, Puerto Rico It's theCUBE, covering Blockchain Unbound Brought to you by Blockchain Industries (upbeat music) >> Hey, welcome back everybody, we're live in Puerto Rico for the cryptocurrency, global blockchain, decentralized internet, Cube coverage in Puerto Rico part of Blockchain Unbound I'm John Furrier, host of theCUBE here, also co-founder of SiliconANGLE Media Inc

And, we're here with a first Cube ever, father/son Cube segment where we're going to kind of break down a summary of the show but mainly get the take from a 22 year old Here with me is my son Alex Furrier who's been doing the schedule and greeting all the guests Alec has been also demoing our platform that we haven't formally announced but also Not that we have to but it's out there theCUBE platform, all the back-end data Because it really is getting everyone here excited So, Alec, welcome to theCUBE >> Thanks, great to be on, finally, after all these years (John chuckles) to be on, it's an honor

>> Well, thanks for all the hard work you did on the schedule but you're a young gun, you're 22 years old This is an exciting crypto world for your generation What's your reaction to the commentary you've heard, the stories you've heard, what's the young perspective on cryptocurrency, blockchain, what's the view? >> Totally, it's a totally crazy culture, right? So, there's a very big influx of young talent and talented minds at that, right? And, this is really changing the revolution landscape It's accelerating the tech These ideas are being freely shared whereas before there was bottlenecks in the collaboration aspect of the technological field, right? >> You're a gamer, I know that so you're the young eco-system You don't care about data lakes and data centers and cloud computing

What is your generation look at this as an opportunity? What's exciting about it? What's the perspective? >> Well, there's multiple perspectives The main two I say, there's multiple perspectives Main two, is one, there's a shit ton of way to make money And you know, is there a scam? Is there a risk for my business? You know, blockchain is involved And there's a little bit of that mumbo jumbo going along

But then, there's also the other side that are really into it and really applying the tech and know that this is the best way to collaborate with peers >> What's the coolest thing you've seen? >> The coolest thing I've seen is probably Hashgraph which is actually not on the blockchain and competitors of the blockchain And that's actually increasing speeds and pretty much making the tech, the back-end infrastructure better >> So, you dropped out of UCSB, you're going to maybe go back to school but you're also working as a product manager for our crypto project for SiliconANGLE Media, theCUBE, Cube Network, you were giving demos What is, what are we doing? How would you explain what we're doing? And, what was some of the reactions to the demo that you were giving? >> All great reactions so far People are very excited what we're building which is a reputation centrality metric

And, what this does, is allows us to track, what users are talking about, and where they're talking about it And actually, rank their reputation leaderboard rankings by topic, by frequency, by impact down reverb in the entire network And that allows us to appropriate connections between two people who have different social, culture and professional topics that they talk about And allow them to create more value for the entire platform, for the community and more importantly, themselves >> What is, what does that mean, what problem are we solving? >> So, we're solving the Facebook ad word problem of the old generation which is you as a user do not own your data

Right? >> Yep >> So now, what we have is this user base struggling to find the monetary value in their social media platforms But now, we are actually offering a way for them to reverse the paradigm and get paid for interacting with others, creating with others and contributing to the community through all of their social media outlets >> What was the biggest thing that people reacted to at the demos, the variety of tools we showed them What was the number one, couple of things that they reacted to, what jumped out at you? >> So, I would say what jumped out is, how blown away these people are

They really are, you know, elevated in their mindset when they think about these concepts Because it expands their mind and when they realize that I can go and expand someone else's mind and their mind will essentially contribute to the entire community And everyone's going to grow from one initial idea >> What are you working on, the project? Please share with the folks, what've you been working on, what specific things that you do and you're managing What's unique about the technology? Share some color commentary on the project

>> Yeah so right now we have a couple of projects going, and, for now, I'll just talk about the platform side of things which is the more futuristic vision Specifically, we're creating trending communities so we could actually auto generate stories based on Twitter API data, right? And also, our own platform has even more complex metrics which we'll be rewarding people for, so people will get rewards for using our platform more than the Twitter But we could still have native content versus in-network content being weighed differently And so, what we're doing is routing metrics of weighted value with a contextual layer on top through natural language processing and machine learning >> So, are some people saying "Oh, you're like Steam?" How do you respond to that? >> We're not like Steam

Steam is extremely powerhousey and it's momentum and it doesn't actually do topic weighing Right, so, and we also value attention of the crowd so what we're working on is, what do people influence with their reputation? Whereas Steam, it's like, where do people contribute? How much do they contribute? And so, what we want to do is, we say hey, you know if I get uploads on Reddit that should be weighed in the network somewhere else, right? Instead of having a overall karma, we should have one integrated karmic aspect of a topicality so that if my karma, I'm using karma as an analogy cause Reddit has the up votes karma, down votes karma >> So what about blockchain, why are we So, how would you explain to someone Okay, you're theCUBE what is the blockchain? What is crypto mean for us? >> So, blockchain, we're using it to add a layer of trust and security to our network So we want transparency within our network and that means we have to have a ledger for every single engagement, interaction like we tweet on the network, right? >> And the crypto, the token, does what? >> Crypto token will pretty much be able to be cashed out thru Ethereum, right, ERC20 but it would also have a weighted role in our two sided marketplace, bounty ask buy And, that'll be the main medium of where people identify and exchange their reputation >> How would you describe out platform to a user out there if they say, what do you like, or what are you disrupting, what aren't you like, what are you guys doing, what you disrupting? And why would I want to use your platform? >> Yeah, so I think we're disrupting, you know, multiple companies, right? And, the one I really associate with is a professional Steamit meets Brave Browser, BAT token versus Steam, right? So, BAT is attention only and attention is valuable

I'm here with you, you have a 20 minute interview with me That's your attention, that's valuable but it's much more valuable than someone else who isn't interviewing, let's just say, someone who is less fortunate But, that's also a real time aspect So there's a time variable, there's a network variable and there's a topicality variable, you know the social graph, you got the interest graph, and then the value graph on top >> So Alec, so if you had to describe what we do in one sentence, what would it be? Putting you on the spot

>> In one sentence, I would say we would call it, a decentralized media platform with rewards for the user base, based on reputation >> Alright, my son Alec Furrier is also involved in our crypto project, part of theCUBE network coming soon, house of theCUBE is here, the crypto conference, and what better way to align with the crypto community then demoing our token enabled platform Congratulations to you, Narendra, Kent, Jeff and the team doing a great job with theCUBE network Cube alumni are all going to get coins, right? Not yet decided but great work Alec, thanks for sharing It's theCUBE here, Puerto Rico

I'm John Furrier, my son Alec Thanks for watching (upbeat music)