hi everyone this is Adam Meister the disrupt Meister This is a public service announcement about altcoins we have you purchased II think long term began the are very risky don't get into that soon but which one is going to be a truck and he's he's gonna do something do it it's going to do it very well soon it will be desired in the future for example Dash supposedly makes things very anonymous people who want to be an obviously be there selling doing something illegal and I do not occur shoes things but because of that they go to dash think about things like we we can't predict when his desire in the future which rates will can be predicted that is that in the future there is one that is the all truck key things and not only one calling it exists today making any money is going to exist in the future one will win and is true in every day and i cant figure be all the different categories and whose would be useful in the future and I think back to 1999 with the theory that in 1995 deeper pet store and then 11 and then hands on everything I need in 1997 there was a sight to see you all these girls should call the only exist today only one we can't predict I believe in many other people believe that there needs to be a second score ok he predicted that same place we must be Litecoin partially because of the mainstream media either place but still another good reason have you need a back just need you need a backup just in case the first one goes bad how much I don't know actually pretty is most video is why the developer and this is something to base while developers who are working on these YRT working Bitcoin core wow wow he's the best of the best he's either care or they do best of the best developers the only have a couple guys and you have to work it out with all their already a bunch of these cleaned out there but the founders they're just we'd done once you pop you still are still very early there is no place in the united states of america online where he just litecoin machine online now she should be calling but great businesses someone just as he's a risky business daily claims for down somewhat you do that you were here so we could feel like it is pushing be just what happens to that list and his people he knew they exist just disappeared he's already disappear he's not going to be made you know there was a real person you would cause it to make a call to imagine if they're real people and left it will cause a huge huge fan anyway I can you show me stand people and it's sad but true I actually identify each one but I nothing see this you should get why people who are very concerned about all you need to be balanced and it is better to the pipe again you're very early on in a big point to this is all speculation all these knowing it is truly gambling straight up to you know I realize it is a game United true that's one thing I want everybody keep in mind because the way we're totally enveloped the mainstream media and I totally would your mom which all your buddies on the street in mind meeting Wednesday that's when the media is gonna start jump up to I guess I will recommend buying all because future me that gamble but again I just know that we're not and I know recently January 2016 Johnson balance ok so people think there's a little bit of history there any question you need to ask yourself is even heard of or Dash compared to Bitcoin hehehe this fuel it is out there still here very risky the newsroom now you're being a million close to be to be a fraction of mainstream knowledge the Wild West Show be careful out there this is your public service