hello everyone this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the disrupt Meister remember to subscribe to this channel like the video share the video check out the notes section below alright so i was unable to post a video on Sunday it was very busy sunday in Baltimore i was at artscape and then I went to red maple a club that I used to go to a lot it was the last day of red maple it really was a closing of a chapter of my life and I really felt good because now I'm even more happy about this Bitcoin chapter of my life we go from chapter chapter in our lives or hopefully we do things do disappear from our lives things do close and we move on to bigger and better things in different lifestyle so that was very symbolic for me yesterday and so I had no time to to post a video but i wanted to mention that to everyone because we're always changing and we're entering new realms in our life and I'm really happy about this Bitcoin aspect of my life that's growing and I did mention it to the people at ready boy and then about a bunch of other places surprisingly some people had heard about it so this video is going to be about altcoins most of the time you hear about all coins is going to be about Bitcoin – don't work most of the time you guys hear about all coins is because of some gigantic price spike or traders downloading it all with them and I mean it's you really hear about the technical aspects something if you want to be a gambler again be my guest and understand they're all gambling including v cash but hey if you're going to gamble gamble with be cash but they're the real all coins because there are a lot of scam out there too but the real all coins have real purposes they really do have real purposes and they have real differences from Bitcoin most of them want to do something different than Bitcoin they think what they have add a new functionalities remember their first we have Bitcoin that we had like one which is basically just Bitcoin again but then people started developing different functionalities for these other coins to make them better or just differentiate them so they hoped that they could overtake Bitcoin but it was too late and I mean one was simple functionality I think everyone can understand is hey this this coin has faster transactions which many of them to like be cached apparently and but one of the things that's always stuck out in my head a functionality that i thought was really cool e at the anonymous aspect of some coins because bitcoin really isn't a hundred percent anonymous you can figure out who's behind it in theory but there are these dark coins that you're really anonymous with now again be caches partnered up with us this month some dimension be cash as one to check out that's not this coin but the I obviously – is known for that and narrow is also known for being anonymous and there's a lot of people out there in the world who would be anonymous for various reasons that some of them are very very very very legitimate reason so and again so when that now as I said there are some coins out there that are complete copies of bitcoin litecoin it's just that this is faster right but it is Bitcoin but it is faster today is another functionality I then again they're just standing rip off some other coins that are just there to do pump and dumps you have be careful with those definitely but again if you're interested in a certain functionality then you know play around with some of these other coins that have very interesting functionality again the anonymous thing is something i think is pretty cool but people like fast coins people like coins that are for microtransactions now steam we could talk about steam a lot now I don't I her steam is kind of fast but really what is different is that it is totally attached to this social media network so that is very interesting that's it a different play on the altar

and I it's interesting to see how that will play out for steam so again there may be some other functionalities I don't know about of the steam coin so you may be you if you'd like to share please tell me but right now it's huge difference from other altcoins is attached to steam it a social media platform anyway up be coy mine in the long run is it is missing some functionalities currently it might not be the best for you to the most complex you can't be smart contracts on it yet like with etherium and everything but it is the biggest by far it was the first and sometimes the first and when it gets adopted massively is the winner and a bitcoin is the winner in my opinion you really are not going to be able to jump on you i mean you could create the coolest functionalities out there in the world for all clients its end and some people are so there is be interesting to see how some of these all coins develop so bitcoin is the one and i think it will be able to incorporate some of these other features and some of these altcoins so these all coins are something to watch bitcoin has i have heard has the ability to take in some of these functions but maybe one day I don't think all the coins disappear again i have stated this before I'm not saying I invested them to for long-term reasons I'm saying hey if you're a trader do what you're going to do what you want to play with them you know one day there still might be a need for an anonymous coin for a coin and is dark or whatever ok and there's a lot you know there's a lot of battle out there between those of all the coins all the all coins the ones that deal with anonymous aspects those ones seem to be the most cutthroat against each other those communities and they should be friends but but whatever there's one seemed to be very competitive but it's possible that the world will need microtransaction coins to like dogecoin because bitcoin hasn't mastered that aspect yet but who knows you know so it will be interesting to see these different functionalities before I want to make this video for all the new people q cryptocurrency just wondering why there are 300 500 currency stage ooh a few of them do different things and want to improve upon Bitcoin but from the other end of the spectrum Bitcoin wants to have the ability possibly to incorporate some of the cool things from those interesting all coins are legitimate so i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister i will talk to you later