edit by Iylee hi there this is Danielson PR with cyber Jenica and glorious media and in this video I want to talk to you about Bitcoin I think from home or the office using the Gecko science to back us be mining stick let's have a look at what it can do I have C G minor open here on a laptop I am running the the 2 pack at a very low clock speed only 75 megahertz you can loose this thing upwards of 200 250 as long as they have a way to cool it down now what I'm gonna go over the specifics but I am accepting blocks I am connected to the solo pool as you can see up here and to look at some data that I am pulling out on the website for the DC pool dot org you'll see that i'm akia letting some pretty interesting numbers considering that I am solar money what is the difference between solo mining and pool mining well with pool mining you are guaranteed mm-hmm a small piece of the pie and I'm talking about it my new piece of the pie depending on a number of individuals and users and workers within that pool so using this to pack stick or the gecko science thick I am probably going to be making a couple of pennies a day if I'm lucky however as a solo miner I have a one in a billion chance of finding my own block and earning upwards up 125 Bitcoin 99

9% of it will go to me and the other 1% will go to the pool company now here's what you need to get started and these are the absolute basics to get your setup running you know a laptop connected to the Internet you need a USB stick I choose the gecko science 2 pack it's affordable and performs incredibly well compared to a larger miners and lastly well I use a USB extension cord to distance the USB minor from my machine and try and keep it as cool as possible when it comes to mining cooler is bad so there you have it does mining Bitcoin using a USB stick work well yeah it does will it make you rich very unlikely unless you've got hotter these puppies hooked up to a whole bunch of bugs I doubt it however that being said getting the software to work getting your device to be recognized and starting to mine Bitcoin either as part of the pool or solo mining well there's a lot to say about that and I for one I've been trying to get this working for over a year and just last week finally when I got my small rig running and to put a smile on my face and like hey to put a few quarters in my pocket over the next 400 Hz best but listen you'll be lucky to break even with one of these puppies and so what I would recommend if you're going to get into mining start with one and expand once you've got you software running and your hardware configured properly well you might not get rich but you will have a smile on your face every time you turn on your laptop or your PC and see that every minute you use that computer you are likely to hit a jackpot whereas if you're not mining my eaten have a go if you don't have a ticket you can't win the lottery right so there you have it in a nutshell the gecko science 2-pack USB stick minor powered by CG minor and either solo or pool lining that's it in a nutshell thanks for watching if you liked the video please go ahead and click the like button feel free to share and comment if you did not enjoy the video well sorry it's fun making it thanks for watching until next time