hot-hot-hot if you invested just $1 in any of these cryptocurrencies you'd be edit by Iylee sitting on an absolute fortune right now if Tyrion has increased in value by a staggering 5,000 percent since the start of the year the price of one Bitcoin was just 8 cents when it was first released it's now worth an incredible mind-boggling four thousand four hundred and twenty two dollars for one Bitcoin neo is super super hot and is increasing in value at a rate of nine point two percent per day billions upon billions of dollars have been made since introducing these new super wallets digital or crypto wallets are all the rage these days it's easy to see why crypto wallets can grow to staggering sizes worth hundreds of thousands even millions of dollars in a very short space of time and there's no sign of any of these crypto currencies slowing down in fact we only just got started new currencies are coming on the scene all the time and that's great news for you for once in your life you are 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spend your time each and every day you'll never have to work another day in your life and you get to live the life that only the top point zero one percent get to enjoy it is all bounty using super precise timings when trading cryptocurrencies as I said crypto currencies such as Bitcoin neo and aetherium are hot hot hot and the best thing is you don't have to even worry about the timings just know that you will be pulling in over four thousand dollars each and every day it's all been taken care of in our cutting-edge crypto wealth creator software what I'm about to show you in this video is extremely important so please pay close attention very very few people are aware of this but it's going to empower you to become a millionaire before the end of the year hi my name is max Kearney I'm a software developer turned investor millionaire maker you may have seen me in Bloomberg the Financial Times or Forbes magazine they call me the crypto wealth creator when it comes to making money with cryptocurrencies I'm a self-confessed geek I eat sleep and breathe cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them but my real passion is in helping others generate money through crypto currencies such as Bitcoin neo and aetherium in a way that anyone can do this and I'm talking very big money if you like money as much as I do you'll be just as excited as I am right now I guess you're probably wondering what's in it for me well I'll cover that in just a moment let me stress that this is totally unlike anything you've ever seen before I know for a fact that you're going to love what I'm about to share with you today because of three reasons first of all it works it works no matter who you are where you live or how old you are and it works no matter how many times you failed before if you use this system you will make money lots of it every single day the second reason you're going to love this is because it's absolutely free that's right it won't cost you a single red cent to discover how to start creating your own crypto wallet generating as much as four thousand dollars each and every single day just like me and a handful of others are already doing using our crypto wealth creator software and finally the third reason you're gonna love this is because there is absolutely no risk involved in a minute I'll show you why using blockchain technology makes it mathematically impossible to lose money only a few people around the world know what's really going on and virtually every single one of them are keeping their mouths shut about it karma is a very big part of my life and I believe a lot of my success has come from helping others I mean who wants to be on top of the totem pole looking down on everyone below where's the fun in that right I want others to join me at the top too so I've decided to put together a small group of people that are to share in my success I'm calling the group the crypto wealth creator group because that's what we do together we create wealth through the use of crypto currencies the crypto currency market is the fastest place to get rich Bar None there are more millionaires being created every month from crypto currencies than any other industry on the planet and I'm not just saying that in fact here let me prove it to you just last week I performed an awesome experiment I randomly selected a control group of 20 people from 20 different countries and I gave them access to the crypto wealth creator software it was a very random group men and women of all ages from all walks of life and from radically different cultural backgrounds dentists accountants dry cleaners taxi drivers highschool dropouts they're all in there I wanted the group to be as diverse as possible and my only requisite for joining is that none of them could have any previous experience with trading so I sent the group a short five-minute video with instructions on how to set up their accounts and I personally added two hundred and fifty dollars of seed money into every one of their accounts I mean if they were about to start trading online they needed something to trade with right that's just how things work anyway I arranged things so that they would all start trading last Monday and at the end of the week I pulled a report from the system to see how things went for the group this is the report I got Friday night in this column you can see their name then their country then here the day of the week the number of potentially profitable trades that the crypto wealth creator software found for each account and finally the total earned each day so let's take a closer look here's a me from Australia on Monday crypto wealth creator found 74 trades for her and the total earnings that day were four thousand two hundred and seventeen dollars in pure profit not bad at all huh next we have Lucas he's a college student from Berlin in Germany on Monday crypto wealth creator found a total of 67 trades and earned him a total of four thousand $84 and next we've got Simon a mobile phone store clerk from Ireland he got exactly 100 trades and made four thousand seven hundred ninety two dollars on Monday alone you get the point right if I scroll down the list you can see that each and every one of the group participants earned $4,000 or more on their very first day and if I jump over to any other day of the week the results are the same constant daily earnings of $4,000 or more being wired straight into their bank accounts each and every day in fact a few people from this test group got back to me via videoconference to share their experience with crypto wealth creator here's what they say oh my god I am so speechless I mean yeah I don't even know what to say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to use your cryptocurrency software because it has really changed my life around one hundred eighty five thousand seven hundred ninety-two dollars I've never even seen numbers like that before man this thing is amazing it actually works I mean I couldn't even believe it I was just shocked I can't tell you how much the money means to me from the bottom of my heart thank you hi my name is Chloe Moore and I'm extremely new to this whole making money from cryptocurrency thing I must admit I was scared because I didn't know what to do however max and his team were so good to me they showed me everything I need to know and even got the whole thing set up for me I've been making an average of forty six hundred dollars per day since I got started a few weeks ago let me tell you I've never been so excited in my life last week my best friend and I went on a shopping spree and for the first time in my life I did not hold back I am loving this new life Wow I just love getting videos like that you may be wondering how this all started and how I was able to get in the enviable position of making other people rich over the past two years I've been studying blockchains you may have heard of blockchains if you think of crypto currencies like Bitcoin etherium and neo are like trains then the block chains are the common underlying railroad that all these trains travel on these block chains allow anyone to create a digital ledger of transactions on a non centralized network in layman's terms this means that people and computers all over can work together to create a network instead of a network being made or controlled by one single person or company what this means for you is that the normal man on the street can now tap into this vast network of block chains and essentially build their own portfolio of wealth it's like having access to your own online ATM machine that you can use to add and store crypto currencies in your own digital wallet you can then transfer the money from your crypto wallet to your everyday bank account at any time and as often as you like in fact let me show you what the system is already done for me I'll do that by logging into one of my bank accounts here's this screen my personal access information is blurred for obvious reasons but here I click the login button and now I'm inside the online banking screen if you take a look at this list you'll see the transfers this bank account receives every week from crypto wealth creator they're all ranging between twenty and thirty thousand dollars and can you see this number right here that's right this one account out of the four others that I have with different banks is showing a balance of just over eighteen million dollars pretty neat isn't it best of all I'm not doing anything different all this money is coming into my bank account using the exact same system that you'll be getting access to today now let me be perfectly clear I'm not showing these numbers to impress you but to impress upon you the raw power that the crypto wealth creator software has to completely transform your life from wherever you are right now into a position of true financial freedom now I know some of you will be wondering what makes crypto wealth creator unique well in summary it's because of this computer systems communicate with each other via networks and it takes a fraction of a second for information to be passed from one computer to another we're talking a microsecond a tiny tiny fraction of a second as a software developer I knew where to access the online log files of these blockchains I could see the blockchains logged on one company's computer system a fraction of a second before they were synchronized across the whole network I don't want to bore you with all the details but essentially I was able to analyze the actual buying and selling of crypto currencies fractions of a second before they were synchronized across the global marketplace and after almost two years of tweaking fine-tuning and writing code I finally did it a completely automated money-making machine that scours the world's crypto currency markets analyzes millions of blockchains and uses artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art algorithms to predict surefire winning operations it then takes care of the grunt work of actually placing the trades at very precise times to ensure maximum profitability listen if you're stuck doing a job you hate and looking for a way out of the rat race this is for you if you're sick and tired of feeling broke and scraping by to pay off the bills this is for you if you're unemployed and in need of a good way to earn money fast this is for you in short no matter where you are in life right now and even if you have no particular skills and zero previous experience you can make money lots of it using this system let me explain exactly how this will work I am willing to grant you full ownership and use of crypto wealth creator for the next 36 days for no charge whatsoever so you can see firsthand how it can pull in an average of $4,600 and as much as seven thousand dollars per after the first 36 days has passed and not before you will then be charged an ongoing operating commission of just 1% for example let's say on day 37 you make $4,600 we will automatically deduct a small operating commission of just $46 in other words for every $10,000 you make we deduct just $100 that still leaves you with a take-home profit of nine thousand nine hundred dollars my role is to change people's lives and you get to become very wealthy after 36 days I get to make a 1% cut on the side and just so we are clear we never deduct our 1% cut until at least a whole month has passed since you withdrew your first profits I recommend you withdraw your profits on a weekly basis but you can do it daily if you prefer you're in control completely this is an opportunity you should not miss so get started enter your name and best email address using the form you see once you do you'll be taken to a new page with precise video instructions on how to get a crypto wealth creator software up and running and making you $4,000 or more every single day and let me be perfectly clear about something the spots to join this very select group will naturally run out quickly and I will not open up any more no ifs ands or buts so if you were here and watching this video you were one of the lucky few who are in the right place at the right time and you need to act fast so for your own sake and for your family's sake don't let this rare opportunity pass you by secure your spot to start using crypto wealth creator right now by entering your name and email address on the form next to this video today you're going to become richer than you ever imagined I'm talking big money hundreds of thousands of dollars because in less than three months from now you'll be joining the creme de la creme of this world the top 1% of the top 1% this is 100% legal 100% ethical and 100% legitimate this is truly a zero risk opportunity there is nothing else like it out there it doesn't matter if you've never traded before because my team and I are going to set it all up for you you don't need to have any experience or knowledge 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