edit by Iylee hello everybody this is crypto charlie and i am back for another cryptocurrency video okay in this video we'll be talking about a coin thought and Bitcoin cash okay there is no way to acquire from my knowledge Bitcoin cash okay example like dogecoin see everybody's balance I have a little bit of everything okay with all these faucets they have they have a faucet for every single one is except for Bitcoin cash example we likely you go to this site like once a day it's really slow on my own I don't know why all the other ones aren't but the other one is okay I just did this 41 minutes ago I'm not going to do it again but and it sends it straight here like little amount right well there's one for all these like coin dogecoin Bitcoin core and – okay there's not one for Bitcoin cash though okay and I've noticed that when the market is down a little bit okay as in like now accept Bitcoin cash is quite a bit a lot so in other words let's let's click on the chart like every other okay December 14th you know I'll hold us against not very old so now it's up to alright but either way you can use some of these to convert to be a coin cash and just kick back and just let it sit there okay that'd be the best way to get the Bitcoin cash in the coin pot why is you some of the fauces tell you so if you use a farce it for like a week and then convert like I can convert – if I wanted to convert to Bitcoin cash maximum the page still loading it would give me this much Bitcoin cash there's only $1 okay guys but that's only two all right now next month you never know you just have 4,000 or something and this might be $2 so yeah guys that's just I just wanted a quick little tip on how to acquire Bitcoin cash since there is no faucet the best way to do it is convert whatever you have in here already to Bitcoin cash okay or buy big cash till my next video