edit by Iylee hi guys so here again so today is episode 2 for the Bitcoin media and this episode I'm going to talk to you about settings which are using for CG minor to power beat theory and gecko and also gonna show you how I set up my hand planner I'm gonna quickly show you my setup on the splash pool so you will see how the things are organized on a splash pool I'm gonna be more into it and use them in a cop on the phone to get your heart rate control than monitor at the call time anytime alright so let's do it and also I would highly recommend you watch the video number 1 which is hardware setup for bitfury gecko and and Piner so that video is going to be in the link down in the description below and we're also gonna show you the video which is cloud mine and that's gonna be also linked up to the description in this video and also in across video as soon as that video will become available I will check it and actually update my links in this so stay tuned for that and now let's just talk about software portion of the setup which I use for CG minor okay so here's the setup which I have as you can see here currently running two different waters one for this is the beat theory as you can see from zero to eight those are the ones which are small ones which I showed you in a video and the second worker here is actual gecko one of those chips is not working very well so you see Hardware errors being zero but in fact this is more tricky one because sometimes I just go out and become zombie but as also you can see I overclocked this a bit those usually one hundred and fifty megahertz but let's look in the settings for those and I'll cut that out and I'll show you a big boy which is this guy here which is an planner so let's look on first of all on the installation so as you can see on the Denver side here I have dedicated directory I call it coins and you will have to install the driver if you have used if you have to use the bit theory or gecko both will be detected by zagat Zadok 23 and that will install the bean driver so once you have it just find your device here run that as admin and you have to install bean CP driver let's look it up so if you run that as you can see here there is nothing by default but you can go and say all show old devices and you can see my bitfury bf1 and you have to get the USB Driver installed just currently you see options here install the driver but if you don't have it that's what you will need also for the gecko this is to pack VM you get you get to install the same thing so I also you see here reinstall because I have it installed already once you have it your CG minor of BF minor will see your USB device and you'll see the ASIC miners and then you should be able to run your Poole and run your CD minor so esposito matter currently as you can see I have multiple versions I tried many I started please 370 and move all the way up BFG minor I installed as well but threat to speaking I like more CG minor so I have C 2 money right now for point 10 it's probably not the latest one but it is it is working fine and I also downloaded to pug drivers which is for gecko and that's basically Godsey G minor is well separate installed but and also Zadok installation but in fact this is the same fulton version which i kept already so let's look at the setup first let's go and see the beat theory this is this Bitcoin slash I'm using slash pool so if you look at the setup you can edit those the color is basically getting this in green more like old computer style and then you have to set up full power C Gemara – Oh stratum this is the site and the pool / pool port is usually three three three three and then you specify your user worker one you have to put your own user here whatever you register and the slash pool and then you create worker on a slash pool this specified passport password doesn't have to be fancy if somebody will hack it and will just add more coins and more cash para for your worker that's fine so you don't have to go very fancy here on the password and then you can limit the bits and this is very important here as well because I'm using the same CTR install but two different workers my water if I don't have DF 1 – 9 setup and I curse equals zero that it will try to add gecko to this worker as well if you don't have it then this is what gonna happen that's why I say I'm using the f1 Puri setup this this is here and I'm setting up eight to nine so from zero to eight this is what it is and icarus I got zero so as you can see then I run this badge it will not pick up Ikaros at all right because for icarus I will have different sex so once you have it just run it as admin and it will go and start listing and it will connect and then it can go to your slash pool account and you can validate that your hushpower is increased as for deco it's a little bit more tricky and I have this here so you will see I have multiple command lines for that samih BAM commented out the same thing is here like color equal to that give you green and currently I'm running the first law and sequency g-minor worker too and I suggest different suggested difference is 32 and this settings are pretty important this is how you overclock it gecko compact frequency this is you this you need this one you you can skip the other line here but do you need this one for sure so this is the frequency overload and this is actual frequency which you will see here as you can see on the top here it will show gecko to 200 megahertz and then your Hardware errors ratio and all the other stuff I also tried 150 150 is the most used settings and 100 is little bit low it's only gonna get you maybe 8 to 10 Giga hash which is very lower than normal but it's gonna keep the two geckos stable they're not gonna fail they're not gonna give you any hardware errors at all and practically it's not that convenient because currently I'm running 200 and I have active fan working on those to cool them up and they're not hot at all and I'm doing like twice is what we usually do like they're marked to be like 15 gigahertz each or plus more but I usually got 42 so that means it's like 20 anywhere from 15 to 20 it will run and this numbers is not usually correspond you will expect these 243 and 26 to be together on this one but this is five seconds average that's why this number here on the top corner is usually way smaller than what you have here that's for this guy here as you can see pretty straightforward nothing fancy just for gecko you need to set up these parameters otherwise cg mana will not pick it up it will not see anything it will tell you you have to add your USB device as soon as you add this deco-pack frequency settings this one and the specific frequency it will immediately recognize you'll get gecko device because this is how you compile it if you run on Linux I'm running on Windows 10 if you run on Linux it will actually ask you to add this compilation settings on CG minor before you build it up but Ben dosa straight for it as well so that's why I'm using that so now let's go to the big guy big guys and minor you can actually use the manual and I recommend the use manual to set it up properly there is also utility in the button then you can go and recognize it and once you connect it to DHCP you will get IP address selected and grows utility from ant minor which will allow you to actually find you and pan on the network I'm going pretty straightforward on that one because I have smart switch and as soon as I connected my ant minor it's immediately reported new device and its IP address I can get to my unified switch and it will show me IP address right away this is the HTTP IP you can setup it to get static IP but it's really doesn't matter there are three setups which are three different pools gone on the priority level first it will try pool 0 and if it's that failed it will try pool 1 and the fat whale try pool – as you can see all of them are the same I'm not actually going to multiple pools in case one of those will fail and this is the actual frequency which is default and temperature and the fan speed this thing is pretty noisy like I said you you hear it yourself it's pretty noisy and it's gonna get separate room where you can find that and if you can find separate room for it and somewhere down below in the basement so you don't hear it because it's pretty high pitch noise as well on top of normal fan and you can hear it on the first floor even even like a good sound isolation is gonna be key here and also you need to probably get a pipe so the hot air will escape outside and not gonna build up in the basement well which is basically this is okay for winter but it's not gonna be fine and summer because it's gonna be hot outside and you definitely need this thing to cool okay so this is the frequency where you can change it you can overclock this but I don't recommend that the minor links and everything else in the network is DHCP you can change that as I told you that you can get this static and minor configuration – status in minor configuration settings you can set it up fans to be hundred percent all the time or you can just remove it and say let the system decide which fan speed to use Giga fast ratio is shown up here if your power supplies are not stable your Giga cash ratio will jump up and down so get through to good power supplies if you plan to have just one get the one which is gold or silver or platinum rated and at least if you're using 110 volts then you would need at least one which is getting 1600 watts otherwise you will not have enough power to drive this thing for and minor s9 the requirements are even more strict so you need more power but your gigahertz ratio is going to be like anywhere between 13 Terra harsh – like 13 1/2 15 and even more so and Piner s9 is definitely the one which you like to have to get this profitable one at home otherwise bill for electricity which you use to power the minor will actually eat up all your profit and you will not have much so for now as seven is the minimum config anything below that is the logo and for whatever hash will not fly it will basically going to be not profitable for you you will spend more time and money painful ethnicity and heat and coolant and summer then actually getting your bitcoins back it's also hugely depends on the current price for Bitcoin if it's gonna keep going up same as we saw in last December then it's gonna be amazing if it's not gonna go that fast go going up then you definitely your profit will huge it depends on the actual price all right so let's look on the thanks how you can configure it on the Internet alright so here you can see that the slash pool this is my account and it's currently showing up the tariff hashes which I'm getting on three workers so worker 1 2 3 is basically gonna list them here and as you can see this is basically statistics we shall tell you how good your workers are collecting the coins and how many coins were found on the last 24 hour this is the limit which I have right now payout threshold you can set it up less but it would not make much sense and it will get more charges when you actually got the money transfer the Bitcoin transfer to your wallet so leave it by default and just be patient it's all about being patients on this and in fact partially hoping for the best but that's how it is if you go if you go and invest into something like this then you really really need to get in habit to wait for your reward than just get in fast and quick and getting your right away it's not gonna happen just be patient on that and it will work it will work for you the other thing is you might get to increase your power supply here to get your more Tara houses as soon as like the the more the better but again it depends if you have your hardware like nth minors or even the small USB Asics then your power which is cherica's per second will hugely be dependent on how much hardware you have which is mindful all right so this is a quick review of the iPhone app which I have as well for the splash so the splash pool so what you have is basic information on the slash pool crush rate on the information how the workers were doing for the previous time one hour average daily average and also some info for you empower about the slash pool performance your estimated payouts and how many do bitcoins and how far away away from the payout so this is just the basic info and y'all so good information here is the current round duration so that will give you idea how fast slash pool is actually mine in the bitcoins but in general this app is available from the app store or I'm pretty sure there should be similar application available for Android as well so in case you want to monitor your performance of the pool from your phone you can do that as well we go on to the next subject which is gain somebody to mind this Fourier and be part of mine in the cloud all right so that would conclude the video number two as proceeding – Sarah and what things I have in my CG minor installs on the system at my house so if you have questions or need more info put them in the comments down below and I will do my best to answer your questions and give you more information as requested also I'm gonna put the link down below for the video number 1 which is hardware setup of the B fury gecko and has seven so check this out because this is very important to get proper hardware settings do the proper setup make sure you get certified electrician to do proper electrical wiring for you and then you will have your hardware ready and with the proper software settings you would be mining bitcoins on the fast rate in no time alright guys so thanks for watching if you like this video give a thumbs up share it with your friends liked this video and we'll see you next time on the episode number three which is going to be talking about hardware and CG minor and my name in the cloud and my setup there alright see you then peace