Hello! I was tired of having unrecognized ASIC chips You can see these little Xs There is only one good card left This one is completely dead So there is a relatively new firmware So to check if you still have the old firmware You can see it in System>Overview>File System Version My one is August There is a newer version from November which is fixing the issue with faulty ASIC status when you see an X We'll install it To do so we click on the Upgrade tab We select the file that was already downloaded then we flash the miner now it reboots and it might have a new IP address It's back and it didn't change address, good news The File System Version is now Mon Nov 20 17:06:56 CST 2017, here we go Ok, everything is alright it kept my configuration, let's see the status It booted correctly To mitigate the status issue, I under-clocked a little the chips so let's set it back to factory default Default settings We go back here It's rebooting the 3 cards We'll let it run for 1 or 2 days when under-clocked it was taking 3 to 4 days to get the unrecognized ASIC issue It should be faster now at factory speed If in 1 or 2 days there is no problem it will means the patch is working I'm now going to cut and I'll be back As promised, 2 days later, here are the results Great! What's striking is there is no X Second thing is temperature still quite high Outside temperature being the same I can compare we are still withing the 70 °C bracket You can see the miner has been running as we got 10K accepted shares so for a total of 19 Gh/s Yes, 2 days, you can check this here! I never noticed this information here The fan is till super loud So Idon't know what they changed exactly on this new version

But it must be quit important because it's working very well Before and after the update is like night and day So now you can let it run at factory speed without any problem for those who like doing it, you should even be able to overclock it Highly recommended! The links to the firmware are in the description You can definitely do the same, I don't think there is any trade-off I'll put a warning on the description if anything happen in a week otherwise, just do it! Take care, ciao