Hello, we meet again on the Bitdad channel After running for 1 month, my d3 currently only recognized 2 out of 3 circuit boards, d3 automatically reboots, fan run continuously and red light flashes Now I have to unplug and start testing the faulty board You can see that this chain only has one ASIC chip, normally a total of 60 ASIC chips Navigate to the miner status tab zero gh/s hash speed and only one ASIC chip recognized, temperature sensor not working, it shows zero It's show "can't read all sensor's temperature, close PIC and need reboot!!!" It's going to loop everytime I decided to unplug the faulty circuit sent to the Bitmain for repair

now i will disassembly d3 While waiting for the warranty, I will let d3 run only 2 boards I do not want to send the complete machine because it will cost more In fact, DASH is currently $1500 then, the warranty period will be very long, will lose more and more money You do not need to remove the fan, only remove the plate with the fan Remove the board faulty Hey, what's wrong with that, look it does not seem damaged Now i will change the third board to the second position, the position in the middle of the heat will be better Re assembly like the beginning I use this tape to keep the air flow as it was sorry, I've mistake when attached the fan, should the fan be located below same with the 2nd fan instead of the top, so I'll fix it later plug back 6 pin power plug power cord for bitmain power supply Now d3 is booting, Fan speed will increase faster i will guide you to upgrade new firmware to remove this terrible sound in the next video Finished, the blue LED is good Now we will see in the web panel It got 2 chains, each chain has 60 asic chips, everything worked Now I will pack carefuly and send this board to bitmain, It will be a long days 🙁 thank you, do not forget like, share and subscribe