Hello everyone, welcome to my channel Once I have already published a video where I showed how the site Coinbase works Today I'm going to do a tutorial on the Coinbase smartphone app that's the main chord I will leave you the link in description Once installed you will see that At the top it is marked the balance I have 43,44 € This is the balance of all crypto currencies What you have right now on Coinbase Here you can see how the cryptocurrency prices have changed over time To add a crypto currency here We must support On "show all assets" If I want to add the zcash to the main chime I have to press "follow" Normally there is, yes, here it is Here is the news Now, if we want to go buy bitcoins How are we going to do this? We will support bitcoin Buy We will choose the amount in € we want to buy The euros we want to convert to Bitcoins For example 100 € There is also a method of payment By pressing add "Go to settings" Here is what you can add to your coinbase account Paypal, current account or credit card It will be necessary to select current account (The credit card is more expensive) You will see that As you see There will be a reference number It's all marked in French because I live in Belgium (Message for Italians) In the transfer you will have to insert the code that Coinbase will give you, mine is CBAEUR [YOUR YOUR WILL BE DIFFERENT FROM THE MINE] The IBAN of the recipient (EE29) Payment must be made by bank transfer I sent my first of only 0

01 € for the verification After I sent even more At first I did not know if he would have received them So I was attentive To sell bitcoins: We put the amount in € we want to sell Me here I only have 0,11 € So I can not sell it Because they are not enough to pay the costs of Coinbase It must be said that these fees are very expensive After We will see the Accounts page As you see There are all crypto currencies supported by Coinbase All the euros you see here I earned them with free apps After I even made a little bit of trading Not much, only 200 € But everything you see here I won without investing If you want to know how I gained 17,83 € in Stellar lumens (XLM) Or € 869 in EOS € 5

33 in DAI I leave you a pop up at the top Click on it and you will see the video where I explain it to you What are we going to do here? We open bitcoin To send Bitcoins to someone You must press the arrow at the top right We send € 011 in bitcoin There would be no charge for that Here I will put the email or the recipient's bitcoin address To receive it You have to press the QR code at the top right We press on I understood At here there is our bitcoin address if the person is next to us We can make him scan our QR code And bitcoins will arrive for free in real time We will now go to the page alèrtes We can send us notifications By pressing + on top right When bitcoin arrives to for example 8101 € We will receive a notification Like that if we want to buy at this price we can do it Same thing for the selling price We add another alèrte for example to 8300 € To remove it you only need to move it to the left All this is available for bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin Here is a very interesting thing I already put my link in description If you register at coinbase with my link When you buy or sell 88,99 € crypto currencies We will win both 8,90 € in bitcoins, me and you too Free So, if you have to register at coinbase use my link That way we will win both 8,90 € After

We will see the parameters This will also be black by Coinbase for privacy We can not film this page I'm going to put an image here To show you As you see Here will be your personal data Your current account Paypal too Paypal is only for withdrawals The current account to pay, buy crypto currencies After Down there are all things That you can find even in a social network For example "change password" We can change the local currency I put the Euro When you download the app you will find the dollar here For me it's all clearer in € You can even insert your pin code for example I will show you Every time you exit the app and you come back As you see You will see this quest It's very safe, I put it too You insert the pin and you will enter the app Well guys, I think to have forgotten nothing If I forgot something you can ask me a question in the comments If you like the video let a like A comment, for me it's important 🙂 Subscribe to the channel too thanks and see you next time