We decided to use ARTIS as a novel, a unique one and very important to program a new, independent blockchain We take that existing, the well-tested and well-functioning Ethereum Base code, build on that and we are 100% Smart Contract compatible! Concerning scalability we focus on "Streems": We literally let money 'flow'

That means we reduce the number of necessary transactions, reduce the burden that the network has to carry and reduce costs for users Especially this one, we call it, 'Human-Centric Approach' Dar means with us the human being in the center Whoever docks with our blockchain, is finding a growing network again, with people already having coins To deal with the then existing projects and to pay transaction fees We lower the entry barriers, quite simply In our view, ARTIS offers a perfect environment for projects, who want to build on a blockchain and want to scale on the blockchain There are already use cases and there is already a testnet One of the most important points for me is: We are a large, diversified cooperative

We are purposeful and profit oriented We are committed to a free, fair and educated society That means it's about much more than just money: It's really about changing things! A media package of 5000 €! And I want to ask for the stage: The gentlemen of the incubator and the company ARTIS! Surprised? Yes! Quite surprised, yes Short presentation, because not all were up at the pitch Idea; 30 seconds

Bernhard Wladkowski from the lab10 collective We are currently developing a novel, unique and unique blockchain called ARTIS Many Thanks Would you like to comment on the incubator Mediapackage? We will sit down together with you, and a tailor-made package what's best for you We are a medium for startups in the field of digital economy and innovation – especially in the field of blockchain I think I represent quite well with a good credibility, and I think we can support you well in the media