Thank you for your interest in the Moneysmart rookie community educator resources from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) These resources have been put together by ASIC in consultation with people who work with youth and community groups

They are part of a wider suite of resources developed by ASIC in its role of helping young Australians learn how to manage their money with confidence in their lives They are designed to be useful for anyone who works with young people and for parents too Topics focus on what will be for many young people first time events Common rookie errors are highlighted For example there a key messages for young people to remember about managing their money

There is a Moneysmart rookie video for each topic, demonstrating some the common financial issues young people face as they transition from adolescents into adulthood We've suggested some activities based on these videos along with other activities designed to suit the age and life experience the young people you support As an example there is an activity about what to do if you think the information on your payslip is wrong You can pick the activities that best suit the young people you support and you're learning environment There is information for you at the start of each topic and notes to help you in planning the activities

Separate resources have been developed for use in schools They are on the Moneysmart teaching website, you might find them useful too And the under 25s section of the ASIC Moneysmart website has been enhanced to provide direct access for young people to the Moneysmart rookie videos and user-friendly information about managing their money We hope you find these resources useful as you help young people manage their finances the fewer errors and more successes