Hi everyone! We are at our R&D center and are going to make a review on ASIC S9 HYDRO Let’s begin with the package content

There is the ASIC itself, a 26 kW power unit, and a connection kit for the cooling tower Total price per unit with a power supplier and accessories is over $900 Well, now let's check its characteristics and see how everything is arranged here So, 18 Th/s, 1,7kW of power consumption Manufacturer claims 45dB of noise, although this does not consider noise from a power supplier, in this case, I’m sure, there will be much more noise

Inside we’ve got 4 boards with chips, which are cooled with waterblocks Let's have a look what's inside So, here are the boards as they are there are 4 of them with waterblocks From this side we can see how the wareblock is arranged It has 2 nozzles, one supplies cold water which passes through the waterblock, takes heat from chips and comes out through the other nozzle over there There are 6 waterblocks, inputs and outputs are assembled to collectors

Coolant circulation is provided with a pump, which is on the cooling tower Hot water comes out, gets to the cooling tower, where it is cooled with 6 coolers and after that, cold already, coolant gets back to the ASIC The process is closed and cyclic Coolant circulates in hoses, which come with the device One thing I don’t really get is why this cooler is needed

There are no any special holes on the device for air intakes I can only assume that air can be taken through some gaps in connection points of the boards But still unclear what it cools If you have any thoughts, maybe someone knows the answer, write it in comments under this video Well, let’s have a look at the real characteristics of this ASIC

Here we go The device is connected to the network, Internet, and cooling tower All the pipes are connected to the device We filled the cooling system with water, and now are ready to check the characteristics ASIC consumes 1850W, the manufacturer claims 1728W but this does not consider the power supplier consumption

Let’s check the noise Manufacturer claims 45dB we’ve got 57dB near the ASIC If we make a step, we can see, that the noise level immediately reduces Now we have 45dB The claimed hashrate is 18 Th/s the real hashrate we will demonstrate on the monitor and make some conclusions So, this is the ASIC web interface, we can see that the real hashrate is 18

4 TH/s The chips temperatures are 68-70-67, boards temperatures are around 53-54 degrees According to the Hydro parametres we’ve just demonstrated to you, we are going to compare them to the parameters of ASIC S9J on immersion cooling we got in our previous video Link to this video you can see right now in the top right corner of the screen So, let’s compare the profit

S9 Hydro consumes 100W per Ths S9J consumes 93W per Ths At the same time 1 Hydro Th/s costs $53 and S9J has two configurations: cooling with a cooling tower and flowing water so the first option – $24 per Th/s the second option – $30 per Th/s That’s all we wanted to show you, if you still have any questions, leave them bellow in the comments, we promise to answer all of them Stay with us Subscribe to our channel, and bye!