Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is September the 26th 2017 strong hand get rich by desiring little pure commitment to bitcoin be a 20% buy and hold long term thinking too many sayings adam too many sings all right check health check out the links below comm get your Tresor ledger nano use my affiliate code please and of course you need a leather case you can get a leather case for your your storage device there also and I have the one of the leather cases in my hands right now let's see let's see it oh yeah I'm also wearing a shirt that Nathan in Australia got me you guys can read what it says right so all right so let's jump into what is going on here today remember check out yesterday's show it's linked to below and the day before show people liked how I ended yesterday's show so I think I'm going to end today's show in a similar manner all right where's my where my notes here ok so your Bitcoin you know you've got the real Bitcoin when you encrypt the dividends from it ok so if you're holding your Bitcoin you're going to get B gold you've already gotten B cash from it if you're holding B cash now you're not getting B gold from it ok so this is another another benefit of the real Bitcoin the crypto dividends they don't build friendly Forks off of be cash or 2x maybe they will one day maybe someone will but right now bitcoin is the one that people are trying to all from whether it be friendly or unfriendly and we're about to hear a lot about these uh friendly Forks I've got a feeling I've heard some rumors some big old hype about to hit the fan I guess so yeah that's just another benefit of the real Bitcoin is well the crypto dividends as we know it now so hey if you want a fork be cash be my guest all right so there's a guy I follow I've mentioned him before a financial guy named mish his blog is is out there and I'd link to it below and he has it's called Bitcoin probably worth zero and he actually links to an article that's called Bitcoin probably worth zero and he's been down on Bitcoin for a while and I brought him up in the past but yet check him out uh I think what's funny about this is just some of the comments that people leave under in his in the comments section of that that blog post I mean it's just some of the most people who just don't want progress people who get pleasure out of just being stuck and not in motion it's kind of a downer but it's really an upper because you can read and say I'm glad I'm not one of those people on his uh commenting on this blog but hey hey that's a different opinion there see why he thinks it's going to zero it I didn't think it was a good reason at all um I think it's just another fun article but hey we are immune to fight here I'm at like button if you're immune defied alright the great Chris he sent me a link to bit mein okay and I link to it below always check out the notes section below people and bit mean selling their equipment their miners their whatever at the very bottom of the page I link to you know it shows that you could pay a Bitcoin you can pay in be cash because bit main is run by rocket man whoo and rocket man woo is a big supporter of be cashed along with you know king of the trolls and the drug drug addict from Belize they're all big fans of big cash anyway he you can buy his products with be cash but the exchange rate that he gives he says be cash is worth $500 well bitcoin is worth three thousand seven hundred seventy five dollars and he lists are he bit main and might not be the rocket man is actually doing this but they list the prices in dollars so basically he you're getting a discount if you use be cash you're not getting a discount you're getting penalized if you use bitcoin so he's encouraging people to use be cash it's a way to pump up the usage of be cash at his expense and his expense because be cash isn't worth five hundred US dollars right now um a bit mains expense so uh so I found that fascinating and I thank Chris for sending that to me maybe you'll see Chris on the air with me one of these days you never know all right speaking about friends of the show and the Hoffman we something I forgot to mention yesterday about Andy Hoffman is that I love you to say that andy hoffman should be a regular all on this weekend Bitcoin he does have scheduling issues by the way he's a very busy man and I will try to get him home more often of course of course although we I'm not promising we're gonna have regular guest on this weekend bitcoin yet that that I'm not saying but the point is something I forgot to say is that as a representative of Bitcoin as a guy who's a fan of Bitcoin and a man who has such experience as andy hoffman he can handle a lot of different types of interviews of all the people out there we need to get him on the Alex Jones Show now I know and I don't like the Alex I don't Alex Jones got some wacky stuff on there but Andy Hoffman has been on many many a show that deal with doom porn and just the conspiracy some other nonsense that Alex Joe listen Alex Jones is not exactly a big he's paranoid about Bitcoin but if we can and maybe this will be a project get Andy ha been on the Alex Jones Show of all the Bitcoin speakers out there and the Hoffman would be the best qualified person to be on the Alex Jones Show because he could handle Alex Jones he's he's dealt with wilder than Alex Jones before so that's just something I forgot to mention yesterday but just another benefit of having Andy Hoffman in the eCos the Bitcoin ecosystem is that he's got a lot of experience talking to a lot of different types of people and he's uh he can stand out you guys obviously agree because you all want to hear him talk more on this show too so people have asked about my camera and so yesterday I did do the show with this camera the issue is guys is that when you do a live show like I do and I love to do live shows because hey you guys in the super chat you can send me no that's not why I like to do it but hey if you're on the super chat you can send the Fiat if you want to I like to do them because it's just done you don't have to upload anything it puts it up there for you right away I don't like to edit stuff anyway I like I want people to feel it coming from me naturally and everything so if there's a mistake like I don't have my shirt on you'll see it but when you do it live it really it comes out slower it does I mean and you can see right now I'm using the camera built-in and so it's it's fidgety and everything and it's jumping your mic for I'm probably speaking and it's not going with my mouth properly and that's because it's live now if I were to tape it and then upload it and I used to do that a long time before I got this laptop in January like last year I used to upload and the uploading process is not it's just not as easy it takes up time I don't have that much time so and I and yesterday I was even plugged in directly into the ethernet and it still wasn't perfect it still was a little messed up so if you're do a live shows are you're gonna have problems and so I do have a better camera now I do have a better camera you can see it for yourself so I mean what can I say I care about the content of this show I care about that I was the first guy I I think it's cool that I was the first guy that was talking about be gold you're about to hear a lot of people start talking about it I break a lot of news here we had a lot of awesome guests here I don't even I never watch the shows first of all I never watched like any show I just listened to shows I don't see why people my 93 or 94 percent male audience I don't really understand why you'd like to look at me I don't get it and the scenery here is always going to be me and let I mean sometimes they'll be some cooler background scenery but if it's a little fidgety I think you should like it I mean I I don't think it makes that big of a difference I'm a guy who cares about content I really think if you if you like if you want something that's pretty and fancy and flashy that you're part of the 80% and you just are like well you're you conform you yeah you know whatever you'll buy steam and some random dude tells you to all right so let's let's move on here I remember tell me like button subscribe to the channel and check out the notes section below bang that Bell button if you're already subscribed so uh a reader of mine sent me he said it was a Fortune magazine article it looks like it's in Forbes and I'm gonna read you what he wrote yesterday fortune magazine and it might be the combination of the title yesterday fortune magazine released buying bit coin and crypto assets the ultimate die the very first thing it tells you is how to get me on an ICO then the next thing it says is how to buy tokens after release then it tells you to pay taxes nowhere does it say buy and hold Bitcoin it's like they want you to lose money thank you for being real and sticking to your message just buy and hold nothing fancy we need you and can't trust the mainstream media or YouTube people being paid by the icy OS also I like Simon Dickson as a regular guest okay very good thank you for all of that so yeah this fortune Forbes thing it's linked to below Laura shin had something to do with it it's unfortunate it's I mean there are lot of beginners out there we gotta start with the simplest of things know how to handle your Bitcoin don't jump in the don't even jump in the litecoin before you understand your Bitcoin I just told a guy a guy who contacted me asking me about litecoin and you know about the the different types of addresses I said man you've got a Matt you got to get into Bitcoin get ahold of getting better grasp a big point before you getting a litecoin and I know some of your saying old are the same not everyone has the same skill level you do younger people out there if you're like in your 20s or whatever you're more technologically advanced than people that are in their 40s 50 60 s and there's a lot of them too who want to get into that so be patient everyone all right yesterday I talked about that a progression of technology between 1898 and 2018 and basically going back to that and look at yesterday's videos if you got in before the years that I mentioned like if you were in the radio before 1918 you owned like some radio stuff it's like I don't know what the equivalent would be back in 1918 you were in very good financial shape because after 1918 really after 1920 things really picked up it's just like in the internet time if you were in around 1998 okay you own some internet stocks around 1998 or maybe start your own internet company around 1998 you were in very very good shape okay or before and before so every year I mentioned if you were that year or before you started in that industry you were in great shape if you stuck with it I mean so I'm saying if you're in the Bitcoin before 2018 which it was like every 20 years if you're in Bitcoin before 2018 which you probably are and you stick with it you hold you hold you're in good shape all right and so andy hoffman and he's a blog post of his actually talked about it getting in way early on major technological innovations i linked to his crypto gold central comm blog where he talks about that aren't that article below you know sign up for his free trial signed up for the the whole year whatever you want to do he put a lot of things there everyday and a lot of you said you liked him so hey check it out alright he also has an article about litecoin and I know a lot of you just love when someone says something good about litecoin and you have to realize with Andy also this is a man who he evolves because when we started talking about cryptocurrency I don't know when he made his first appearance on my show now it was in January I think he wasn't too high on all coins at all and I don't know how much he explored like coin at that point but now he and he holds like coin and I whatever I'm not saying to buy like coin but he has like coin silver to Bitcoin gold that's what this thing is about so if you wanted again if you want to get into it hey get get if you want to check out I have these stuff it's linked to below you gotta sign up and all that stuff but hey alright okay there are two things I'm going to skip tomorrow I'm probably gonna give an update from my buddy in Korea I wanted to tell my buddy in Korea that I got his messages I've been very busy he talks about that new exchange opening up he gives some inside informations very interesting stuff pound that like button if you like the kind of original type of news that we bring to you here or that I bring I always say we it's me but yeah I don't I don't really a lot of things but I don't go with what the so-called mainstream coin desk or whoever out there and you know they they serve a purpose but I just don't read off what they say and then make some comments on and I I just come up with original stuff I guess stuff from Twitter I mean do a lot of reading okay here's one that I got from Twitter local bitcoins will not support be cash or okay local bitcoins is again okay so yeah that's what says local bitcoins will not support be cash you can check out the tweet below they explain why there is confusion obviously they don't want to be involved with confusing people because people think the addresses are similar they start with ones or three and they look like Bitcoin addresses they're doing a responsible thing here and the name you know some people call be cashed by another name and that's why you have to call it be cash to help people and I respect the local bitcoins in their tweet called it be cash very good job because they don't want people to be confused we don't be cash is be cash is a crypto dividend it's a crypto dividend so you don't want to confuse people by saying some other name and so local bitcoins is doing a good thing I want to point out that be gold they're using a different day they're not trying to confuse anyone they don't spaz out when you call it be gold or anything like that they actually have embraced the nickname and they're gonna have a different address format now on that same topic of be gold here and so yeah they're not in the confusing people and this is people have asked me in the in the past what's the difference between a friendly and an unfriendly Fork okay do you guys under it the people who've asked that question I think you can can you understand the difference now like be gold isn't trying to confuse people they're going out of the way not to confuse people they're going out of the way not to pretend to be the real Bitcoin while these others you know be cash 2x or whatever are doing the opposite that's unfriendly the gold is friendly a lot of you have questions about being gold I can't I not Park a beagle I've got a guy telling me stuff so what you should do is go to their Twitter the Twitter you know it's BTC GP you know is that what it is yeah and it's linked to below whatever the darn twitter is all right click on it you can tweak the guy questions behind it ask him there's gonna be more stuff coming out there but I I can't answer it I'm not part of the team you ask them directly I'm sure they have an email they have a Facebook page up there already you go to their site but go to their Twitter tweet them questions send them direct messages you can see now they are answering questions all right Mike Karl Menninger I wanted a link to something of his below he talks about how buying a used car is it's better than it's better than buying a new car and that and this kind of lensing to blends into what I'm about to talk about for MIDI because if you conform the society you're gonna buy a new car you just have to have that new car that you were watching during your NFL game you know because you watch the NFL and I'm not saying you guys do with those who conform they watch their NFL they see Chevrolet advertising or Toyota or whoever and I got to get that new car I got to get that know it to maintain the new car so expenses car damage that goes over the basics why you have to you should own a used car I mean for me it's it's common sense but whatever learn alright so yeah if you feel no pressure to conform then you're going to be in great shape financially okay so I'm about to read you so we're ending with Bitcoin right now we're gonna go into some of the meister philosophies you could turn off if you want to but maybe there'll be a little bit coin in this also so town that like button but I'm gonna I'm gonna read you some notes that I actually made I was that when I was in Quebec City and now's the time to share them and I started writing this after watching some what's his name Jordan Jordan Peterson's that isn't dr Jory did the guy it's on Molyneux shows sometimes yeah Jordan alright so the conformity index I think there should be a conformity index that we should because there's like a creativity or maybe a creativity in debt well there is a creativity index but a conformity index measure people's ability to go their own way now smart people as I mentioned yesterday yesterday are not perfect they might not score high in the conformity index you if you're a regular guy you can be better than smart people in this category in the conformity index you can change yourself so you don't conform so you do not get addicted to the Main Street how indoctrinate how indoctrinated are you in doctrine I can't say the word smart people now something you have to think here is smart people don't have to try as hard to get rich but some don't try to get rich at all and they don't get rich sometimes try to get rich economy and they still get rich because they're so smart but if you're a regular man and you try hard to get rich you can okay you can when some of these smart people they're not gonna get rich if you try you don't have to be smart to get rich there's nothing stopping you and now and there are shortcuts if you are not indoctrinated and you go your own way okay your your own way is a short as a shortcut that you develop smart people go the normal way a lot of the time through you know being a doctor or a lawyer and they just go through the motions and they end up successful by traditional standards which may put them in debt and I mentioned this yesterday and they have a and then they might have a wife take it all in the end anyway so so if you and that's not so smart is it in the long run if you end up with a wife taking all your stuff because you wins that you were a rich doctor there there's something more than intelligence okay there is something more than intelligence when we're talking about how immune to social expectations social pressure are you we need to develop a scale that that measures that type of thing just because you're smart does not mean you are immune and in fact so many smart people's let people like the doctors and the lawyers they are not immune to social expectations at all and social pressure in fact they completely get into it maybe that's why they became doctors and lawyers they could have gone there completely own own way being entrepreneurs they're freakin geniuses but they felt like I got to do this I mean my mother wants me to be a doctor I'll get a pretty woman if I'm a doctor I can't do so creativity long-term thinking and discipline all right creativity long term and discipline are all keys to success all things that you can control even if you're not as smart as that doctor or whatever and you can end up smarter than them creativity li and and how do you define creativity to do because jordan Peterson was defining it by how artistic you were something like that but I'm trying to tell you guys that creativity is is something more it's how you reshape your life how you just go down your own way you create shortcuts creativity leads you down different paths your own way create creativity opens up your mind to new ways of looking at success experience sky's experience helps add to creativity and I have seen this firsthand from my own experience in life my own experiences in life from when I was owned a house in a very bad area of Baltimore and lived in it many of you I've talked about this before I mean the experiences that I experienced there in the city of Baltimore on Linden Avenue and and the travel that I have gone on have these real life experience that have made me a more creative person that made me just find shortcuts in life and have just made me more resolute in going my own way and just creating just being more entrepreneurial and just just going away from what society demands perhaps if I hadn't gone through all these things maybe I would still be addicted to the NFL maybe who knows who knows maybe I would still feel certain pressures with in terms of you know the pressure a during a certain period of life where you have to find a woman or where you you value your your self-worth in how many women you get so again get some experiences I guess I can conclude with with that one but so that's my little addition to the show today I know some of you like that kind of thing pound that like button i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister numbers subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the nose section but and I will say hello to you guys in the chat bye-bye