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Thank you for watching my podcast series here on YouTube I will be back in camera a week from now I am just getting ready to move out of the states so this video for today will be quick So it turns out that some American exchanges at least 2 from the top of my head are supporting Bitcoin Cash also known as BCC or BCash Basically whatever you want to call it

For those of you who do not know what BCC is, well I honestly don't know where you have been as this has been the talk of the crypto community for the longest time But just think of it simply this way as your bank rewarding you with extra money Since my focus on this show is on international markets, it just hit me to think about how there are a handful of foreign exchanges outside of China and the United States that will not be supporting Bitcoin Cash And I just looked at Coinmarket Cap this morning It showed Bitcoin Cash had peaked to $700

00, and it currently takes the 4th spot on the coinmarketcap And that's freaking crazy What is even amazing is that this forked coin resurfaced just 2 weeks ago This brings me to the purpose of this broadcast I could not help but wonder, how many foreigners outside the US are currently being screwed to lose out on this extra money due to the fact that they are not supporting Bitcoin Cash given that there are Bitcoin exchanges in Africa, Latin America, Middle East, and the South Asian Pacific

And I have covered how these foreign exchanges work many times on my channel Over here in the United States, we are fortunate and really blessed to have 24 hour internet service that constantly keeps us updated with the whole Bitcoin-mania, social media stuff all around us until we are sick of it So whenever Bitcoin developers, techies and miners inform us on any network and upgrade changes, we automatically check with our exchanges here in the US to make sure that everything is sound or to find out how the exchange will react or take cautionary steps However, this is not the case in other countries In other parts of the world, people do not have internet service

Given its 2017, internet access in some parts of the world is still a luxury Or if they did have internet access, its for a limited amount of time Let me repeat that again "People Do Not Have Reliable Internet Services" So here is the #1 and only important scenario in all of this

The Lack of Information Exchange Basically local citizens in those poor countries do not know that they should be getting this other money And so why should their own exchange worry about their customers But I know some of you folks who are listening to this would say: “Well their government should step in” OR “That's the way it is

” But let me remind both groups of people with what is going on The foreign exchanges are ran independently and most governments are not aware of this Bitcoin scaling issue/debate/hard-fork nonsense at all Or their government might not even care If their own citizens are ignorant, most likely the government will be ignorant as well And again this all goes back to lack of information

So yes, at the end of the day, that may be the way it is Foreigners with no internet access end up being screwed once again Consequently, the exchanges would end up keeping all this extra money And this "excuse my French", F'd Up Now how about this story for awkward timing and since it's international, I will cover it here on Sobuka

Supposedly, there is a panel led by the Indian government to take immediate steps to stop Bitcoin use This makes me think in my mind of "what they hell is going on here" as a few weeks ago, India just legalized Bitcoin So, now are they trying to undo all of this?? This had me thinking if this news of the panel is somewhat tied to the whole Bitcoin Cash situation? Well only time will tell News about Bitcoin is never ending these day Anyways the folks who should have no excuse about this whole Bitcoin Cash situation is the people in the West that means US citizens, Europeans, and I am going to throw in China just because it’s China

We just never stop hearing about what the Chinese is doing as majority of the hash power is generated over there To this group of people in the west who did not remove their private keys out of these exchanges before Aug 1, well you guys had no excuse especially if you are a millennial What surprises me right now is that there are people are trying to get in touch with Coinbase, the most popular US exchange right next to Kraken, to get their Bitcoin Cash, their extra money And that's after the fact that Coinbase posted multiple notices about not supporting this forked coin, I myself was so tired of getting this Coinbase notices before August 1st, that I was about to flag them for spam And so what’s currently happening now is that Coinbase customers are now threatening to sue

Therefore, we have to wait yet again to see how this news will unfold That’s all I have for today folks I will be back with full international news as I get settled into my new location in the next few weeks If you like this content, please click the Like button or Upvote on Steemit You can follow me here on Steemit or subscribe on YouTube And as always I look forward to your comments, and I promise to also get back to everyone too

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