Welcome to Binance the world's leading trading platform for crypto valves This video shows the basics of trading on Binance through three simple steps

First step, registration Simply click on the registration and complete the form If you have a reference code you can add it to it After you have read and accepted the terms of business click on the registration Now go to your mailbox and confirm the e-mail address you provided

Follow the final steps and confirm that you are not a robot To do this just drag the icon to fix the puzzle After registration, it is highly recommended that you set up authentication with two factors using Google Authenticator Simply download the Google Authenticator application to your mobile phone and scan the QR code The second step, managing your resources

To manage your resources simply click on the funds and on the condition Here you will find all the cryptured valves supported by the Binance Exchange Paying any currency is easy Just find the currency you want and click on the payment For example, if you want to pay for Bitcoin Click on the payout right to Bitcoin Once you're there, just copy the address of your Binance Wallet go to your external wallet and send Bitcoin to this address

If you want to send funds from Bianca to an exterior wallet just click the payout There you will be able to enter the address where you want to pay your currency After you have selected the amount you'll see the transaction cost you need to pay Click on confirmation and you're done Step three, trading

After you have paid for any crypto currency it is highly recommended that you immediately buy a "Binance coin" to reduce your future transaction costs to a certain percentage To take advantage of this great option, you must first activate, and then of course the "Binance coin" How to get a "Binance coin"? Simply, just click on the Exchange – Basics and then you will enter the exchange section of the Binance site First find the market where the BNB and BTC are paired Now, positioned to the left are other Binance users issuing commands

They either sell or just like you trying to buy one of the paired currency Here you can give an order if, for example, you want to buy a "Binance coin" and pay it in Bitcoin Orders currently being executed decide the market price, expressed in US dollars If you want to buy at this price simply fill in the shopping form and that's it Binance is much more than we have now stated there are a multitude of indicators and trading tools available in the professional part of the site, as well as the latest news related to the Binance Exchange

Explore and find out what Binance can offer you and if you ever encounter a problem, remember that customer service 24 hours a day just a few clicks away