Hey there, folks! Welcome to another PIVX Class Today we've got a tutorial on how to get started with Binance

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that caters to the crypto to crypto market They are a Chinese-based exchange that offers access to domestic and international users They are best known for having mobile apps you can trade with, but access through a browser or desktop application is also available One of the best selling points for the exchange is probably the fact that it does not require identity verification if you are withdrawing less than two Bitcoin in value per day This makes it a lot easier to jump in and get going

Plus, you don't have to trust another company with your ID We'll be proceeding like someone who created a new account to transfer in some Litecoin, change that to PIV, and then withdraw that from Binance But remember, you can substitute any coin in place of either of these if you like With that in mind, let's get started Let's start by heading over to the website at https://www

binancecom There will be a link in the description Once there, click up here on Register Here is the registration page

Pretty basic stuff, really Enter your email Choose a secure but unique password Remember, you'll be putting money in there, so choose a good one This space here is for the referral identity number

If you have a friend who uses Binance, get their link and they'll get a cut of the exchange fees that you pay on transactions This does not increase your fees, it takes a cut of what is already charged If you don't know anyone with an account, there is a referral link in the description Proceeds from this go towards channel expenses Of course, you can always choose to ignore it entirely

Anyways, check off the Terms of Use checkbox here, then click Register It'll prompt you with a security question or a puzzle like this Just drag the slider to make the puzzle piece fit Binance will email you an activation link Pop on over to your email and find this email here

Click Verify Email You'll end up on this screen ready to log in Click Login Now pop in that email and super secure password we made Click Login again

Surprise, surprise Another puzzle If you haven't noticed by now that Binance is a little security conscious, – bordering on paranoid – this should lock that in your head They notify you almost every step of the way to be careful of fake websites pretending to be them Here they go over some of the other common trickery

They are one of the biggest and fastest growing exchanges out there, so I guess I can understand them being worried about being targeted Check off these warnings as I list them Make sure you are on https://wwwbinancecom to prevent phishing attacks

Don't install browser plugins that claim to be from Binance They are not To paraphrase this one, real Binance support will not call you or ask you to call them Number four here is common Support will never ask you for your password or two-factor authentication code (2FA)

Real support anywhere already has what they need to access your account if needed The last one is pretty much just common sense Basically, don't give money to people for support Real support will not ask you to transfer money to them for any reason These are all pretty solid rules for securing your account on any platform, so try and stick to them

Anyways, with all the boxes checked, hit Continue Now you'll be asked to implement a form of two-factor authentication I prefer Google immensely to SMS, but you are free to choose SMS if you like This video will proceed with Google Authenticator, which is available for both Android and iOS Download the app on whichever phone type you are using, then click that Next Step button

To scan the QR Code with your Google Authenticator app, click the Plus button in the app and then click Scan Barcode Alternatively, you can use this number here if you don't click the Scan Barcode and instead choose the other option that it gave you After doing this, click Next This is the backup number for your Authenticator Write this on something and store it somewhere

If you lose your phone, this is how you load the same Authenticator on a new device After doing so, click Next First enter that backup number up here Then, your login password And finally, use the code off your authenticator here

The code changes every minute, so do this last and then hit Enable Google Authentication immediately Boom Done Account secure A bit of a process, but it's worth it to keep those hard-earned digital dineros in your possession

Now we're looking at the account page It can be accessed from the menu found on this header Clicking here will take you to where you need to go to verify your account This is only needed if you want to move a lot of volume over the account regularly, and we're not going to be doing that today We're going to take advantage of the fact that we don't need to do that to use this account

This page is centered on account-related things like all that stuff we just did Come here if you ever need to update your security measures Otherwise, let's click up here and get hopping on some of these transactions Transaction history is self-explanatory It records all transactions, Deposits and withdrawals are kind of like skipping a step

We'll end up on these pages as we go through things the normal way For now, let's go to balances Every currency in the Binance exchange has an entry here Let's search for Litecoin so we can deposit some by typing it up here Now click Deposit

This will bring you to the Litecoin deposit page You can either click here to copy the address or click here for a QR Code to scan if you are holding the coins in a mobile wallet I would use this address to send Litecoin to my Binance Wallet here This address can't be used for anything except Litecoin Remember that each currency has its own address

If you ever use an address for the wrong currency, that money will be gone However, most proper wallets and exchanges usually can detect when a foreign address has been entered But not always So just make sure you're watching out for that Now that we have the Litecoin, let's go back to the Litecoin listing in Balances

Click Trade on the right You can see all the pairings for Litecoin now Here we can see that Litecoin can be traded into USDT, which is Tether; ETH, which is Ethereum; or BTC, which is Bitcoin At the top here is BNB, which is Binance's own coin We're actually going to sell our Litecoin for BNB, because there's a lesson within a lesson

Now let's click the LTC/BNB option Now we're looking at the market listing of the pair of Litecoin with BNB You can see open Buy and Sell orders on the left On the top right is listings of other pairings Bottom right is trade history for either you or the market

The top middle here shows your graphs At the bottom, you have open orders and below that is your order history In the middle of it all is your Buy and Sell options Binance autofills the price with the last price sold when you enter the page You can change this if you like

You can manually enter the quanity, or use these buttons to choose a percentage to sell I choose to sell all that I'm holding, so I hit 100% Then I click this big Sell LTC button Now with that sold, I go back to the balances page, but search for PIVX like so I click Trade

Since the money I got from my Litecoin is now in BNB, I should choose the PIVX/BNB pairing Now we're at an almost identical trade page The only difference is that all the numbers are for PIVX but the functions are the same Since I'm not trying to play the market or do anything too fancy, I'm going to do a market trade and show you guys how that works Click Market here

Price is now fixed to the market It will pay whatever the market is at currently to get the designated quantity of PIVX You should generally only do this for smaller orders Doing this with thousands of dollars can cause you to jack up the price against yourself, causing you to pay more than you had intended to Since I'm only buying a few PIV here it's a safe and convenient choice

Then I don't have to worry about open orders because I set my buy price too low Anyways, I wanted to save a little BNB, so I chose to use only 50% for my PIVX I click 50%, then Buy PIVX And BAM! Just like that I now have almost five PIV But why not use the 100% option you might say? After all, I'm like PIVX's number one fanboi, and the channel is sponsored by PIVX

Well, while I do like my PIV, Binance encourages you to keep some BNB Binance charges you 01% fees on trades unless you pay those fees with BNB If you use BNB the price is 005%

Half price All you need is some BNB and the switch in the account page set to ON I recommend this as it saves you money And that would be our lesson within a lesson Okay, let's jump back to our balances page

Here is the PIV we bought Click on withdraw on the right Here's the withdraw page I'm going to get an address for my wallet and pop it in this box here Now I'm going to click MAX since I like to keep as little on exchanges as possible

It's safer that way Now I click Submit I'll have to punch in my Authenticator Code You don't even have to click Submit For me, it just submits when I enter the last number This screen will pop up and tell you to confirm the withdrawal, enter your email, and find this email specifically

Then click the confirm button You'll get this screen Just like that, your PIV is on its way to its new home Again, while I'm doing this with PIVX, it works the same with any coin Just remember to use the right address for the right currency

Let's go back to the Binance page we were on and I'll very quickly point to where you can find things that we did not cover in this video You received funds, but Orders is where you find open orders, order history, and trade history Join Us is their company hiring page Support has an FAQ as well as help tickets News contains Binance-related News

I showed you before, but this icon is where you're account access is Here you can find professional site translations And here have translations automatically done by GoogleTranslate These aren't guaranteed to be accurate, so be careful with them This one here leads to LaunchPad, which is an ICO Participation Platform

This is Binance Labs which is a way for startups to apply to Binance for funds and resources to help them get started Lastly, over here we have the exchange links There is the basic one that we've used, and this more advanced one here Don't use this unless you are an experienced trader The basic one should suit your every day needs just fine

And that's it That's Binance I hope that helped you guys learn the basics of Binance Obviously, I glossed over some stuff at the end there with the tour, but it's mostly just harmless stuff for you to explore on your own Thank you for tuning in, guys

Have a wonderful day, and I'll see you in the next class