Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is September the 14th 2017 strong hand yeah today was a day that you needed a strong hand hey man I'm laughing it up though I'm a long-term thinker that's just the way I am hey but check out crypto hwy a calm below you can get your trays or your leather case for your trays or your ledger Nano all sorts of awesome things use the affiliate links and I'm gonna show you you know what you can get actually here look this is a treasure with its leather case oh yes we're reunited again oh yeah I'm back in Baltimore crypto HW wallet Bitcoin I'm happy it's been an adventurous day I pick quite a day to travel didn't I so I did you know even if I wanted to I couldn't keep I couldn't check the price every minute of the day I mean it was it dropped quite a bit what's it around 3,300 now I don't even I don't even know but um as the title says China and Bitcoin just they don't they don't get along short-term okay if you're a short-term thinker you're not gonna enjoy the way China is is going about things but I also want to say if you're a short term thinker then you'll watch tomorrow's show at noon because that's really soon I mean it's like in 12 hours noon Eastern Time tomorrow this week in Bitcoin tour damn Easter I'm sure everyone wants to hear what he has to say the great Towanda Kimbo of Zimbabwe will be in the house I'm sure you want to hear what yes si and Paul my main man Paul you guys don't know him he might be in the chat right now he's in the chat some time so he'll be on also it should be an exciting show because it's an exciting time in Bitcoin to say the least I hope you have one of these I mean look at this leather case you can get a crypto 8 stuff even says crypto HW wallet on it I like being with my Tresor again I really missed you man how you doing I'm great anima okay it's talking all right another thing the the ghetto nerd I have his link below or I should have it below and I'm butchering the name of Scott I've shown you this before he sent this he's a you can get this with Krypto he's a big crypto fan it's a graphic novel he's really a talented guy I wanted to mention that I was I haven't been home for quite a while and I saw this laying around I had to you know give him a shout-out he emailed me the other day too so all right so again and this weekend Bitcoin tomorrow that's noon Eastern Time that's 5:00 pm

in London that's 9 am in Los Angeles and San Francisco and San Diego and Vancouver shoutouts to Canada you know I had to get so yeah I'm not in kind of anymore back in Baltimore back in the you know the hard corner sit here all right let's let's talk and I want to thank Terry Terry thanks for the ride today in in Quebec he said he's a big fan of Bitcoin he also hey that's other cryptocurrencies also and it's not just Bitcoin it's gone down today people because of China announcing or an exchange the number-3 exchange is gonna shut down in China the other ones might shut down again we're gonna get into why long term does it really matter her I mean short term yeah people are panicking I can't stop people from panicking well I can I can try to calm people down and you shouldn't panic because you should be thinking what's Bitcoin gonna be worth on in 2020 I mean if you're trying to flip it and play games with it then good luck dude because you don't know what China's gonna say tomorrow and a lot of people are like why are they just leaking out the information slowly you know it's why they just say it all at once I mean they're no rules in this game people I mean the price is dropping yeah deal with it I mean it's it's just something I have said many many times we're gonna have days like this where it drops 500 point 600 points were China where rationality just dominates the market it's happening today it's happening the last few days tomorrow might be a worse fun Friday for all I know for all I know I don't know I can't predict the future but I I've got a good idea about the future all right and I've said it before we're gonna have days like this and we've had days like this and we're gonna have them again and we live them through one now so again if you don't want to if this is the kind of thing you don't like then you shouldn't be a holder a Bitcoin I guess if this is stuff you can deal with then you're you are a great holder and you're gonna you're gonna flourish in the long run when that 20/20 having comes along okay you're gonna be darn happy you didn't panic sell on some random day in 2017 because 24 dis this day September 14th you'll be like oh that was a day Adam took a flight from Ben no no one's gonna remember that it's not a special day it's just a regular it's a regular Bitcoin day all right so yesterday I forgot to say check out my Tuesday video about the etherium crypto dividend the etherium number three friendly fork that might be coming out the community activated hard fork it's linked to below and I'm gonna fix the links in a second I was in a rush to get this done as you can imagine I'm a little the ghetto nerd is the name of the dude who made that awesome thing and it's the ghetto nerd calm and it's linked but it will be linked to below okay yeah so again Bitcoin in China but we really shouldn't care about Bitcoin in China not getting along in the short term because it's just a short term a viewer sent me a link to an article about how the Royal Bank of India or the RBI I did that and India is thinking about making its own cryptocurrency I have not heard anyone mentioned in this article I will link to it below is from the Tribune of India will they be successful in doing it is what does this mean well you know they have a war on cash there so they obviously want to control everything so they're not doing it because they're good hearted people and they love Bitcoin I think even in the article they say they don't like Bitcoin but there are some news for you there okay and also guys if you check out H and I I can see mention McDowell is in the live chat what's up I can only see the symbols and I think my then I just checked it Richie Rich's in there too but hey if you want me to really look and answer your question and I don't have that much time for questions today do the super chat people pound that like button subscribe to this channel and check out the links below do all three of those things you'll have fun you'll learn a lot and yeah alright so Bitcoin if you look if you look at a chart of Bitcoin from January 1st to now it's like woohoo and then woo okay it's still way ahead again let's think about what the charges going to look like from let's say when it was like 200 in 2015 or 2014 whenever it was when I was buying and into where it is in 2020 what's chart going to look like then someone draw me a picture now tell me that's what you should be concerned about 2020 because this is a savings account this isn't your trading account okay people it's your savings account and there gonna be some people to say Adam though you're wrong it's my training account okay you go your own way you can go your own way okay I cannot sing but I do appreciate men who go their own way MIG tau but don't go the wrong way dudes don't go the way of the 80% who are just like I'm going to trade oh that's a pretty sight I'm going to listen to it oh I'm going to get into cloud mining and think it's good because one might be okay no don't be like that straight narrow remember the story that I shared the other day about the dude's father who if he just would have done what Warren Buffett did he would not be like very sick right now and poor very sad story shared the other day was yesterday's video I forgot to check out the links section below to check out all my old videos alright so something must be wrong if I'm talking about this this ICO token Oh me schoo now I said but I mentioned that before that I thought a certain doom porn dude out there was pumping it up and was doing a very good job of pumping but he's got a big audience I could I don't care about on this go okay I really don't care but what interested me it made me interested in this is that apparently if you held a theory I'm on July the 7th or before and you controlled your own private key not that it wasn't somewhere else that you are now gonna receive some of this free ico coin this I toke Anoma schoo o me G OMG oh my god Oh oh my god I'm getting free o me Geo MVS Co and if I'm pronouncing it wrong I don't care because I don't really care but I mean I care if I get this freak so it's it's a crypto dividend but it's not being formed from a friendly fork it's not being formed from a fork it's it's from an airdrop and I don't know all the particulars behind it I linked to the link below that it talks about it it's been out there for a while people are saying they're getting it now I have not had time to mess around was I do have a little bit of aetherium for various reasons everyone knows that already but I'll see you know I'll try to figure it out you know how to get this and report back but people are saying they're already getting it obviously if since I think it's completely worth it I'm just gonna get rid of it you know trade it in for some Bitcoin I mean that's great free Bitcoin from oMG awesome so but hey man it's clear dividends but not from a friendly fork from an airdrop you can argue if that's really giving it or not and obviously they're giving the July they're rewarding everyone for being awesome or something I forgot the logic behind it I really don't care what their logic is alright the gray the andrius Bree Caen as I said he has he has a blog I came to say the name of it visit as a curse word into in it but I'll link to it below he talks about open Bazaar what happened to the Bitcoin eBay killer app and his blog is all about investigating these hot blotching topics what happened to them what really happened so he's got an interesting blog over there I haven't had time to read the whole thing I didn't have a strong hand today every day have a strong hand people so yeah trying some track there might not be any China exchanges anymore oh my god oh my god Wow so the the great Charlie Lee has a tweet out there this is a good thing China can no longer play with the markets by banning Bitcoin cryptocurrency cannot be killed by any country great point another another point out there by wale panda Bitcoin is down 30 Bitcoin is down 33% from all-time high China's volume is 10 to 13 percent of the Bitcoin volume okay there you go China bottom is only 10% of bitcoins volume yet is bringing down Bitcoin tremendous amounts it's bringing down every cryptocurrency tremendous amounts these are now these these weird or now it makes no sense it makes no sense I mean I don't like these whack off coins and stuff but this news so these China trickling out of news that might be true they might all be closing soon one might be closed now why surely have anything this shouldn't bring down the price of deke red I mean come on it's just everyone who are reacting saying Oh purple card she's dead now because China did something I mean that's the bottom line does that sound like a logical thing to jump into cooked overseas dead because China did something maybe no because there might be not be exchanged so what they won't be worse so let's say they're no more exchanges in China no more that Chinese people can't do with it it was only 10% volume anyway of a Bitcoin who cares I mean really that that's attitude you should have who cares all right that's it that's all I have to say tonight I got to make this short thanks a lot everyone remember everyone you know if your subscriber already banged bell button if you're not subscribed to the channel pound that like button I should have said bang the bell button i hope i said that anyway i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister take care I'm back in Baltimore tomorrow really important guys tune in basically in 12 hours for this week in Bitcoin toward a mr Paul and Towanda Cambo they will be on that is 5:00 pm

in London and I believe what's at 7 pm in Tel Aviv is a seven hour difference now all right what's up to the brothers in Israel all right I'll talk to you guys later bye bye