Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the Disrupt Meister remember subscribe this channel like this video share this video and keep coming back spread the word I post a new video here every day check out some of the archives also while you're here all right Bitcoin is that in the 790 still it's been pretty pretty steady it dips into 780 sometimes but it's been the high 700 for a while this positive positive fear in classic and dash have been up lately I can't explain the dash to bet they got some new project and works maybe somewhat please inform me I don't know I fear classic I can explain because its fury has been down a lot today so once again i assume some of the theory money is going into the etherium classic that's just my guess hey invention big towel it was suggested that he should be a guest on my show of course he should be how could i forget i really like the comments you guys added yesterday please always add comments i love the the read them and someone suggested the invention meet i'll be a guest on the show and i would love it would be an honor and a privilege so when i get the guests function operational i will ask pension mentality a guest because he is entertaining and he's very knowledgeable on many subjects many manly subjects also tone days well he's obviously he'll be a guest to on my show so once we your operational that way and by the way it going back to yesterday again and i was talking about places like videos i watch a site that I've been going to for a long time is the drudge report you just get some good links there and they're not all conservative let's see links to liberal love publications and and and he also gets into sports and stuff which i think is a waste so hey it's not perfect but he he does that's really good links there and it's really pretty up to date and I know that's common knowledge for many people well not everyone is about the drudge report alright going back to tone days he got into a debate with Ned Scott and Dan larimer about steam it again we've been through this many times we heard both their opinion you know they're steamed guys opinions and tones opinions i will link to it there's a steamboat post about it and there's a twitter post they use two different sources so what is a longer video than the other ones longer audio than the other make up your mind you can link to whatever one you want you but while we're on steam it and while we're talking about news i believe the and i said this before don't by steam first of all I I don't believe in buying steam but i do I through you know through the months that what it was become clear me is that there's no harm in posting on steam it and that steam it has potential it really does and it should be people we as a community or the guys behind it should figure out a way where it can incentivize people to eat to fight the so-called real fake news or where ya just hear so much so much propaganda out there like saying this is fake we're gonna you know certain media platforms are now banning certain are trying to ban certain news agencies because they say they're fake alright so steam is a social media platform each you try to market itself is like a place where anything goes you can post all there's no fake news use your head to the side was fake news how my hair looks freaking crazy today doesn't well even I have to say that I anyway and that's real news but seriously let your cryptocurrency do the talking in deciding what is real and what is fake and I steam it or or maybe they're a Bitcoin platform can take advantage of this problem there's a problem out there because you've got some social media platforms are stored the band what might really be real news but what people call fake news all these people saying stuff is fake that's real or just losing perspective here and i think it's an opportunity for cryptocurrency I think that's a good way of summing up everything that I just said and this goes back to one of my prediction shows where I said there be some unique social media concept combined with Bitcoin maybe this is it maybe this is it bitcoin of steam it can be used to decide let the people decide which real let alright enough of it anyway and also with the steam and potential dude you guys got to see what it was going on in Africa again let that community in South Africa give you some tips here they like it arm while we're talking about other countries i'll link to an article below about Chinese rush to open up dollar Forex accounts more capital controls coming hey that's good news for Bitcoin more capital controls are coming to China you can check out the article yourself I'm i order again refer back to yesterday's video i guess i'll have to link to it and I was talking about the current financial system and how I think it will continue on for a very long time like I don't think bitcoin will become the system of the world or gold will become the system of the world I think we live under a system where governments issue fiat currency alright and that will continue to exist I book and most likely the dollar will continue to be at the top rung there okay i don't think the dollar is ever going away in this century I'm trying to kind of expand upon what I was trying to say yesterday but but this doesn't mean that paper money will still be physically out there they may the government's may use blockchains that they just control that are that are not there are centralized in fact so that's a continuation of the system but using new technology at the same time bitcoin will grow larger and larger and all the independent cryptocurrencies will grow larger and larger and people will be able to choose but most people are going to stick with the government they just believe everything the government says and so that inflationary system will continue to exist for the rest of the century century i believe just because people are stupid and people like to stick with all things and governments will continue to exist for the rest of this century but keep smart people will have the deflationary option in Bitcoin and also be Queen will serve many other purposes many other purposes you know as a store of value and hesitant to send money across borders to infiltrate some of these governments to get into some of these countries are going to need Bitcoin but but again people get stuck in their ways but i'm not saying i just want people understand that I am 100-percent behind bitcoin cryptocurrency it just like that with the internet you still have a email why would anybody use email well people still use now people use government mail still US postal service despite how much better email is it's free it's it's so much better but this is always going to be people who use the old thing are used to the old way and will bc stuck in that way now it's not exactly comparable to when the internet came out because there is no come there's nothing no competing force previous the internet which is a totally new thing I mean you what was the pre-internet that the internet took the place of it nothing is it so big coin on many levels is a totally new thing but he is trying to take the place of inflationary fiat money and it will not fully do that in this in this century at least for all the reasons that I just went into so and again Airbnb exists it's better than hotels but hotels are going to continue to exist and all that no on that note I'm going to link to a reason article that talks about what is happening to new york city by n banning putting a ver basically a ban on airbnb ease that now like horrible hotels that are like dirty bed bug-infested hotels are benefiting and just it'sit's said it's unfortunate anyway and that's just what happens when the government it tries to interfere in these type of things but Airbnb will people find ways to do it in New York City I'm sure I'm sure eventually and hotels will continue to exist in new york city also they don't have to worry i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister i will talk to you later