Good evening! Tonight, little improvised video We are sorry a bit for the quality lighting and sound quality

We film a little bit in the conditions we call in the business the "Hasheur" finally I can not be clever considering the live I made you a few days ago at the Defense Short, the subject of tonight is that This is called an Antminer therefore a mining device, Bitcoin special, sold by the company Bitmain This is a model so Antminer S9 There are other models; there are smaller models I think there are models that are bigger or bigger? "It's the biggest" LDG: "It's the biggest! In any case for now Until there is the release of an ANT 10

I do not know if they follow Samsung in the story, Galaxy S9, ANT S9 This model there, it is worth 1372 dollars we watched earlier It can be paid in dollars or BitcoinCash; knowing that you buy it at the other end of the world so there is the expense shipping and customs fees that I believe you have, you were a victim so knowing that my cameraman and the processor of these, these boxes we will put it in front of the camera in two short minutes to answer my questions and so you see that he has equipped with 3 machines like that it weighs it weighs 4/5 kg easy We have a fan on both sides like that, a big fan 120 mm thick We just have a little ethernet port here and then we have connectivities for food like that that you can buy as an option with so it's included in $ 1370 and you can pay a little less if you do not want their home food The diet she does 1600 watts I think we watched just now So watch out for your electric meter if you start buying them by 3 by 4 by 5 it's going really fast and then are you going to tell me why they are extinct? We will integrate you this editing but it makes a certain noise We have a computer really thoroughly This is called Asics It is optimized to be at maximum 100% power and make calculations used BTC and that makes a lot of noise with the two turbines in front of / behind which turbinate Alright Come on, you're going to go, I'm going to film and then you're going to shoot because we do not have equipment tonight I did not bring the big GH5 to do this

We only have the smartphone and then the little micro Rode but you'll still go in front of the camera and then we have the third thief tonight who does not help us much for the capture LDG: "So how long have you bought them? Empty over: "I bought the 1st in 2017 it'll be a little over 6 months and the other two I ordered them there are about three months LDG: "So all of a sudden, you tried it, I'm going to go to customs with the first one and then it did not really work out" EO: "No, the first one I tried in normal, being in a hurry, considering that it was at the time still where the Bitcoin was on the rise until its 20,000, so I told myself must order quickly and then you will pay; while the other two I managed not to pay customs, it went through an independent carrier "LDG:" Ok so you you were telling me the important thing is to calculate well its ratio obviously energy costs in invoice EDF so obviously we kiss the clever little ones who managed to stall in the cellar at Suzanne or or in the attic of the taf to not pay for electricity by buying material like that which on the other hand is very noisy so you will not be able to hide it in a closet or in an unoccupied room next door of a living room I think Empty: "it makes noise", LDG: "so it's very very noisy and on the other hand it shows a little bit also on the EDF bill Empty: "about 100 120 euros, between 120 and 150 by product per month LDG: "Ok", Empty: "yes, quickly it shows" LDG: "So against you a month with a bitcoin which is when we shoot this video around 7000/8000; good even if it was 6000 there is still not very long it's still something very profitable "Empty over:" Yes, especially if we bet on a next comeback all that I would have undermined now I keep it in my wallet Nicehash or in pool and it allows me after as soon as it goes up, what I will have mined even once it will be 6000 it will also come up with but for the moment at 8000, today we are at 8000/8200 it's always profitable it works perfectly, it's profitable again LDG: "Okay, what if I know nothing about technique is it complicated to settle?" Empty over: "It can be complicated Must know, must it be connected to the internet so if it's not in the room where there is the modem, it has no wifi so it is necessarily an Ethernet that is to say it must either have a plug in a wall if it's a fairly new house, or a CPL box that allows to have internet directly on ", LDG" electricity Ok, so you work so you told me so you are in CPL knowing that you have fiber so here I am wondering is this only with an ADSL connection in low speed quotes and adapters cpl 30 balls, would it work well? That's it, tell us in comment if you have any links a little feeble and you have no problem to use this kind of material that's me it's something that interests me with especially a low bit rate adsl so namely 1 mega in adsl for almost all people

Ok, so these ANTminers so there it was said that it was the S9 there are several variants in the final S9 We express the power of calculations in TH per second, in HRT, commonly known as the THS so in fact there is an S9 model that calculates to 13/13 and a half so you have 13 and a half, even 14 from time to time you told me Care Bears LDG: "There is a batch of 13, a batch of 14 Maybe they have stocks of components and then there is one that is a little better, "Empty over:" Knowing that the 14 is a little bit more expensive " LDG: "Yeah, the price moves a hundred dollars what's on it but it's not it's not it's not obvious on the bill As a comparison, so compared to those S9 which are at 13/13 and a half / 14 the old S7 knowing that there was no S8, like what I once again feel they catch up with Samsung I do not know if it's because Samsung is making so Asics that aim eventual, not possible elsewhere that aim to compete these boxes besides to make real Asics dedicated to Bitcoin but the S7 is about 48, we looked earlier, in any case less than 5 TSH "Empty over:" Basically, an S9 is 3 S7 "LDG:" Yeah except that in electricity consumption it's more interesting to go buy a big S9 than cumulate a big pile of S7 a priori Empty over: "Must electrical outlets for each, after you need switches" LDG: "That's right When we receive them in bulk they are in DHCP setting, that is to say clipped, it is dynamic We do not have a default IP not like a lot of domotic devices finally So, we connect it to his box Either we will see in his box, or we know a little tinkering network to see which IP address has been assigned to your Antminer We type it in an internet browser, we have a small interface where we connect by default root root and then in wholesale we will adjust to which pool what pool we want to join because even with such expensive and qualitative equipment we can not undermine alone in his corner or so it's going to be

"Empty over:" Knowing that it is the pool, that is to say that you branch it, you leave it for a day " LDG: "Actually you're bumpy for them So you buy the stuff and you work for them "Empty over:" If you change nothing, if people plug it in, it's them who make money " LDG: "It's nice as a box When you are told that during the gold rush those who made the most money is the drawers here you have the pickaxe seller of Bitcoin, the company Bitmain, even if they wiped a little back not a long time ago so we are on special equipment so Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash So that's specialty SHA256 for all the currencies that use it but if So it's on the Monero they released a model not long ago that is the X3 And basically Monero has completely refused that Bitmain roughly go to make the golden egg hen on Monero as they do on Bitcoin and basically they have patched directly on Monero I do not know if it's a Softfork or Hardfork in the end and how are you it's going to end with the different Monero fork coming, Monero V and company and go watch the video Decrypt on it because it's great on the Monero V if it's not clear to you but in any case the hardware does not work anymore, it has been patched so that you can not go and mine Monero with your Antminer so the price is stupid mouth I do not know by 2, by 4 by 8, roughly speaking it is not effective but now they have announced a model for Ethereum, the E3 that will be delivered this summer "EmptyOver:" From July, early July " LDG: "And we're pretty sure according to Vitalik that it's going to end a little Monero way in my opinion So it's not his priority priority but we are pretty sure that in any case by the delivery of July it will work but it will not work long I would be you, I would not order whole pallets what, knowing that good the future of the Ethereum is to pass in any case in large proportion Proof of Stake and not to stay at 100% Proof of Work, so the Proof of Work is with super-powered machines like that that make the good big calculations then either in machines dedicated like that with Asics Either with your machines your office machines So for Bitcoin it's clearly more possible but we still have cryptocurrency where it's possible to go with your processors but most currencies already it's rather "When there's no three-point lighting and you take an old Chinese thing to light up when you're caving and then the halogen grandma but it works look how the table is well lit I can not shoot selfie it's horrible "and then and then so there I am thoroughly for the the stake, for not to do this energy waste of calculations that are, which are ultimately not so necessary the Proof of Stake shows well that we can do cryptocurrency and without doing a little bit of energy waste like that where we all have in mind the reports we saw about the whole hangars in China or in Ireland or in countries where in any case it is cold where electricity is cheap or both with some Antminate absolutely everywhere, with a sound ugly in all the hangar that mines the BTC everywhere I think for me 2018 will be the year of the ICO level regulation 2019 will be the year of cryptocurrency taxation and 2020 will be the year of cryptocurrency ecology with certifications a bit like when you go buy your fridge at Dartosh abcde and then the Bitcoin will have a nice big note disgusting level ecology and you'll see that crypto Proof of stake or Proof of something else because the developers are very creative will have nice notes aa + and a +++ Be indulgent for this video It's late, she's completely improvised, she's filmed with a little smartphone and a very bad one micro from Rode and then we find ourselves very soon and then for the live next week

Thank you for meeting me Empty over: "You're welcome" Good night "When there's no three-point lighting or you take an old Chinese stuff to light up when you're caving "Do you feel good here?" "You know that your T-shirt makes me think of dairy products the pure sensations it was the same logo, know the " "I'm the sponsor" "Good, take off your hands from your cock" "I do not know how to put myself" [Yes, LDG knows how to put it at ease;)]