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I just wanted to make Yeah, sorry about that guys I was up man It's been a lot going on Pop up this chat right now I got I got some big-time updates for you guys Basically been working non-stop the past two or three days It's really crazy with like The fork and seg wit and you know trying to learn everything and still make videos So I found out for not putting anything out past two days, but um I think you guys will like what I have for you today What's going on everybody how y'all doing? Today I Am actually just now finishing up this thing Should be pretty good really good actually Right we should be about ready to be get started so cool

Let me jump in over on this chat right now All right, so this is what we go do I Need to ask a question of the day because I need to give away some money That's what I like doing I like helping people out so first things first Bitcoin cash let me jump on this futures market real quick Check out the price cuz I think that's what will make our question of the day about Today is what Thursday xxx? 350 okay cool all right guys so let's see we have How many people we got with us right now right now right now? We got 137 people live on the air 140 people live on the air right now what we gonna do I'm gonna throw some time on the clock, and I'm about to give away some money, so if you just Joining us that's awesome Cuz you got a chance to win What we're going to do is I'm about to put up five minutes on the clock you guys, and I'm gonna ask my question out a day and when that timer goes off if we have enough likes Then I'll pick somebody random person out to chat And you'll win some cash straight from me to you payable and VPC, so let me throw five minutes on this clock Let's do a 543 right and The question of the day is right now bitcoin cass is 350 Dollars How much will it be? Exactly one week from right now You got 5 minutes and 30 Seconds we need to get to a hundred likes So if we get to a hundred likes a lot of time the clock hit zero

I'm gonna give away some bitcoin Somebody's Gonna win couple dollars in bitcoins some cash I give away about 100 200 dollars every every month So I'm giving away some cash right now at the end of this timer And all you gotta do is jump into chat And answer the question of the dates today's question how much will bitcoin cash be? this time next week Alright, so if you're just joining us we got 156 people watching right now I'm doing my question of the day I'm giving away some free cash payable and BTC all you got to do is like this video We got three and a half minutes We need to get to 100 likes by the end of that time if that happens I'm gonna go in the chat pick somebody and they're gonna win some cash and bitcoin But if it doesn't then you know, I'm just go go through the video, and that's gonna be that we've done it We've been able to do it every single time so far You know we got enough people I think we should do it pretty easy But you never know you never know so woods if you haven't liked the video yet it might be you That keep people from winning And then just the same it might be you that would it want so you know I like to keep things interesting So make sure you jump in the chat like the video Turn your notifications own and subscribe your boy is on these charts hard I got I got a lot of good content That's basically why I haven't been on the air out of the last two days I've been in the booth You know putting together some fire so uh This uh you'll see why in a in a few minutes xxx xxx See help I'm check-in out

How many we only have 80 like wow we got a we got about 60 seconds to get 20 likes So all you got to do is like this video? once that timer hits zero I will jump in the chat and pick somebody live on the air to win some bitcoin and to win some cash and bitcoins The question of the day is how much will bitcoin cash be worth one week from today? I see a lot of answers coming in a lot of people trying to jump in and win There's free money So if that's you if you're trying to make sure you like the video turn your notifications on And at the end of this timer I'm gonna jump in the chat and pick somebody and we're gonna have our winner I'm a time We got left let me check in Again, it looks like we got To pick a winner let's see, how did we get it did we get it let me check let me check How many oh wow just barely got it? I don't know I don't know how y'all do that Every single time just barely barely Got it

It's like somebody somebody playing games y'all just you know y'all got a pump and dump bk bk, Crypto Trader a A Like pump and dump group at the end y'all just dump it on the market to take us over If that's cool Oh, I'm cool with it I appreciate the love what that does everybody again We have a global community thousands and thousands of people so it helps You know everybody else whenever they do get on they see you know this video has you know ten twenty two thousand I Stack Chua Lee helps more people see it

You know that are already subscribed to the channel So you know I appreciate the love and like I said I don't mind Throwing some bitcoin out there every day a little bit of money in bitcoin You know I'm saying it ain't no fun if the homeboy don't get none You know so let's get started All right, all right Konami im Got that got Our points good intro ignore All right, sorry guys I'm just trying to get all these windows together So yeah again I'm about to start this deal off And again if this is your first time tuning in and you still have a chance to win some money Get in the chat right now and just comment Bitcoin cash is about three hundred and fifty dollars right now the question of the day how much will bitcoin cash be worth one week from Right now so with that being said I am about to pull up these screens You know about that one we want this one no refund Bam Bam Bam Bam Okay Good that's better one two Good all right That's ready I Just got one more thing I need to do real quick I apologize about this guy's um do this real quick and Again what we're doing right now

I'm getting all these windows together But in probably about 30 seconds I'm about to jump on start this thing up, and I'm gonna jump in the chat and pick somebody to win Some cash live on the air payable in bitcoin payable and BTC so again jump in the chat question of the day is How much? Will bitcoin cash be worth one week from right now It's a lot of answers coming out there I just had to uh upload This thumbnail real quick That's the thumbnail I I just I just got done making I think it's pretty cool We bout to go to school right now guys we bout to go to school class is officially in session with your boy B kate All right, all right Good Anata good cool Good deal

Let's go That's right ladies and gentlemen it's about that time live from the USa getting you paid everyday This is the boss of bitcoin the cristo of creep dough is your boy bk And if you like me, you must not like money today is July 30th Bitcoin is still trending water right now trended right around tWenty-seven twenty-eight hundred a big day Coming up inside of two days guys 24 to 48 hours this thing is Gonna go crazy and And that's exactly Why I'm taking the time today to really almost do a little mini dissertation I put together a nice little powerpoint shout out to my main Crypto But you know I'm saying he did a couple of nice little powerpoint videos So you know I got me thinking like you know I got to step my game up a little bit So I was fit You know No joke I spent about six hours a day putting together this powerpoint in the last two days Really building out some some other ends, you know different platforms for the community you'll see that towards the end of the video, but uh But first you already know what time it is Maybe it's time for somebody to get paid if this is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby You are now rocking with the best Every day on my channel is thanksgiving because every day somebody eats we all break bread and somebody get paid a Question of the day if you want to win some cash next time all you got to do is turn your notifications On jump on this channel early I give you about 15 minutes ahead of time I throw out a question of the day all you do is comment

You answer here in the chat just like these beautiful people did this evening and Somebody go win, you know every every month I give about 100 200 dollars straight out my pocket I pay about a bitcoin you know 20 30 30 different winners over the course of a mom, so today's question was Bitcoin cash right now is 345 dollars How much will it be? one week from now, and you can see we have a wide range of answers a wide range, so it's 350 Basically right now How much is it Gonna be in a week? What do we think what do we think what do you guys think? What do you guys think? I'm gonna go with my man thomas eber lee who said a hundred and eighty nine dollars I Just like that number that number looks pretty cool right so what we're gonna do right now This is this is what we do thomas let me jump off this thing real quick I'm a post real picture in our Facebook group And you just come click on it and and comment your wallet and I will get you paid So let me do that real quick hold on one second we go to our Facebook group, I just took a screenshot of your picture, so we jump over here I'm looking for the live link there it goes Let's see let's see live control oh watch page yeah, what I do is I post a Link to the deal that way you know they can Everybody on our Facebook page knows I'm live on the air They always get mad at me

I forgot to do it again today Hey when you guys are in the chat my people that come on the chat every day somebody does be like Bk post the link on Facebook Bk post the link on Facebook Bk post the link on Facebook cuz like every day I forget you know and then my people get mad at me Cuz somebody on the YouTube page one and the Facebook group people didn't even know I was on the air you know So I just jump in here This is our Facebook group The number one bitcoin group in the world and all I do as I say free Bitcoin winner of the day Right I throw up this cool-looking little thumbnail You're not saying cuz bk is an artist as Well as an innovator Copy and paste the link right there And I'm gonna change that I'm going to change that and I comment your picture now Whoever won, this is what I do right here I comment picture right there Bam I Am So big Tom big thomas you just comment on that picture ever be like hey That's me

That's me everybody's gonna like that picture up to the top and I Will connect with you get your wallet and get you your cash, I appreciate the support You know again one of the things I try to do is educate Keep things fun Keep things entertaining keep things enlightening and keep things amazing So you know if you appreciate that take it take it take a few minutes right now and like this video With that being said we are about to jump right back in it Alright so as you can see it's just that easy to win cash again congratulations my man thomas again You're listed in the Facebook group So jump over there comment the picture, and I will get that cash to you with that being said guys Your boy used to be a teacher You know and I felt like I needed to draw out an agenda You know a syllabus that that we were Gonna be covering all the Content that's coming out right now and the Crypto community is very confusing a lot of it is misleading some of it misinforming I don't think it's intentional It's just a lot of information coming from a lot of places so one of the things I thought would be very beneficial For all of us as students to do is just to review some of the basics And that's where we talk about the new economy then we talk about what's new what's happening right? Now What's changing? That's where this bitcoin Cache comes in right it didn't exist before it's about to exist right now How does that affect where we go from here and lastly we talked about a little bit of game theory well what how can we? benefit from that right So with those three things this will be a two-day Discussion today is the first half of the discussion where we just kind of review some you know a high-level overview of the first two and then tomorrow we really dig into the nuts and bolts that about them to it and and Ultimately, I want to leave you guys empowered you know before the fork so you still have time to move some money around make some decisions and and come out on top of This curveball we've been thrown in the market Right so real quick just a quick quick quick review of the market you can see we got a lot of red in here that means a lot of money is flowing out of The altcoins for about two weeks now Bitcoin has been gaining Overall market Share right now

It looks like it's at 50 point six percent Let's see how bitcoin is holding up Yeah, everything everything is falling out mobile go I don't even know what that is, but it got crushed the crush Veritasium is down if you like veritasium Which I do you might want to get ready to buy All right, so let's keep it moving I Have a powerpoint I put together again Shout out the crypto, but he inspired me to take time and make this powerpoint for you guys I hope you find it useful And I think it'll be pretty informing it'll definitely do a good job in and helping us understand what's going on and hopefully again this Will be a two-day Dialogue that's why you see that day one in the lower corner I'm not actually gonna keep you overnight

You know we don't have to worry about that uh We're gonna come back tomorrow I'ma cut it about halfway come back tomorrow We'll pick it back up So bam here you go Krypto, na MCC's What does that even mean? It means be cages made up a word Crypto economics Crypto, nah mix bitcoins cash Impact bitcoin cashes impact on the Crypto Economy basically how does this thing look? Moving ahead again, if you as some of you this might be your first time listening I try to make this stuff fun, right, so you know Iiii Have a big formal education I got a couple degrees a couple letters behind my name One from a big big university you might have heard about they got a golden dome and touchdown Jesus And you know everybody wears green on on Saturdays in the fall? So I got my MBA from there So we used to throw these Powerpoints together all day Every day you know and this is just something I put together real quick just to kind of go over Review some of the basics so how does money work right? Money is essentially an exchange For times or services you know tangible items and it's distributed and throughout the economy what I wanted to do here is really get a high level Snapshot of Just a general economy This is how a centralized banking structure works, right? We have the banks and the federal reserve and together they form up You know this little triangle triage three banks right there you see in the middle Right we got my man jacob right with the construction hat on in the top left Jacob Works hard for living this man is out there putting in 40 to 60 hours a week Building all these High-rise condos they build enough, you know right now in Miami and Florida and every Major City They building up them high-rises everywhere you see a crane that man Jacob is working right? So he's going out getting that money You know and and every every two weeks he deposits a hundred dollars into the bank right so what happens next You follow that blue arrow right there after jacob put hundred dollars in the bank the bank's takes it right they save 10% of it So they saved ten dollars and then they turn around and loan out the rest So this is called fractional reserve Lending It's based on a theology that people only save ten percent of their money So they'll only need to access 10 percent of it at any given time and the most they'll ever need to access on average is 10 percent But the problem comes you know when when Banks Operate to make a profit not to serve Society so because banks operate to make a profit they turn right around and loan Jacobs buddy Eric up there in the blue

They loan Eric 90 dollars because you know Eric's a plumber But he's not a mechanic his car is messed up He needs a little bit of money to go get his tires Fixed you know and so the bank yes Yeah, eric You know jacob Just gave us his money

He doesn't need it right now We'll loan it to you, and we'll charge you interest on it um so yeah, here's $90 You know so Eric said cool Thank you He gets his car fixed these every month paying that'd be a long time and that money he puts back in the bank goes back Down into that blue arrow, and now you have Jessica down there at the lower, right? You know who's a college student and looking to go to school But she doesn't know how she's gonna pay for it She's you know 18 years old just graduated only worked a couple summers You know babysitting but you know she wants to go to school and wants to be a veterinarian one day And school cost about you know $60,000 a year So the bank turns around and loans her you know the eighty one dollars that it had accessible now It's gonna take a lot more than eighty one dollars to pay for her education But you can see that eighty one dollars that she received was actually Jacobs hundred dollars you know from two cycles ago, and So now going back to Jacob Jacob says you know hey, you know I I've been making all this money I'm you know I'm feeling pretty good

You know I got this little girl that that kind of showed up You know she's a southern girl, but she was raised in North you know she likes wine So I'm thinking about flying her out to San Francisco So we could go up you know through the wine country right and so jacob goes back to the bank to get his money But the bank didn't actually have it the bank had already loaned it to Eric so now it's this cycle of money that has to come back just so Jacob can get his original money house and Essentially this is what you have magnified times about 10 billion Inside our economy every day more or less if you think about it you you make money but you spend money and when you spend money more or less you're spending it amongst the exact same vendors weekend week out month and Month out right so it's a small circle of money And this is how visa makes money Visa takes 3 percent of every exchange every transaction So this is just a general idea of how money work second thing because we're traders we understand How money works now We have to understand how people work first thing you need to under People are inherently greedy I want it when I was for example when I was 12 years old right I? Remember to the day I was 12 years old my mom and dad daddy left went out of town You know it was right around Halloween I had a bag full of candy two bags actually two bags for the candy because my little brother He was you know I basically I took his bag He didn't really know But I ate so much candy inside of like two days I got so sick to where I didn't even want candy on the next Halloween You know cuz I remembered how sick I got but I was inherently greedy, right I wanted too much of what I thought would be a big thing and that in turn calls me not to ever want it again Money is the same way For the most part or the lack of money thereof is is the same way and and that's what you feel In the stock market when when stocks are going up, you know everything is perfect you know days when I remember when polonius used to had a troll board and Days like today or yesterday when the market was all green and all coins were up 20 30 % man Everybody thought they was they was warren buffett Everybody, but then you know you you hit days like two weeks ago And the market go down 20 30 percent and people thinking about jumping out the window um So at the end of the day markets are Cyclical they are based off people that are flawed um Every person in the market is self-interested I want I Want mine now that's essentially the idea that everybody has I want mine now You have this little chart in the bottom left that kind of says high-level supply and demand Basically means at the end of the day the more expensive something gets the less people can afford it The less expensive something gets the more people can afford it, and this is where supply and demand come into place and ultimately You have what's called P star Q star that red circle in the middle of the balanced market which means buyers equals sellers? Price is ideal Amin, and everything is perfect that never actually happens But more or less what we see in Bitcoin is we see huge swings on supply and demand That's why we're able to jump 2030 percent in a day And swing sixty percent in a week, so that's just a little backend on on the on the on the upper level That's the macro

Let's jump into micro right now Bitcoin the tea see I'm quick quick to slides I'm a review bitcoin bitcoin cash and then talk about the situation so bitcoin We see is the sun everything in the crypto verse revolves around bitcoin revolves around this thing right here So how does that? Impact this this fork in the road you see what I did there It's because it's a fortune and okay, okay, okay? Uh Well first of all First of all we take a look quick look at history quick Snapshot of history going back only about twelve thirteen months We see Bitcoin has increased four hundred and forty five percent that is Amazing warren buffett could ever do that playing with that playing with that dow jones, you know? So we outpacing we outpacing everybody on wall Street right now, so but you can see the past month more or less Right there at the top of the top it at top of that price range Between twenty eight hundred and twenty two hundred twenty four hundred we've basically been sitting sideways for a month And remember what I talked about with these emotions right now You know it's a lot of anxiety you know people think we might be going down It's a lot of denial a little bit of denial You know and then also it's some it's it's a lot of Hope and relief down here at the bottom right because people Think that bitcoin people like me – I know – inside of these charts and realize Bitcoin was supposed to go down But now it won't we're more or less hopeful and relieved and very Optimistic and you know a lot of people are looking to get a lot more money into bitcoin over the next two days so they can take advantage of More more speculation So now the big question is what comes next What do you guys think what comes next for BTC I? Tell you what if anybody tell you that they know for sure they are lying? Nobody knows, and that's the beauty of it we will but we will find out together next on deck Bitcoin cash right that I don't even know what the card is name This is like the boogeyman that jumped out the closet when in your kitchen open your fridge where – made a sandwich and moved in and said I'm here you thought I didn't exist I'm here and I'm eating yo food So it just showed up right it just showed up is something we got to deal with So why not look the profit from it quick backdrop on a bitcoin cast more or less? It's it's a product of a lot of the liberation Between a bitcoin community and it was huge splits, you know don't see it

They're almost like the united nations They're huge they exist, but what do they really do you know I'm saying So whoever to the Coders are and out of all the people that supposedly run bitcoin like what do you guys actually? Do I tell you what you failed at this one because if you were actually good at Governance Bitcoin cash would not have needed to exist With that being said right now It was the way it was described to me at the blockchain Bitcoin meetup here in Atlanta the way it was described it was more or less bitcoin cash is a compromise to The mining Network which basically means it was a group of very strong miners that stood up at the table and said Do this or else or else we walk? Yeah? I'm sad And Bitcoin cash was the compromise, right? So now we got this token that everyone gets if you own bitcoin right now, and you have it on a private wallet after August first you will have Bitcoin cash as well one-To-one met So what does that mean that means that right now? It's three hundred and fifty dollars Speculated for this coin that just appeared out of nowhere well everything has to come from somewhere so more than likely it's going to come from the attributed valuation of Bitcoin and probably a few altcoins but but What if bitcoin cash is actually worth three hundred and fifty dollars? What does that mean well? Let's see could it be worth 350 That's that's a question in itself Let's see Let's go through it they talk about one of the things bitcoin cash has is an eight megabyte block size that means It's almost I think eight times faster Than bitcoin right now you know That's good That's good No, it that means we would have never had to go through six months of segment videos on YouTube That's good – as far as I know The less segment videos I see the better That's why I haven't made one in Addition to that they came up with bitcoin cash and released it in one week did anybody else see this We can't even decide Oh bitcoin

You know what color the next logo, go B-but these guys came through made a coin got it fund it put it on the rails through some through some futures chart up Um and and actually had some real-time governance funded it the whole nine inside of like five days so that that proposes the question if Cryptocurrency in itself is intrinsically based off the network value and the market adoption to it Then would bitcoin cash be better Because they can actually move they can actually act They can actually you know operate you know It's like it sometimes I feel like bitcoin is so big and so old and so powerful that it's like almost a deer in the headlights It don't know which way is left which way is up which way is down? I don't know but I know one thing if if You know something broken you don't fix it And you keep doing the same same thing over and over you keep making the same mistake over and over Somebody's gonna look at that, and somebody's gonna Gonna put a plan to beat you and that's exactly what happened and so now it's almost like we have a Divergence and the Market it's it's more or less a spear that's been stabbed in the middle of Crypto And a lot of people feel it a lot of people feel it Bitcoin cash came out as a result all right So this is one thing I wanted to talk about because we we talked a little bit about Market adoption we talked a little bit about expand ability to network effect and a little bit about Crypto as A global resource a global asset a global network essentially so How far away is the moon everybody talks about when they buy the next cryptocurrency this is Gonna go to the moon, right? Well, how far a wait is it how long does it take to get there? This is a chart standard chart talks about the adoption rate of major Technological innovations off top you can see that It's very very different and sometimes the longest Adoption rate was almost a hundred years look at that You know the telephone took almost a hundred years now There are many many nuances And many of these curves for example TVS You know I don't think a television was that great but for society back then compared to the radio It was pretty amazing and also if you think about the cost of good So we were coming straight off to the industrial revolution ge had a global distribution Set up top to bottom where they owned half the world So they were able to push out their products without it without any any problem um you know and they profited for the next five Decades as a result, so that's why TVs are you know essentially an anomaly in this curve? but when we look at automobiles, I think that's what really caught my attention automobiles an internet or actually mobile phone automobile because it took a while, but if you think about a car, I Feel like Bitcoin is almost like the model t to where The first two cars I don't know if people notice but the first two cars that ever came off that assembly line they actually crashed into each other imagine that it's only two cars on the Road and They crash into each other like what are the odds that's basically what happened right now, right? Bitcoin and aetherium they run the show but more or less bam crash now

We got bitcoin cash We got aetherium classic both of them crashed into each other How does that even happen you know? But in that first green box what I highlight it there and we're looking at the orange line right the automobile line What I highlighted that first green box First 20 years this was basically the R&D stage research and development this is when you know Henry Ford was you know streamline and the Supply chain he was he was looking at the assembly line right? How can I get a car made faster? Well? That's what bitcoin does pretty well with the blockchain And that's what every little coin that comes out is doing a little a little bit better How can I move this bit? Faster right that's exactly what Henry ford did first 10 or 20 years right? That's when you had the early adopters the richest of the rich drove cars, right? They were driving them at Kentucky downs like on the grass right just to showcase how Luxurious they were you know only only a few people had them many people know about it, but not many people could Cross over to it That's when you have different Bureaucracies and different different governances take place right up until like the mid seventies cars didn't even have seatbelts But then all of a sudden you got a couple little kids flying through some windshields after some bad accidents now now they have seatbelts and you know the Seatbelts don't work Because the kids were too little so now they have Car seats and the car seat didn't work You know cuz they weren't made right and now they have regulation on the car seat, so it's almost like a snowball effect And ultimately that that's what this middle red area is is is in addition to extreme? circumstances so for example I think this this red area might correlate to one of the World wars that we were in you know people can't buy cars when they overseas with guns, right? but when they come back The Economy's shattered and you know we're looking to rebuild from the ground up So it's different different nuances built into these charts, but ultimately you can see that It's almost a breakout Consolidation breakout the exact same thing we see in our charts when the green crosses the orange right? Green above orange by boom that's when lightning strikes, and that's what I've got the two green boxes showing you when lightning strikes But in order for that big box to happen up top that means a lot of small boxes had to come together in the middle especially in that red area And I think right now what we see for Bitcoin is probably the first little block Inside that red area is where bitcoin cash comes around nobody really knows what the future looks like nobody knows what to expect you know all these Ai seos are coming out hundreds of millions the dollars being raised inside of 15 minutes, you know all this fraud is happening reported every day you know the government cracks down on on BcE that thing's gone now, they're Referring to I ce o–'s as security so we're starting to get some of that governance that happened in order for the automobile To take off so you can see different things are happenin different things are coming together to where We will be in that green box sooner than later but in order to get there You know we don't think about it in order for there to be a car in every driveway Which it is right now essentially a you know? What did I say a refrigerator in every kitchen and a car in every driveway something like that? It's a car in every driveway right now almost 1

6 cars per household in America So in order for there to be a car in every driveway that means the freeways had to be built that means Banks had to be there to finance the car because people couldn't afford them that means Laws had to be put to place traffic laws that means Police had to be staffed to monitor the traffic and to control it and make sure You know nobody was driving a car too crazy you know to glorify Babysitter's on the freeway That's more or less What the highway state patrol is these days? You know all these different things right and as the cars were built that means grocery stores got their Food cheaper faster, so your grocery bills should have been cheaper It wasn't due to inflation, but it should have been That means you can go see your family across the country that you hadn't seen in 10 years so you know different things different benefits are built into the the the the Sharp end of the s-Curve right and That's what the moon looks like that's the path that it takes to get there and that is the opportunity That we have with cryptocurrency and this new economy one of the books I have Personally and I do recommend for anybody interested in learning more about About how this economy works and what the future might look like is the internet of money Written by Andres Antonopoulos This guy is one of the originators of becoming one of the original original early adopters, right? And I have his book in my office right here It's it's pretty pretty impressive how even six years ago He was able to see what's coming right now And so with that being said you know that's all I had for the first half of this conversation We'll talk about the class review tomorrow Again and and you know this new economy that's forming We're running a little long on time I didn't want to take too much time I realize it's the weekend And you know people should be with their families again one of the videos I said you should just you know sometimes you just go go to the park on a Sunday afternoon Knowing that your bills is paid well, that's what I'm about to do right now after I get off this call But it was something that I've put together over the past few days, so I do hope you appreciate this type of content I hope it was somewhat knowledgeable for you guys With that being said one of the things if you are in the chat right now We're gonna close this up pretty quick

So do me a favor jump on The chat shouted country out let the people know Where you from and? I'm gonna run through a few more windows and That'll be that Real quick if you did purchase the profit package, I had a lot of people purchase this thing Over I think the past week or so I have to go back and look at the days I'm gonna be sending you an email I got some bad news from eventbrite They want me to refund all the money They said I violated their terms of servus I responded I don't know how but apparently They don't like me So they must not like me Because they were making a lot of it people were buying these things left and right like ten orders a day, so Long story short, I told you I don't I don't wait on nobody to make my money So your boy made his own website

I said, okay eventbrite if you ain't go do it I'd do it for myself and you're looking at the boasts of Bitcoin calm This thing is live and on the air That's why I've been I've been I've been in I've been I've been I've been away for two days Building this thing, and I know it is not great It's not got all the bells and whistles, but it works, right Says somebody's got to be the boss because one of the world's top cryptocurrency consultants He's developed a patented Revolutionary Financial forecasting model, and he gives it away for free During the Community a hundred nations come together Looking for one thing That's empowerment Biggest thing on this website I wanted to make sure you guys know I am back live With the profit package it was a problem a lot of people could not get the profit package before But to be honest over the past week or so, it's probably best that you didn't especially given this whole bitcoin cash, Fiasco But now that this thing is actually starting to shake up You know you go to boss a bitcoin right now click on shop And this thing will ship right to you again If you purchased it through eventbrite you will be getting a refund I know you already got the profit package So I am extending positivity to you that after you get to a refund you You know in turn come back on here and just purchase it out of Gp given the situation and the circumstances if anybody Wants to set up a one-on-one I actually had a one-on-one call right now that I needed to reschedule because I really wanted to get this video out So I'm rescheduling that one-on-one With Andres I believe I do apologize we missed that call That's available well again boss of bitcoin comm click on shop

Set up a one-on-one Bam $25 opens up my calendar to you and and we will meet Asap as soon as you have the availability last thing This is the Facebook group the number one bitcoin group in the world again again I tell you if this is your first time tuning in 35 minutes in I tell you congratulations, baby You are now rocking with the best I am the boss of these charts and these are my soldiers 6000 strong right Every day we are talking oh, right? They're bitcoin Jones Is that really you are you thomas I? Don't know I don't think that's him Oh Yeah, the name got a match like I'm not just gonna send bitcoin You know to anybody who say that's me You know names got a match um What was I talking about? Oh? Yeah, 24 hours a day seven days a week We doing charts we get doing a you know support just Information right knowledge is power and knowledge should be free

That is why? Cryptocurrency exists, that's why our community exists, and that's why it grows By the hundreds every day and by the thousands every week cuz knowledge should be free That's all I'm trying to do guys is is facilitate that process and power my people you know and and make tomorrow a little bit brighter for Anybody that's listening So with that being said I need to jump in this chat Show my people some love So let's do that real quick I Had it up It's gone right now there We go Okay Cool

I was like where is it? All right cool so again if you want a chat right now Do me a favor shout to country out and then We go keep it moving keep it grooving Alright here We go here we go Let's see who we got live on the air with us right now you in the shot shot your country out Let me see let me see it Right now let's scroll up a little bit We got my man from us say big Steve asked me what I think about litecoin I think you really can't go wrong Steve over the next two weeks is Gonna be so much money Flowing around in this in this community a lot of people are gonna buy up a lot about altcoins and a lot of people are gonna sail, but we'll talk more about that tomorrow, so Real quick global check-in if you want a shout to country I'll get to you when I get to you my man said I New Hampshire's in the Building, New York, New York USa Norway Mirka Poland, New Mexico, Sweden Texas Atl begin and the ATl was going on man greetings from chile Hey

I heard they got some good wine over there I had to come check that out You know I was actually the guy I was talking about in the in the beginning that had the girl and took her to San Fran for the Wine that was me That was me Ecuador Sweden, Texas South Africa one time to the Motherland, Texas Romania, Canada North Carolina Big Bobby up there in NCIC you socal India Germany Austria that's why I said we global baby, England right Slovenia Austria Santa Barbara one time for the West side America Kazakh Stan Bedford uk your boy went to Bedford, Ohio Philippines You know United States of chicken says Fonzie the bear Ireland Texas ATl netherlands right that's how we do it on This channel we keep it positive We stay Empowered again If you want to do a one on one set that up if you want the profit package It's bangin, and it's ready to take off boss of bitcoin Com2 check it out hey with that being said it's that time of the day no matter where you stay from Brazil to the Bay Intelafone Ia all the way back out to Germany Good night Good morning, and good day By the time this evening

I do appreciate it until we meet again stay cryptic y'all please