Hi Youtube, this is a comparison between cloud mining with HashFlare and mining with a antminer S9 This is a continuation of my previous videos about the antminer S9 and mining with mining hardware for bitcoin A few days ago I opened an account with Hashflare and I put a money there, I put almost $ 10,000 in a contract of 60 THs, and I'm going to compare profitability of that with my antminer S9 running in the Slush mining pool and you will see what is the difference between mining with the team or cloud mining with Hashflare In this case I will buy with Hashflare which is a Bitcoin mining company that I do not approve I'm just doing a test to see how it works, if it's more profitable to mine using a cloud mining company like Hashflare or Genesis mining or if it is more profitable to install your own mining operation set and what are the costs associated with each option In Hashflare I bought 60THs, almost 60 THs, 5962THs Some time ago, on December 8 and I will tell you all the profitability that I have mined, on the next page from December 9 to 12 of 2017 I added those payments in an Excel spreadsheet let's move quickly to it These are the numbers, I've been mining for 4 days I have mined a total of 0

03115018 bitcoin, which at today's price 1774401 by bitcoin has a total value of 552 dollars That is a good income for four days of mining and I have pulled out the maintenance cost which is basically the electric cost Based on the cost of the contract with Hashflare that you have So let's review it as the antminer S9 has progressed in the Slush pool To make a comparison based on 4 days to know what will be the best option, in case of having the opportunity mine or buy hashes contracts with Hashflare or other companies This hash power that I have with Hashflare Is the equivalent to buy 44 S9 antimers Then let's see how much an antminer S9 does right now and this amount will be the equivalent of 44163 antminer S9 We can go a little further and say that the equivalent in Antminer S9 be the total value that I have mined for 4 days divided between the amount of S9 antimers based on the equivalent to the terahashes who has an antminer S9 vs those of Hashflare Then I will divide the total value of dollars that I have mined between the value of equivalent antimers and that would be the power of Hash that I currently have

To see the efficiency in terahashes I will be mining for 4 days with an Antminer S9 using the same hash power in Hashflare by mining 125,156 will be what an antminer s9 will be mining 4 days if I have that equivalent power of 44 Antminers S9 doing hashing in the pool because I basically converted the Hashflare terahashes and I divided between the amount of terahashes that an antminer s9 has, in hash power and that will give me how many s9 antminers I need to have the same capacity hashes I am currently mining in HashFlare and that I divide by the amount of Antminers to which it would be equivalent and he tells me that in 4 days an antminer S9 should, in HashFlare or what equivalent in HashFlare of an Antminer S9 is giving me $ 125 for 4 days, and I'll divide that by the number of days And this is my profit because I already subtracted the cost of electric power that HashFlare is discounting me under maintenance charges and there are no other associated costs Then let's divide this amount between 4 days that I have mined for payments and that tells me that my earnings for antminer S9 are $ 31 with the hired HashFlare hash currently let's see how the antminer S9 really produces in the Slush pool and let's see the comparison with HashFlare Now let's go to the Antminer S9 which I have some reviews that you can see in the links in the description of this video where I made the opening and the basic installation of Bitmain Antminer S9 I have been consistently mining for 4 days in the pool this is my current reward however, I have mined more days than I have mined in HashFlare Then I'll go to the statistics From the profits I will take all the data for these 4 days, the same 4 days of mining with HashFlare I already added all payments for mining that I received for the same date Basically this total is what I achieved with the Antminer S9 in the Bitcoin Slush mining pool At the current price of Bitcoin This is the price today, I'm multiplying it by the total in US dollars and then I'm dividing that by 4, representing the 4 days, now obviously this number does not takes into account the electrical cost because the pool Slush has no idea how much I pay for energy then let's go to Whattomine

com to make a quick calculation of the electrical cost I'm assuming I'm paying 20 cents In some places in the United States you can get the energy at 10 cents in others to 20, depending on the companies you can go up 30 cents, I have put an electric consumption of 20 cents per kilowatt, we would be paying 7 dollars daily for an Antminer s9 I put the watts here and this is your daily cost in energy and I'll put those 7 dollars here for the cost This is the electric cost 7 USD Once that cost is included, it will yield $ 50 these are the income after subtracting the energy cost Of course I'm not including cooling cost of the internet, when you are managing a long mining operation it can be discounted much more, depending on many factors Depending on the size of the installation you drive to put your operation together you will have installation costs, electrical distribution you will have to buy cables you will have to rent spaces So for a large mining operation you will have a much higher cost here In HashFlare you will make $ 31 for the equivalent of buying the hash power of an antminer S9 and for someone who does not have to buy an Antminer S9 HashFlare is a good choice You can mine immediately in real time and of course they will have their maintenance costs which includes the entire installation All the electric cost all the cooling that they will deliver Right now it is impossible to get an Antminer S9 I tried to get some more But keep saying "Coming soon" If you want to enter the mining industry and want to do it today Go to HashFlare, get power of Hash For the 60 Terahashes I have now, I'm doing 157 dollars a day which is not a bad gain and I should do 57,000 US dollars per year I'm going to let it grow, I'm not going to reinvest this amount to see what happens with it To make another video once we exceed a month, two months and the three months To show you what I've been doing If you want to register in HashFlare you can do it in the link in the description Obviously I can get a commission if you do that or you can do it directly and by yourselves I have no interest in you doing that specifically Just try to undermine and try to generate some benefit if you want enter Bitcoin mining Again, the comparison of HashFlare with mining with a physical equipment with an antminer s9 they throw approximately the same numbers 50 dollars in a physical antminer s9 and in HashFlare 31 dollars the only thing is that the contract with HashFlare lasts a year But for the price of Bitcoin today and what you can mine you will get a benefit from that and with security will recover your money if Bitcoin keeps going up Thank you very much for watching this video this has been the comparison between mining with a Antminer S9 and mine with HashFlare Press the Like button to this video, subscribe to my channel Make sure to press the notification bell To be notified every time you post a video And I will love seeing you again Happy mining