Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is September the 2nd 2017 strong hand yes you needed it up strong bitcoin hand today right the price was jumping all over the place on your your root coin treasure your root coin that's what bitcoin is all right so check out the link section below the video crypto hwy wallet calm you can get a leather case for your trade or you can get a trade or you can check out some other links for discounts use my affiliate codes I think you guys know the deal so a lot of you been supporting the show that way and I really appreciate it thanks a lot and if you want to see what the what a leather case looks like they're pretty cool if you you like such things let me see how everyone's doing over in the chat because I just want to make sure today that everyone can hear me because of the technical difficulties YouTube seems to have at night here in Canada and Quebec City where I've been hanging ok so let's get started let's get started let's just up into this thank you for the person who signed up for the corn base of feeling affiliate link below you you get $10 off your coin base purchase if you sign up through my coin base link and thank you Carlos I'm glad you can hear me over there yes hello everyone hey man ok alright I don't usually pay attention to the chat but if anything goes wrong tell me guys I'll be one of my left eye and keep it on over there alright so yeah and thanks to all the people who've been spreading the crypto dividend term all over the internet so many people are using it here in the Bitcoin space now and it's all over social media and just remember it originated here crypto dividend that's all these Forks are be they friendlier so friendly so everything was down today all the cryptocurrency prices were down and out in Beverly Hills was a movie what was that I don't know anyway we've been through this before we've been in correction days exactly like this like in the last two months it's like a deja vu so I assume no one is panicking it everyone has come especially since you know and when bitcoins worth around $4,600 yeah that's a lot of dollars compared to the beginning of January 1st when Bitcoin was worth a thousand dollars so and again it's Labor Day weekend we've been through that before too it's probably not gonna be very excited it's gonna be slow the price is gonna go up to 5,000 probably but again we're long-term thinkers it is funny that this all this started on a Friday again you down I think you got you know I think there's something to that these end of the week 5 Fridays whatever you want to call him there was no fun this Friday but it went down there's something to that ask technical analysis tone BAE's about that stuff I maybe say it's maybe psychological – so you asked me about that and yeah tone was right he said it wouldn't hit 5,000 and it with a drop and so cool that's cool I mean again we're long-term holders here and one of the benefits of holding is you get these evidence these one-time dividends these Forks a friendly Forks or whatever they are so I also want to remind everyone to pound that like button right now we got a lot of live viewers we want more people to find out about this a lot of people been fighting it out about the channel because of Charlie lis interview that went real well but follow tech bought te CH BLT on Twitter it's been really fun on Twitter lately to tell you the truth and again this week in Bitcoin we link to that below that was awesome yesterday Ari Paul we had Jorge we had a BTC Joe Jorge's from Argentina it was great and Ari Paul is really smart dude and BTC Joe is too so he was and so is uh Argentina Jorge's who really check out that show I want to say that tomorrow Sunday we're at starting at 9:00 pm

Eastern Standard Time here now usually it's really hard to get a start time down like I've been starting really late and people don't like that on the East Coast or on the west coast to tell you the truth but Sunday tomorrow it is that we're going to start at 9:00 pm and that is because at 10:00 pm it's a double-header 10:00 p

m I'm gonna be on BT cbenni show you know his channel ten Bozak is gonna be on it so it's gonna be ten Ben and Adam and that's going to start at 10:00 pm tomorrow so 9 pm

here 10:00 pm on BTC Benny's Channel Ken Bozak is gonna be talking about a B gold which is a crypto dividend a fork a friendly fork of Bitcoin daddy's coming out soon enough apparently and Ken's got some information ken can step up to the plate I believe and people people over at the Abbey gold they they were wanted people to help them out in the english-speaking world and it looks like Ken you know everybody had the opportunity to do it I mean their opportunities out there people a lot of people complain though I want to work for myself well when I mentioned an opportunity you should jump at the opportunity alright so if you want to learn about being more self-sufficient being independent or if you want a crypto consultation you want help setting up your trays or I do a consultation you can email me at Adam at trays or help calm Adam at trays or help calm so we did reach an all-time high what was it was in the 4900 s hey man like 4500 is great these days are gonna keep one hat we're gonna have all-time high base and then we're gonna have days where drops 500 but also remember that be total value of your Bitcoin plus you're the one crypto dividend that's out there now be cash is over five thousand dollars it's just pretty amazing I noticed with my charlie leave video there were a lot of people from South Korea watching and if anyone from South Korea is washing this email me at a Dimitri's or healthcom again if you're in South Korea right now and people have contacted me from South Korea in the past I lost that dudes email though are two dudes emails I can't find them email me at Adam at treszura help calm and yeah this South Korea thing is real man they help they help pump up the prices of all sorts of things and we're going to get into that in a second and speaking about this weekend Bitcoin and ret Paul who was on my show he mentioned if there is an epic coin ETF that is approved and he thinks there one is going to be approved pretty soon it might not be the Winklevoss one but he says there are other good ones out there I mean he was very bullish on what that will do to the price of Bitcoin if an ETF is approved and he's a guy who knows a lot about this thing so watch why knows about that kind of thing much more so than most anyone you're going to hear out there so watch this week in Bitcoin again this link to below yes I mentioned the South Koreans and I mentioned that everyone should have found that like button how how am i sounding everyone is there any issues Oh God hope they're no issues yeah what is he even reading the check yeah I'm reading the chat I'm asking you a question dude so yeah and people can do super check that's great if people want to do super chat that's awesome yes you sound ok be ruk says thank you be rock thank you very much all right my video sucks though ok yeah it usually does I don't have a good camera do you want to buy me a new one you can buy me a new one be ruk be rough thank you very much alright so be ruk wants to buy me a new camera I guess it's really nice I'm actually I'm gonna have a new camera after in the end of September but you can buy any stuff if you want him you come up I'll be rough yeah I'm gonna be record you you said that it sucked you said the video quality sucked yeah I do have plenty of BTC you're right but you can I don't want to spend might be why spend bitcoin on a camera why spend bitcoin on a camera he's so foolish to do because you spend you know for $50 camera whatever $50 for the Bitcoin and then a year later like oh my god I spend $500 is a Bitcoin but a freaking camera what the heck we're actually gonna get into that in a second so you'll never spend your Bitcoin on stuff never hold you got a hold man spend your Fiat spend your fiat we're gonna get into in a second so be rockets spend your Fiat and get me a camera is your phantom on right now all right so um here we go and it's funny this is why you hold don't use Bitcoin on watts it's so funny be rock it brings this up and I was about to talk about this tweet that is from Barry silver of all people it says in hindsight maybe I shouldn't have bought that $50 gift card on gift when my big court when the Bitcoin price was $70 you get that do you get that beer up do you understand what that means be rock good boy good boy do you understand the Iraq all right so I know a lot of people don't understand that that they should have you spending your Bitcoin on frivolous things but that example there Barry Silbert should really like I hope if you're in the 80% you can understand that the good guy be rock good beer up all right so um what else do we have here Barry Silbert has brought up that there is an aetherium classic summit I'll link to it below maybe that pumped the price in Korea no they were just jumping in randomly on aetherium classic but here there isn't a theory there's a theorem plastic update i link to and it was very interesting on they're working on they want to do an anonymous layer to etherium plastic that's pretty cool that's pretty cool and here's another tweet that's out there what will come first dow 30,000 or bitcoin at 30,000 cast your vote it might be too late to cast your vote but the link is below and I thought that's awesome because it you know the galleys was it over 20,000 now and there are a lot of people out there who haven't even heard of Bitcoin so pick one if that happens a big beats the down at 30 whoo what a world will be limited men it'll be a totally different different world big gonna be a lot a lot more people are going to know a Bitcoin lot more people going to get into it so and I don't usually like to put numbers in my title but I really thought that was a creative tweet I really thought that uh it's positive real positive stuff there so we'll see we'll see who gets the thirty thousand first and yeah but down I mean a lot of people think I mean the Dow that's all based on last speculators piling into that but this irrational exuberance in every aspect of the American economy that benefits the people who play around in finances like us it can keep going for a while who knows I'm not I'm not too conservative is I'm a big point count that like button people pound that like but I see I'm not one of those doom and gloom errs like oh the end of the world is coming we must hide out you know you guys know that already I mean I think that's not us I think it's ridiculous I think it's ridiculous if you're a if you're gonna salt a self-starter entrepreneur it's always gonna be all ready for you man if you don't depend on the government or some big or some big corporation it's always gonna be okay how we doing with the how we doing with the video now if someone just told me about the video that that wouldn't be very nice alright so yeah Paula green how you doing in there a video and sound there good good the person who said that is someone said it wasn't good that's a son fortunate someone has to do something like that shows what type of loser does something like that that this is it's so I don't I don't get it some of the people who just come here just to hang out if you're just here to hang out and not listen you're a troll I mean what what art if you're just hanging out like saying lies I mean and you get off on that you're a total troll I mean really but I don't name names so you're not gonna get off on that one so uh where are we here yeah I talked about Barry Silbert and the thirty thousand yeah so Aaron Aaron uh what's his name VW Aaron Vanda I can't pronounce his name he's middle he writes for Bitcoin magazine he is an awesome writer he says miners are van we're dumb miners are leaving money on the table mining Bitcoin cash and he could explain why it is a good article it is good article please read it it's linked to below Richard Hart who I need to get on this show he had a tweet remember when Bitcoin blew through three thousand dollars and never saw it ever again sometimes there's no dip to buy yes people people you got to remember that that's why you don't trade that's why you buy and hold you also hold because hey man they're benefits so hold their added benefits with these crypto dividends that are coming out you got to love these crypto dividends the more the merrier because the be gold is gonna help fight to X allowing you have to understand that allowing you who are kind of worried about to X be gold comes out totally neuters that thing alright although it's already pretty neutered I'm not too worried I'm not worried at all alright the hawk being the great one he's got to tweet out there I can't emphasize enough trillions entering crypto desperate for low liquidity be cash be cold to access cetera per tech vault free crypto dividends good point Andy I like that okay Bitcoin investment trust Alistair Milne says gbtc is likely to pass a market cap of 1 billion dollars soon greater than 100 percent premium first underlying Bitcoin value ten thousand dollars versus 47:25 okay that's an older Tweety but again that's amazing the market cap of 1 billion for job for a Bitcoin investment trust fund I mean that's that's pretty insane all right what do you have people keep on using that crooked dividend term I see some people are out there and what else do we have coin Telegraph article here suddenly oh yeah coin Telegraph has an article about be gold now wasn't the best article in the world but hey man they're spreading the word that's interests and it was broken on this show that was broken on this show that story right here was broken on this show what else we had at 79 billion dollars this is a tweet by I don't know this guy Charlie Lee Beesley Lila and serene I the billion dollars bitcoins market cap is now greater than 80% of the companies on the S&P 500 that's awesome toward a Meester reminds us you're thinking behind never sell all your bitcoins and he says if the Bitcoin bubble occurred today it would go over $100,000 and that's talking about the 2013 Bitcoin bubble Bitcoin would be worth $100,000 if it went up that same amount that it went up through there so that's why you never saw your Bitcoin you don't know when that's going to happen and I link to that below there's something called a sh share out there so new crypto poin i co and this tweet basically says why is Bitcoin dominance going down because new cream on scam coins are added to the coin market cap daily well there you go Adam there's an echo no echo here someone says very good you know what I the thing is it's unfortunately Quebec has a bad bad connections because I have to I have to ask these schmoes in the chat there up there couple trolls I have to depend on them to tell the truth and you cannot depend a Liars to tell the truth it's really unfortunate that in this space we had such a sociopathic liars I mean here's a sociopath right there in the chat lying to me right there a complete sociopath what up what a sad individual that does something like that all right and beer up once the note says can we ask you anything no that's not that show today guys I got to get through this show I got to get through this show so bTW see that E is that I would not mess with it just yet I linked to a below bt c – e and z but if you really lost money there i guess we're going to go over there and check it out and i did mention that people I'm like begins about again these segments resultant trace or has some news about segments I link to that below they're making it easy if you want to use segregated witness here's a bold be gold prediction this is by the guy the guy who is a promoting be gold in China Jack he thinks it's gonna be worth point to BTC hey man I'm not staying I'm not saying that hey and be rock if I was being if you're not a troll be rock if you weren't trolling me before then I apologize that if I treated you wrong by the way if you were not trolling before B Rock I apologize I do want to say that if B rock is by the way and I when I was talking about sociopathic trolls I was not talking about be wrong he might be I don't know if he's one he's not trolling right now but Aidid I was kind of harsh with the rock before as I thought he was trolling and it be rock if you're not a troll and I do apologize alright so what do we got here yeah there the 2x defections yeah this was mentioned this week in Bitcoin please uh watch that show but people have been defecting from to X people who supported that agreement the New York agreement hey they dropped out some people and more people are going to drop out so that was older news but we did cover that yesterday the SC's here some more older news the sec has some new person that's going to be handling as ETF stuff people bullish on that and that is part of the reason the Bitcoin price went up and people are getting excited about the ETF again and I were talking about the ETF all right yeah give me 55 left this comment and I told them I would read it and so here we go but before I read Gibby's comment I want to read and II Abbie Hoffman also has another tweet out there and found that like button people we've got over a hundred people here late at night that's really good now Andy Hoffman says over a thousand a GP gbtc is over a thousand dollars okay this is what I mean by trillions trying to enter the sector but no liquidity to support it wait until ETF is approved whoo look at this we got Andy Hoffman one in ETF we got everybody and I'm not coming to Montreal someone asked me am i coming to Montreal I enjoy Quebec City this is where I am it's really peaceful here I don't speak French hey but if you want me to come to Montreal send me a bus ticket buy me a bus ticket round-trip bus ticket I am here in the province of Quebec until the 14th or 15th so hey hey hey someone wants me to talk about big connect it's it's a guy it's the guy who promotes the heck dude what's his uh he's the one who promotes the cloud mining scams that guy he's he's promoting connect that guy I be you really are new or the guy who appeals to the 80% more than anyone dude you really are you and you're uh that other guy you know the other guy in Florida that scammer guy and you I used to have respect for these two guys that they do their Genesis mining they do all this crazy stuff and they're not one of them smart this one's not not too intelligent the guy the other ones the one in Florida is the mastermind with the hot wife in in Florida or whatever she prostitute wife whatever that is that guy down there in Florida has I don't know it they they do they've got some pretty bad things I heard but yeah that guy's in my chat now wow that's that's great those guys I mean there's some low we got some lowlifes we got something creatures in on in cryptocurrency we really do you gotta avoid those cloud – you gotta avoid there's multi-level marketing guys there it's really bad stuff and shout you know Ken Bozak Ken Bozak is an honest man who called these guy who called these scum out because they are the scum of the cryptocurrency world and guys like Ken Bozak hey man they tell the truth they call these guys out for what they are they really do so it's interesting to see one of them in my chat this was the one that always used to beg he's like Adam I pre pulled me over this week in Bitcoin show and he's still coming to my chat dude why are you here why are you here bad go over to that like the ghetto part of cryptocurrency were you hanging man go over there with the scams for the you know the 80% don't pollute my chat with your god get away dude get away dude come on man this kind he's it by they watch my videos whatever gets me more it gets me more pennies I guess I don't know it doesn't make that big difference over there but no it's cool that Ken Bozak who I'm gonna be on a show at Ken Bozak tomorrow can those that gets invited to legitimate shows this guy these guys like they're illegitimate and you got to give Ken Bozak credit for calling out these guys really he's done a really really great job and the guys hurt again watch out for the multi-level marketing people really you got it really permeates this space it leaves a stench that is it's really sad it's really it's really sad but hey one of them's one of them's in my chat ring again we I said we had some sociopaths in the chat before this guy's not to say he's not sociopath he's a he's a normal guy but he's just involved with these uh these scams I don't know maybe he's associated I don't know the dude personally all right but his buddy in Florida my god that guy's got some problems oh my god oh my god guys that he pulls down his videos are used to I mean again I don't know I just remember when the other guy from ploy the other guy from Florida doesn't communicate with me or anything like that but when he did even talk about a the Illuminati and the horoscope I can't even believe it Adam can you get Peter shit from a shot like to have Peter system so he's a good he's a good guy he's a good guy and his dad was a very honorable man very sad what happened to his father his father died for a cause that he believed in I mean that's that's what this channel is about believing in something standing for something having some principle not being one of these dudes is just like join my affiliate you'll join my Genesis mining pyramid scheme or whatever you know whatever whatever the latest bit connect pyramid scheme joined this join that so it's a multi-level marketing so the guy at the top benefit I mean these think and people ask me about it if this dude wouldn't be doing that stuff no one would ask me about this stuff yeah so yeah man you're causing me some causing me some issues because people ask me about this stuff these people were foolish enough to believe that this guy's honest and then they come they ask me though is Genesis why should I get into cloud money no you shouldn't get the cloud party for God's sakes for God's sakes don't get into this stuff alright so I've been now I've been totally detoured first by the sociopath who was saying that the camera was though the sound was bad and then and it wasn't maybe it was it's too late now right and then by this guy this guy that's in my chat who's friends with the guy in Florida that brings people off who sends his wife out there to just get take money from guys or something I don't know something I heard yes Ken Bozak all right so yeah Gibby says yeah I'm sure you have already we should clearly define what we consider to be a friendly Fork so that anyone else is thinking of doing it and actually wants the support of Bitcoin community community they follow the guy some ideas now these aren't my ideas these are Gibby's one change the algorithm to be vocal about support for core I think unlike both those maybe don't even use the Bitcoin name in your altcoin yeah that's probably a good idea I'm not caught like be gold I'm calling B gold that's not its official name but I'm not calling by its other name do the work of getting exchange support ahead of time yes yes that's really important but if they don't do that work it's not gonna be legitimate anyway no one's gonna be able to get it do not have an IC o—- alongside the split yeah that really complicates matters but some of these dues won't have an IC o—- to raise money because everybody's raising money through these crazy things now but that's a good point Givi maintain the principles of decentralization first and foremost and yeah that is right so if you want to do a friendly fork if you want to do a crypto dividend those are that's great advice right there it's really good advice can you think of any more Adam I can't think of any more off the top of my head right now but Guinea I told you I would leave that so anyway everybody pound that like button i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister this is what happens when adam gets distracted by the cat that's why I don't read the chat because if you don't read the chat you don't see the sociopaths you don't deal with the pond scum but and I'm not saying all ups there's some good guys in there too but again until I leave Quebec until I stop doing nice shows that Quebec I'm gonna have to keep on checking there for the few honest people who want to say you know if if there are any technical problems and by the way $2 was just sent by moon King 48 these vids happy weekend he says thanks for talking the time every day for these videos happy weekend and you know what that's a really nice way of ending it Thank You moon ken that was very nice I appreciate the $2 super chat again pound out like button and I'll say hello to the guys in chat see ya bye bye thanks guys