what's up world wide web is your boy Arlen opening hey can you guys see the stubble right you'll see the stubble no that means guys that's because I've been up right for days I haven't shaved in days guys and you know why because I'm almost completely set up with my new Bitcoin website guys okay I'm almost completely set up with it and I'm I'm not going to scroll all the way down I don't want you guys I don't want to let too much out of the bag right but I will say this guy's I don't know who it was who said a man's mind weren't stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions I'm going to say it again a man's mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions guys I could go to the web page right now and I could you don't show you some you got some things you know you guys don't hit me chocolate some things you never knew you never knew but I'm not going to do that because what I really really believe in doing as a student behavior in marketing is educating not only myself but as I ate myself I believe in educating others kind of so what's going to happen on Tuesday oh you guys are going to be up you know my fishing website oh I'm coming to Nick I'm going to call this right my daily income ethic okay and it's going to be built around you guys being able to number one educate yourself on my Bitcoin now a lot of you guys already may know about Bitcoin that's fine before you don't guys who don't and you still may be apprehensive about getting involved in Bitcoin after you see my website guys and after you guys are get watch this information that I put together for you you you're going to have a different perspective okay in terms of what you're going to be able to do with Bitcoin my glasses I'm so dirty you don't excuse me god but you're going to be blown away and here's the beauty of what what I'm going to introduce you guys to officially on Tuesday I want to show you guys how to start stacking start building built be a Bitcoin and and how you can multiply and when you see the captured here new breakthrough concept your multiplies your money about 400% passively and what I mean by passing you guys is there is no sponsor involved okay and again some of you guys know and maybe have seen this opportunity already I'm not going to build it around the name of the actual business I want to call it a daily income ethic because what's going to happen is you guys are truly going to be able to build your income on a daily about on a daily basis so if you don't do anything else guys you guys want to be plugged into the channel on Tuesday because I'm going to have this site set up and here's the beauty of what you guys not be able to do I'm going to go to the cat out of the bag you guys are going to be to get started in this opportunity for as little as 60 dollars okay number one and that's just one time you know let's get just one time you know and you're going to prove to yourself how this this particular program is going to work for you but I can tell you this you're going to first you're going to be educated you got a you're going to be completely educated about Bitcoin because I put every single thing that there is for you to know about Bitcoin it's going to be on my website our Q&A we're going to have a little history of Bitcoin we're going to have everything guys it's going to be here okay it's going to be in my new website and and I am so excited about this that I couldn't you know I couldn't sleep the other night so I I got up and well let me let me tell you what happened guys you already told you that I was going to be building a Bitcoin website I'm building several but I actually got an opportunity another internet marketing invited me to sit in on a zoo the other night my very first ill by the way well actually I've done a couple of my brother but my very first official zone with anybody else and guys you know I like to talk I said do it all in 15 minutes might have been an hour and 30 minutes guys and I didn't say a single word until the moderator actually asked me a question because that's how that's how blown away I was by the presentation and when you guys see what I have in store for you you're going to be blown away too now let me say this before I get off because this is just a teaser video but uh are you guys off the time for me talking about learning some things you never knew you never knew it again it's for people brand-new if you know if a 20 that's fun you don't know guys you're gonna want to be in on this video you're gonna want to learn some things you never knew you never knew okay because you know it's going to empower you okay is going to excite you it's going to give you the ability to go in and and truly multiply your money and you know the captions not lying about four hundred percent and passively it's you going to be able to do it you guys are going to enjoy me but not just join with me to join 14 guys what told you got when I tell you guys I was without worst and I couldn't say anything because I I was just listening I was just listening already you was already in the process of putting several Bitcoin websites together but after this presentation guys after you know I listened to my sponsor we spoke for a while and after um sitting in on the zoom and watching these this team of guys guys I mean really you know know hi none of that everywhere of course it is the whole presentation to me it was right up my alley but when I saw the simplicity of how this worked and then I thought about a lot of people who are all on anything they want to start making money but they don't want a sponsor this is it is a lot going on and there you guys know that but this was one of the things that appeal to me the most and so I switched the order of the way that I was to roll out my Bitcoin websites I actually change this and I'm moving it up and I put this site together it's 85 90 % together already guys you can't see it all but you will and that's how excited I was I actually built this site out and about I don't know 45 minutes and I had to tweak it a little bit I'm still tweaking it and it's almost completely done but the point is that's how excited I was about this but when I get this excited about something guys I have to share with somebody else so you guys understand that so on Tuesday guys you guys are going to get to see exactly what it is um you guys are going to want to join our team because the team is truly on fire guys um and again you don't have to sponsor anybody to make money with this program but when you see it you're gonna want to in fact you're gonna want to get everybody that you know involved okay and you guys you know I'm really I'm being calm but again uh because it is hard to contain myself or the gay guys we will talk about educating yourself okay you guys except you've seen this this presentation if you are skeptical about Bitcoin if you are still one of those people who still are skeptical by nature like I am anyway and you just kind of man sitting on the sidelines you're gonna realize that this stuff this is not going to cost you anything I spend more than 60 dollars on coffee every week I'm sad to say that but I do so you're going to be the test the waters out flow again for a little sixty dollars and then you're going to be able to or watch your money okay we talked about you know your your you know what your income grow every single day and you're going to be in a compound that that growth of your money and you're going to be able do it relatively fast so that's all I'm gonna say guys consider just a teaser but whatever you do when you see a the big announcement okay on Tuesday you guys will see just website in its entirety it would be completely built out and hit well I'm sorry I'm gonna get the kind of wait I can't I cannot that you just have to be watchful you guys not subscribed to me right subscribe to my channel on YouTube right now and for you guys who are subscribe when you go to youtube it but some changes made guys make sure that you click the button on my channel it gives you guys on the ability to get notifications from me when I upload a new video to YouTube ok because you guys won't know otherwise make sure you you know you you you request notifications from me because this is huge for me guys and again I pretty much rounded out my my portfolio in terms of what I'm doing online and so to me this is going to be one of those types of opportunities for you where you really really can you when you when you see the presentation you just you know you're going to really move be blown away you really really will be excited you will get an opportunity to meet of some of the guys in the team and when I tell you that we're going to give you absolutely everything that you need to succeed that's what I mean you're gonna have everything you need succeed with no sponsor you know now if you want if you know people of course guys if you've got a brand new car right you you know the first thing you do is you got to tell somebody especially if you like that car so if you want a sponsor oh gosh it's going to be all kinds of an opportunity for you to do that as well put it that way so yeah I do I'm doing just teaser video because I wanted to put you guys on alert I want you guys to know to be watching out for me if you guys have never watched out for any my videos you get them and you do you need to be watching out for my video on Tuesday guys cuz I will again I will have the website go completely out and learn shit I'm going to present to you guys a free presentation it's going to show you this new breakthrough concept that really will multiply your money about 400% and I mean it will do it passively and I do mean you can get started for the new $60 that way you guys are going to get to see exactly how it works and then you're gonna probably want to run like I did ok when I when I saw it guys it didn't hesitate to to up get right in and that's how I feel about this and I'm very very excited I'm trying to compose myself I'm doing pretty good job me haven't had any coffee a day but just ones you guys didn't know Tuesday guys I don't know what that data is but I do know you guys will see me online you will see this website in its entirety and every single thing it is you need to know about Bitcoin right will be on this website like I say I got a built-in Q&A I I'm gonna have everything that you guys need not not you know you guys are not gonna have to go anyplace else and when you see the bonuses that I'm gonna actually be giving you guys you won't be able to sleep at night okay because I'm going to I'm going to incorporate some bonuses right and you got you guys are going to get to see that and and I promise you you won't be asleep either okay that's all I'm gonna say guys I've already said more than I wanted to just make sure that you guys are ready and watching for my free presentation the new breakthrough concept it's going to show you guys how to multiply your money by 400% passingly you can get started with this guys was little as sixty dollars right and everything you need to jump right in here hit the ground whether it's gonna be available to you so I'm being cool I'm letting you guys know you're on notice Wow I'm excited okay anyway guys that's my time this is your boy-wallet open it with you guys wisdom peace prosperity and to live in a dynamic digital internet lifestyle without limits if you never consider Bitcoin before if you don't know what bitcoin is guys you're gonna want to be here on to you for this presentation okay that's all I'm gonna say well there's a sale haha i'll see you guys on the next video okay I'm out of here oh you know what one more thing guys um my um you know you guys know I'm doing the traffic hurricane um I'm doing a surgeon video traffic hurricane and the reason why I'm making this teaser announcement right now for for uh for this video is because truck hurricane is going to be an integral part so if you haven't gotten trucker can get guys good on a get signed up for okay anyway I'm out I'll see you on the next video