Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is August 23rd 2017 buy-and-hold get rich by desiring little pure commitment to Bitcoin hey so Bitcoin is entering the realm of Segway before we talk about that though say what's already started we got to say our shot outs to crypto HW wallet comm get your treasured ledger naina all the storage sized devices links below in the link section below this video be sure you check out those links below not just for discounts and my affiliate code which you should use and getting t-shirts and all that good stuff but the links I referenced during this video a lot of you have questions after the video and you don't look at the links so god almighty I hope you saw that what did you guys were you watching me your crypto Hwy land I don't know I did it all weird there but anyway there it is your leather case everything here I'm back I don't know if you saw me before let's adjust this thing so Segway leather case leather case for your ledger nano so say wait it's live it's going it's people are celebrating in the world crypto Network I was just on their channel for a second singing hello a lot of people months ago if you were in the space you'd remember that people were saying and said what would never happen now it is now let's see let's see it work let's seen lightning Network implemented let's see faster transactions is speaking about fast transactions or should I say slow transactions I was helping a client of mine now remember you can email me at admin trades or help calm if you need help with anything crypto cursor lady need help setting up your trades or so I was helping a client get he is a be cash off of his trades or actually and he sent his be cash he did everything correctly it took six hours from the be cash confirmation to get confirmed and I know if you go on Twitter see the technical reasons why they're not mining blocks you know everything that's going on over the area is a little it's that you know they say everything's gonna be faster but it isn't fast yeah they're running into some problems does that really matter for the people who just treated as a crypto dividend which all of us should of course it doesn't matter but for those of you who are facility enough to buy this thing you should think twice because I saw firsthand I mean I went to the you know you can go to the block explore and everything and and see that it I was just like what is going on here but he went through the transaction eventually went through it took six hours so they they want to have a fad they were trying to create a faster coin yeah alright and I know it will get faster probably but who gives a darn crypto dividend though keep on forking guys pound that like button and tomorrow I'm going to talk about how be cashed my death fork I heard from someone now I don't probably think it probably won't be it'll probably one will probably Fork there's only like one miner so it'll be contentious but anyway I gotta look into that one pound that like button if you like a little previews so also and I am NOT looking at my scrip and I never really should look at my notes and the Hoffman he has left Miles Franklin and he's going out on his own he's gonna talk a lot about cryptocurrency now he's going to talk about gold and that's it that's what he's gonna talk about gold and cryptocurrency from what I gather he will be on the show this week in Bitcoin show here on Friday hopefully we're gonna we're gonna do it at 10:30 am

Eastern Time maybe 10 am he will be on now miles Franklin also issued a press release now and I link to that below I link to miles Franklin's press release I like to Andy Hoffman's new Twitter account below you should follow him you should retweet his tweet that I have listed below this is big news dudes this is big news because there was one time you know Andy Hoffman was thought of as his precious metals guy and he has become a Bitcoin dude and he's still a golf guy he was goal but it just shows you you know as Peter Schiff is stuck in his ways over in a hundred percent perma gold land and the Hoffman has changed and this might be a message to some of the guys over there to wake up to the precious metal guys we haven't become fully aware of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency maybe this will be the thing that sparks up so congrats to Andy and I am I'm just excited that he's gonna be on the show and yeah I have a strong hand I see something the chat says strong hand I usually don't look in the chat but hey let me go back to my notes finally and stop a flow in there alright so what else is here I was gonna talk about the personality is a Bitcoin us us characters here on YouTube you know that's the beauty of Bitcoin like it's decentralized there's no central location people are going everywhere for their information so I thought you know a few of us might think like all we're influencing so many people but in reality there's so many more people who have no idea that we are at all beauty of decentralization they they there's no set bitcoins decentralized and so is everything that really has to deal with it on a certain level in terms of the coverage because you can't have any go into spaces what I'm saying adam meister is just dust because somebody out you know and like I was just on a show in Idaho I and I want and I'd like to it below I was in Boise there's the Bitcoin group of Idaho I was on their show ties em was just also on the show link to its link to below check it out but yeah who knows me and Boise well now some people do but there there were some who didn't you know they know who that moisture is they don't know the guy the host asking your name some people who are influential and I wasn't ready for that question but I just save any tone and Charlie he's like a Charlie and he said I surprised you didn't say Andres and nothing oh yeah and really yeah but it's just not everyone knows everyone they but who knows if they knew the people I said and it's just I thought I'd bring it up because yeah don't think you're the biggest influence or in the world and you think something you follow is gonna change the world for you if he mentions your thing now there are people from other spaces that you have a large enough followings who can wreak some havoc who can do some self fulfilling prophecies actually I'm going to get into one of them below in a second yeah I linked to the investors town hall show I was on below and I was also on crusto street so yes I guess I fit on for shows and last three days because I was on either over the world crypto Network just for a second I'm gonna be on some other show tomorrow so it'll be five shows so like it's busy it's busy what can I say what can I say and yeah if you want this kind of energy and just email me aventuras or help calm we can set up an appointment dude I'm always well on the to help and keep everybody positive on all this but the there might be a king of the trolls but there's not a king of the there's no king of Bitcoin so everyone work hard to get your voice out there there's nothing stopping you there's nothing stopping you that's the other thing sure it's not centralized but you can be as loud of it you can try to make the whole world hear you and I'm trying man I'm trying I make a new video every day I hope you guys appreciate it found that like button Audrey Gross has another good comment in my comment section he says Bitcoin dividends are the eighth network effect and you know what it's fun crypto crypto dividends are definitely you mean that's a good way of interpreting it I link to the seven distinct network effects of Bitcoin that trace mayer a video that he made he talks about that so that was an allusion to that there's a Bitcoin reddit quote that I like a lot left lol doesn't work as advertised he's talking about Bitcoin the only thing advertised to these investors are that the price is that the price will be higher in the future that's it that's all they care about they're buying coins putting them in wallet and leaving them they aren't making transactions they aren't delving into the difference between segments and big blocks you're making a mistake of assuming all people are as interested in crypto currencies as the people as the people on reddit that's a great quote that really sums up the situation I I have tried to convey in many different ways gold and holders don't care about Segway all those things of that do just mention they cared about buying it and holding it and that's it survive how people buy and hold that I just found that you know someone put into words very nicely alright what else do we have here oh you have any of you are creating a Creek really rooted in forking off Bitcoin forking off like corn whatever you have dreams of doing that email me at a dimitra's or help calm I'm gonna hear your story perhaps I've already been contacted but I want to hear other stories yeah so alright fundraise had I didn't I forgot the link to his show hello but he he had a show I guess it was today I can't retract keep track of days it's been a long day it's been fun man I also ran like six miles through the streets of Quebec's Quebec City and it's it's interesting the French people have a Wu's Prince Pinot speaking people have a way about them interesting waiting about them alright so tones technical analysis he sees nothing stopping Bitcoin technically technically you know there could be fun stirs and stuff so that was good that was cool you know just looking at the charts and everything he's the best chart dude out there man that's why I mention him at the Idaho Bitcoin group I also mention him because I know he had us spoken there before so you know try to remind the people uh I am but no he is the best technical analysis dude I know of and you should watch these videos he talked to me you know people are always asking me about Anna what do you think about like coin what do you think about litecoin and I usually say the same thing like you know is it's a good test net but I mean in the long run bitcoins gonna do better so I don't know why you're buying it so for now on just whatever tone says about like coin I usually agree I mean I mean he's on that same page like what's what's the thing we it's it did seg what it's got to do something else now so yeah maybe I should just say go to what tongue says without like plain because dude how many more make ways can I say it and I still get asked about like going all the time and I love Charlie Lee man I love it I love Charlie Lee um also he brought up a Manero Manero excuse me and he brought up a great point about Manero people were covered congratulating him saying oh you predicted my neurosurgeon value well it's surgeon value in terms of dollars but not in terms of Bitcoin per se and Tony said no I wasn't right because you got look at that you got a look at it in terms of Bitcoin and that's what I preached to everyone here look at your alt point in terms of how much has gone up in Bitcoin ty in terms of dollars because it hasn't gone up many of them haven't gone up in terms of Bitcoin you're better just holding Bitcoin especially if you're looking long term especially if you're looking twenty the year 2020 look at that I just did that up nervous alright so I usually don't bring up this guy's name because I don't like him at all cliff high he obviously has a huge following and he's really gotten into this cryptocurrency thing apparently I know all this despite the fact I have never watched one of his videos in whole like I'm I've seen clips of him but I try to avoid him completely because it's nonsense it really is but from what I gather because so many people worship Him and ask me questions about the dude blindly worship him they're like hey Adam have you heard what cliff hai has to say about the OMG token he's this ICO he says it's gonna do well and I started thinking to myself this guy is big beyond cryptocurrency okay this guy has so many like worshipers because they think he has some like deity like qualities to him that this is a soft fulfillment I I think he might know this too if he talks about an Icee oh he's gonna pump it up he's got he can really make a difference this dude can make a difference with it because I mean he can't really make a difference with bacon you know when he makes these crazy predictions about Bitcoin you know being eight point eight million whatever I don't even know what he's done about that he can't change the first Bitcoin but something like that Oh get something like an ICO that no one's heard of that well beforehand but then even I start to hear about it and I really watch the dude he he might be pumping this thing up it might pump up just because of this sky so I just wanted to point that out self-fulfilling prophecy here not a magical web bot self-fulfilling pop so you segment that party it is live segment activated people are celebrating all over the place I'd link to obviously handy Hoffman's new Twitter that I hope it from a group I linked to and what else do I have here all right here there are two more thing important things for people who need to relax you know a good reason not to look at the price story today something that happened like the other day Bitcoin Lake crashed down a 3604 of a few minutes and then went back up to 3900 if you're watching every second of the day and I didn't notice because I don't watch every second day because some people just have to check all the time you would have noticed that and you would have panicked you would have been oh my god it's just where the $3,600 and you couldn't solve it and then he just popped right back up to 3,800 3,900 right away hasn't been back down to 36 or whatever what's out there 35 so for that reason you should convince you if you're having problems getting away from your computer if you're checking the price a lot many times you're in a day that's a reason you shouldn't be checking the price because you're gonna make a tremendous mistake speaking about tremendous mistakes here is a tweet that I linked to below it says and this is newbie and veterans should be careful because sometimes sees users send bitcoins of litecoin addresses now sex seeing many sending be cash to Bitcoin I suspect 2x will cause even greater confusion so yeah do not send your crypto dividend to a Bitcoin address just be careful make sure you're sending it to the right place and it's unfortunate that these crook of dividends cause problems like that you've got to pay attention because if you send it to the wrong place you're a big you're losing it man you're in trouble here you're in trouble here so pound that like button if you want to be careful when you're sending around yeah and don't send Bitcoin to like monitor I mean these are good things to just remind people just think straight you're dealing with a lot of money here a lot of value when you're sending when you're just doing something simple as sending and it never hurts to say if you're sending like 10 bitcoins somewhere send point oh one first to make sure it gets through just make sure you're sending to the right place and you have it I mean again I know someone who sent nine aetherium to an aetherium classic address at an exchange so and he's having a lot of trouble with the exchange okay so that's it for tonight i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video if you're already up some subscriber bang that bell button so you should get updates when i go live and again found that like button right now remember the super check oh my god i hope and no one said anything in the super chat because I was not looking at super tech okay no one did but feel free if you ever want to play around those super check you can send tips like that and someone again look at this guy this troll up here at the end I'm gonna address this troll Adam why did you not sell your be cast yet and I have said this on this show 50 times now so let me say for the 51st time for if you can't get it through your head yet if you can't if you don't have listening comprehension then you don't deserve to be on this channel go away so try to comprehend what I am about to say to you and I'm gonna say very slowly when I was in Baltimore because I travel around the world I was in Baltimore for a few days August 1st to August 10th that is the time people started claiming there be cash I did not and I had told people to take a ten percent profit if it's gonna be ten made ten percent if you did that you are freaking awesome okay if you sold your bit all your feet ash for and got ten percent bit free Bitcoin you're awesome I would have loved to do that I have a lot of Bitcoin okay I had more Bitcoin than you do troll okay let me tell you that I guarantee it alright and so if I screw up my Bitcoin I lose a lot of money it's not worth it for me to take a chance on something that was screwing up on the trades or it wasn't working right at first to lose that many Bitcoin your what your priority is is your Bitcoin okay is to protect your Bitcoin that's what I was just talking about when you say be careful when I say be careful where you sell it send it okay so I was careful about my Bitcoin I have so much Bitcoin that it doesn't matter if I get 10% more okay if you if you guys are listening to another video of mine you can mathematically calculate how much Bitcoin I have all right and you two would agree that it isn't worth it to start playing games on the trades or when you're not fully company about what's gonna happen to our your Bitcoin so I was scared to change my Bitcoin I don't bring and get to be cash off of it still to advise people to get 10% more Bitcoin if they're comfortable doing it okay if you had 10 Bitcoin and you're comfortable and you're gonna get one free Bitcoin that's freaking awesome and people are complaining the tough days also about this you guys are buffoons or you're lying or you're just trolls and you have no Bitcoin if you're complaining about getting 10% free Bitcoin all right you're you're really up idiot if you're complaining about that and you're an idiot if you can't understand what I'm saying so then we'll the 10th I left Baltimore to go to Dublin ok I left my treasure at home I don't bring it with me because the frickin TSA gives me a hard time anytime I come back ok and I've discussed that before too a guy asked me the last time about Bitcoin I was detained for a half hour when I came back to Baltimore and my father was wit now outside of BWI from before a half hour as they played games with me went through every bit of my luggage ok that's why I don't bring my bike tour with me so that's where my prisoner is in Baltimore I have not I'm not gonna be back in the United States until September the middle of September ok do you understand that do you understand what that means I can't split it now so there you go so if you don't understand that if you don't comprehend that yet leave just get out you're an idiot if you don't understand what I just said a complete idiot and I see now let me go through the chat here look and look at that said as I yo someone lured the trolls wake up I was even talking to these trolls that are now popping in there and if the guy who asked the original question isn't a troll that oh well but can you guys can't comprehend now so wait so I'm just gonna if you ask me the question again I'm gonna say go to the end of this video and you will see why I have not done it because I physically don't have the treasure with me now when I get back I will do it it will be split and then that Sun all of them all at once either I'm not selling all of them all at once I'll get plenty I'll get playing I'll make 10% all right or maybe I won't maybe too late I'm not there's again I've got a lot of Bitcoin alright so let's be careful about the whole darn thing you get 10% don't complain about it it was good advice that I gave to tell people to sell that thing at 10% who knows if I'm gonna get the chance to do it okay nothing's guaranteed in life nothing at all so again I'll leave you with that little rant there and if again if you don't have listening comprehension I don't know what to say I don't I really don't know what to say I went to the best schools that money could buy okay my parents worked their butts off I earned my way in the Washington University and I can't deal with stupid people sometimes alright I'm sorry I like working with smart people and tripe are the reason I where I work for myself so can't I can't deal with people like you who have no comprehension skills okay none you have none and it's really a shame it's really a really a shame that's why people like you do insane things with your Bitcoin and trade it in for the lowest level of all points possible so there you go if you want to keep bothering tone and i-beam I guess I'm just going to refer to the end of this video I'll see you guys later bye bye