we meet for this second video on cryptocurrency Yes you have not seen the first, I invite you to go see the link here somewhere Florent: this is where Manu: Yeah yeah half the time I am Uygur I am always with Florent Kosmala, crypto-currency expert, trading, staking masternoding, anything you want

Florent Yeah Manu: We'll go a little harder in this vidĂ©oDonc there, one not address at all for beginners There, there will be the big angry words Florent From big heavy, yeah Manu: So that's the good well I'm not level then I'm just going to interview and then Florent: I'll give you the level, do not worry Manu and I'll let him speak there dessusOn will start by topic of the moment which is obviously the new new new fork bit So the bitcoin corner so we had a fork in August We had a fork just the right to finish then it is announced on October 25 I have the impression that it took place a little before / Ben fact it was until There she hangs in fact there is a fork it occurs when a block starts as there is more than made transactions if he went a little faster and so suddenly aspects in time and so there full of people who expressed interest ah I'm going on 24, 25 ah it went well no 23 and suddenly ben look I think you ausssi thou hast well fuck with bittrex eg nan but I like anyway, j'me am actually have too alas and actually it happened is that as the more transactions there are blocks and I was much faster and therefore the conga type on the block where the blockchain broke up what agreement the coup the next fork November 16 a priori may either like we can have a bit after exactly the consideration of facts or on a block was some speed now there is more work that this Action will go a little faster here here it can be a little bit more agree a little earlier a little later ok but that you see I will not know here if you really want to know is when we fall quickly that prepares a fork will say this is the blockchain she will begin to split and this block there and from there you'll have to explore and glaucous you go at about the same time as it happens so that the forces agreement on bitcoin there will have been to so in August Bingol mill air bitcoin at that game there was the bitcoin gold last week yeah So around 23, October 24 and that's exactly so the next major force I want to say because the other two not much feared level it to raise hell when in fact it is not a one fears much not led it goes well the bitcoin network is well done So my little split the blockchain what happens is that in fact of batata blue that are created and that no problem technologically by the only point that it poses is in terms of value by a lamp if any who say here jean yves new to him but I break in bitcoin cage or sorbic gold battle and had a body that will drop troyer you see actually so it gets better the more volatile bitcoin instead of that you also all part technology ie with minors if the hands that considers I have not that bill kanko 2 to 28 years is more profitable if one five years guy who does everything this weekend maintenance to look more experienced than google wave the decentralized side that was the convoy that hits lloyd cole Dabola and a little disappearing with the group two great forces of miners here really for the interest pure blasting us at the back it is more profitable to combine such thing Minitel thing and that and it brings all 12h 13h and this company makes the first pass and when we know that the basis why there are strong what is simply because the network there was a point of scalability started to congest becomes clogged called crisis increases more more time and more and more as each time we see decant their schools but there are even faults or you wanted too tight wine the equivalent of 20 euros country trek three wheels yeah yeah that's the law and thus frame the son and all the small sums are our sense of blow that's why they had to Lanning base and then it's sweet and 8 years old and done and after a few montels the fork bitcoin therefore hides technical and seygouade what is called a soft fork exactly the software update software improvement by completely keeping offshore sailing ever you another method of visibility in the trunk to visit in the block or Danone mining method a little more refined which allows precisely to go faster for it for many transactions in fact it is so suddenly it made getting longer in action but it's so peaceful and it was estimated that by this soft fork that is in not depart in any case a majority of majority or not the bitcoin bitcoin cash and the gold since it was time from two failures after his title on cash out then yes because you you finally believe many wayne on jessica is why I believe but in any case the gold I think anyone today we will tell where the gold will become super bitcoin crypto not it is beautiful and same now you also have the bitcoin peak as it was happening silver Apple finally a dark gray owl lucas that's actually what they serve endorsed yeah clearly there was one who took advantage it was also said that they had enjoyed connect the output of bitcoin cash because they had the same shirt ucb stop both there that sank in the eye of square meters but they are wrong in the north it is just with it's true that at one spoke crypto the best ass yeah Here you stop in quantum who have fallen 14 rooms that all mpt happening recently which I hope contract therefore it suddenly you see is not the same as 1 but to return bitcoin to the problem is that it puts the hand actually the same principle bitcoin sense that if decentralization in the image and you will sell early talk of soul funk enough to some time So in the future that's why there has been precisely the fork just ath splits with Chinese blocks to defeat this is a kind of two blocks of time we made it to the omega of my guys that's a mega mega World of malleable blocks downright I think it is that makes bitcoin cash games as they will go to a mega and will go until August 1 So here you and therefore Ferrand each lasting it will improve it makes it an example his way of 6 will happen here soon it is dry 8 that is short but with blocks 2000 grid tomorrow you see the only advantage that its offer is for the big miners that where our calculation license is actually that it's hull kr interesting when you're all that and then it stops there it is you have users who shout the good apology is not too much paritarism 2 x com or Opel and do not enough 28 that will solve the problem of congestion transactions bitcoins potential that we know that bitcoin will stop 21 million necked matter what one refrains risk and downstream millions yeah the great fork than we bitcoin are some 22 million euros on average but it is it becomes a little bit anything or start rules end chips made a fork and that's words but that emanates you will be a little bit more to be the father could ruin three FARC pros and bitcoin at millions of bitcoin it is 17 million to 16 3 it says 7 million of the 21 million I believe we reached roughly to 2033 and then it was worth the time for the last well as something actually requires the full effect faster protocol ways be do roughly until 2033 is that pass 2 to 8 May Gaza that the chairs are fluid or is what is sure every six months where you have to gain strength and in fact it is also the strength of a fork which is to say that if there are people who speak a share bitcoin to cash since bob and shots you see the thing is Allah is necessarily passing over they are more so they make bitcoin more too as the soul-funk edit it also thins is actually not as you a lot of side effects at all and clear that there is suddenly the network is no longer packaged the same way if it happens dowry proposed solution is to compose one for me to really say to the back of my mind the most balanced for all users for all players network this big crunch is not one who game more seminar happened when I can but it's users it is that which pose fewer worries everyone Hockey technologically year after in terms of working in sole thing Thieves have delayed course there will be worries so bitcoin cash is born in August yeah it around $ 382 without against at the moment about this video took 7% Moreover haye since 24 hours since August so he never really developed p 506 no, but there have been complaints his coming was lowered to 200 his coming 400 ha but it is young so the unknown that is so young even if it is an heir to block a life knocks it's still same technology that is very recent and then mine it in the bank Number 4 is as mark heading unlike Bitcoin gold I am not course I found on the first two pages while lamenting the bitcoin cash so that he benefited from the effect of two projectors compared to exchange is anything that would prevent it all that he was doing something that is pretty cool is like YavĂ© lab chain which was cut in two and then multiply actually because your mother bitcoin world he says this look is recovered from the hermitage the user has taken too late because buyers has made a video on that but too late pm hour for once m is evil yes told us focus you take your Pitkanen you put them on this or that particular door I see indeed the day of the fork that's how you pass the former franc in new francs but you know what they give you and the old francs NF injected is exactly this program but you by doing against that money should it be the place but what I Mayor the place is in fact this is what laid the worries including bits some purchases its output which is admittedly a bit before and as for the navigon gold ie everyone said driving one will make this pipeline and both sides while the angels were going to do that we want to have recovered blocked transfers super early in fact they book transfers to the blues that 10 of the cost as there can manage to sell reinforce and thus suddenly I found myself in the morning the other day write to you on bittrex rex and had blocked all transactions bitcoin get to start and I still managed to go on hobbit indicates changes much more modest, but to say and so on Hobbits actually I had to transfer but bitcoin is hit but Bitcoin gold that I sold for a song I made 002 cents why both 8% and when they know that's what I got 100 euros with 2 clicks it was worth it to be on time this value is a test the bitcoin mouth not have time for this effect because both projectors are a lot of apologizing or fork or not I have a lot of players I lose including former young I wanted everything builder wallet all their equipment and all kinds ledger how it was that was that there for the next highlight with a wallet that tree Ledger Type I touch my only expense in the year of rat agreement is for once I can not tell you because the work pays and we will have the same problematic than the last time it means that the oil is and eg yellow will communicate but kind five hours before it is wayne after you had another method that was much more delicate and difficult it is to do this by hand you have the ability to split and hand made but is much thinner technically much more difficult to implement these cases a year Private tackle must synchronize the two so they are blockchain blockchain happened quite huge things it takes all this capacity and it takes a lot of knowledge Also on that but after wells also sounded in thy thy predictions for its 8 2 x what will happen to me I'm going to take over what's going to be there when it's 2 x wii apple hiding arbitrators as technological environment that is we camp stop saint louis 2 x is the thing that is sustainable over time because me is yes it is developped with bloggers united states in an interior network that runs for a long time then no collection Papeete sale the problem is that in terms of user value of all that it adds nothing of the elections is job for not much and then suddenly it does not benefit bah as miller yeah and that's what our majority do it you can and the big pussy finally bitcoin mining and cĂ©dric a second as good accessory finally so minor but not investors little new permits some ball 3040 yeah I think they are a little bit like that before the next is the Windows XP of course we also try to spend what we do what I am doing but in frozen and that which with this trip is actually the room behind it is said bah's the Bitcoin hill divides yeah and made the standard door crypto it starts it's getting a lot out all efforts k way so they make sense and logical and that's it I mean rather divided eight towns and you'll divide Therefore, users may dominoes you see bitcoin there 56 years ago I think the half hour is moby has offered a well it'll be another actor that will take see where so unless six hours or more, which puts to death in people unfortunately it resumes btc hop king and it continues to roll yeah and so it will sail with as said in the video the other bitcoin does not contract the smart layer Here it's still sure I stores as I create sub but ecologically Speaking level project he has no control smart okay this case – apple has no intelligence over it will be a means of payment for CIP tramelan transactions that may be a means of investment but not a technology thing or things are going to talk them it's not me logistics or say I'm parcels fall she seemed more other alcohols unfairly month otherwise you speak of concrete with smart terrariums but for example it could be good even if I do not like say this but it can be as light is a and finally it is a blockchain is done for banks yeah suddenly they necessarily supports that are really interesting which could propel further and then here it could be to monero alone animal it could be many other actors what makes and that's what I have much envied around them is that there is no a crystal ball that will be useful accommodate future what yeah yeah yeah that's if I want to see good bc ok so yes you're ugly eh I wanted to say I'm a pro cash in her family believe in the cache a referee for my attention told that was biologically I'm talking like I'm in the team full alcoy must wade in so did you then we made you talk about bitcoin treatment and I have a little ta ta ta ta ta ta ta is exciting bitcoin is to tickets live ah yeah I was fine to have 150 ballan drawings quickly experienced such andy cole hides a little envy that if I believe that making a350 but all what L'OrĂ©al appreciates thual but what we want is the meaning malden had led the must she be at a value but it must has also sense here but you as the attack of thousand records yeah yeah yeah my act and then is distributed not I do not know what challenge where sharks in three games sega their 43 calf me clearly that already positioned in ten 12 is a nameless brothel is my greatest the difficulty of going on such ection sheila and especially the excellent She ensures wallet then it before knowing also that end compared to my personal journey I might play 43 because already in fact I had administrative concerns hello adminstration French elsewhere that made me that bin cif secu try the thing there I not hit the pole right job Following actually because I am unemployed and therefore the current eats only lives Kuito so I better do well investments managed the trick and do that full time just to maximize gains and This is why Jean-Pierre voting yes but besides that there is no the president leaves reduces the tree If you want one speaks but such different methods after 9 October the different methods we spoke just now so it is of course the mime the mining yeah it makes the stakes so good time on your passion yeah the masternode storage sharing the bounty 10 then said I love you a era Here then up to explain the mind in is when you have the big graphy large processor who work sooner it can be anything you take a bump is gray to distributed scientific computing you I mean take the golem its just the time that there is used to make graphic design in 3D and stuff and then side because the money there are more gpu cpu or the or two or specialized vessel like bye bye to alcohol by his amp it plays squarely develop in Asia, which for them is that this is a big account like that with a 6 hearts was a 1070 x32 who cares of the ram 32 gigs of ram voice completely plays meteors is ok I'm glad I 'm running the whole suite adobe together what way you make of 500-600 million on that yeah when he was on and Monero Besides I'm doing with the graphics card jose 6 years I believe my Prof

61 and 50 have what is fun is that you did six years but like you you little tricks the soil volts overclock materials that improve tattooed while preserving your gear yeah I guess that not 100% you know that your gear he will not complain about the rush attracted 3,143,150 pages second with a gtx October 50 by some they concern me 45 watts then do it is more interesting to put two small cards completely a good big all depends what taste like you displaying tha offset the unc typically for everything Clermont is a truly all that is based on that this year you take the nxe you agree you know I'm not beautiful like a queen she took a big shock because crypto elsewhere as a beautiful street with Raizen processors a and c excesses its RX480 and RX580 and company people are flocking this look a bit sometimes all these planes taking hundreds of euros share price level the stock market helped the idea being therefore the visuality dam guy royals nightmare apology in the crypto What exactly and Russia have only to be the one of the causes are blue background stuff so that's hockey docta after the wholesale paid stake if not then the stakes for explain what is the sexual mining group to buy the stuff that's all number of schools that will serve to protect the network you see a check transaction will do the calculation and all that and therefore the blow it feeds coyne we will pay therefore in it but no it's it is calculated based on interest tasks here but that it not require a big no no I'm talking about machines the need many collections which you can use such a small raspberry ft'm like that yeah bah I am not a small forward like that my small that normal berry that makes it not so that it can become your briefcase storage that stake here MAIATO this is what is all this and have delivered 20 yeah except that they are romands higher still very clearly a little small stakes and 6 6% it just head to the Strat or 40% for example now is Ethereum its level there are few with byzance there are what's good for her shrink and after you have the stakes they are much more profitable in particular not the cloak and 6% lauquet cage is 10% fucking 25 30 50% and even some but this is a little more dark it is 100% a month and all runners will have a few in my mother in the film really sticks Hockey is dove coyne what yeah it's true in fact these discoveries by inflation so actually need enter quickly went out the losses of the other out of sweden Dostanic trail here that's ok but hey you go or you take your guys and you will see this later in the principles but with an entry price went mass india ie the master ned in they will make big koné confidence they have shown a code name well I have not talked a bit I take the article as is milton collins Matticks and is a 1000 km and you see and from there with a small config then you say after such a good car but I showering part of the network and turns all the time up anyway so I will check for income but there it is calculated based more smith st Arctic c30 coyot matic C137 tend to 200 250 and whose input apa took the photos stand loan a tuner group between friends or you put where you put your being him money down there that's suddenly in a single currency like if you go again will better put all your eggs in one basket that is eg what I do usually serve aircraft materials So yeah thou mine everything is different so for anyway if one of the systems that is busting the mouth in the other five LEDs anyway with the crossing you always win here and after you have currencies that hybrid said that as Ethereum now but as it's a turnip that are more profitable including oak coyne oak-sharp typically it's a trick where you can undermine side chain cch to irÚne théry and I think I think of as soup agree is actually the principle is precisely to millet advice and after what you myself Nasser bailed tone MRND So yes thomas serval it becomes even more cost-effective compared to what you screw made without going through elections without losing what then offer for me that's really something that is super cool in terms of profitability really that that's something I do is hyper welded it makes it existed since the beginning of the crypto to the web is exactly what myself first I know not exactly but you master this clearly once I have notes seen also other children to spend in the videos and I frequent But before I frequent a lot with a lot of news sources on Crypto is masternode you see it for the time you access or we rang look after you are still other packages by name typically the blind signal I poured Quinn who is not your hard drive capacity so basically also provided storage makes you create you become a club came so suddenly and yeah everything is shot stop when I see is storing December to Haye but you not melted the absence of calculation I shot the lack of stocks So exactly say this is a very good supplement that's not it can be profitable on the lebon standards such as cloud is what data center will not turn into decentralized blockchain then there is a futuristic vision but it is mine that is the club of such we know it it not used much with technologies like that crowns embraces hadopi page and I had the first the first level 1 in Tagolsheim and then suddenly must go sign up with a form to know which file is not disputed not say in the first email to fucking good words to avoid at all and sometimes the masses well as it was never a backup find on bittorrent by chance but I actually the main thing is to just students name a club thus paid him what are you but you have users, and then your value will take longer lé value of the code will take either you'll win did nothing and so it is somewhere now including nokia know a bet its future some do that but it can become hyper profitable and after all it is a number is secured and stored taiwan will use this Storage person hosting storage can not go digging into it look for years because each already written file with a key which is a file that the user that the veil is not to be had on every other fact I know that a small piece spread to cover this key it must not be used told them So here and stuff x place and finally through would not allow behind you always so stuck two blockchain these copies through the world is so simple suddenly last choice for applications like wikileaks company and this is what is happiness and that's the buzz Tax which have given rise there is a very good report on the bitcoin netflix on that they have the emergence of bitcoin they will be the epr really came at the right time at the time but the bank crisis the more the wikileaks crisis and the funding level while the benches and lanes blocked transfers then blocks it remains exactly the bitcoin took his first wave with with knew this but I experienced with just led the club of which the thing is that we have a word is completely anonymous and everything is done is of a California youtuber American power that we literally in fact it is because our protocol is secure really done in terms of transactions a rank you can but it's just a check box fill, but you can make completely anonymous happened under all radars but Once that was said in the video the other bitcoin but not at all is a means of payment is that in the end it is all the more anonymous Ally this early since the entire transaction from start to finish of all life a bitcoin happened on the next so if anywhere the history of the transaction from a penny of your pile is bitcoin one traces identifiable and you are my but beyond that the Bitcoin is actually mentioned a friend because no notion of identity above or to storage students here right now I am sending you the bitcoin you give your address now I know this address where it is assigned to you, I know your identity so if you do other transactions on that I know I transactions on that I know how you see how you did do what you you did with and crises in the next told even aeternam erasable auxi after I said it address its many geeks and the bah sudden everyone knows the rope yeah anonymity nail is broken while there are currencies like the pbx monero the sumo club camp but there each evokes his touch of neema and neck eg monero when there was the Alphabet sphere I know if you got it in alpha bay fact it was nothing less than the net loss instruction great and the drug thing and stuff and Monnet room that Alberta and was unable to say how many there were and to whom it was transferred these currencies very good ad currently beware bumps and the club because Yves lecoq happens and then it's even more difficult because by club emphasizes balance a hundred clubs chooses a heading a riddle and then I say bravo violence and dinner his pass on February 10 it comes back to go with you but you do not know where it comes from you not know where transit is actually nobody knows what got the final at home and nobody knows it stay at home some you who can it agree that it will be tonight yeah if you not see worries with a million and 2 to return to the generation system Kane also forced to clear mercred items as articles and guys makes you the equivalent of a confession of thumb I like facebook for every inch I love you earn the written currency to wave to the equivalent of youtube Here the concern tubes which rose above also put a video where where youtube give me anything I work for nothing for you but nothing is yet you put even blue thumb even comments sign up but still it would be nice on tubes every time someone but gradually a shot all that your vote was a Compensation kit or it's beyond that it is for each interaction not even go back on your video to your article this shy the principle is that Talbot a little bit you're comment is a little bit so if you reply to this comment you have a little bit and so in fact and it will help promote Increased quality content because more qualitative which will be recognized more you'll feel the sudden I think that the moors chain the guide will perhaps pass on tubes water think you can talk to man Yeah you go you say if you make many cults episodes regularly have this advice we let you see there will not take it in you to meiway developed a browse button plotting on both good is not difficult either blocked the sale that fc most blocks but also some good sources against the club comes to open source the new version of the galley justo but the thing is, uh yeah fixed publishes what it pays art or by not I make a tutorial just to ride a sick I have not been boots masses and all that but I have a lot to share this stuff and Beyond the fact that his mother led I found in more than one hundred lives it will bring dollars emi you see but it's much more than youtube where you have to get up and the thing is that behind people listen what you do you can not do a tube and I will say it made me and the like I'll make a video and a rebound there even if at one absolutely for the honor that is that if you lost you come with GPs are suddenly tum this is not a problem after CE1 bootable share all that it is more difficult to implement but I mean it will work much more metal and other solutions I took the tubes but you're devices Nokia has full ok is what I have Photo forgotten mining state the same ashton Ware's go wendy's sewer Thilleman is actually a tool that is nothing less but the rewards you when you participate but literally in a creek early a book that's how I got into the team to explain fangs how I did it I'm fine I'm fine concept coming of pepper I am I Socrates came, and then I arrived it's cool but not translated into French and so it can not it will not use and in fact you were the project manager because she and Kafétien to show you démarres thou reflected normal to me ok me hours after I translated files but that fucking these costs is quite fast and you we would like Blowin 2000 club which at the time was worth 30 cents 30 cents and which today is almost certain or 6 euros and which have already reached the 10 and 10 so you do the math that 30 cents goes to ten and you have here and focus 1000 2000 2000 steak So thank you for that we would lighten my flight with this text in this extec as a booklet no life insurance and all interests that have accumulated on the booklet is not nonsense or is it the tweet or cda blogs or articles is a video where this one or that Christians there can take part in fact it is somewhat comparable to the air system then drop Mayor flight is to say it before the bones web lambas firm and Tuvalu rick nash animated the Mass in your life you do order you make a tweet this compensates for this with our new currency wayne here except to see you make a tweet my room is cool it works just the fire British and you make a tweet thing you worry about trying their Participants turbo button a bit and so what really is the Participation is pure multi reward is really under own goal and then following the qualitative aspect as to bring at your technical skills it before you go through the same reward as a tree shit quite a tweet with three subscribers and retain oddly beauties for me because I paint care there is in relation to my personal story but it was one of the most profitable themes me is to say that beyond the clown there are guys who set foot fucking is not paid everything we saw built at gravity damn it's great good support what movie we see bts and many a film tone for the summer land or thing shrink or yarmulke pff I find ten minutes from work there's a guy who paid me 1 and r you see good then all that will pay me one state to sit in this chair talking about even if their balls gingham tickets behind the comma are welcome it even works with a ball to news I come here you will sit there talking about your eye but not the website basically there's no problem that I interests me and then if it annoys everyone on language guide chain finally has a second string beats yielded a Once a second channel on special tubes clit is no problem and then here say that even the clock is based on the club's future murky the future of the club by not because the name of the club so there was already New puzzle fishing with good design or Monday and by the way because that your last night it did in fact the principle is that we made a page with design that's where we will see you people are entitled to what the pin code as I have actually the thing is that here there is just the page Home is like that so now we're redoing the site with a cane or SMS with new translations so it really is the internationalization of diehard Accessibility me I'll have to type everything the French translation beyond that there is a new version that comes in which Open Source arrive there are deployed to great lengths to year end there what the end of the year you have to admit it's open source wade your relationships conversion sites your stuff to a minimum is expected to club December 3 $ 30 dollars there are few who robbed 30 I'm more 41 are many who believe the 59 finally not too much but fifteen minutes it's you know how much better than my minerals hero he was to 81 85 euros then it is best wayne we have two different technologies and anonymity beyond that even when we share something else we already there to 5000 km our country the funds avs is much faster and then actually what we lack is really open sourcing because to trust and the Dean of Nßmes vauvert code which but for now the time is here working on it and in fact we take care after everything was different Islands foissac a designer will be recruited yeah yeah already bad one by one to the tests were recruited three cases on the official chat but one who wants to participate must not he said that 1 and of course General must be done or something a little thing and something part in this human adventure I have a little story while I already met with club members and I will go on to meet other across europe not that's it becomes a real job and yeah healthy guys because you are taught the 3 or 4 years it is not seen free digital one is our bullets that means you go with your laptop you can go around the world and you can work that is certainly what we know to master a little English or use a little bit and new technology you can bring your other pallet priest technical skills integrated way to fix because I already made a little list all currencies mango but there was not ads and buy alcohol all the stuff the currencies holes that culture still recruits two guys Much more could you think Monnet Roire that cost a web designer when I saw what finally You give good short brought généracois recruiting and so if you have potential if you have a passion for graphic design I not there as the thing the civilian in the way we will need you there will need all pallets of IT in the crypto currency I think necessarily computer that tomorrow in Rome the other channel on the CV I hold it not worried for me ah yeah it's clear it hurts and not the beacon and sign the ultimate goal is not to go pay his wand I could be of no ch has each time it is not being done exactly but in fact it is their fate and really rather a complement to the euro that is, that month also down but games gps logical victory video I pay me my amazon vouchers angunn ago thousand tomorrow I did feel like hosting I pay for henri queuille a beautiful show through amazon via a small service deckard cain in amazon gift card service that converts crypto because flesh gift card Achaetes you legs that are delivered admit I see Bolzonella fields destroyed Quoc Thai pick up has delivered home or I will eat with fun but now I say that as for product fruit or Cachin game because I go Alpiq turn euros but there are very very little that you can not bic criminal action is a killer sometimes you have to use a little sense because they had but also sea clearly there that prevents you from living with host Earlier this is what I do laugh and what it current there are many people who have a little trouble believing but not anything like I was talking with the club interview cliff haye which allowed us to reach heights I mean I got they sell for thousand euros as criteria the best in the 48 gold here and then after I made sure voc had puck of thing that destroys tak tak and then placed end-to-end're finally bah the steak manning the game we all look forward is written an article it Until thing by lot and then you reach the heights you can play free games can easily bitching is equivalent to ol without exaggerate a little for his month 2500 3000 euro equivalent Kuito ambroise underbody taxman that that's funny because for co wrote a article where there is little time you have to know some coins up to share a most bitcoin since revealed but all the others it is a frame completely equal is not paper money you can all the days is actually the one may need to know what is for the tax return is all that comes out in euros so we have repatriated on roughly colbert or anything like that because that one drop you can tell happy leaving the masters bank account As these stored on trellises on trading sites a priori taxes fuck you peace here that's not income Salary Rayssac not agreed it risks not hard and it's going to last, but even he admits is not too sure of agreement like the one where the mafia wife then Van Gogh above the 30% that I attack it tells what in fact does the trick is that after the granny like when it says is not nothing with words would typically anonymous coach but a valence knocking over not listen we are not there not know what there's nothing to prove that it is a beautiful ball yes if if if tomorrow he takes 30% off currencies anonymous reindeer one is similar to heroin locquémeau Note there is also a slightly more philosophical trick behind this is that the shot with knives value your money is completely decorate I typically work value that is my pc that makes me célestin income freinet electric misfortune and so suddenly there are times as I let the stage and the interview to have entered a game where bin now I take the time to do that you not know what I know listen to his hump anyway and I see so I do not care I know my role it will fall I know the stuff you can suddenly do it pleasure of having a pc is known to have the house and who works and who is not is a reindeer you see but suddenly the server use value do levet the sign carried forward will not replace the fact of pine it prices the sale of full employment in France you see there are plenty of questions as his philosophy is really poses may their name is not there yet any case they will create lots of again anyway really as white specialized technological support klein blue I think that the achievement in first training in education who will be first trainers who surely make the coop on the first one clicks that will master the subject the first bringing them to the public now is the must you train happened for two thousand connections and then there is that any offer candles of shares by a click we know the mans a rather special dock like we said it could be used for players in the social economy where assault course we thought like we take the taxation of gains my steak room who donated to this thing there is stuff that allows this kind thinking this kind of creation in celebration is actually this provides of possibilities that still greater than before the blocks are possible revolution for me very clear voice and sends 100 years in 2018 we will have a time of adjustment in the 2010's going to snow Has really be exploded for me it is there that I think we will Young took stock we will leave it on for this second video web is possible if one finds on telegram was read 1 yeah cutting France after bomb found under the laughter Comment course there is also my team it with tutorials Video relief fermin be there soon a video showed an hour on his twitter obviously that's good and ben gùteau but a pleasure perhaps we present other crypto maybe we redo a weight like that maybe it's me that it is I who have come to you especially because we will make a small video with your gear will be your legacy yeah outright the mining or things like that yeah I think that I have come to receive Direct and then here you enjoyed this video please put the type or what lay blue share these comments are absolutely answer all all questions all you want them to be shared on traditional social networks and not exactly classic on how to respond demand that is being sold thank you for having slept well Hendrix Is that generally the question I get is what you want wayne button knife and two knives who will ride rates only handle so currently good neo technologically there is a threshold and technologically a bit besides the point the best that the Terium so I think they promoted two noted on my term harm precious criquetot as technologically j whenever it's utah iota arrive late if 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visioassistance year we will present to videos maybe crypto yeah yeah that's the crypto week this is a debrief you take the red pepper the team's staff that I look at it a little English but I do not mind this but I do not think French that a person can see only the top 50 includes pole mark is capable and then is the top 50 of cap mccain code with presenting the Technology Project box would fear the team website yeah and then it offers all technologically and dissects it that is of course if it exceeds 8 seen by video because otherwise yet Once you can not imagine all the work that represents the secu we filmed and edited illustrated and published to make the pub when we get behind 40 view believe me that the week after the weekend we'll just edged by news that's strong but otherwise not trading it refers more concretely and then we can do a waltz and then do good offices we will go on to stop there soon a