it happened it happened it happened it's happening right now it's literally happening right now I had to live streamis I was gonna make a video but I said screwed I'm gonna just make this video and we're gonna talk about it so it's going crazy right now litecoin is above $100 we have Bitcoin above $10,000 like going above $100 this is history in the making guys right now the high is litecoin got it I think you got even higher than that so I think kind of like 101 so litecoin there it is above $100 this is madness and you can see I'm up huge up17 I got a $17,000 $17,000 in my Exodus wall right now please don't hack me if you're gonna hack me but you can see litecoin making some major major moves right now and let's going up down but it broke it broke a hundred and that's all that matters so litecoin going crazy right now we got Bitcoin going crazy this is happening it's live crypto currency trading whatever you want to call it the madness is happening it's happening right now we'll see if we get a major pullback here I might be a fool for not selling they're above $100 but either way I'm happy I'm gonna hold this light coin I got a I got about 120 light point total and I'm expecting this to keep on moving higher but you can see getting above $100 they're pulling back obviously we're getting to that mental area that $100 mental resistance we're gonna get people taking profit people are going to take a profit they are above $100 I'm not gonna try to time it I'm not gonna try to time the top here just not gonna do it I'm gonna wait I'm gonna hold this baby for the next year 10 years whatever I need to hold it I think I'm gonna be a millionaire as long as this keeps going up fingers crossed that this keeps going up I think one day there's a good chance there's a good chance that I'm gonna be a millionaire one day because of litecoin and I'm feel pretty confident in you know what the research that I've done so far what I've learned about like going just the overall future of like going but you can see like coin breaking over $100 there we're holding there right around the hundred our area right now light coid and you got Bitcoin up there above $10,000 look at this move here on on Bitcoin just madness really madness tonight it's nine o'clock it's Tuesday I haven't been I haven't been this excited about something in a long time and definitely more and more than I trade this crypto currency stuff I really have just kind of been thinking about quitting day trading the stock market in general and just kind of trading cryptocurrencies and just sitting back and watch my money grow every day it's not a bad way to live but you can see my wallet just up and down right now obviously you got like goin jumping all around there and big day big day for cryptocurrencies big day for for me right now you know breaking over $100 mark litecoin we're balancing around 98 100 dollar area I'm pretty happy with that you can see earlier today we were down there at the $93 area and we made a nice little move higher this G Dax charts are not that great to be showing the price movement showing it with all the action but you can see litecoin going crazy here getting the volume get in the action look at the volume increasing volume increasing obviously we're gonna get that sympathy play we're gonna get a lot of people that are being chased this they're gonna be chasing litecoin with the idea like hey I want to jump into that light coin now that bitcoins up over a thousand thousand dollars and there it is like coin above $100 I can't even see the comments of the live-streaming now I'm really screwing up give me one second here I'm gonna just make this real quickly so I can you pull up the screen so I can see what people are talking about here in the livestream hold on one second one second don't go anywhere we're back we're gonna keep going alive here talking about interest some questions here in the live stream I know it's late nights 9 o'clock I don't even know Evans even watching this let me pull this up here real quick and we're still here just moving this around real quickly so I can pull up the the chat box see who's talking about this here we go me pull this out real quick pop this out alright digit it back back back and here we go we're live again give me a second we pull this back up here and there we go hello all over the place oh gosh now that's up there and we should be good now we're back alright now so have the little chat box the Angels questions you guys any questions want to learn more about uh what my plan is right here what's going on there we go so we're back collapsing live yes Bob Riedel why you gonna call it out for but yes so I if you guys have been watching the channel I've been watching what I've been talking about here cryptocurrencies been making these videos since about four weeks ago talking about how I was gonna get into Bitcoin talking about how I was gonna get into litecoin some of my plans here and you can see well there it is litecoin above 100 dollars a little pullback or now that's fine I'm fine with that a little bit of a pullback but the big day idea today was that Bitcoin up there above ten thousand dollars really wild to see this now and yes I'm on the good I'm on the good internet right now someone talking about that in the stream but amazing amazing to see history in the making like coin above $100 and then Bitcoin above $10,000 so a little bit of a pullback right now they're on like one which is expected or any other people taking profit people taking profit above that hundred dollar mark but it's just part of it part of it to see that profit taken there I would probably a fool to not take profit there but that's fine when I first started my cryptocurrency worldly advent whatever you call it when I first started the journey of trading cryptocurrencies I started out literally with about I think two twenty six hundred dollars total I put about three or four thousand dollars more US dollars into that buying some more cryptocurrencies but I've been really lucky the markets been insanely hot recently I've basically been flipping coins been trading iOS which made like almost a 60 70 % move bch Bitcoin cash be cash call it be cash all you want because that thing is cashed out but be cash it was up a hundred percent at one point traded that one traded some aetherium moves been having some crazy 50 60 percent moves on these little coins – coin also making some big moves but I'm really happy to see a like coin above that hundred dollar mark history in the making you see it's up eight percent right now beautiful really beautiful they're amazing to see here so people it's always funny to read the comments in the chat whoa what's going on everybody's leaving the comments how much I start with how much money how much money should I put in your first dock well it really depends what stock you're trying to buy but uh there it is so I just wanted to make this little video I was gonna make I was gonna record the video and then post it later but I thought hey I just wanted to get that excitement out there and post this live right now for you guys to see it's a history in the making if we call it that history in the making Bitcoin over ten thousand dollars remember nobody in the right mind would have ever told you that Bitcoin litecoin could have gotten at this point nobody would have ever said hey bitcoins going above ten thousand dollars there this wouldn't have happened nobody would have told you what did it would it have happened it wouldn't have happened but there it is so litecoin making major moves there Bitcoin make a major moves this year I think Bitcoin is up over a thousand percent this year you got a light coin that's up over two thousand percent this year some amazing moves in the cryptocurrency world right now history made today Bitcoin above ten thousand litecoin above hundred dollars and that's all it is so you can see oh man like coins pulling back here I don't know if I maybe should start I should stop the stream right now in case it starts crashing but there's a light going back down there ninety seven dollars that's fine I'm holding this one I'm long I'm a long long litecoin I'll be holding this one for a while so I'm not gonna worry about it if this thing dips back down the $90 area I might buy some more not gonna uh not gonna worry about that but really cool to see Bitcoin breaking out about ten dollars no mark is five hundred thousand dollars really possible for Bitcoin I mean I think I think it is here's the reason for this so the idea is obviously there's 21 million total Bitcoin in the world that's like the maximum amount of Bitcoin possible the thing is that's the s/m acts of mouse you got billions and billions of people in the world so how many billions are in a million or how many how many people how many billions of people can buy 21 million so thinking about that think about how the demand can keep going up this is a scarcity play better than gold I think this is better than gold for the idea that gold keep mining gold every single day they keep mining gold mining gold getting more and more gold out of the ground but to come is there come a point where there is no longer any more bitcoiners no longer any more litecoin and that's that's the point where it's gonna be a stop it's gonna be the maximum market it's gonna be the maximum cap there on the supply of those coins so there it is it's Mattia where did i enter litecoin so i first entered litecoin there it was like $56 about a bunch of $56 bought a little bit more than $53 mostly in that $50 range so I'm in the $60 range and I think I got a couple coins there at the seven dollar range but the big thing for me was really kind of flipping so I was kind of jumping in the EOS coming into the Bitcoin cast jumping in that light coin and then move us up around exchanging exchanging selling and doing that so people asking where would I cash out at I don't think I'm actually gonna ever cash out as long as this kind of keeps this trend up really for me this is a long long term play I've never really been this excited on something long-term obviously there's stocks you know like the video stuff like that that I'm holding long-term but when it comes to the future the OP the possible reward we risk reward here on these I think that the reward is is too high to pass up I don't want to be you know 10 years older in the future and sit back I'm like man I cashed out of my light coin they're $200 and now it's that $10,000 because there's a lot of people who set there and who bought Bitcoin you know and people who bought people who bought Bitcoin when it was a blow hundred dollars they sold it a hundred dollars it now it's up to ten thousand dollars and they missed out on a lot of profit this is like I said when I first started this this is literally just my disposable income this is money that I might have taken to the casino and gambled with anyway so now I have it in the cryptocurrency and I've been gaining money every single day gaining profit I guess growing my money growing my money instead of this money singing instead of my money sitting in a savings account and not growing you know I'm up over a hundred percent my initial investment so I'm pretty happy with that and there it is litecoin up there to a hundred dollars Bitcoin up there to thousand dollars like I said I wasn't really planning on going alive right now I see some of the people some of the locals in here talking what's going on guys thanks for tuning in but I just wanted to make this whole trader I'm already up over a hundred percent so I can cash out right now and let the let's let all the money ride but it doesn't matter I don't really for seventeen thousand dollars or whatever I have invested that's not life Cheney if I lose seventeen thousand dollars it's not gonna change my life either way now if I make a million dollars that might change my life in the future so I'll be fine with that I'm gonna let it ride and let this party happen and it's buying five hours realistic for return on Bitcoin is their money be made at a low of a percentage so the big thing really think about here with Bitcoin with like when all these things it's all fractional so if I put five hundred dollars in in the stand it moves up you know three five percent in a day that's still five percent return on my 500 ollars so if you get a hundred percent return on five hundred dollars moving into the future that's I mean our doors made of five our dollars maybe a thousand or whatever it is there is money made no matter how much money you put into it there's still is money be made don't think about Bitcoin as like hey it's ten thousand dollars it's way too expensive I can't buy it there's no way I could buy this it's too expensive it's why would I buy this it's not really any point it's not only the way to think about it think about it more like hey you know I could just start investing slowly I told one of my friends put a hundred dollars every single month put 100 single dollars every single month into this consistently look for those gains consistently invest and you can you know grow a little bit of money how it was seventeen somebody has to be Bob how is 17 grand nothing when you take hundred our profit on stock I guess trading stocks more often though Bob the stocks that I trade are not stocks that I would hold for ten years these penny stocks I would not hold these stocks for more than ten minutes so that's that's the reason I take profit on the stock side trade litecoin there's a future there's a revolution here there's a big big upside so that's why I mean that's why I'm holding these some of these Sox talks like dpw I would not hold this stock for ten years it just wouldn't do it because there's a good chance that it's going to zero and besides it's not there litecoin you know could it go 2-0 possibly could Bitcoin crash and go back to zero there is a possibility obviously there's always a possibility but really what it comes down to is kind of out kind of out weighing the risk reward here if I can hold this for 10 years this goes to a million dollars that's an amazing game I'm risking what ten thousand dollars really only about eight thousand dollars risking eight thousand dollars for a million dollar return I mean I'll take that investment every single day if I can if somebody wants to make that deal with me I will bet you $8,000 every single day if you give me the opportunity to win a million dollars what's the maximum likelihood maximum litecoin is 84 million so it's basically what it's basically four times the amount of bitcoins so that's one of the reasons people talk about litecoin should be one-fourth the value of Bitcoin so that's why I'm also very bullish on the idea of light going because light point is very very similar to Bitcoin but it's also much much faster I sent somebody $100 a big I sent someone $100 with a light coin today they got it instantly I sent them $100 of Bitcoin it took almost two hours to get it there's no fees like coin has no fees maybe there's like literally zero zero zero two fees but when you send light coin around there's no fees normally it's very fast it's very simple to use and that's why I love it how long does it take you to because it's it in profitable trading that's not I've get the question a lot there's no secret there's no answer of like hey if you trade for one year you'll be profitable it's just a learning thing it's about experience about doing it every single day learning the markets when I first started trading cryptocurrencies I had no idea what I was doing the more time I spent trading cryptocurrencies the more I learned about it and then I started making money that's not I got really lucky also I'll give that disclaimer right now cryptocurrencies if you would have bought cryptocurrency any time over the last 30 days if you would have bought at any time over the last 30 days that would go huge so it really depends and it depends on how obsessed you are I got really obsessed with crippled currencies it's all I talk about it's all I do now I'm basically researching figuring out what's going on the cryptocurrency world what I should be doing differently what I should be learning and my girlfriend hates me for she's actual mad that I'm on the computer right now talking to you guys about this and instead of hanging out with her so I might be done with this slide shape pretty soon but I wanted to make this livestream basically to just get it out there for anybody who cares litecoin going back up I feel a little bit better now feel a little bit scared therefore not scared but I was little else like oh man I made this livestream like coins pulling back it's gonna start crashing everyone's like oh you're an idiot for not singing profit but it's back up there hundred dollars so I'm happy with that we get if like one stays above ninety eight dollars I'm happy the way if it pulls back to ninety dollars it doesn't really matter like I said I'm holding this baby for a long time what's your top five recommending cryptocurrencies top five recommended cryptocurrencies let me think about this real quick number one also obviously for me don't this ah this is my opinion don't don't go out and buy these coins right now just cuz I say but a light coin obviously I think is one of the biggest upsides litecoin has huge upside for the idea like I had to talked about like coin being fast it's simple – it's fast there's less fees than Bitcoin and there's a lot of upside there the founder of light coin Charlie Lee is still very very a part of the community he's working every single day to make light coin better so that's one thing that really like about like coin you got litecoin you got Bitcoin you got aetherium you got – coin and you got iOS if you look into the EOS coin I think iOS is probably the riskier of the coins but it the reward is much higher do your research learn about iOS you'll see you know there's a lot of people that call to ski and there's people that causes a lot of upside so I bought us when it's a dollar 44 I cashed out last night when it's a to $90 it was to 90 so dollar 44 sold it to 90 us worked out good for me you can see my what I'm holding right now I'm holding Bitcoin I got some be 80 coin dat coin golem is literally just one of those I'm just holding 50 dollars worth I put $50 worth of golem I'm up 100 percent right now on that actually which is pretty funny so if you look at this check this baby out no not like golem so I got it on golem beginning of the month November 6 I got in there 53 dollars worth it's up there it was up a hundred dollars earlier so it's almost doubled now and that's pretty funny the one the one Gamble coin that I bought just to kind of hole holding gamble on is up 100% so that's pretty funny to see but a golem there's a lot of coins out there's a lot of stuff you can do research on but really kind of focus on the main top coins with the largest market cap obviously the top like ten coins are they're gonna be the ones that are a little bit safer a little bit funnier you know but so definitely look into those if you're gonna be looking for Bitcoin – coin I have a you know I like – coin as well but I think Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin have bigger upside just because they're more mainstream right now light coin obviously you can buy litecoin directly through coin base which really helps all the people that are new to cryptocurrency the first thing they do is they get a Crip they get a coin base account and what do they do they buy like coin they buy aetherium they buy Bitcoin and I think a lot of people buy light coin because it's cheap you can buy one coin for $100 so it's like hey they want to be they want to feel like they bought one coin although it doesn't really matter because it's all fractional you can buy you know $100 with a Bitcoin it doesn't really matter but at the end of the day they want to feel like they're a part of it so they want to buy one coin so they end up buying one light coin I think it's pretty cool either way cuz you're like hey I got one light coin where if you buy her torso the Bitcoin you got like point zero zero or whatever it is so that's one of the reasons I think like one has a bigger potential right now you get a lot of people that are coming into the crypto space world and they're gonna end up buying a light coin because it is cheap you know in a sense that you can buy one coin for a hundred dollars and that's kind of like hey I can buy one light coin I can feel cool because I own one coin instead of owning Bitcoin which I only get point zero zero three or whatever it is so those are my top picks right now like I said I'm not a crypto adviser an investor guru by any means so take these uh take this advice with a grain of salt do your own research learn about cryptocurrencies figure out the best way to buy to sell all that fun stuff and that's kind of where I'm at right now so there oh I kind of want to see like going get back above 100 dollars before I close this out I feel a little bit better here but look at the volume here we got 868 hundred and six eight hundred and sixty one thousand like coin traded in the last 24 hours the other day I think it was like I'm even know a couple days ago we were like doing a couple milli worth volume there so we had a couple big spikes I think I was back here so back to your litecoin spiked up big there was a couple of days where's like a million or so volume there so where's it out I'm trying to find it there was a day we got a couple million volume there so litecoin has been on a terror you can see beginning of this month this is the daily chart here beginning of the month we had litecoin down there at the $52 area november 2nd it's up over a hundred percent so far and this exchange I'm looking at right now is called g dax which works with coinbase if you're gonna sign up for a corn-based account use the link that i have I get $10 you get $10 so why not you know we can all make a little bit of money so there it is alright alright like one do a little bit pullback Bitcoin up up there up there still so good to see good to see either way we'll see what happens it doesn't get really volatile there's gonna be a lot of action this week in the core in the cryptocurrency world this is what's gonna happen you know a lot of news a lot of people talking about Bitcoin now that's over $10,000 you're gonna get all the big investors everybody talking about how Bitcoin is a bubble trust me tomorrow morning the new CNBC the only thing I'm talking about is Bitcoin Bitcoin over $10,000 and every analyst every big Wall Street hedge fund top manager is gonna be saying bitcoins a bubble bitcoins a bubble and it's gonna be talked about all day long tomorrow this is gonna be huge and we'll see what happens so aetherium nice little pump there on a theory and like I said I got some aetherium there so that's good for me I get aetherium I like to see aetherium above $500 this week we'll see what happens the theorem has been on a run been on a tear right now look at the theorem was it beginning of this month aetherium down there below $300 it's up there to 490 480 area but yeah I'm over here pumping Bitcoin as well so you can see that as the news is happening how is this action is going on I'm talking about Bitcoin everyone's talking about Bitcoin it's the hottest thing in the investing stock market trading world right now nobody cares about stocks anymore it's all about the Bitcoin the cryptocurrency world I think there's a lot of opportunity if you guys are not already trading this stuff try to look into it figure out it figure out about it the really cool thing about it is if you're using G Dax there's no fee so I can buy and sell with a limit order if I buy and sell a limit order there are no fees there's no broker fees there's no commissions and I can I can buy as much as I want I can sell as much as I want as long as I'm using limit orders there's no fees which is really really cool and do I plan on putting it a hard offline wool yes I actually just bought a TR easy treasurer treasurer I think a TR easy or I just bought this wallet actually to put my money in cuz all these damn youtubers getting hacked I might get hacked today everybody talking about these uh bitcoins and light coins all that don't hack me please I'm not I'm not that rich I'm one of you guys don't hack me yet give me a couple more days before I get my wallet set up so that I can put my money in that and you guys can't hack me anymore ha ha that's the plan right now so give me some time got give me 2 more days and then you can hack me after taking all the money out of the out of the hot wallet 24 hours a day jeer this thing is trading 24 hours a day every single dates 365 days a year there are no holidays there are no breaks it never stops it never stops there's never a dull moment in the cryptocurrency world I think some of the biggest moves normally happen at night and and the reason that is is because of the Asians South Korea no offense to Asians nothing no offense to Asians at all but the Asians love cryptocurrency South Koreans love cryptocurrency you got the South Koreans you got what else I mean all the Asians I guess really love cryptocurrency in this like I said that's not me this is not any kind of thing about Asians he says the Asian markets really really love cryptocurrencies Japan actually made Bitcoin a legal currency which is really wild so in Japan if you go to Japan Bitcoin is a real currency in a sense that they recognize it whereas in America you'd be like what's Bitcoin they book you that's one of the politicians you ask the bankers they tell you it's a scam it's not real there's no you can't do anything with that bitcoin but I'm really really excited for tomorrow morning yeah just to tune in to CNBC to see what kind of news they're gonna be talking about here on Bitcoin it's gonna be good you're gonna have a lot of big money guys you have the CEO JPMorgan calling out Bitcoin a bubble calling it a scam and the big argument really normally is oh people that use Bitcoin are criminals people that use Bitcoin are drug addicts people that use Bitcoin are people who are terrorists that'll be the one this is what this is how America this is how the US government will be painting Bitcoin now is that Bitcoin is being used by terrorists because terrorists want Bitcoin because they use it to fund their terrorist activities because you know terrorists don't like cash terrorists don't terrorists don't like to use cash to buy weapons and stuff they like to only use Bitcoin I don't know that'll be the story that's how America will start to try to regulate Bitcoin stuff like that they're gonna tell people that it's illegal because terrorists use it and you know I think there's a lot of big potential here but we'll see what happens tomorrow morning I'm excited to see how much how I'm excited to see the fear the fear in all of the big people all the big bankers all the big hedge funds twitter is gonna be amazing it's always amazing to see all the old timers you got the guys they're like 60 years old that have been buying stocks since they were you know in their 20s they're been selling stocks been trading the banks all that stuff and they're really really scared of Bitcoin so we'll see what happens we'll see what happens here thanks for watching guys I actually I gotta go and and hang out my girlfriend she's I can hear her yelling at me right now – come come come come something skid off of YouTube is what she's saying so I'll talk to you guys later on thanks for watching like I said big day for cryptocurrencies if you haven't already make sure you learn about this stuff I'm not telling you go out there and buy everything you can right now don't go and mortgage your house to buy cryptocurrencies but learn about it learn about it you know I'll talk to you guys later on Oh sometimes I always say that say – oh I say I'll see you guys later on then I don't hit the actual stop button so this time see you guys talk to you guys later tomorrow morning 9:00 am

let's talk about what stocks are hot tomorrow I might actually just quit trading stocks in general if litecoin goes to $10,000 tomorrow morning do not expect me to be on the live stream you guys