Hello There cryptocurrency enthusiasts and lovers this is Neniemsu here from the Crypto Doctor and everyday I bless this blue snowball with my voice somebody's gonna get some crypto wisdom so first of all congratulations to all those holding Bitcoin we hit 10k today so chill out enjoy grab something juice beer whatever you like and enjoy that drink so first of all let's talk about the bit screen now look at the chart like this it looks beautiful like the price is just moving up but what do we need at the moment people are saying we need some correction in the market what do you think so a correction in the market if i zoom out you can see we literally just went parabolic sorry for the excess lines I'll take them out so people went parabolic now before I get down to talking about technical analysis now there's been a bit of talk about technical analysis or technical analysts in the space of late and we don't claim to know what happens but we just get implemented a psychological aspect of what we understand with what's the charts show because just look at these press actions as somebody pushing the button somebody buying and somebody selling so if we understand what somebody is feeling when they buy and sell we could help to understand what technical analysis is saying so that's just what technical analysis is and it's just a tool to help understand this space or help understand the trade if you might see that so let me get down to what I want to talk about so the price of Bitcoin where we up here and we hit 10k there is not shown on this chart but hit 10 key and it's been a long run since we had a clear enough correction from here we literally just rents parabolic now we expecting a correction but the price could still keep going up but what could be the reason why this price is going up now I could attribute this to what we call the CM e now the Chicago metropolitan exchange I think as it's called plans to manage an ad Bitcoin futures trading so the plan to add Bitcoin so they're trading platform thereby opening bitcoins bigger financial money come into the markets now as you can see this chart this talks about the bisque Armenia and right here was when it was announced that Bitcoin was going to be added to the main pollutant to the Chicago metropolitan exchange and you can see the price run up all the way since that time non-stop because people I expected this to be very good for the markets as is going to mean institutional money coming to the markets thereby why should I sell my bisque ran a 10k when we quite we could just see it's go all the way to 15k and prior to today I was taking 15k when I watch this video now looking at the blue line this is actually not the flat line this is actually in retrospect in perspective gold and its growth you can see it's pretty flat here it's actually growing by about twelve percent year-to-date but really it is nothing compared to what's happening with Bitcoin also looking ahead to the next six months casts and securities things that it could go even higher to $15,000 in the next six months helped by CME Group offering those Bitcoin features that we've been reporting by the so as you can see they said it I didn't say it 15,000 I was thinking 12,000 because I kind of made a pull on Twitter talking about this same thing but 15,000 so hold on to your Bitcoin guys or should you hold on to your Bitcoin now what could be the possible reasons that could make the Bitcoin price crash can make ASCAP 314 billion billion dollars so congratulations again every day we have a new high so let's go into Bitcoin and let me show you the charts on current market cap for the Bitcoin good so far so a possible thing that could lead to the fall in the price of Bitcoin or the correction we've been waiting for for this long could be what's the whole market to say in the heart so we had the Tara hack of late so if you generally don't know what Tara means this is what it means Tara is a courage fixture of flexible attachments that are cost something movable so reference points which may be fixed or movable now all it's saying is that's the terror we have in the cryptocurrencies the us each other or the US dollar Tara which then just means the US dollar is equivalent to one dollar so the US did Tara is secured to one dollar so when you trade in cryptocurrencies what you do that if your Bitcoin is high for instance at ten thousand you feels good to go down you could sell your Bitcoin to Tara instead of sending it to your bank account and then you receive you hold that Sara in that's ten thousand if you hold on Bitcoin and then when the price of Bitcoin correct you could buy it for ten thousand using cheddar and Tara doesn't fluctuate because it's supposed to be pegged to the us

dollar so but we had the hack on Tara from BitFenix and BitFenix has been going under a lot of scrutiny of leads about the cheddar hack and people are now speculated that comparing to the Mount GOx hack we had back down here where the price of Bitcoin were generally just went from like one thousand two back to hundreds and just flatlined before we had this movement which is generally how we explain a bubble to be the top popping eventually it's coming back down and then we have a spike sometime later again so people expecting that this might be what to fix this cryptocurrency bubble if it pops it's a pop maybe due to what this reason right here being that exchanges are going to get hacked or the Tara hack if a lots of people lose money people will lose trust and we know that in crypto currencies we don't trust each other but we trust what's the system which was that the system works out and that is why we have so much trust in cryptocurrencies how we believe is going to go places now we see cryptocurrencies being spoken about everywhere front page of a newspaper you can see this kind of record triggers on ease definitely everybody feels good to pop anytime soon now we have some news also from Nigeria that I spoke about and it's just they said they are not going to ensure our Bitcoin if you buy a Bitcoin so if you live in Nigeria you're watching this video you've heard about this don't bother yourself guys the government doesn't insure most of the things we already have so why will they ensure our Bitcoin we don't need insurance for a bit screen Stanley risks involved and is the third clearly that they have no rights to stop the use of Bitcoin so it is it's your risk to trade bit cryptocurrencies which is actually true so it is now your choice to decide what you want to do with your cryptocurrencies are which your money because it's yours so will the price of bitcoins correct or will it go higher what are your thoughts so the question of the day is straightforward what are your thoughts do you think the price of Bitcoin is going to go to 50 mm I stated by Bloomberg or do you think the price of Bitcoin is going to go back down I personally have my lines I'm strictly watching Bitcoin you can see all those lines once it goes to any of the lines are going to buy some Bitcoin this is definitely not trading advice, I am NOT a financial adviser get a registered financial adviser to give you better information but this is just me giving the information what I've seen on the charts and how I feel about the markets until next time guys stay profitable and make sure you keep ruining that crypto it has been NeniEmsu and I'll see you next one