Bitcoin Is Growing At 1% Per Day Now! From $100 to $1 million in Less Than 3 Years! Today is October 31, 2017 Later, you'll hear another date, because I write these video scripts over several days and I read them up to 25 times to polish, making changes every time This video is about making money and the vehicle is bitcoin I'm not advocating that the viewer invest in bitcoin and that will be covered at the end I have made a study of bitcoin for the past four years and at the beginning, it was growing in value at the rate of 1% per day! That rate gives you 3778 times as much money each year! That number, 37

78 expressed as a percent, is 3,778%, annually! Do you know ANYTHING that grows money this fast? I'm not predicting the future of bitcoin I'm telling you about the recent past! At this rate, ANYONE can be a 'lottery winner'! If this continues, there are going to be a lot of smiling faces, because this vehicle is capable of transferring wealth, like we have never seen before! As the fiat fades, bitcoin rises on the horizon, like a hot air balloon! From $100 to $1 million in less than three years! No matter which investment you own, I am sure it's not paying you a net of 1% per day! Bitcoin is the best investment, ever! Watch how money flows in from EVERYWHERE! How much capital is there, in all the world's stock markets? $76 trillion! If 1% went into bitcoin, for faster growth, how much would that be? $760 billion If there are 165 million bitcoins, what would be the value of each? $46,060 What if 10% of the money in stocks went into bitcoin? What would the price be? $460,600 And if the stock market was teetering and 50% of the money went into bitcoin for safety, how much would that be? $2,303,030 per bitcoin! Now let's consider the bond market! The bond market is the most important asset class and it's the largest! Can you see why bitcoin has upward potential? Does this mean you should run off the high dive and go head first into the pool? No! You need to know how much broken glass there is in the swimming pool and if there are any jagged rocks, crocodiles, poisonous snakes, sharp pieces of steel protruding out, poisons, toxic chemicals and so on, right? What do you call it, when you look before you leap in an investment? DUE DILIGENCE! Every wise investor does it! If you don't, what happens? You get wise, but first you have to get wiped out and start over, so if you're not a savvy investor with 200 years of experience behind you, keep your risks to a minimum How much can you afford to lose? Unless you have $100 to throw away and were planning to buy lottery tickets, you should not invest in bitcoin, because you don't know it very well You should study it, first! Ask hundreds of questions to open up your investigation, because there are risks and without due diligence, you are unaware of those risks! If you're going to invest in bitcoin, you had better be aware of all the risks! Hackers can rob you! The government can screw you again! Exchanges can rob you blind, the way Mt Gox did and then the government stepped in and stole all the bitcoins that belonged to ordinary people! Is that the role of government, to steal what belongs to us? This is not what we want from government, but they never do what we want and so the obvious question is, 'Why do we need government?' They always do what THEY want and they wanted to kill bitcoin and punish those who own it and use it! Back in 2013, bitcoin was under assault by the fascists, the Nazis and the totalitarians who run the US government and I'm not talking about the actors on the stage who you think you elected! Those Bozos are NOT the real government! I'm talking about the Deep State, as people are now calling it, the permanent government, the unelected government that runs the entire show! They put al-Qaeda on the stage to instill fear, so that they could manipulate us It worked! They got legislation approved! Let's make sure it doesn't work again! Remember to always TELL TEN! Find the truth and spread it! Don't ever let them get away with a false flag, terrorist attack! The one in Las Vegas on October 2, 2017 was to get the Israelis a lucrative contract to provide security equipment in all major cities, beginning with Las Vegas We don't need this equipment! The terrorist act was staged! Before 1950, terrorism was rarely used! Now, its used everywhere and when you trace back where these terrorist acts comes from, it's ALWAYS government! There's a drill the day of the false flag! The CIA is used to kill innocent people and the FBI is used to plan and cover up these false flag terrorist acts! Is this what government is for? Is this why we taxpayers provide the CIA with money? So they can kill us? Government secretly backs those who commit the terrorist acts! Often these people are mentally unstable and would be powerless, if not for our tax dollars so I ask you again, 'Why do we need a government that backs terrorists and plans false flag events?' They want to set up Gestapo, with checkpoints all over the country and the world If everyone finds the truth and tells ten, they can't do this! Our power would trump their power! I don't mean Donald 'Drain the Swamp' Trump! Trump is a chump! He's an insider! I'm not talking about that trump! He is Trumpty Dumpty Did you see his photo, swinging a golf club? More like 'Chunky Dumpty'! Chunky Dumpty loves Israel, more than America! Look at the smile on the face of Benjamin Netanyahu! The photo was taken right after Trumpty Dumpty got elected! Israel has taken over America and they have 'their man', in the White House! Israel will get anything that Israel needs, with Chunky Dumpty in the White House! We have a National Debt of $21 trillion and it's rising fast! We're broke and we don't need expensive equipment and Gestapo checkpoints at every intersection with Fatherland thugs yelling, 'PAPERS PLEASE to common citizens!' We want our freedom back! We want the checkpoints GONE! They are trying to turn this into Nazi Germany and I don't like it! How do YOU like a finger up YOUR ass at the airport? TELL TEN! That's the solution! We have the power, but only if we use it, so TELL TEN! They create a boogey man, wage a carefully planned false flag terrorist attack and then the people allow the perpetrators to bring their solution! It's another step toward a totalitarian, one world, Nazi regime! One more step toward communism, a totalitarian dictatorship that you will not enjoy living under, so TELL TEN! They created al-Qaeda! The public bought it, at first and then they wised up, after a decade! When the public caught on that al-Qaeda was a fake group, the Nazis removed al-Qaeda! They dreamed up a new boogey man! ISIS! ISIS entered the stage, to fool us all again! They create and move these players around, like a theatrical performance and the public is buying it, like hot dogs at a baseball game! Hot dogs are made with garbage; The stuff, NOBODY would buy and the government solutions are yet more crap! ISIS is a CIA funded terrorist group and is completely under the thumb of those who claim to be resisting it! We lost the war in Vietnam and left in shame! We lost the war in Afghanistan, after 15 years of fighting who? The Taliban? Camel jockeys? There wasn't a real war if the world's only superpower can't defeat the Taliban! There has to be some other reason for invading Afghanistan! Either it's the lithium, needed for rechargeable batteries, or it's the $5 trillion a year, in profits from the heroin business! Our government is a drug dealer! If you accept that they are drug dealers, then you have to also accept that they are 'money launderers', because they have $5 trillion each year to launder! Am I right? HSBC was caught twice! Weren't they? Whose money did they get caught laundering? The CIA's money! If the Average American's attention span was longer than almost four minutes, they might be able to make these connections and understand what's going on! Fluoride in the water is one way to kill the brain, so it can't think! Harvard did the studies! Fluoride lowers IQ! Is this intentional or is rat poison good for your teeth! Find the truth and then TELL TEN! If everyone did this, we could put an end to water fluoridation and stop drinking all five of the poisons; fluoride, cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury! Fluoride Action Network has a long list of reasons why YOU DON'T WANT YOUR FAMILY DRINKING FLUORIDE POISON! Let me pose some questions: 'Is government poisoning our water for a purpose? and if so, What is that purpose? Is it to dumb us down and quell rebellion? Is our government just as bad as the regime of Adolph Hitler or is it far worse?' ISIS isn't the only devious thing that government is doing to turn this into a communist world, under the rule of one dictator! The creation of ISIS and the terrorist acts that government has done on our own soil has fooled a lot of people, but for those who have questions like, 'Who is the spokesperson for ISIS? These people are not as easily fooled! Ask a lot of questions and when you find the answers, TELL TEN! Does ISIS have an email address? If not, why not? Are they a real organization that just lacks an email address and a spokesman? Does ISIS have an office location, anywhere in the world? If not, why not? Are they like Santa Claus, who lives at the North Pole? You haven't been there, so you have never driven past his house! This should tip you off that Santa Claus is fake! Where is ISIS located? If you have never thought about this question, then maybe the group is fake! They are mercenaries, not warriors! Who funds them, besides the CIA? Anyone? It's clear that the CIA pays them to be actors on a stage, another fake reality construct! These mercenaries do what they are told, by their secretive employers, the CIA, and they don't talk to anyone about it! Take the money and keep your mouth shut! Then the Russians started bombing ISIS and since some of the mercenaries got killed, it's harder to find suckers who are willing accept pay, in exchange for doing the bloody work of killing innocent people! The Russians put a little risk in the occupation! As an investor, looking at bitcoin or any other investment, you must look at the backdrop, because it affects your investment! As an American or as a citizen of the world, you must know the truth and spread the truth and not let government get away with murder! You must TELL TEN, every day of every week and if all 75 billion of us did this, nobody could control the narrative that we hear! Why let them be the only voice heard? Are you going to stand around with a TSA finger up your ass or are you going to put down the lite beer, turn off the ballgame and get busy fighting for your freedom? The people can't see the CIA strings, operating the marionette and so you have to turn on the lights for them! For the lite beer drinkers, a marionette is a puppet on a string, OK? Now go pee! (Announcement: Attention all light beer drinkers! It's time to pee again!) Now, allow me to make my conclusion: Bitcoin exists in a world of state-sponsored terrorism, propaganda and totalitarian control over our nation's citizens You are NOT SAFE! Your money is NOT SAFE! Such are the risks of owning bitcoin or any other investment! Bank accounts are NOT SAFE any more! The FDIC is broke! You deposits are NOT insured! They are donations to insolvent banks! The Department of Defense commits WARS OF AGGRESSION, THE HIGHEST OF ALL WAR CRIMES! They are killing innocent people who are no threat to us and calling it 'defense'! They have turned this world upside down and you have to know what's going on, if you are going to invest your money or anyone else's money! When those in control deem that money is more important than the lives of the citizens, then you're going to see people sacrificed, for the state and the oligarchs! You're going to see government agencies that we fund doing the cover ups and the murders of innocent people! To have a safer environment for investment, we, the people, have to take action and I suggest that you TELL TEN! All investors deserve a peaceful nation, a peaceful world, a world that is safe for capital, a world that promotes capital formation, because if we don't have that, then we don't have prosperity! When you invest in bitcoin, you have to have knowledge and experience! Some do, but most don't! This government is evil! Accept that as your first premise and then you won't look like the deer in the headlights, when they take everything away from you! This government has already attacked bitcoin and you should be fully aware of the facts and the history, if you plan to invest! I will tell you that when bitcoin came into view in their rear view mirror, the dirty rotten government, went into action to kill it! Government means the 'Deep State' First, they killed Liberty Reserve and Mt

Gox! They posted bitcoin's obituary and it came back from the dead, just like Andy Pero, who they killed, many times! The Feds scared Dwolla so badly that Dwolla got diarrhea and made a mess in their pants! This all happened back in 2013, as I recall Dwolla, with its tail between its legs, removed support for bitcoin! THEY WERE INTIMIDATED, but bitcoin survived, didn't it? Events like this caused bitcoin to fall from its heights They held a wake and while bitcoin was dead in the coffin, it sat up, smiled and stepped out of the interment box that was built for it! With an ax in it's bloody skull, bitcoin rose again! They just can't kill the beast! Like Andy Pero, they killed it many times and it just kept coming back! In Pero's case, he was able to heal any injury! Bitcoin seems to be able to do the same, but it ain't over, until it's over, as Yogi Biera used to say! How many funerals has the government announced for bitcoin? DOZENS! Yet it comes back and rises again! For all of 2014, bitcoin was in a coma and barely had a pulse The price of bitcoin remained low for years and the rate of increase stayed very, very low, until recently This is the end of 2017, November now and this year, bitcoin took off, didn't it? This year, bitcoin rose like a hot air balloon! Don't throw dirt down on top of that coffin just yet! Bitcoin is opening the lid and popping out of the interment box! IT'S ALIVE! The blood has dried and flaked off of bitcoin's forehead and the ax has been removed from it's skull! Remember the history, because the Nazis and the fascists can do it again! There was market manipulation, using bitcoins seized in the Mt Gox crackdown on freedom! These were stolen bitcoins and those who stole them knew it, but they had no other way to get bitcoins and they needed them to drive the price down, as they do for gold and silver! They are not clever enough to come up with any new ideas, so they use the same market manipulation techniques they have been using for decades! Sell off a bunch of bitcoins and drive that price down, but bitcoin has a different nature than stocks! You can drive a stock price down and kill that company, but bitcoin has a 'healing pool', like Andy Pero, Project Superman! It comes back from the dead, has a natural buoyancy and rises, again, like a hot air balloon! They couldn't kill Andy Pero and they can't kill bitcoin That didn't stop them from writing hundreds of obituaries and every time they killed bitcoin, bitcoin rose from the dead, like Jesus Dead for a while and then a resurrection, like Andy Pero from Project Superman That's a video series on this channel, by the way Bitcoin fell to a rate much, much lower than the 1% per day that bitcoin hoarders were enjoying, at the time! Well, bitcoin is back from the dead, feeling energetic and lively and is once again, rising in value, with a vengeance! Yesterday, to my delight, I discovered that bitcoin has returned to it's 1% per day growth! I'm using a 50 day average, so don't think that's based on a single day's performance! It is less likely that this will be disturbed now, because too many people are involved in bitcoin, the blockchain and they have made investments! If you follow the daily closing price of bitcoin, you have a wild horse and that's not what we want Bitcoin is too volatile to track it, daily We need a statistician For the lite beer drinkers, we need something more stable, like an average of many consecutive days (Now go pee, again!) This just in A plane caught on fire on the runway and whe have the names of the pilots now

Sum Ting WongWe Tu Lo Ho Le Fuk and Ding Bang Ow! Wait a minute! This has to be a practical joke

Sum Ting Wong

We Tu Lo Ho Le Fuk and Ding Bang Ow! Sum Ting WongWe Tu Lo Ho Le Fuk and Ding Bang Ow! I take a 50 day average of each day's closing price and to me this is a much, much more stable price to use I have found that the price of bitcoin is increasing at the rate of 1% per day! Do you realize the significance of that? Like I said, earlier, $100 to $1 million in less than three years! You could retire with what you have after just three years with $5 million! It's $1 million BEFORE three years and $5 million AT three years! If you left all your money in bitcoin and only drew out what you need to live, you might grow that nest egg to look at the bottom of this screen! The figure will blow your socks off! Year five is 7 billion dollars Year seven is 10 trillion dollars! Year nine is $15 thousand trillion dollars! After that, I can't even say the number! This is all based on past performance with no guarantee that bitcoin will behave as it has in the recent past! By year ten, with a little luck, you're richer than the Rothschilds, assuming they have $200 trillion If they don't hurry, there won't be any bitcoins left for them! A new money system is taking over theirs and they are going to be left holding fiat! If they convert their fiat into bitcoin, what happens to the price? This is why YOU can become rich with just $100! They will own all fiat and it will be a pity when the fiat goes to zero value, won't it? Should we all cry for the poor Rothschilds? Their real name is Bauer, by the way How many bitcoins are there in circulation? 165 million as of November, 2017 How many millionaires are there in the entire world? 33 million So how many could the 33 million millionaires buy, if they wanted to? Not even one bitcoin per millionaire! First of all, not all 165 million bitcoins are for sale! They are being hoarded! Second of all, there are twice as many millionaires as there are bitcoins, aren't there? On average, the 33 million millionaires in the world could get half a bitcoin each, if those who are hoarding them were persuaded by a high enough price, from the Rothschilds, for example! Tehehehehehehe! As the fiat currencies of the world crash, as a direct result of the counterfeiting that's going on with the currency war that is raging, you're going to see people with money fleeing to bitcoin for safety and to preserve purchasing power They earned the money and they want to spend it, so they seek refuge in bitcoin! The price will go to infinity, as the value of each fiat goes to zero value! If you're a Rothschild and the value of the fiat that they are holding goes to zero, how much is $200 trillion worth? My answer, $0! Now, let us all cry! 200 trillion times zero is zero, isn't it or am I a baboon on roller skates, chewing tobacco and spitting it on tourists, as they walk by? Hello Mr Rothschild! (Sppttt!) What happens when bitcoin hoarders won't sell to the Rothschilds, no matter how much fiat they offer? What's the price of bitcoin then? Infinity, isn't tit? You're not supposed to say tit, but in this case, I have to! Don't worry, I can handle tits! I want you all to bow your heads and say a prayer for the Rothschilds, OK? Ask Jesus to make sure they have plenty of dough so they can continue with the wars and other bullshit that we have to put up with and ask Jesus to make sure these guys don't get no pussy! I want to see an end to the Rothschild era! We, the people, have suffered long enough! No pussy, no more Rothschilds! It's that simple! (Ping! Lite beer drinkers, it's time to pee again!) So I'm using a 50 day moving average to get an extremely stable number and I'm comparing one days' 50 day average with the following day to see what type of changes bitcoin is experiencing and it's really amazing! I know your friends don't do spreadsheets and so you don't have privy to what I be talkin' 'bout, but if you could learn how to insert a simple formula, like =1

01* the cell above, then you could see the effects of a daily growth of 1%! Find someone who can do formulas, if you can't figure it out This will be a little bit hard for you to understand, but I'll say it, anyway You can ponder it for the next week, if you can even remember it If I took the 50 day average bitcoin price from yesterday and wrote it down Then I took today's 50 day average price and wrote that number down Then subtracted today's past 50 days price average, from yesterday's 50 day average closing price, I could see how that 50 day average closing price is changing, from one day to the next, right? Well it went up by $56, yesterday! That's just in one day! That's astounding! The 50 day average price of anything doesn't move $40 or $50, in one day! If you're a mathematician or a statistician, you know what I be talkin' 'bout! The value of bitcoin is rising so fast that if this continues, 1% gain per day, an investment of just $100 will grow to $5 million in three years, $7 billion in five years and much, much more in the years to come! When people get all excited about bitcoin, they look at the price, which is around $7,000 now and they faint! They're sad and think it's too late! This is not true! Look at the rate of increase and compare it with any other investment! They are pale, by comparison! A crash can happen in the inverse, you know One thing goes up and everything else goes down We have never had one like that, before The price of real estate and stocks stays pretty much the same, but bitcoin rises, exponentially Is that the same? Recall Einstein Did the train go past the station or did the station go past the train? Relativity? Einstein, in his theory of relativity said, that it's true both ways The station went past the train! That gave us a brand new way of looking at things Suppose when bitcoin first came out and was five cents, it became the new world reserve currency, but nobody knew it Today, November 5, 2017 as I'm writing this, bitcoin is about $7,300 Let me check the price OK, it's $7,564 at 8:22 am, Mountain Time, that's Arizona Is bitcoin rising or are fiat, stocks and real estate crashing? All you have to do is get into the gondola of the hot air balloon, go up a few miles and look down! It's obvious from the perspective of a bitcoin hoarder, that prices of EVERYTHING are falling, fast! The crash that we have all been waiting for is here! It's happening, NOW! The new money for the world is bitcoin and stock prices are falling like Hillary Clinton being hurled by the CIA down a long flight of stairs! Boomedy! Boom! Boom! Boom! Deleboomedy! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! To some, that's a pleasant sound! To others, seeing her die in prison is delightful! Was Einstein right? Is it just as true to say the train went past the station, as it is to say the station went past the train? Did Hillary fall down the stairs or did the stairs come up and hit her on the chin? I know it's hard to imagine stairs moving, but it's just as difficult to imagine that bitcoin isn't rising! It's the fiat crashing and the stock market becoming worthless, relative to bitcoin That's the way Stephen Kendal sees it and I have been saying it for a while but didn't quite visualize it, until I was listening to Crush The Street and heard the interview with Stephen Kendal If you're waiting for bitcoin to return to $2,000 or $5 or five cents, as it was in 2009, that isn't going to happen any more than Hillary will pick herself up at the bottom of the stairs and run for President again! She's finished and a bitcoin price of $2,000 is also finished! Bitcoin is rare and increasingly more valuable with each day that passes and the fiat is being printed ad infinitum The values of all fiats are falling like Building #7 at the WTC; A controlled demolition, one could say! The aim was to push us into SDRs, Special Drawing Rights, of the IMF; a new kind of scam currency, but the people won't go for it They have seen enough of what government does to us They are tired of being robbed blind and now they want a decentralized currency that can be sent to ANYONE, ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON and you don't have to tell a banker what you are going to do with YOUR MONEY! YOUR MONEY IS YOUR MONEY, NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S MONEY! With bitcoin you can retain your privacy and there is nothing that big government can do, but China is trying! There are ways around the oppressive governments of the world! Power has transferred to the people! Money is now in the hands of the people and we don't need a corrupt government or a system of parasitic, wealth siphoning banks, especially central banks! The growth of bitcoin is geometric Some would say, viral It's mathematical and it's a multiple of the previous value, like 1

01 This is exponential growth and there are only two kinds of people from here on out 1 Those who are hoarding bitcoin and 2 those without any! We are lucky, because those who belong to the old system don't want to help bitcoin become the world's reserve currency Some of us like that! Keep them out of our money system! Let the wealth transfer to the people, for a change! That is, to those who hold some modicum of bitcoin Look at the price, compare it with a price that is gone, will never return and what do you do? You pass! You were going to buy bitcoin and you quit, hoping for a day when it's 5 cents again! The hot air balloon is not coming back down to the ground so YOU can get on! No matter what the current price of bitcoin is, this hot air balloon is going to rise! You either get on or you stay on the ground! Those who get on will look at the ground and everything will shrink! It's like riding in a passenger jet and seeing people shrink to a dot and then disappear, because we can no longer see them Stocks will do just that and maybe you won't see the fall in prices that you imagined, but the crash is happening now and if you don't believe it, ask those in the gondola to tell you what they see Roger Ver is a billionaire! They see things on the ground, like real estate, stocks, gold all shrinking! Labor costs are shrinking, because the USA is becoming a third world nation! What will the Chinese demand for their manufactured goods, if the USD is printed to infinity? Prices will go to infinity! That's how the dollar will crash! Bitcoin owners can even afford to hire lawyers again and lawyers are so busy robbing clients of their fiat that they didn't notice that the balloon left the liftoff point and is now just a dot in the sky! Lawyers are asking, 'Did we shrink or did the balloon lift off?' Obviously, there was a departure and the fiat crashed, relative to the bitcoin hot air balloon! We never had this happen before! The crash is happening now and few realize it, even those with bitcoin! They still have one foot on the ground and don't even realize that bitcoin is the new world reserve currency! Among cryptocurrency holders, it's obvious by now that bitcoin is the reserve currency of the altcoins, but few see bitcoin as the new world reserve currency, because it's not yet accepted for oil Russia and China are living in the past, still trying to make the fiat work, by backing it with gold! Fiat, by the way, has nothing to do with being backed by gold Fiat means that the currency was decreed by the kings, the rulers, the dictators and the tyrants to be legal tender for all debts, public and private There is a gun to your head to accept fiat, but as it becomes worthless, you will see signs that read, 'HOUSE FOR SALE, 5 BTCs' The seller doesn't want USD, any more! To that seller, the USD is worthless! Unacceptable! That's the crash! Bitcoin is in and the USD is out! That fast! So, when you look at the price of bitcoin and reject it, you are making a serious mistake You are missing the boat or the I should say, the hot air balloon ride! Get into the gondola, regardless of price, because the USD is falling, relative to bitcoin and there isn't going to be any turnaround on price! If you don't have enough to buy 30 or 40 bitcoins, buy it anyway, after you have completed your due diligence It's not too late! Bitcoin is like Einstein's train, moving past the station The USD is the station Did bitcoin rise or did the USD fall? Take a look at this spreadsheet which shows you the math and decide whether you want to be in the gondola, drinking Coca Cola or down on the ground, fussing around, like 'Bozo the Clown'! If you get in with just $100 it might be enough to become a millionaire! $100 is a tiny bit of cash, yet look how it grows with a 1% per day gain! People just don't understand the math and that's why I had to make this video! If you can't afford an entire bitcoin, don't buy one! Buy $100 worth of satoshis! They could grow at 1% per day, just like a whole bitcoin! Satoshis can double too, you know! Do you want twice as much money or half as much? This is a vehicle that carries you up, regardless of the price of a whole bitcoin! After due diligence, move a tiny bit of your money into the fast lane and hop in for the ride, but don't forget to wear your seat belt, because bitcoin is VOLATILE! If all you care about is growth of your money, then bitcoin is the car to ride in! If you care about the number one concern of savvy investors, not return ON capital, but return OF capital, then you have to study! There are thousands of questions to ask I don't want to get into it now! Study a lot, before you invest all the money you have! Maybe you think you can afford to lose $100 and so you go for it, but that's not what I advocate! Let me be clear! I advocate that you study bitcoin! It's important! This store of value and payment system might wind up the world's reserve currency! If you gamble $100 on bitcoin, like playing the lottery, that tiny bit of money just might grow faster than you think! You can study while your money grows and before you know it, you will have a lot of money at stake! Hopefully, you'll know more about how others can take what you have! This storage vault, bitcoin, doesn't care who you are, where you live or how much money you have! It doesn't care about national boundaries, because bitcoin was born free and does not belong to any country, any region, any territory, any domain or any dictatorship! It's a vehicle which doubles money for anyone! Bitcoin is not a place to put money, until you have enough to buy a Ferrari Bitcoin is a long term storage vault, largely safe, if you study hard enough, raise enough questions and do what is prudent! When you retire, you don't have to cash out! Why quit? Do you have a better place to put your money? When you have a fortune, do you want to grow it at 1% per day? For security, you can take out some and invest it somewhere that you think is more secure, but at the beginning you don't have much invested, do you? What's $100? Most of you can't imagine $100 growing to $1 million or $5 million in your lifetime! You have been conditioned to accept poor returns on investments! A small nest egg of $100 seems feeble to you! If you can't do the math, you can't imagine how much $100 can grow to, but look at this spreadsheet and tell me which number you would like to delete from your nest egg! It's a pyramid! The pyramid is the symbol of infinite growth! It grows almost as fast in value as a tomato seed! The seed was designed to feed people, the wild animals and those who depend on those who feed on the seed and it's progeny! A seed can grow in value 10,000% in a single month Bitcoin can't do that, but aside from seeds, bitcoin is the fastest growing investment in the world for all time in human history! There is no business that makes 1% net profit per day, 365 days per year! NONE! With a home, you have property taxes, insurance and maintenance With bitcoin, you don't have any upkeep costs! They are now beaming the blockchain down by satellite and you can download it anonymously! Blockstream is doing that! There are no costs to hold bitcoin! Compare that with gold! With gold, the price hasn't budged in five years, in fact, it fell 25% since April of 2012 when gold was $1,600 per ounce! In 2010, silver hit $40 per ounce and what is it today? $17? This is late 2017 Both gold and silver are just sitting there, like a pet rock, while bitcoin is rocketing off into space! It's now growing at the rate of 1% per day and with a growth rate like that, even $100 is enough to make you very rich! That's all I wanted to say in this video Since people can't do the math and nobody can do the math, without a spreadsheet, I have a duty to show you the math, because with a spread sheet, I can do the math! You should be telling your friends about this, because having a lot of money is no fun if all your friends are poor! Like I always say, TELL TEN! Get a list and tell everyone on that list to watch this video To those who are not challenged by the math, tell them to do the math It's so unlikely that they will do the math that it might be better if you send them the link to this video so they can see the power of 1% per day growth in value! There are a lot of crazy people out there who think that bitcoin is an evil demon! We can't help these people! They should just stick with the fiat, but those who are not insane should consider what I'm saying and do whatever you think is right! My advice is always to study bitcoin, before putting a lot of money into it, but if you can spare $100 and can afford to lose it, maybe you would buy first and then study You need to know how others can steal your bitcoins! In the first day, you'll learn never to trust any exchange with your bitcoins! Then you learn about passwords and if your Satoshis are still there, you put a password on your wallet so nobody can steal them Use at least a 15 character password! Make up a phrase that you can easily remember and put in some tricky stuff that nobody would guess too easily, like Iwrodemybiketothepark That's 21 characters so put in a space, a period and a colon and capitalize words that are not usually capitalized, then add a tilde or French accent mark which is the same key as the tilde Shift for tilde and small case for the French accent mark When you get through, you might have 25 characters If nobody knows that your password is 25 letters long, they will have to guess all shorter passwords and longer passwords and that will keep them busy for a while A billion years or so! Here is a password: Iputaneedleintomydecayedtoothandithurt People don't say this and so it's clever! It won't be guessed! It's 38 characters, without adding commas, dashes, periods, slashes, parenthesis, plus signs, minus signs, ampersands and percent signs to confuse those who try to guess your password What you want is an easy way to remember it What was the password that I just gave you? Can you recall it, after hearing it just once? It's very difficult to recall a 38 character password and I can make it much more difficult, if I put in a dash after Iputaneedleintomydecayedtooth (dash) andithurt A simple idea that you can recall is all you need, but if you're dead, how are your living relatives going to retrieve your password? You're a billionaire and your survivors are poor, because you forgot to give them your password! Be sure to think about how to pass on your password to those you love! If you love them, more than you love coffee ice cream, take my advice! You may think that someone can guess your password, but guessing a 15 character password is impossible! I did the math using a 15 character password! With one trillion guesses per second, I found that it would take 209 billion years, if the keyboard had ONLY English language letters and numbers and the number of characters in the pool was only 65, with replacement, not the 95 characters that our keyboard actually has! 209 billion years! Most of you will be dead by then! So, a phrase you can remember with changes here and there, is the way to come up with a memorable password that cannot be guessed in our lifetime, even if the computer that is guessing can come up with one trillion guesses per second! Now, about your friends If you make a lot of money, your friends are going to want you to share it with them It would be very wise for you to get them to buy $100 worth of bitcoin also, so you don't have to support your hopelessly poor friends! If both of you have money, you can take turns buying lunch, but don't pay with bitcoin! Trace Mayer bought lunch for some friends a few years ago and that lunch was just $100 Now, it's $5,000! That was an expensive lunch! Pay for lunch in fiat! It's nearly worthless! Send your friends a link to this video and see if you can help make them rich, so they don't become moochers off your vast wealth! You could try to explain what you have learned here, but you might not be able to convey the points, cogently For the lite beer drinkers, 'cogently' means, 'convincingly' Go pee! What you should do, is have them watch this video so it conveys the message that I want everyone to have! Have your friends look at the spreadsheet with their own eyes! That may cause them to tip in the direction of studying bitcoin, so they can become wealthy too! It will be very lonely if you are the only one among your friends who have acquired great wealth, so the time to share is now! I have made my points and I must now go! I have to pee! No! I don't drink lite beer! I had some coffee! Bitcoin is the biggest wealth transfer the world has ever known and I want YOU to be on the winning team! Study bitcoin! Thanks for watching!