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Easter time it's going to be this week in Bitcoin that with vortex BTC Joe and Igor from Australia you might remember him from this summer all those guys have been on this show before and Igor he is a hilarious guy I'm really looking forward to it and all the way from Melbourne Ostrom Melbourne from Brisbane Australia got to correct that all right also that 6 pm Eastern Time on Friday 3 pm in Los Angeles 11 p

m in London that's right alright let's jump right into this thing Tour de Meester has it has a very nice tweet we're going to go over it a little bit of 2x stuff is still left on the table let's discuss it tour says tour tour Demeter says the following and I will link to it below it might not be linked to right now if you're watching this live today was a massive win for Bitcoin has decentralized censorship resistant digital gold miners and corpse of corporations are not in charge savers are you better believe have a strong hand be a saver people alright this guy Henry he he has to say what we learned from the New York agreement / 2x there are companies in the space that can't be trusted we can never know when they will pull a seg with 3x it will take them years to build back reputation and they need to be humble meanwhile stay vigilant people Bitcoin alright Andy Hoffman was uh he was on vortexes show on Sunday and I caught something great that he said remember you can you can see Andy Halton and crypto gold central com he's got a lot of blog post there and I'm gonna quote from one a little later on to he mentioned how you know why would you want to be if you're 23 years old right now coming out of college you're smart guy real successful in college at least do you want to go to Wall Street we're gonna work 24 hour days they're gonna work you to death I mean you're gonna be playing your part it just as a cog in the machine I mean sure you're you're gonna get wealthy probably if you won't work for one of these big finance companies but everything is defined for you again and there it's just they're gonna work you to death or you can come to the Bitcoin world you can be your own boss in in a matter of a year or maybe less make your own schedule you know but you are gonna get rewarded you could be a star you could be legitimately really wealthy and a star within a year even faster so I mean I invite these people I'm not I'm not hanging out on the college campuses or anything and again it's up to individual Bitcoin people like me to to go to college campuses and tell them you know if you're smart you don't have to enter that traditional finance world where you're gonna get hit real hard you can come to this new world and take responsibility for yourself sure you're not going to have a company paying you're each your health insurance but you're not working 24 hours a day getting destroyed being the getting people coffee you have a chance to be the guy that they're gonna get coffee for there's that coffee thing again why do I keep talking about coffee but remember if you're earning a lot of Bitcoin in this space don't waste it on call alright pal that like button people found that like thank you and again paraphrasing um something another antique isn't that quote this is anthea paraphrase I guess great empires and monetary regimes are built on savings and investment not borrowing and spending the former is what bitcoin represents the latter is what you know be cash 2x and all those altcoins represent you know this is a savings versus spending type of thing and that's what I was discussing yesterday and and the heavy can catch those little points so nicely and then expand upon them and we're gonna actually talk about that later in the show you know so improving everyone's listening skills when you're in a conversation or when you're watching one of these shows so yeah spending versus saving Bitcoin is about savings obviously Adam Meister is about savings also if you're familiar with this channel we post a new video here I post new video here every day and Thank You Jerrod Ulric for the twenty dollar super chat question what is your guess for Bitcoin price in us dollars post having in 2020 okay so everyone knows and I tell people you know think about the twenty twenty having do not sell until then because I want people to have a long term goal in mind but it still is 2020 isn't that far away but people often ask well Adam what do you think it's going to be worth to 2020 I and this is the simple answer it's not a glamorous answer it's going to be worth more than it is today that's why I tell people to buy it now buy it now it will be worked so if you're don't be involved in Bitcoin if you don't think it's gonna go up and buy a value I don't know why anyone would going to be involved in Bitcoin but the savings is about you know increasing your wealth you know thrift and so you're gonna put away this money because you think in the future it's going to be worth more and so that is the simple answer after the having when the supply being produced by the miners is cut in half it's going to be worth more than it is today can I I mean I you know you want me to say a number and again feel free to do the super chat people this is an added bonus everyone's getting here this is a plan so I have said in past videos I think where it seems like ten thousand dollars is clearly destiny is a day I think things might slow down so since I think we're gonna hit ten thousand dollars in 2018 obviously by 2020 think it'll be over over $10,000 okay not a glamorous thing but guess what people you know a year ago had someone told me it's gonna be worth $10,000 in 2018 our world the verge you know they'd see it will seem like destiny on November the 9th 2017 I mean I would be going crazy it was $700 when I was in Zimbabwe you know I wasn't involved at this time last year and well – why the Kemba and I have an adventure on the remember that 10th of last year maybe I'll bring that up tomorrow trying to get that Mozambique visa these countries are so silly these third-world countries they make it so hard for Americans enter their country how silly the rig they make it so hard for the richest people on earth to enter their country and they wonder why their economies are basket cases or they don't really anyway up so yeah I had to get a v8 moving a big visa in Zimbabwe what all right so let's go back so uh yeah I talked about savings and spending with okay jumping ahead here come on yeah I said that already okay Vinnie lingham tweet diversity is key for our industry oh my god no it's not we want the pic diversity what smart people who cares what they look like or what religion would sex with with what race nationality they are we want the smartest people here more women and people are want to reach out to women and this is what he keeps getting at and other people are getting at we want the best diversity for the sake of diversity is what runs places like Baltimore in Detroit okay and you can stand it it doesn't work very well there and he won't happy it's not gonna happen here here is a meritocracy here is where the smartest a here is the Bitcoin world is where the cream rises to the crop so if you're going to try to make this you know have an affirmative action program for women whatever you want to do diversity is the key you know you know you're free to do that and everything but it's not gonna work out here we want the bit I want it's if women want to come here that women come here smart women come here that is great if we're smart women that succeed that's great if foolish women failed and they fail I mean that's this is life bitcoin is not about identity politics and you know it if you're gonna do that on social media you're gonna start mixing identity politics and breaking it down in the race and sex and who we should reach out for an affirmative action and Laura Shin this flourishing back then you're gonna get ready to be ripped okay get ready to be ripped and rightfully so people don't want to see our world Bitcoin were infected with the political correctness which has destroyed the other world the real world which makes you know the world of government jobs where he doesn't you're hired because of your race or because of your sex army because you're totally in a thickening and that's why government is totally inefficient this is about being this is not that land this is not the land of government and this is not the land of a where virtue signalling is praised virtue signalling is going to be called out here and there have been some interesting interesting tweets lately and you know this is people are gonna lose here this is not everyone's a winner not everyone's winner but that the cream is gonna rise to the crop and we I know people enjoy that democ democracy is mob rule with the Sudan democra in democracy the property owners that the producers are voted to be people vote to steal from them to use force to take from the producers that's what happens in a democracy eventually mob rule with the Sudan and that's not what goes on here the producers the smart people are not going to be punished because of our success and so when we say oh and when I start to see this people want to go in that direction I'm gonna call it out and I'm gonna say you know you can try that here is it it isn't gonna work it isn't gonna work force does not work here there is there is no authority to force us to give or to force us to hire a woman or to force us you know to feel bad that we didn't hire the people from Asia I mean whatever for that I think I think again you get the point here and I like this world I like this world and but you know if you want to try to infect our world with the world of the old of the political correctness go ahead let's see how it turns out let's see how it turns out because I have my private key you're not taking my Bitcoin baby you're not taking my Bitcoin to fund your insanity all right strong head all right combat like button Martin Davidson of Melbourne Australia I want him to come on the show he can't come the show he's been on the show before he's great he gave me an update we launched a new blockchain center in Shanghai last month and see the deal with Tony Jean to open one in Lithuania in January of 2018 I give a link to the blockchain Center in Melbourne below that's why Martin couldn't be on the show tomorrow is because he's busy and Shanghai because all right so yesterday we had a rant riled rant yesterday I it was fun wasn't it talk to you know you know city talk about the Old Testament and the New Testament being a fork of the Old Testament but the people of the Old Testament you know want to leave leave them alone then they don't want to change like if someone doesn't want to change you can't force them chase you can't force Bitcoin to change you can't force me everyone wants to change the original but Bitcoin doesn't want it Bitcoin isn't gonna change Bitcoin is Bitcoin and that you know if you didn't get that lesson from yesterday I well here this is a quote I forgot a marked a plain coat quote I wanted to share yesterday but I forgot to because I was going so fast so you can shit you can fill in Bitcoin for Jew in this and this is a famous Mark Twain quote the Jews saw them all survived them all and is now what he always exhibiting no decadence no infirmities of age no weakening of his parts no slowing of his energies no dulling of his alert but aggressive mind all things are mortal but the Jews all other forces pasts but he remains what is the secret of his immortality strong hand baby that's what this is that's what the secret of anyone's okay a bitcoins hopeful immortality is also people people often ask me you know how do you do this how do you have such discipline and long-term thinking and conviction well I mean Jewish people have been doing it for a while with him we've had a lot of challenges we've had a lot of people trying to change us but we are not changing and bitcoin is not changing so but it's the key it it pays off in the economic world to have conviction and the Bitcoin people have conviction and again there's gonna be all sorts of challenges in the future Bitcoin remains Bitcoin if you want to start your own all coin that is awesome fork it off from Bitcoin be peaceful don't try to change Bitcoin if you don't try to change the original the original will be cool with you they'll rip Bitcoin go ahead make your be cash do you do anything you want to do all right so let's uh I do like that Mark Twain alright so and if you still don't understand all that stuff that I don't know I don't know what to say to people critical thinking skills work on okay so yeah haters gonna hate here here's a B's we a lot of us are wondering what's the next fun situation gonna be well there and I was gonna bring this up before 2x went away there's someone left a quote to onna on my comment section here because you know there's gotta we gotta have the fun chord again bud cort you know there's always different places you know when you go to the food court in the mall but we have the fun court where there's different people trying to sell us there they're fun there's just you know there's always got to be some Negative Nancy out there with the next getting revving up the next of FUD so here's something that might be on our table and I'm gonna address it why would Forks aka free money be good seriously the guy asked why it lies free money good okay why would Forks be good what wasn't the whole point of Bitcoin to battle against the fractional reserve banking aka investing money out in inventing money out of thin air just like all these Forks do well yes Bitcoin we we don't want to be in an inflationary situation with our wealth okay but you've got to understand that people the entire time bitcoins existed basically people have been making all coins it doesn't affect the root coin okay bitcoin is still a Bitcoin we have US dollars they can print a bunch of Zimbabwean dollars it doesn't affect and they call it dollars it doesn't affect the original dollar it does it's not an inflating it you know and a lot of people have pointed out that these Forks of bitcoins just strengthen Bitcoin all these people trying to copy the original show that the original is the most important is the one everyone is jealous of every everyone hates is the strongest is the king of the pack okay and your fund that you're trying to spread you know it just it just it reinforces that so again you you complain about free money think about that think about that for a second how negative can you be how negative and you know you want to get into these theoretical battles these theoretical battles are such a waste of time such a waste of people's times but people like to get into that they love this have an intellectual battle debate it's not even intellectual anymore you're you're just trying to fun so maybe the next fun will be people complaining about Forks or something I don't know make Forks illegal maybe maybe that'll be it I mean and you can't stop these people it's great that that's the fun thing about this world if people want to bring fun to our world and let them bring what I mean you know let them bring their complaints let them bring their negativity because in the end the positive people are gonna win the people who understand that yo I'm getting I'm getting a present here I'm getting B gold I'm not gonna complain I'm gonna turn it into Bitcoin I'm getting B cash I'm gonna turn it into Bitcoin I can't help that people want you know that these alt coins are produced and then if I had these alt coins if I have these crypto dividends if I have these alt coins for some reason that people want to give me Bitcoin for them that they want to get give up their real value for this newbie stuff I mean I can't stop that that's the 80% 20% I'm part of the 20% I can't people do people are people I guess they're gonna do crazy things so get familiar with the 20 percent 80% thing also dude and you know stop theoretically you know these discussions you know you can you can keep leaving comments on them in the comments section alright remember everyone check out the links look section below get your trace or get your t-shirts crypto Hwy com etc etc alright here's a really kind tweet that this is a guy Ryan had out there he said Tech bought is the one who got my young mind to see the bigger picture of saving I'm 21 and I'm thinking 2020 and beyond Bitcoin rewards savers it's not meant to be spent at Starbucks pound bitcoins store of value pound the savings all right hashtag I say pound because I'd like to say town that like button you you all know that okay so thank you very much Ryan I'm glad you're 21 and you're already saving and you're you're learning from Bitcoin you're learning the difference between savings and and spending someone in the chat says why is be cash pumping I think I'm going to address that in a second I mean I've addressed that before okay all right drew I met you Jordan Peterson has an awesome videos out there as I before and rule number nine assume people might know something you don't okay that's so you assume that when you get into a conversation with someone make it a learning experience assume that even if this is a person you don't like them maybe they know something that you don't that you're gonna be able to learn and that's what I you know what I have these this week in Bitcoin shows every Friday remember tomorrow 6:00 pm

Easter time 3:00 pm in Los Angeles this weekend Bitcoin or when I host these shows I'm legitimately when I'm talking to these people I'm trying to learn stuff I always try to take away like a new saying from the conversation okay let's see and you know it's funny and when I whenever I watched a video whenever I watched cryptocurrencies video I try to take away sand I try to learn something I assume that they they might know something that I don't know so I'm gonna try to take away something from and and so and then sometimes I you know try to so when you're listening to something when there's a audio going on okay whether you're listening you're watching you're you're talking to someone you try to learn try to learn so you know for example tone the other day tone base had a a long technical analysis show okay you know it was pretty typical then he gets in and then he was worried about 2x at the very end he had a woman just appear out of nowhere and she had a Canadian accent if he was in Washington DC I don't know that if she was Canadian or not but suddenly she starts talking about how in her lawyerly experience I don't know she was a lawyer or not but she she at an exchange she was in knew about someone who had Bitcoin or cryptocurrency at exchange and then and that exchange was forced to confiscate that person's cryptocurrency and I was whoa now I knew that was theoretical I had never known it and I never heard a specific example and that's why I mean I always warned people never leave you're obviously always control your private key but I learned that in fact it has happened not why did it happen I don't know why it happened but just learning that that was a learning experience for me that makes me even stronger in my belief of you know don't keep your you know control your private key etc etc but the point is always be listening always be ready to learn something that you didn't know before and I think also you know we thought Amanda Hoffman before he is very good at watching the show and taking away one key line from it and expanding upon us something that he learned at on the show and then expanding it into up into a blog post and I I'm pretty good at that I mean I'm good at finding those one points you know I can I can do an hour this week a Bitcoin and I can find like give you sometimes you'll hear me yell out in the middle of the show like oh my god that is so awesome what you just said Richard Hart that's like the one-liner of the day you know there's there's always gonna be that one-liner that you're gonna be able to take away and you're gonna say I just learned something and it's a simple thing it's a simple concept sometimes so yeah there we go you're using some real life examples there okay and so thank you again that is some really good advice from Jordan Peterson I think the whole series is like how not how to be successful or if it's some funny name of the whole see he gives all these tips about how not to be pathetic I think it's cause I wouldn't call a series that but whatever he's kind of he's got an interesting personality that Jordan Peterson all right after breaking the be gold story this summer okay I was the first person and I'm still so proud of it that brought up Eagle be gold has officially announced and I linked to it below November 12 2017-19 o'clock UTC we're thrilled to announce that's the start date that's that's it it's gonna go live November to the twelfth that's Sunday alright so you're gonna be able to train it do whatever you want to do with it good luck I mean it might be worse it might have a market capitalization of 25 billion dollars it might be the number seven or number six cryptocurrency suddenly in terms of market cap it might be ahead of – I mean this is crazy he's come out of nowhere so as I is a friendly forked Bitcoin and despite all the haters and the complainers the people who complain about getting three coins it is in the best interest of a Bitcoin holder – what beagle to do as well as as great as possible okay to be the number two cryptocurrency and I'm not saying it's gonna be the number two cryptocurrency okay but we're getting this stuff for free so we wanted to be it makes use logic here people logic here it's not surpassing Bitcoin if you were a big coin holder you want this thing and this is the case with any friendly fork I have brought this up before you if it's not a threat to Bitcoin and you call it by its proper name be gold not by the other name you know you don't want people to be confused then yeah you wanted to be number two so you can make the most off of this thing so again if people want to pay a lot for it then that's their that's their business or whatever they want to give up their precious Bitcoin for this newbie gold then that's their business I can't stop them I'm just gonna try to get more and more Bitcoin by any means necessary legal and obviously not through force or obviously against but I get people like people have also asked me Adam do you play on the buy more big point it's so expensive why why would I plan more fighting more Bitcoin when people will give me Bitcoin for free for my Steam which I get for free for my crypto dividends which I get for free there's no I mean it's like it's amazing it's amazing this world we live in where the 80% are just gonna give me Bitcoin for these free crypto dividends that I get alright that's great do that I mean I so why should I buy it anymore but again if you are a new if you don't have any Bitcoin yaaay and you think bitcoins gonna be worth more in the future then you have buy Bitcoin it's a it's better than buy it's better than using your dollars at Starbucks you know this what you do instead of usually find your dollar using your dollars at Starbucks buy some Bitcoin then you have Bitcoin then you can use your dollars at Starbucks okay so there's a whole again the spending spending the dollars are for spending turn them in this a savings mechanism then leave that savings mechanism alone forget about it until after 2020 or 2024 alright so yeah so again be gold people you can the Beagle Hey is out they're gonna start or gonna scream their famous line pretty much free money free my pre-med free and I'm just gonna be like okay dudes whatever I'm making 2% here in a day so you know scream about your pre mine I clearly maybe you don't have hope have any Bitcoin so you just got to be a hater or something I don't know I don't understand the mentality of complaining about free about free coins and and then they're the ones that start complaining about but hate the 1% oh you're never going to be part of the 1% where you when you like don't understand that free you know the concept of turning something that you're given for free into something real I mean those of us who understand that we're gonna be in the 1% and there's nothing wrong with trying to be in the 1% people people Villa again I don't want to be in the world of 1% vilification you know where it's better to be diverse than the B and 1% it's better to be poor a complete planing screaming harpy than B for you in the 1% it'd be an intelligent person it's better to be a screaming harpy than be a smart person that's that's the world of virtue signaling so you know state stay away you know please don't come to our world but I actually come to our world because you're part of the 80% you're just gonna make us wealthier all right you're gonna buy neo or something I don't know yeah you're gonna you're gonna be a ripple fan or something I guess okay here we go yes so here's a tweet about well panda has a be cash tweet be cash pump as expected he says I am fine with be cash just another altcoin with very limited development support developer support my only issue with it is the attempt to confuse new people into buying it who want to buy Bitcoin Bitcoin calm is guilty of this I expect legal action at some point all right two things I gotta say about that are three things yes be cash is just an all coin it was just a crypt of dividend good luck to them let them do what they want to do this pump is now it was more so expected when there was going to be a lot of fun but now there's only one prime unfriendly crypto dividend out there fighting against Bitcoin and to the level that it's fighting against Bitcoin varies among some of its supporters there's some people that just want to go their own way with be cash and if you want to go your own way be cash that's cool if you want to fight Bitcoin if you want to pretend to be big queen I don't think that's too cool but I'm not gonna sue you I'm not gonna be part of any legal action you know he talks about legal actions here and tone actually mentioned in a tone bays and a tweet of his mentioned some type of legal action against the bad actors involved with 2x and I do not support any legal action within our space at all I really do not I don't want to bring that we're the world I've just been ripping on a virtue signaling and diversity for the sake of diversity that's also the world of frivolous lawsuits and wasting so much money and time on lawyers the way we have to work in this space okay the way it's gonna work where we don't have a government that's gonna for that uses force here okay because when when you get into these legal predicaments it all ends in force and it all hands with the government forcing people to give up something because they lost the case or we have to use ostracism and boycotting and peaceful means here and naming names okay calling people out come you know with direct direct action here peaceful okay peaceful type of stuff so I am NOT into the legal side of things into suing people or any because it becomes frivolous it's a way it's it's the old world I want nothing to do with that that world I want I really want as little as possible I mean you know you gotta you live there and in this on a certain level but I want to be part of cryptocurrency Bitcoin world as much as possible so yeah so finally so no force people no force don't use we don't have and it is great not to have the governor forcing you to do things there no confiscation here there's no confiscation it's awesome all right so something I forgot to say yesterday I forgot to say that I wanted everyone to check out the links below to listen to the Three Dog Night song celebrate because it was definitely a time to celebrate yesterday and another song I used to do this give these links to songs of the day make me smile by Chicago that's another good one and those two songs make me smile in Chicago very appropriate if you're a Bitcoin person these last few days since this unfriendly crypto dividend 2x has now disappeared and left us and yeah celebrate celebrate dance the music I Maximizer the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister pound that like button remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the dose section below I will be back on the air tomorrow 6 pm

Eastern Time for this week in Bitcoin with Igor with vortex and with BTC Joe I will say hello to everyone in the chat bye bye