Welcome all, my name is vishal and you are watching tech house today we are going to talk about bitcoin

Initially i made few videos about bitcoin i got lot's of message and mails about bitcoin investment Is this is the right time to invest in bitcoin you notice from last some time that bitcoin price is going higher and higher bitcoin price if we compare from last month, so its more then double

Last month average bitcoin rate is 5lakh but this month already crossed 10lakhs In other country bitcoin is other source but in India, its a investment source On most of websites like Quora, youtube etc Most of question coming for bitcoin noooo Don't invest in Bitcoin Price increasing of bitcoin like bubble Price increasing like bubble , so there is a time will come there bubble may brust

Investing in Bitcoin these day may be more risky my opinion is, to not invest in bitcoin because of price ups and down Before making this video, i read lot's of news and saw few's interview of market researcher regarding bitcoin bubble burst If you have any question regarding bitcoin or any tech related thing, send me mail or write in comment Subscribe Tech House for tech related News