Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to you today in bitcoin today is september 28th 2017 golden hold strong hand long-term thinking be a 20% or people be a 20% pick out the links section below use my crypto HW wallet comm affiliate code get yourself some trees or some ledger some ledger some everything some leather cases all that good stuff so doing a show here at was at 7:35 on the east coast at night i'm trying to do it a little early because tomorrow Friday this week a big coin will be at noon noon noon Eastern Time and that's what 5 pm

in London yes and 9 am in Los Angeles so tomorrow noon noon noon this week a Bitcoin Michael Tidwell of the block time podcasts 1 got you know one God he's famous and Carlo of IO HK I think it is he's an etherium classic dude so we'll be talking a little bit of aetherium classic tomorrow on this week in Bitcoin we're actually gonna talk about some aetherium classic tonight also I want to say that earlier in the day I was on Levi's channel on his uh what I call crypto currency as you tamen channel I link to that below alright so many users have been or not users or Watchers of this show and I know there's a lot of you watching right now so Paulo what I'm not saying that yet know how that like button knows a little early was it in the show I usually say it a little bit later now anyway um yeah what the heck was I saying anyway I thought yeah so check out his show we'll be talking about something classic here in a second and oh yeah a lot of you have been contacting me giving me tips informational tips and I'm going to mention some of them in today's show you can email me at a dimitra's or help calm Adam at trey's or help calm and if you want a crypto consultation I had a great client last night that's another reason why we had to have such an early show yesterday but I got to get everything in line for tomorrow at noon anyway and then it's going to be Yom Kippur tomorrow night and when Yom Kippur is over on Saturday night I will do a show after that so everyone have a good fast on Yom Kippur if you are Jewish like I am so let's just jump into the etherium classic real quick Barry Silbert had a tweet out there to the etc' Summit and I link to that below although now you can't really see the page as much they're they're having an etherium Classic summit on the 13th and 14th of November in Hong Kong I may have mentioned this before I know I've thought about it before I saw the price of here in classic go up a little bit maybe they're hyping it up mid that'll probably hike the price up on it that'll happen if you're into those things I'm not saying to get into those things needs but that is you know if here in classic is when the major top-tier altcoins and we'll have to see what Barry Silbert and the crew are doing then I wish you could see this page a little bit better now but it worked yesterday it's not working today check it out it's linked to below all right I've got an interesting again we link to my South Korea contact he gave me a bunch of information about what's going on in South Korea in terms of North Korea and in terms of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and I link to it again below to my steamin page I put everything up there so I don't have to read it so all you guys can check it out so hey that's another good use case of steamin you could just put down someone's long email there instead of reading it on the air all right Venezuela needs Bitcoin we talked about this when Maximo and Gabriel have been on my show before and Maximo was on this week in Bitcoin last week it's linked to below and it was a great show and every uh it was it since Simon said Simon Says so he said you know that was a great quote by Maximo someone should just clip that part of the show out and make their own video about it and someone did that and his link to hello mattias trader he's an Argentine and maybe he'll be on the show one day I you know we had our Argentine guests before down in Patagonia but I think Matias is in when it sorry so it'd be great to get his opinion if you're watching this but I link to this awesome tweet is powerful what he did to máximos Maximus quote and it looks nice so spread the word and a lot of major bitcoiners out there were reacting to it because he caught on Twitter where he sent this out on he copied a lot of major Bitcoin people who really enjoyed it including the vortex shoutouts to vortex he's been on the show plenty of times and he'll be on the show some more world crypto Network dude we're all friends here baby all the good people are friends all the other all the hardcore man so come out like button uh you know that's the that's the saying of this show it really has become the main saying my little gimmick there isn't it it's play its halay I think it's hilarious some people like you say that too much it's just it's just a little saying guys you know it's like it doesn't really matter if you pounded her you don't I mean I get the likes I don't even know if it makes that big a difference with YouTube people say well more people find out about yourself I don't know man I don't know I'm feeling pretty well as it is man just my brand and everything thank and thank you for the support everyone it's been great you've helped you've helped me you know I talk about being an entrepreneur you know you sometimes when you're in the marketing and Bitcoin all that stuff you need you need the people's support to be a good entrepreneur and I've had the people's support and it's been hard you know posting a new video every day you've got to be consistent hard work okay there's your entrepreneurial tip of the day let's go into this tweet here this is via Ben vh I don't know him too well but to get rich quick by and I can't say this word Sh i blank coins that have a high probability of getting listed in Korea and I was just laughing I was like that's so true man like Korea has pumped up so many things and I really didn't understand why it because of that big thumb exchange over there or big hum what would however you pronounce it in Baltimore would pronounce your big dumb but anyway I was just like that's awesome that's a funny tweet and then I realized oh my god he's talking about Z cash they just listed Z cash and Z cash is pumped I just realized that like minutes before I went on the air that he was actually specifically talking about Z cash so Z cash just had a pump it's up partially because of getting on to the Korean exchanges so hey yeah if you've got some altcoin get it onto that exchange it really does a number on the price man woo we've seen it before I think what we saw with Manero I don't know or just the rumor of it those Koreans wacky dudes and I'm glad to have a guy on the ground on there you never know when I might end up there who knows I'm not going to North Korea as long as it's as long as that's called North Korean controlled by that horrible person that horrible family I will never step foot there but one day one day North Korea will be unified with South Korea there will be one Korea again and I would love to walk around the northern part then right on you know it's interesting when you visit North Korea you were forced to bow down does it take you on a monitored tour you're forced to bow down to the statue of his grandfather to bow down and I'm Jewish we do not we bow down to nothing we bow down to no idols so if you're Jewish do not go there you'll be forced about and if you don't bow down I don't know what happens but that's a little less another day no one should bow down to anything but especially you know guys don't don't do that don't go there and I know I would never buy bow down to the idol an idol god and we live in an era of idols false idols all right so bitcoin is the enemy of frivolous debt that was part of the title here and the reason I bring that up is because son left a really awesome comment on one of my videos he said you hit the nail on the head debt is the norm so the thought of actually holding the money private keys is so far into a lot of people that's how powerful the debt marketing machine is yes yes that is just a great way of summing it up that the 80% as I call them the people who just don't think who follow and not all of them are blind followers but so many are um you just go with the flow there used to you know let's spin spin spin and I yeah I don't need that I want that so I'll just give him the debt what's wrong with that everyone's gets in the dead I see advertisements for Discover card for visa for for City for whatever MasterCard why not why so everyone is so used to that they just can't get it through their head that like you there's some individual responsibility here when you get in the Bitcoin got it you you gotta take care of your private key you can't rely on a third party here and Bitcoin itself there is no debt involved you own that's it you got it you got it it's not some liability you don't owe somebody that's yours that's it it's a real thing so uh people do have a hard time constantly grasping the concept but the coolest thing is that if you realize how bad this frivolous debt is if you realize how bad getting into debt is I mean Bitcoin is your solution right there it is the enemy of frivolous debt so I really like what like I left on my comment section and another thing I said before that I meant to say yesterday when I was talking about be gold no I say golden hold all the time just talking about how people who are traditionally gold people they like to hold and then when they get the Bitcoin they just like the hold they just take that mentality with them and there's nothing wrong with having that hold the gold mentality when you get into Bitcoin it's great just to hold your Bitcoin a lot of benefits we've talked about but then there's just the if you hold you're gonna get be gold so you can reverse it now holding gold or gold and hold hey I think it's kind of neat alright comment like button yeah I mention Levi in his cryptocurrency edutainment channel I hope I said it right i link to it below yeah last minute bonus link here people I didn't even have time to put this in the link section below it's from TechCrunch you can follow TechCrunch on Twitter obviously the fidelity CEO Abigail Johnson says the company is mining cryptocurrencies all right didn't read the article at all but it made me think like you know what maybe some of these multinational corporations tremendous ones like fidelity they're just gonna start they're out there are mining of you know just a waiting money why not why not become a miner of maybe not Bitcoin but that's really expensive maybe some of these all coins who knows they'll find a way to dump them and yeah but they they have a lot of money on hand I mean doesn't Apple Apple they just have so much cash laying around maybe one day they'll become they'll just start mining some cryptocurrencies and become wealthier I just thought I just you know that that one tweet that I literally saw a minute before I mean I had no time to get this show on I like barely brushed I didn't brush my teeth correctly before I gotta go I gotta go again and and and and brush them but I floss them right they feel terrible there's a certain technique how you brush your teeth correctly I can we can go over that and another show about health and all that very important to have good teeth and take good care of them all right so a lot of tangents on this show today my god so Adam back he's pretty legendary right man everybody respects that dude he mentions being gold in a freaking tweeted his today some some guy asked him hold on Adam is be gold owned by block stream my god how many conspiracies do you have to have about block street people come on no he says just what people are talking about assume there will be many more spin-offs be cash be gold biz cons last segment 2x older ones include bite ball alright thank you Adam back for dispelling any insane conspiracy theories that I mean blast stream gets them all the time but these insane conspiracy I mean come on Bitcoin people don't get away from doom porn don't just get away for the conspiracy theories come on but he did dimension bike ball and I looked in the bike ball before I not yeah it seemed really complex and to get there free bike balls and it's like an on-and-off-again thing if I had time I'll look into it some more cuz somewhat by me mentioned bike ball someone's gonna say I don't you you've got to talk more about that alright and yeah don't get go get Adam Meister and Adam back confuse because no we're not the same dudes he's awesome in what he does and I'm a marketing dude so uh and I've got a channel that you're on right now Hey look here and then you know we're talking about my knee we're talking about be gold someone of other comments someone left that I hadn't really thought about much cuz I don't think about mining at all so really looking forward to mining be gold that is something and so yeah that's that's something I never think about so I mean I guess there are people out there who looking forward to mining some of these things that they think are gonna pump because uh I mean and if you can do it you can do it I guess that's another benefit you you could be a miner of B gold something I didn't really talk about yesterday it's something that's intriguing to obviously some people in the cryptocurrency space if people are bringing it up on my comments section so thank you commenter and i don't have all the commentators names sorry about that you're all all of you who aren't like you know flood stirs or whatever charles you're all good you add to the conversation and yeah i I leave everything up there and I don't leave the ico spam out there obviously the people are just spamming stuff but yeah I leave some pretty I mean some stuff is atrocious there I mean it's there's some really some people like to they love they love the anti-semitic stuff they get a they get a big kick out of that so I leave it up there just to show you how foolish some people are alright so uh you know what I'm talking about the comments section I know most of you who don't need to look at it so you're like Adam stop wasting my time talking about your comment section I will all right so do something the Japanese are talking about having their own fed coin you know what I and I'm maybe gonna I'm not linking to it below I just avoid getting caught who cares it's a centralized coin if they do it is just to get their people away from using cash it's not a good thing it's not a good thing for Bitcoin you if you're in Japan don't stick like oh cool now I get to have my own my country has its own cryptocurrency if they actually do this no that means I gotta get into Bitcoin now so I can avoid getting into the Japanese matrix that's what you got to be thinking so yeah it's centralized you don't you don't have to be a loyal Japanese slave or just like is when we have eventually we might have fed coin here in America you don't have to be some loyalists that'll just you know give up your being anonymous giving up your cash no what you do is they force you into the Fed coins of whatever country you're in just get Bitcoin you're having the system and they're not gonna care because 80% of the people are gonna be like yeah I love it I don't have cash anymore thank you government all right and yet another thing some low-level Trump officials said the word of blockchain today and people are like oh my god the Trump administration is so friendly for a Bitcoin well it has nothing who cares they might have even been a pump of the price today who we don't need the government's approval in fact it doesn't a low-level Trump Mook who cares what they they're you know what they're talking about anyone most people the bureaucracy have no idea what they're talking about they're spell spelling out the word blockchain cool great they're trendy awesome whatever that has nothing to do with us so I know a lot of people gonna be talking about that in the next few days it's nothing all right Bitcoin here's the real thing don't worry about what you know if if someone sort of like something that's low level in the government I mean go down to the social system admin guide of everything so speaking about governments god I hope I didn't skip anything here I get I skip a darn lot here how did I do that that's where that Adam back thing okay yeah some more people three gold stuff you know going back to yesterday it's gonna show how far a marketing and a name can take you with the 80% but use again I'm not telling you to buy begone I'm just saying sitting on your butt hold your Bitcoin get your freebie gold but they're gonna be all these people that are just like they're buying the B casts are trading to be cash they're just the 80% or just like yeah I've gotta get it's gotta buy this thing even though I can get it for free I'm gonna buy this thing so because it does it's real name that they're using does use the word Bitcoin in it and I'm not calling it that we're gonna see how far that name takes you how far marketing takes you and and I think it's gonna be pretty good for them and it's gonna open the door for Bitcoin crypto dividend number four number five Number six number seven a light coin Forks we're gonna have it's just the there's just greed greed and greed isn't necessary D like it people love to use the word greed to put people down Greta's the desire for more okay and agree can be used in a I would say a positive way but not in a negative way so there are people out that greed is going to leave the desire for money it's going to lead other people for took more crippling dividends there's no doubt about it and this be the big old thing the be cash thing has already shown people it's already show people I mean we were everyone was safe be gosh she's gonna go to zero BK it didn't go to zero I thought was gonna crash – it didn't crash I learned I saw didn't crash um and you said people say well isn't Mike cray might go down now it's all the way it's still at ten percent of a frickin big on more than ten percent of my frickin bitcoins amazing it's amazing how you just system that we live in today just that buy anything I mean heck when what's gonna happen with beagle beagle goes on the South Korean exchange I don't know anyway them remember we talked about how that one South Korean exchange is gonna have over 100 all coins on its and that's a new exchange it's not bit thumb I mean I wonder what's gonna happen then I mean it's every altcoin gonna bring go go through the roof it'll be interesting to observe keep your eye on South Korea it's much more important to China it appears God Chinese fun no more old the MSG on that Chinese flood for God's sakes all right pound out like punch so did I do the yeah eighty percent pumping yeah and again just hold your be gold anything if you think if you if you got a conspiracy theory I get about be gold you're scared about it to do nothing just hold on your Bitcoin and maybe one day you'll feel comfortable about splitting it whatever let the eighty percent just pump it up buy it pipe it up etc etc and you know what it it's probably it's gonna be a good thing I think they seem that they really dislike that the people behind the be cash and the 2x I mean they're doing it it's a friendly thing they're not pretending to be Bitcoin or anything like that they seem to be it's gonna hurt aetherium in a way he's the mining alright enough a big gold for today I mean more and more people going to be talking about it there's gonna be more media coverage obviously you heard it here first the this channel you get all sorts of interesting exclusives all right we talked about the low level trumpet I we talked about the Japanese alright let's talk about South Africa for a second there's been a lot of people I have been in South Africa but I spend almost a month there and I've obviously been the southern Africa all yours and Bob lame-o's at Mozambique and you know where we're all hearing all these stories about so many countries inflating away their their currency and we and we know in South Africa there's crime and I when I was in South Africa I basically dealt with um guys there that were involved in technology and we're they were doing all right they had jobs I didn't have to rely on government jobs or anything like that they were entrepreneurial in spirit so I was seeing a very good side of South Africa and it is a beautiful country but I am contacted by people often said I mean they have different stories and and I know many South Africans who have left South Africa and have you know maybe called the Perth or wherever what I'm trying to get at here is that you know that the leader Zuma is terrible he spends and spends and spends and spends and that the South African Rand is not good it's not good at all okay it will end up in really bad shape and who knows what the government could do there it is it is democratically elected but it the it's hard I mean a lot of the people do not know what they're voting for the people in those slums those horrible areas are the worse off because the Zuma and they're the ones voting for him so we every I bin isn't Bob way also and I I know a farmer in Zimbabwe and I know what he goes through and I know how happy he is about Bitcoin so I recommend that every responsible South African and I've never seen anything like this before but it's just all coming together in my head now because and there's some videos about South Africa that are out now where there are guys that are really just very frustrated with the whole system that's going on there so I recommend that everyone in South Africa that's a responsible person who wants to plan ahead who wants to have insurance just in case the ran implodes tomorrow or just in case Zuma just takes it to another uncalled-for level because silver is without South Africa those countries around that would be starving date and that's a joke in itself so South Africa all of a sudden started the star there'd be a real big problem everyone should own a big coin down there that's responsible every one of you should use it as a hedge against your the lifestyle against Zuma against against the the upcoming inflation that no doubt what will happen because your government spends like a drunken sailor it is ridiculous it's ridiculous and you all know it too so again I'm saying if you're a South African and you're planning I'll stay in there and another another thing is there might be capital control really strict capital controls where you can get your money out of there like the Zimbabwe one day and again and if you're gonna want to get if you were gonna want to escape suddenly if it becomes so bad you're gonna want to have Bitcoin but you're not gonna be able to at your cat your your ear and out of there okay if it comes to that so I'm not I'm not a doom and gloom ER but dudes just as insurance South African beautiful country I shall return one day and I have some Bitcoin and again the people that I already interact yet already have Bitcoin so we don't have discussions like that because they're gonna be fine no matter what happens that was a longer rant than I intended but you only hear that kind of stuff here and they have it you know it's funny they had that a cryptocurrencies show on the cable TV in in South Africa so they they're they people are learning about it so just don't learn do okay where we okay low-level Trump the fish are we talking about South Africa safer shut up providing them a safer place for their quick okay oh yes how could I forget Peter Schiff Peter Schiff gold money has an announcement that they just made i link to it below they add bitcoin aetherium to the gold money holding now i don't exactly know how they interpret this art if you're gonna be able to use Bitcoin to buy gold through gold money or there's some combination or you're gonna be able or you gonna be able to like gold money's gonna store your Bitcoin for you which is sound silly but here's the thing here's a thing you have Peter Schiff telling everyone that Bitcoin and it in cryptocurrencies are Ponzi schemes and now you have this company which he is heavily affiliated with which he promotes which I mean does he own a share of you I don't even know they're clear they're using cryptocurrency to promote themselves engaging with cryptocurrency in a major way promoting it on their Twitter feed and on their page so is he gonna just remain quiet about this or or what I mean he it seems kind of weird it seems kind of strange maybe someone out there can help me out with this one I don't know so Peter Schiff what is going on out there and that was what I was just trying to to read there and it doesn't matter because I think I said everything i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video and do check out the new section below found that like button if you enjoyed I will or if you didn't enjoy I will say hi to the people in the chat right now and we have this week a Bitcoin tomorrow at noon Eastern Time bye