I'm going to go ahead and show you guys the setup on a second peer that we are going to be connecting so um yes this here is our handy-dandy little old ASIC miner you want to see if you can or well here use this come back there and get a picture we can throw up for them of the of the ASIC all right and it is it is mining way it is not at this point going through the the proxies simply because it's got a little bit more hashing power it pushes out an average 333 mega hashes a second which for current difficulty levels without some luck will take us about 900 huh no in the lights off that means it's working careful it might be hot oh well it hates you too so um anyway it's got a little bit more mining power back in the day when we actually when we actually had it you know we're mining regularly we had a couple couple of those ten port hubs that now run our phone farm running these handy little doodads and still not making near enough but you know they help every little bit helps you get a good pick whoo all right so all right so yes um as far as my handy dandy little webcam goes I'm not on a laptop I'm on a desktop it that has a little more power so uh yeah as you know we got a separate camera running our picture and picture of me there so for all of you wanting to see my beautamiss little face there it should be back momentarily maybe maybe or I'll finish the video before then okay anyway so we got the CD minor I just closed it out so we can go in and switch it over to the stratum proxy now let's the asic is actually ran by this program here called CG miner believe there are some other programs that that will run a 6 however this is kind of the standard so to speak it's not to say it's the best but you know it works for what we do it works and we got this handy little pop-up here are awesome minor program which we will eventually be doing some videos on is letting us know that don't know but we'll fix that yes yes yes all right so now we are setting up and this here is all done via a config text file or a JSON config file um Jason is format it's it's done in text or you you know there's other programs but yeah so 192168

1244 for for and I don't know if we still need to leave that stratum plus TCP in there but we're going to so when 1921681244 for the reason I'm having to do this multiple times on this one is CG miner likes to have multiple pools for fail-over instances I shouldn't ever have to use it but um if it does it's not gonna do it any good because it's all going to the same place and I don't know if there's a way to set up to tale over into the proxy some we may have to look in to do another video but what oh well yeah that one is what did you do that for I can stuff then wrong and stuff ah yeah yeah yeah I got one two and three I don't know if it's gonna listen on those other two ports I know it listens on and get work poor what's a get work port remember to get report god it's been so long since I messed with any of this stuff alright we're gonna call that good cuz it should never get past the doohickey yeah that all right and then this is just the rest of our configuration at selling it fell over only yes do not submit stale shares yes API listen yes and that is how our handy dandy little awesome on a program that I mentioned is keeping an eye on it for us so we got all that there and so close that save it and if I did everything right Wooohooo I did everything wait-wait-wait-wait huh no gosh darn it alright if you guys see that handy little failed to resolve wrong URL yeah well good news is with that a config file that we've got it's going to bounce over to the next one but we want them all to be correct so we are going to go ahead and put a quit on that pull this up and put our one in here because you know it works better that way IP's tend to work better with four sets huh yeah something like that mr

mr Simpson over here making fun of me oh yeah and that is the right address even though like said the stratum will well make it go to the right address since that was already programmed it's already programmed so yeah yeah got that got that and now hopefully hopefully I won't scream at you guys this time and it is working the API is up and running and I said we'll go moreover this program later I'm just making sure that it is registering that the program is mining and if we jump over here the pool is correct on all three of them the user is correct on all three of them the priority is given to pool zero the other two pools are dead I kind of thought that might be the case because our stratum proxy is not set up to listen on those ports so I will probably go into that Jason config file and get rid of those two pools but as for today this has been our handy little setup a stratum proxies slash get your phone's mining – in this particular instance the Bitcoin lottery as I'm calling it and a little more information on that the reason I'm calling it to Bitcoin Lottery is at current difficulty level it would take one Giga hash which probably combining all these phones and our ASIC minor we don't even have total for Bitcoin mining but it would take one Giga hash and again a that's that current difficulty which is always increasing every time a blocks mine that goes up a little bit anyway currently 905 years to get your own block now that's not to say that you can't get lucky and get the block on the first hash it's it really does all boil down to luck there last time I seen some math done on it at 1 Giga has what the 905 years you basically have double the chances of hitting a Bitcoin block that you do of winning the Powerball so you know um and at current exchange rates about a hundred and ten thousand dollars so yeah fingers crossed we're gonna get lucky we're gonna hit that and then you guys are gonna get to see us set up all kinds of cool stuff and we're just gonna go crazy with recordings because $110,000 there's a lot of capital to play with but yeah that's um for after we hit that block thanks for joining us thanks for liking commenting subscribing and remember the day is what you make it let's make it a good one you