ok so you may have heard of bitcoin right? Thats not the only crypto-currency out there There are many other crypto-currencies just waiting for you to make your fortune off of

The real question is that do you want to mine it or trade it? If you want to trade it , you have to buy it in what is called an "exchange" similar to what stock exchange is , except you buy and sell digital currencies on their instead The top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges are bittfinex, bit-thumb, coinone, bittrex, and hittbtc Mining, mining is very complicated with crypto-currency you can lose a lot of money if not done properly The three things you need to know to stay profitable at mining crypto-currencies are time,profit and costs The top 5 miners im going to pick are antminer s5 , antminer s7, antminer s9,avalon 6, sp70 jackson

Top 5 cloud mining contracts i would say are genesis mining, hashflare, minex, miner-gate, hashnex So what are you waiting for get in on crypto-currency while it is still in its infancy Their are still many coins that are essentially gold-mines I know bitcoin has already gone through the window but their are many other coins that are making head-way get in now while you still can!