Hello everyone this is Adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin this August the 27th 2017 buy-and-hold be a 20 percent IRR your home of crypto dividend news all right check out the links below crypto HW wallet comm you know it they got the good stuff there Tresor ledger nano I've said it many times they've got the luxury leather case all that good stuff here and always check out all the links because uh you can see what I'm talking about in the show and get discounts trays or t-shirts you know the whole thing I say this every time so alright here I am lovely Quebec City so I check out also the links below it links to yesterday's show which was a good one and also there's a link to this week in Bitcoin we had Andy Andy Hoffman was on it was a great time so check that out alright so let's let's jump right into it oh yeah leather case there it is Wow you love the leather case don't you yeah so uh what are you got going on here today oh yeah also people in the chat I can't see you but I can see when you do the super chat thing super chat questions I will answer them you just you people like to spend Fiat better to spend Fiat and to spend your precious Bitcoin pal man like button that's the same here alright so litecoin reached an all-time high in terms of dollars today I believe it got into the 60s and I'm sure everyone is really happy and going wild but remember this teaches us a lesson you shouldn't be going that wild I mean I like litecoin like the Charlie Lee is an awesome dude but in terms of Bitcoin it hasn't reached its falling I believe in turn the Bitcoin point o to the big NER was it's all time in it it's not close to there she always in this show always value your altcoins in Bitcoin turns a Bitcoin and basically I tell people getting but I don't even buy all coins this channel isn't about all coins as most of you know I'm not an invent I'm not a traitor or whatever people claim to be these days and even though you look like I wear t-shirts because crypto graffiti cryptography T he makes great t-shirts and those those all coins that are mentioned there those are in my top tier those are the ones that I say if you're gonna speculate speculate on them gamble on those but she said these other ones are completely ridiculous but anyway yeah value always check out the price in terms of Bitcoin because over the long run year 2020 maybe even sooner than that Bitcoin is gonna do better than all of them and so it's better just to buy and hold Bitcoin it's it's that simple all right so let's talk about trading a little bit and then again I'd encourage anyone do this anyone to do all coin trading please be very careful someone says hello from Alaska I saw that and the chat that was rich with that that's awesome someone's in Alaska Anchorage before I want to go to Fairbanks one day show up someone from Fairbanks they wanted to come up there we were discussing something one so Huffington Post I think the post has an article it's what's it called here I link to it below and not everything's linked to below and I got a fix and stuff afterwards it says uh ten top cryptocurrency investors share their favorite guess so first of all all the top tenth keep what the article was one of the people oh it's is basically one of whose pay to play articles that people do on a on Huffington Post I mean they're not unbiased they're they're biased articles so the guy who wrote the article I mean he mentioned some oh the only name I knew was Spencer Bogart and Spencer and I have been in communication I've tried to get him on the show before and his recommendations were Bitcoin litecoin and Manero I hadn't heard of the any of the other guys and I heard of one of them and he's the one I agree with the most other maybe one or two others actually mentioned Bitcoin they should all mention Bitcoin for God's sakes instead they're mention and I mean into the art of gold advice what these people are saying I mean how I know where they dug some of these people up from I mean anyone can they could say they would think ethically saying popular Twitter person well there's a lot of popular Twitter people out there I mean buy and hold Bitcoin if you go to my this is what I say go to my archives see what I've been saying since 2015 it was like in 2015 it's like hey bitcoins two hundred this should buy it now it'd be a good idea in the long run it's gonna go up a lot in 2016 four hundred dollars nights probably a good idea to buy it now you know ba-bye ten of um really yeah you go to the archives and I know most of you are impatient you don't want to look through the archives or you have completely no listening comprehension so you don't even understand what I'm saying now but if you do if you have some common sense look since already know that you just have to buy a mole a Bitcoin and that's the tortoise wins the race baby you don't have to do fancy things here but hey people wanted to hear about that article why when I see stuff in a humming post helping because I laugh because there used to be this guy who now a conspiracies theories or pizza gate or whatever he got onto great articles about how great etherium was today I used to write letters about how great Bitcoin was but he kick you know who I'm talking about the long term viewers here know exactly who I'm talking about so honey a garbage you know you pay to play – right there it's a cool site that I didn't know this site very well comm site people go to it ec HT on Twitter I can get a lot of followers lately done I think I sent out some really good tweets from a day I do not I don't drown people days I don't do any tweets but I and most of them are excuse me most of the tweet said you or repent because I I'm fans of some guys out there totally awesome dudes have been on the show before obviously every tweet money traces it's just is awesome so Monica Roxie tone days could say good good so follow me on twitter you'll get a good education just from twitter here what's to say all right oh yeah Alistair Milne we haven't been Alistair money on the show yet but he's got a tweet is be cached the blockchain that takes up holiday every two days segue into the great Aaron Vaughn weird um who has been on this he's a he's like the greatest writer in Bitcoin right now he's been on my show before he was on the show I guess weeks ago he's a guy retweet anyway he's got a new article out there explaining the the Sabae cash yeah what's it called here miners are milking be Cash's difficulty adjustments and why but checked it out that it's an awesome read it's great educate yourself and you know despite these fundamental problems with be cashed the the herd of newbies or the mind was heard and make up the eighty percent their diamonds face they're gonna keep on pumping it up probably despite all these weird oddities about it how that they're having Mike coming 2018 or 2019 or something Tony I mean it's completely insanity but no one cares about fundamentals in the altcoin space anymore so hey just enjoy your crypto dividend people pound that like but Luna and we've got quite a few viewers here Layton I've been doing these on the East Coast like all the time just it's just been happening I wish I could get back to 9 pm

but this is just life man life life gets in the way so what do we have here alright be cash problems we talked about oh I skipped something really important there the popular people in high school alright so there's a few of you I mean this has been happening for a while despite the the fact that I can I always say you know this is not a trading channel this is not an ICO channel I don't give a darn about the I SEOs I think they're ridiculous I think people are losing earth I lived through the dot-com bubble I remember the dot-com bubble I lived through the housing bubble this IC co thing is madness there's a lot scammers in there a lot of people want to get rich quick you've gotta be paid you gotta be somewhat patient people bitcoind you know Bitcoin doing like Forex in a year or whatever it's done you know I mean that's amazing that should be enough okay that should be enough but people are greedy they won 100x they wanna I see they're like I don't we the white people of the ICO check out the team's do you that does don't mean that doesn't mean anything okay it doesn't mean anything don't don't try to sound like you're smart my tux by throwing around the word white paper and the read it and that makes it legitimate it is ridiculous out there but I digress I mean I am gonna keep on talking about Bitcoin it's it's just the way it's the rock behind all these cryptocurrencies if there was no Bitcoin you wouldn't have I SEOs you wouldn't have cryptic dividends you wouldn't have all coins okay and some of you sense it save it but you sound like people who just strive to be the popular kids in high school you're like Adam your channel would do so much better if you just talked about icos yeah I don't want to be the cuddler gonna be cool I'm gonna be trending I want to be truthful I'm gonna be me be like you know I said I don't want to I don't know another kid I never wanted to be the popular kid and I score mill score whatever it was there's people that just have to be have to be on top of everything have to have the best shoes have to be the trendiest have to have the most friends have to have it just have to fit in half the fitting this isn't about fitting a Bitcoin Bitcoin people are not about fitting in and being cold and just like giving up what they believe in for nonsense for complete nonsense especially when if you check out my archives or check out any Bitcoin persons archives like vortex or like tone bays they've been preaching the same thing over and over Lake Vinnie lingham been preaching the same thing over and over again and just holding Bitcoin sometimes you're gonna do just hold it but just holding the Bitcoin has paid off greatly for everyone it's a simple strand sorry you're single that's boring oh I wanna be cool I wanna fit in with the kids playing soccer okay go go do that be part of the 80% whatever go away hey and I've said this before if you're an idiot I don't want you here and people they Adam you're insulting your viewers help you ever do know I'm in something idiots who just are like just are impulsive every show I try to educate every show I print it to give reasons not to be impulsive yet we still have idiotic impulsive people that's just the nature of life which I am gonna have to learn just to be get used to that there's the 20% of us who are gonna be overly successful I guess and carry the 80% all right so I have invited everyone into the 20% many many many many many times you can do sane rational things don't be impulsive or you can just you know end up being with 80 percent and at the end of the day you're like oh I lost all my money on ICO oh please government to bail me out now please I didn't know what I was getting into bail me out no the Elizabeth Warren I'll vote for you now huh huh Bernie Sanders give me a free college education you know Holly all these dependents you just be a dependent be part of that class of the 80% it depends it and not all the 80% are bad but I mean there is an elite 20% that carries the rep the load for so many people okay and that's just life and I got to get used to that and it's frustrating to them with the impulsive people of the world so yeah I guess some and yeah and this is a free country so anyone can watch my show and I invite anyone to watch my ship but you gotta realize there are some morons watching ship I mean that's just like get used to it and I gotta get used to it all right so verities 'i'm very so verities IAM is one of the words that morons like to say a lot Reggie have you guys like check out at that come and look and look at the assets look at the essence and do a market cap at total buy by total supply not circulating so for that link below when you look at verities IAM on the regular chart there's 2 million of them circulating okay but they're a hundred million of them in total supply I mean come on people come on think about that think about the logic behind that thing only 2 percent of it is out there now I mean it's ridiculous so if you look at the market hat based on the 100 million that really it's like tremendous almost the biggest Bitcoin er I mean it's ridiculous why it has a good white paper at if it has a good white paper Reggie is awesome Reggie Middleton he was on a Kaiser reporter max kinds of I mean it's ridiculous what's his stick and well again the funny thing is despite this ridiculous we just dropped all the Sun that there are a hundred million of them really but it seems like there's two million of them despite all this because of the eighty percent because of the newbies because of the pump age it'll still do it ballad will hit will they ever have a real product again I lived through the dot-com where there were a lot of good ideas they never have real products these I CEOs didn't have so many of them are never gonna have I'm never gonna have anything are way ahead of their time are like big mining minerals on the Titan one of the moons of Saturn I did a show on that once I mentioned like I should start an IC o—- 24 Titan yeah it would be great to mine on Titan the brilliant man Dora it's way far off and I shouldn't people shouldn't give me money just for a business based on my idea to mine on time all right but you give but you get money to the eye cos when you could just stick with Bitcoin and not try to be a cool kid cool with regi you're cool with regi dude um ripple rip my so on I was really miss and found that like button if you're if you're wait this lake I see West Coasters or they're eventually meet towels in the house he's a West Coast baby get out to the west coast before the year not probably not gonna get out some West Coast I'm gonna be out of country a lot oh my god alright we're getting to that another show show uh yeah ripple its centralized dudes if it also because hey pre mind central I mean we've got all these crazy things people don't even understand like the point of cryptocurrency isn't that pre mind coins I mean well what do you we've discussed this and rat read on them that ripples putting on I don't even know the whole day then to think that they can't even put on an event is crazy I mean but it's centralized but Ben Bernanke is to give the keynote speech at this ripple event in October nonetheless this will probably boost the price of ripple just based delay at all that's very good Ben Bernanke you know yeah I uh Central Bank is very good they put on events gotta buy it got a pump that price so I think it's ridiculous obviously that Ben Bernanke he's giving the speech at the Whipple event but um you I messed with these things so that they think when I say the word that I'm endorsing that's how foolish these people are some of the people that are watching this right now right now that people watching us they're like here you go under like fool and please people please pay attention learn listening comprehension listening comprehension engravings this it was great I enjoyed second break alright be to the tube is out it's through steam it it is you can upload videos basically to steam it through this D tube it's a direct competitor with YouTube it is now again I'm not telling you to buy steam like some forgot to mention I don't know you got people tell you my steam recommending steam is one of their top three cryptocurrency how ridiculous again and I know some of you are really bad with listening comprehension and this will really confuse you but steam it the platform I love bad cryptocurrency called steam and then you can immediately turn it in the Bitcoin if you know what you're doing and it's just been great to me steam is and great it's a great way for the people on YouTube who have been demonetized to just get some cryptocurrency through it and end up with Bitcoin alright but – bye Steve – bye I something you get for free just like to buy be cash is ridiculous both ridiculous to buy how many times I have to say that both are ridiculous about but some of you still won't get it don't get it anyway but D tube they're trying their best it's a good attempt it's a good first attempt you can't edit it once you upload your video you can and by the way you can see my steam and page it's linked to below at bitcoinmeister i'm on steam it you can follow me there I post those videos there you know upload my stuff my repost andy hoffman a lot on there he's on there too and there's some other good guys on there to Shana changed them real busy on the show before too if you know who he is anyway so yeah d tube I want I wanted to mention that and it's good it's good that we're getting closer to a cryptocurrency type of a competitor to YouTube they that will be huge if that is ever perfected steam it is obviously closest to that and it's we're getting into this you know this platform thing where what platform are you going to contribute your time to do cryptocurrency well I mean it doesn't sound like it makes a lot of sense like how can you just be paid for doing nothing basically well that's the era we're in right now and you're gonna have to choose you have the option at least right now to mess around on a platform and get paid cryptocurrency now right now steam it is to me that's the best one out there you only only thing you have to lose is your time now there's another one that we all have the boycott that starts with the why if he ever gets his act together because he is on the to X side of things but I'm not even gonna mention him anymore but it starts with a why it hasn't even come out yet cuz it's been hiked out up a lot okay finally finally finally but there is one more one thing I wanted to say here where'd it go alright so if you read the comments under various but you know I've been on a crush the street lately I've been on different shows lately so you get the city in comments over and over again just people saying how Bitcoin is really controlled by the government just the worst doom porn you've ever heard and they just make excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse about why they haven't bought Bitcoin why no-one should buy Bitcoin why bitcoin is corrupted and it's just it just the excuses you hear or or that some mysterious family controls it or a religious group controls it that is you know made to see you know just just ridiculous the same type of type of doom porn you hear over and over and over again so these are just excuses so you can be with the doom porn people who give the excuses about why they can't or you can be with the bitcoinmeister they're no excuses here we do there is action we're in motion okay so you take the positive or you can just make up excuse excuses why you were left behind again if you were listening to the and 20:16 you didn't do anything you didn't buy any Bitcoin if you watch my videos in 2015-2016 we're Adam Meister is saying you know you do something by dick just don't sit there doze just don't complain about the world do something happy right now you know just holding Bitcoin and then you just hold and holding is doing something sort of so here's someone just put me you should get back to the basics with your argument crypto is mostly the oppressed is inflated US dollars there's no other way all coins most of the time multiply more okay I didn't I don't know exactly what you're saying there but yes all coins are or just a witty idiot dick 186 there my basic I mean have you been paying attention we're in our grift to this whole thing and hold Bitcoin and then I mentioned you know these other these other events that are going on people are interested in them but the bottom icer strategy is just buy and hold Bitcoin that's it people believe yes here here we go Adam people believe cliff high and other morons conspiracies yes they do and I'll leave it at that i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister town that like button I'm not here to be cool and to fit in with the latest trick no everyone's I cliff I cliff is so great it down and I'm not the cool kid in town I don't want to be with that because that is just whoa out there I don't want to fit in with that I don't want that dude on my show and he's probably not the worst of the war I mean worst anyways I found that like button I will join you guys in the chat right now see you later bye