hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in Bitcoin in europe yes it's very early in the morning on the east coast but here in europe it's a normal time today is October the 11th 2017 buy-and-hold people yes I'm going to do a special European show cause I have a lot on my mind but at 8:45 am

Eastern Time today the 1 Bitcoin show will be on we link to the yesterday's one Bitcoin show did premiere it's below always check out the links below have a strong hand people buy and hold golden hold all of that stuff and yes remember to follow me at on twitter at tech ball to e CH be alt have you been doing that then you would have gotten the exclusive news yesterday that i am going to be in Johannesburg South Africa on March 8th 9th and 10th and some other days probably around then and on March the 10th were shooting to have a bitcoinmeister event in Johannesburg South Africa so more information on that is coming soon obviously I'm gonna be in Johannesburg for the blockchain event which is the set of fresh Thursday and Friday that's the 8th and the 9th of March of 2018 and then Saturday is my event hopefully but again I was at this event in Cape Town in 2015 I'm happy to go back to it now the this is going to be their fourth year doing it right and it'll be interesting to see how it changed and it will be great to have my own event going on following it so all you uh live viewers here we're getting people waking up here early I know you people in Australia or loving this and in Africa and yes the one Bitcoin show will be on at 8:45 at night in Perth yeah we're convenient for everybody right okay and now all my New Zealand fans are really happy that uh I'm pumping it this show out right now okay so let's let's get into the news there is a lot of stuff to cover here that just has been sitting in my news pile just to get out of the way that isn't just one topic because remember on the one Bitcoin show we only talk about one topic and we only say palnet like button one time because it is all about getting one Bitcoin that's a really good goal for all you guys out there who don't have any Bitcoin first shoot for one then shoot for 10min 16 then 21 keep it simple buy and hold keep it simple stupid kiss is the old old saying I wanted to bring that up because a viewer actually reminded me of that okay and also the johannesburg event that i'm going to hopefully put on you'll be able to pay attention and follow that hopefully i have a website it's not up yet but you can save it bitcoinmeister dot cosas and all you South Africans know what Koza means it's just co dot za but everybody else is it what's about the hexa cosa bitcoinmeister tacos up okay coming soon so first tweet i want to cover here this is by wale panda sent this out do you think these aired and everything is linked to below do you think these air drops or Bitcoin forks hurt Bitcoin from a PR marketing perspective so you can vote in that poll obviously I don't think so I think it's uh whatever it actually strengthens the Bitcoin brand there's only uh there's one real Bitcoin and then you've got these forks some friendly some not so you get these crypto dividends by just holding on to the Bitcoin all right what else do we have here Peter Atwater has a tweet out oh this is good this is good here fun a full page crypto ad in this morning's Wall Street Journal we're in full froth folks all right so that was yesterday actually there was there was an ad that was like kind of making fun of Jamie Dimon and all that stuff you know what and I'm gonna talk about this in the one Bitcoin show but I don't pay attention you know who cares what these Wall Street people really think what I thought was cool about having a a big ad in The Wall Street Journal and I wonder who paid for it is that it's just getting the Bitcoin name the cryptocurrency name out there to the mainstream I thought that was awesome we'll talk about everybody's obsession with Wall Street people what they think that's a waste of time we'll talk about that on the one Bitcoin show later today at 8:45 am Eastern Standard Time than three hours popping out these shows today all right and again you all understand the concept of the long Bitcoin show one topic keeping a simple and but just you know original news not just reading off of articles from coin desk or whatever all right what okay here we go so one thing that people are the price of bitcoins going up well and for me it doesn't really matter just think long term people but one of the cool things keeping your mind you know don't you check don't check the price it's check out a couple times a day don't be obsessed about it we all know that the price is going up we've got long-term goals 2020 here deferred gratification people but if you are something that is cool is that middle middle term and short term Bitcoin does produce for you also crypto dividend creation distribution whatever studying that kind of thing learning about the latest ones that's short-term that short-term stuff right there how are you going to sell it you're going to dump it or whatever is it is it doesn't have replay protection these are short-term middle middle term things so medium term things so if you are a person that just has to have some type of short-term gratification there you go again long-term think 2020 but medium term and short term think crypto dividends they don't that get you get you happy in the short turn and uh anyway coin Telegraph tweet what do you think the most appropriate investment strategy in cryptocurrency field is alright and this goes back and sixty-one percent of people so far have said holding that that's over mining over investing over flipping over I investing in I cos people who participated in this poll sixty and that's a lot sixty one percent and I know it's not scientific they weren't there into holding that's why they're in the Bitcoin and that's that's kind of reassuring to me these polls are really interesting with the one Bitcoin show I was gonna try to do one poll every day also just do my own poll and the results of my first puller in we're going to discuss that in a second but I I let I'm so here we're discussing polls I put that in the title there you can get a little bit of information from them how much you can get it's not scientific stuff I thought I you know the reason I did my poll and what it was all about in about a minute or two here or three minutes all right all right so there is some fun going on in terms of crypto dividends with be gold and we're gonna get that into the next show about that a little bit more but no be gold has will have replay protection people I lead to a tweet below where they said this it's it's common sense they're a friendly fork they said this a while ago they're not trying to harm anyone they understand I mean and again a lot of people are asking me about be gold like I'm a representative all I do is I contact them okay and it's easy any of you can do that so I know people have all sorts of questions for me contact them again they should update their page soon it's a shame they haven't updated their page very much but they're coming out with updates very soon again it's and it's going to address some of the crazy fog that's that's going on out there but again you're getting you're getting this stuff for free they don't have to tell you anything right away here we still have two weeks so be patient people don't be don't jump on every single rumor out there there's really no reason to to fund crypto dividends because if you're a if you're a holder a Bitcoin you're gonna be rewarded with this so why you know be a be gold be a bit core or whatever so I don't understand the people who are just trying to I mean I guess they just have negative personalities where they're trying to like create flood I mean they're only hurting themselves and people are like I know you're just pumping this because your dude I'm not buying this stuff I'm getting it for free I'm getting it for free just by holding Bitcoin so of course I want these all these crypto dividends that are friendly Forks to do well cuz I'm a holder I want my fellow holders to be rewarded so yeah if being a holder is biased then I guess it's I'm biased toward holding which is a legitimate strategy and it's the best strategy if you're just a long-term thinker you're not impulsive twenty twenty people okay we're getting too much into yesterday's show that's what yesterday's one Bitcoin show was about again that's linked to below pound that like button people all right yeah I know it's early in the morning in the United States of America I gotta do shows throughout Europe and also and guess what guess what people like sixty percent of my audience at least is North American if not seventy percent so they're not as many people watching live right now but I'm new hey you don't have to see this live I know people really like live people really like to see my face I don't understand what watch it on repeat I mean it's just because something's three hours old doesn't mean it's not worth your while you should you should the archives people check out the archives of the show alright there is a site called air drop alert calm and it's got all of these air drops listed for all sorts of coins and and I'm just sticking with the word air drops for this and they're trying to do a good thing I give them credit someone alerted me to this site they're trying to do a good thing but some of these things are just giveaways of we're coins they involve you signing up with your big top Bitcoin talk address you know just giving away your identity and they're not Forks and yeah anyway I've sorted through all this stuff to find like straight I mean I prefer straight-up friendly Fork clone coins that aren't you know that I'm not trying to take over Bitcoin or not trying to take over the light coin if they ever do it with light coin in or a theorem or whatever just these giveaways these you know the way big core did it was very good I liked what they did they they weren't a fork but they were just they made it simple all you did was enter your Bitcoin addresses and then it's saying then you just enter your big core dress and they sent it to you not any of this signing up for their newsletter or any of this other stuff I mean those ones that make you go through all these extra steps they're not even real coins probably and so automatic distribution is the best anything else that are all are just games and I wouldn't get into it they're not really cryptic dividends and they're not going to do well and I don't even know what the heck they are I don't you airdrop is a proper word for those ones I guess but hey they're giveaways but with with all that said and I rambled on a little bit too much about that but but again the qualities I think it's kind of obvious which what makes it legitimate and what makes it not legitimate here but here I there is one that I found amongst all this clutter and they actually emailed me back xenon Xen Oh N and I'll link to all the xenon things xenon is going to be based on a theory I'm actually so if and this is really simple for every aetherium you own you're going to get one Xena that simple that's it that's the kind of thing I like that's a crypt of dividend right there there's no like having a Bitcoin talk address or Bitcoin talk profile it's a reddit profile it is like really they're trying to keep some of these I don't know what the heck they're trying or you have to sign up on a Google document all these weird things no these Zenon people it's coming in a few days they said they'd email me back I think it's coming it's gonna start off Thursday but you don't really have to do anything I mean you just it'll appear you know if you've got the etherium address you control your own private key you're good so I'll keep everyone updated but again I give all of their pertinent links below so if you want to read their white paper you know if you want to see if there and if you don't trust them then don't do anything with it right away but I think it's cool I think whatever it's pretty safe – well anyway I'm not gonna comment on the rebrand not an expert on the matters of safety and and etherium clones or aetherium crypt of dividends I'm not an expert so I don't want to give an opinion pound that like button if you like Adams honesty on that subject I'm not a technical guru here but anyway to me the Zenon theme seems like another one that should be all because on the Meister list there so we've got Zenon for aetherium we've got the possible and I Thank You Zenon people for writing me back they can't send the req to the show they don't have a representative I wanted to interview someone so people could see for themselves it was people going to have questions about this stuff just like I mean be gold is gonna send somebody here eventually they're real busy but anyway so I crypto dividends that are floating out there right now for aetherium it's Zenon and the community activated hard fork which is still that could be like next week or something it's still not totally we're not totally sure it's gonna happen we can call that aetherium three we've got big core I think that expires on November 1st but then I just heard from 21 million Club that they're gonna you're gonna be able to do it all over again starting late October I'll have to look into that but the big core but anyway if you haven't done it with big core once it's really easy do it again I do it your first time and then we've got big old obviously coming up on the 25th and then we've got the 2x thing it doesn't have replay protection yet Bisco and we call that so it's exciting it's good this creep I mean again free coins for holding and so I guess this kind of merges into the discussion of well Spencer Bogart Spencer's are well what's his last name yes it's Spencer yes Spencer Bogart he talks about it's a really good article about a crypt of dividends and what is gonna the crimp of differences are going to propel these other cult if you have legitimate dividends like Bitcoin in a theory on your propelled to a whole new level and like it or not a theory on is gonna have the dividends here we've got a first not a first one I mean xenon here and clearly a friendly fork of aetherium and what's it's based on um and it's based on some you know all this etherium stuff try not to get into it okay I'm not again I'm the technical area here so let's get back to Spencer in a second here there's perpare for coins powerful coins are just going to get more dominant okay they're just going to get more dominant this financial incentive to hold the true route there's a financial incentive to hold true route corns and right now the true root coins are Bitcoin and then a theory that's in a light point who knows I expect someone do something a light time but these are wide distribution networks is a great way to so many people own these coins and that's and that's what Spencer talks about in his article you're not gonna make something on neo or whatever you know you hear these flavor of the month coins people don't actually control their own private keys with them they're just flipping them all on exchanges they're keeping them on exchanges so that's not people are not going to choose to build crypt of dividends on those ones because people don't actually own those ones they don't control their profit you only own a coin when you control the private key okay and Pete forbid a Bitcoin in the theory a bitcoin is here iam litecoin people control their private keys for that widely distributed many people own these so uh I'm getting in the suspense first thing before I was meant to get into Spencer's article but whatever semester's article is linked to before it was in Forbes online I talked about it yesterday I think it's really it's good if you want understand like the future here that twenty eight it's gonna be the e recruitment evidence as I predicted I've been predicting this since July when I was uh that July since August when I was in Quebec City you can check out my archives bit Lim bit Lam is a brick-and-mortar cryptocurrency place in Mexico City that you can just go walk into and buy cryptocurrency 21 million told me about this i link to a photo of it in any tweet and it is funny in the Latin world or the spanish-speaking world south of United States I noticed this people like to go into stores like in your I was totally in Montevideo at one point there was a place you could physically go in and buy Bitcoin people and or a criminal crime partner probably Bitcoin only there it doesn't exist anymore in Montevideo from what I heard again even in Africa people were asking me like does Bitcoin have an office where I can go buy a Bitcoin so this is something you don't in North America and I don't think in Europe you you get you people don't want to they don't like to break it more thing or they don't request it but in some of these other cultures it seems like the brick and mortar thing as traditional it makes people feel more comfortable okay good for them so I'm glad I learned about that in Mexico City bit lemma okay all right we talked about Johannesburg already all right so you got Bitcoin in aetherium they're winning they are winning and his pun and you can tell because of uh the some of stuff I mentioned beforehand with the crypt of dividends and how people were built they're going to build them on there that's the way they're going to distribute their new altcoins is through those there's networks and that ripple and all these other thing I mean why would you want to do it on on these other ones it it makes no sense uh let me see root coins again I'm just reading okay yeah and the top T as I've said in other things these Kripa dividends are going to reveal what the true top-tier altcoins are okay okay like I mean everyone asks me what are these legend there are top tiers that you talk about well I mean I my top tier or maybe it's not going to be revealed as a top eventually but it's clearly a light corn in theory amar at the top of it but I in my top-tier etherium classic Manero – and and uh the other 1d cred but there's last few there's no guarantee people going to build crypt of dividends Olin and I can't guarantee that I based my top tier all coining category on I thought each one was unique and I've gone over this before I'm not going to even get into that again it's all about big point people it really is all about Bitcoin here town that like button alright my poll results finally speaking about all about Bitcoin and I did again before we get into it if you are doing your own crypto dividend air drop whatever you want to call it in terms of you know if you're not doing a complete fork if you're doing it like like it like an air drop but you want to make it easy do it like the big core people did it do it like the big core people did it do they had bad marketing though I wish big core people they need help with their marketing maybe a big court would market themselves better who knows how much that crypt of dividend would be worth if it's worth like six bucks now if I I mean they've got a good they've got a good system over there they just they haven't spread the work correctly so for if you're doing your own crypto dividend if you're starting starting an altcoin this way you gotta have good marketing and you got to make it easy for people so and again it's involves a life if you're gonna do a hard work that's really hard man these be gold people it's it's some hard stuff up from what I've heard so that mean that's the bit the best option is just to do a friendly hard fork that's the best thing to do but that's very difficult to do apparently all right my poll results I had a poll and I messed up because I'd never done a poll on Twitter before it was only up for 24 hours and it just said if you had to choose one would it be 2x biscone in other words or be Tash I don't support them at all okay they are too unfriendly Forks that are true that in many ways want to pretend to be Bitcoin if people be cash not as much anymore but definitely bisque Oien so I'm no fan and I only gave you two options I want to make it eveness some people always have to be smart alecks and be like love your bob know they're what I did this because I want to know which one is the bigger threat which one has a community which one is thought of more highly in the traditional among my followers who I think are mostly in the Bitcoin community but I gotten that there are people well anyway the results are in 61% prefer B – 2 – X all right 61% 39% where the final numbers there and I'll link to it below and I basically thought it would be like that I thought it might be even more overwhelming for P cash but again it's not scientific because these two X people do not have replay protection if clearly is an unfriendly fork but again I didn't I know what any regular person would prefer to it is going to be cash to be honest I don't I don't know why at all maybe some of you want to share that and stuff but I again I for me I'm trying to figure out how long are these things gonna even last and I think big cash is here to stay whether you like it or not they have a community Simon Dixon reported to us you know he was basically added an event of theirs and they're real people working on this I want to know if there's any real people behind Bitcoin because if they're not if this is just a way to threaten Bitcoin through it and we're not gonna get into who's doing it maybe as big cash people are doing it not all because people are bad I mean that's what I'm trying to say here there are some definitely measure players there who are not good use but let's see about this but I want to see if there's a regular Joe out there that's like yes I want business going to be the real Bitcoin I like it I like what they stamp what do they stand for I don't even know it's an agreement signed I mean all right so that's why I did the poll but again not so surprising that be Cash's prefer to biscone if you had to pick one so anyway everyone everyone out there in Europe thanks for tuning in i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe to this channel like this video pound that like button which is the same exact thing share the video and of course follow me at Tech ball l Twitter where you get exclusives before you get them in the videos and yeah maybe they'll be out new pole soon and they tune in in three hours for the one Bitcoin show 8:45 am in the morning in New York buh-bye