Hi You mentioned the ASICboost, so I've thought about bringing up the subject

What do you think about the allegations against Bitmain and Jihan Wu? And if it were true, What implications would there be, if any, on the break or dead end between Core and Bitcoin Unlimited? Ehm I do not know if the allegations are true However, we know that Ehm

Bitmain mining chips bring in their plates FPGAs and multi-core CPUs that would be necessary put on a chip with the purpose of doing ASICboost Ehm Your CEO (of Bitmain) said that they put the chips in their ASIC plates with the aim of doing ASICboost, but then they did not do it for "the good of the network" So they spent all this money on putting these chips The only purpose of these chips would be to make ASICboost But they only did ASICboost in the test-net and that they have never done it on the main-net So You can believe that or not, okay? It depends on your perspective But if you believe it, I have a simple answer for that, which is: well, in that case; If you have never used it and would not use it, then you do not care that the entire network disables it Because it does not matter who uses it, creates tremendous impediments to protocol improvements

Making the headers themselves immutable in its architecture we will not be able to continue making modifications in the header, because any modification to the header will receive a resistance opposition by anyone who is running covert ASICboost because that will reduce your profitability So, in that sense, it is a threat to the network It does not matter if the motivations to use it are only focused on profitability This is fine, that's the free market You should do optimizations

It is not an attack, it is an optimization Great So what we're going to do to fix it is not a counterattack, It is a counter-optimization And since nobody uses it It's okay? okay? okay? There is not a hundred million dollars (at stake) on the table Nobody is using it here! It's okay! Let's turn it off! You are not using it, turn it off! Because it's there waiting, It is a time bomb If nobody is using it right now, someone will start using it in six months They will derail the development of the protocol exactly for the same reasons we suspect, or some people suspect, that the development of the protocol could be derailed

So I would say: turn it off And in that way everyone would be happy

You could still do over ASICboost by using the front of the header In fact there are some proposals To make it more efficient, anyone can use that Some people oppose this idea saying: "the free market is to optimize the chips" And the free market includes you and me and all the developers of the protocol, which we say: "We do not want that optimization" That is also part of the free market

Y otherwise, you have to think about in that it is not really free market It is a free market protected by a patent that grants an exclusive economic right over an invention backed by the threat of state power

That's not a free market, okay? A patent is a monopoly By definition, that's what a patent does Protects the exclusive right of the patent owner to use the technology and it does not allow anyone else to use it under the threat of state force Then, it is not a free market So if it is not being used, we should deactivate it

If it is being used, we should deactivate it And I do not know if that is going to change the debate, it could be that it does not change at all, because in that sense the debate is not only about benefits and technology It is also about damaged egos and hurt feelings and you called me this and you told me the other And six months ago you said And all that It's a bit like a divorce, right? You have this couple there, already six months with the divorce and they have spent a quarter of a million dollars fighting over who gets custody of from Mumu, the mini puppy, okay? And anyone who knows Mumu says: "Why, why do you

? Who wants to know ? Take that little dog out of my sight " Nobody really wants the dog, it does not deal with the dog Try that someone's feelings have been damaged and they want to spend a quarter of a million dollars in harming the feelings of others as revenge, okay? And if you concentrate on trying to think Well, how about you stay with the two cats? Do you know? These are the compromise proposals that we see coming out of the Bitcoin community How about I give you both cats? I wanted the dog You promised me that I could stay with Mumu three years ago, here's the email Voucher? And it's not about the dog And you can not fix it with a commitment because there are hurt feelings

So this is the problem with a lot of debate about scalability and especially with ASICboost Because now we have another ingredient, and that ingredient is the possibility of a completely undetectable covert action that confers an advantage By the way How many of you have heard about all this? All right Great

Enough of you people Do you understand what it means to have a 20% advantage in energy consumption? All right First of all, most data centers that use miners they are not limited by how many miners They can buy or place They are limited by the amount of energy with which they can feed what is in the building That is always the limitation

And as soon as they have more energy, They can easily buy all the chips and stack them and immediately reach 100% of all the energy The limiting factor it is always the electricity that arrives If you reduce consumption by 20% that means you can install 20% more miners which means 20% more hash power But it gets better yet That does not mean a 20% increase in benefits

Oh no Because the profit margin is less than 1% What happens when your profit margin is less than 1%? You spend one million dollars on electricity Voucher? Then you spend Sorry, you earn a million dollars in reward by mining and you spend 990 thousand dollars in electricity and you have 10 thousand in profit If you reduce the cost of electricity by 20% you're doing it in a million dollars in mining and now you spend 750 thousand dollars in electricity and your benefits have just left 10 thousand to 190 thousand A factor of 19 or 20 This is a huge advantage

And if ASICboost is really happening, will allow a miner, which one? To the miner who has the monopoly, control the technology backed by the strength of the state to fully dominate the market and take all your competitors out of the market This is unacceptable If you are going to do it, do it with the overt version Everyone can see that you are doing it and adjust your business plan accordingly The covert version hurts: the market, harms the development of the protocol

And since nobody is using it, let's turn it off This is what I think, I suppose Thank you