Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is September the 24th 2017 your home of crypto dividends be in motion strong hand treasure your route coin gold and hold too many sayings alright so check out the link section below as you always should because you can check out crypto hwo com use my affiliate link at your tresor ledger nano your leather case that everyone seems to have for their storage device now their other affiliate links like use the meister code over at a at cryptography DS t-shirt page i wearing one of those t-shirts right now let's see all you strong hand people what I'm wearing remember you should have a strong hand things haven't been too crazy in Bitcoin lately but it's always good to have a strong hand and to store your your Bitcoin on your trays or especially when it has a luxurious leather case from crypto HW wallet dot-com alright so let's jump right into this yesterday there was a great this week in Bitcoin right here please check out that link below máximo chimed in from Venezuela and gave us an incredible update but one really interesting thing that he brought up that I was very surprised about maybe because I don't keep track of all coins that much there was a – meeting in Venezuela and wine gulped he confirmed this and maybe they're gonna be more – meetings there like official officially put on by – and I also there's a tweet out there from a guy from Lithuania who's in the a member of the European Parliament and he was at a day this guy's pumping out a – event that was in Lithuania so this is going to be a very interesting test for from marketing if it works in the top-tier altcoins it seems like they're really going all out over there so love not love them or hate them the – people are going hardcore marketing all over the world that looks like Lithuania and Venezuela are two totally different places so I found that really interesting I haven't heard anyone talk about that yet but who knows also I wanted to thank now my chat is actually working again Thank You YouTube that's awesome so I can like check out the chat afterwards I don't have exactly I came and see how the corner of my eye right now but I wanted to thank the bad virus he sent me something yesterday and a cu5 sent me also when I say send me something I mean the super chat tip you can send super chat a fiat currency my way during the show and uh in I think couldn't mention these guys was couldn't see it but ACU five said 21 million has great consulting and yeah 21 million is a great guy with a great page he's in Mexico check him out alright traceur speaking of trailers which I spoke about beforehand because you can get them at crypto a show calm they have a blog post out talking about recovering coins you know there's been you I'd link to it below you can see what they say to do if you've sent coins to the wrong address to the B cache address or the Bitcoin address or a litecoin address from you should have sent it somewhere else they have some help there I don't know if it's perfect but I thought I would share it with everyone because people do make mistakes and people have had questions about it and usually I say it's just like dude oh and 21 million is in the chat right now – so yeah hello there he's awesome he really is awesome so you check out that treasured link below hey and everyone remember town that like button subscribe to this channel and of course check out the links below all right so we gold update people have been asking about me gold a lot uh and I've noticed in on YouTube and on Twitter there's been talk of it I mean the word is spreading their website I mean I can't say it enough their website needs to be updated and they're going to update it that's part of what I have been to so I got in contact with someone over there and I think one of the biggest things that the point out here is that bit star bit Starcom which is a trading platform in some other country is going you're going to be able to trade I guess be gold futures or something on ten ten on October 10th but it's not gonna exist yet so this is going to be on the official be gold page as soon as they update it but I want to put that out there check out bit Starcom ask them what the heck is going on I'm not exactly sure about October the 10th you're gonna be able to start trading quote-unquote I don't know I mean I guess it's kind of how people were trading be cash before I came out it wasn't really be cashed yet hey man so okay so yeah this this big ol thing is appearing to be bigger than I first thought you know some people think it's gonna be worth 5% of a Bitcoin I mean that would make it even a three billion dollar market camp which would make it like the number five cryptocurrency we may even make it bigger than litecoin and I think that's asking quite a quite a bit I'm still in the same you've gotta consider there's something like iota it has a tremendous over a billion dollar market cap and that's just like a joke I mean what is that so if that can have a huge market cap and and so can em like why can't this I mean we're living in this completely irrational atmosphere right now ecosystem whatever you want to say so if it even gets to 1% of bitcoins market cap then you gotta expect a lot other friendly Forks to follow this thing because I mean they're like printing money there I mean it's incredible and it more friendly for crypto pivot I mean the magic of the crypto dividend will just be unleashed totally and it's totally cool that these guys are doing a friendly fork I think it's awesome and you know seeing be cash what happened with that is I think a lot of us can admit now that be caches as stuck around a lot longer than we thought it would there are a lot of people pumping it up and we're gonna get to that in a second we've learned a lot and uh and now I can see that this big ol thing could be it could be big and I'm from what I've learned from BT hash once we get this freebie gold whatever way we get it I mean I'm definitely gonna hold on to some of it because people keep pumping this stuff up and you know we've we learned we live and learn here so uh and also remember you heard about be gold first here on this very channel where we you know find our own stories out there just like that – thing a man is it's uh you got to think to get these stories and stuff so I'm really I'm really proud to whatever happens with be gold I'm really proud that it was first talked about here and the whole crypto dividend concept was was born right here and now people are using the term and people talking abou gold so it's awesome so here's a quote we decided to move the fork date from October 1st to October 25th so that people have more time to learn about it and uh yeah and learn about it the date of the network the the date of the network launch is unchanged November the first okay be gold we'll implement a unique address format address is not starting with one or three that's very helpful there so you won't have that confusion that was talking about above to help users avoid mixing up BTC and btg addresses and remember they're calling it btg I think this is going to also but since it's going to happen before QX and these guys are going to have replay protection it's going to force 2x to have replay protection and we're going to talk about 2x reflate protection a little bit below so everyone be patient here be patient with the website I know it's hard it's hard it's not it's in broken English it's not good but they're they're updating it hopefully they will have an english-speaking PR guy that'll appear on my site on my channel what everyone's channel can have their english-speaking PR guy on once they get one so yeah okay be patient and yeah it's going to be October 25th is the important date so if whatever you have in Bitcoin on October 25th that's what you'll be entitled to in bitgold the be gold whatever you want to call it afterwards on November the 1st so stick tight I think that's basically all I was told and you know I basically this stuff is going to be on their webpage I think I saw a little bit more of what's gonna be on their webpage there's gonna be useful information on there it's gonna make there's gonna be a lot better than what it is now so again people are like oh it's looks horrible so it's horrible just wait you know a butterfly looks pretty bad when it's a caterpillar okay be patient the caterpillar turns into a butterfly eventually so uh let's talk about with Simon vixen said on the show on my show yesterday about be cash he in at the meeting at the event he was at in Hong Kong and please check out yesterday's this week in Bitcoin against Simon Dixon was on there Maximo from Anna's whale I was on there and who was who else was on there oh for tax was on there more texts from the world crypt of now and they were all great and Simon is just the insight that he drops I mean it's awesome so but but what he talked about at the meeting he was at in Hong Kong or the event there were a lot of be cash fans and like it or not they've got a community they've moved on they're focusing on it so it's going to be around it's going to be around there's really no point for the 2x anymore because the people that are into that big block stuff I mean be cash is real it's it's what it is they can experiment over there many of them think it's an altcoin but quite a few of them are still quite unfriendly toward bitcoin and want to you know be the real bitcoin and you know and fake satoshis involved with it obvious the king of the trolls is involved with it obviously Rocketman Wu is around you know involved with it all these guys who are just whoever and so make your own decisions about it but it's there and there are some serious people dealing with it so hey that that's what he gave some interesting thoughts about it unbiased type of stuff he gave a really good report about what's going on of it so they're gonna have more events they're gonna be around but at least in theory there won't be as many people coming over the Bitcoin to start fun in theory there'll be serious people working over there on that side good luck with your big big blocks and you're off coin B cash good luck just good luck it's great it's great yeah to each his own but I think a lot of people are more excited about you know that's their that's their crypto dividend over there and we've got another one coming out that's on its own is gonna be acting a lot more in a friendly manner so that is that is really cool so you can see how unfriend and then we we see how unfriendly one works how a friendly one works and then what to X will be unfriendly but it'll just be a way for people to like pump and dump and for I mean king of the trolls said he's gonna dump it basically he said that I believe it's been going around Twitter and I mean a lot of the Bitcoin people everyone's good the be cash people are gonna dump 2x to get more be cashed the Bitcoin people are gonna dump the 2x to get more Bitcoin but yet they'll still be these newbies out there they'll be like oh this 2x thing seems neat just like I should buy steam I should buy 2x yeah all right so Andy Hoffman has a new crypto cold central comm post out there and I believe he's got a free one out there too and he's got a 7-day trial out there but it's called big value in small packages why Bitcoin and gold not silver are the future of wealth storage whoa man he's he's you know all these people tell me I'm a silver stacker well apparently andy hoffman is no silver stack whoa now baby and he's made that pretty clear he's appeared on the show lately also and speaking of people who have appeared on the show Aaron Vaughn weird um has been on this week a Bitcoin before and dude man I've got some pretty darn good guests on this show really proud of it I mean these are the people you should check their stuff out always man best guest in the space are on this show seriously and it's not the end it's hard to coordinate all this stuff dude it's bad I'm doing I love it man it's good to meet these people but no Aaron van bond weird I'm has new a new post out there and it is what's it caught here Segway 2x and the case strong replay out for strong replay protection and why its controversial okay it's talking about the lack of replay protection all 2x which I think they're going to add I mean even is Simon and vortex also agreed they think they're gonna give in at the last moment and have replay protects because if QX doesn't have replay protection no one's going to mess with it with a chance to lose your Bitcoin I mean it's it's ludicrous and aspect and be gold is gonna have a replay protection so and beagle is gonna get a lot of press it's gonna get it's gonna make a lot of news I can see it now I didn't think so I thought at first like there's a chance it won't but it really might Eclipse this 2x thing too which is great we want to X to be neutered in every way possible every way possible so but III don't think they're crazy enough once they see how they're getting bang from all sorts of directions here that they'll not that they won't implement replay protection the thing about replay protection also and I mean the ekend there are so many golden holders out there so many people who are just in the Bitcoin they don't want to hear about how they can they don't want to you don't want to hear the term replay protection all this stuff they don't give a darn about this so they would never even like when they hear this it just turns them off and they just makes them think more I've got the real Bitcoin I don't want to hear this other stuff about you know Forks and this and that and the other I got the real one if I'm gonna get a free coin because of this great great whatever so I mean this complexity all these people who are like experts in the complex and you should get me obviously these guys should do it should be replay protection but it's just it's just I mean again goal this doesn't happen with gold Gold doesn't split gold doesn't need replay protections to the P the people come in from the old school into it that just want to hold on just want this as a store of value this sickens them this this type of stuff really they want no part of it so what else we have and I and I talk to these type of people too and remember Adam atrás or help calm if you want a big crypto consultation and help with your setting up your treads or and just help help curing the thud being a happier person in terms of cryptocurrency because a lot of people they get carried away in this cryptocurrency world that gets him down they get addicted of FUD alright so there's another article out there by at the blog often of numbers calm and he says eight things cryptocurrency enthusiasts probably won't tell you it's linked to below and Oh 8 things that he mentions like I basically talked about all these things and like guys who understand cryptocurrency who've been around for a while talk about it's not like a secret this dude is trying to make it seem like Oh big cryptocurrency people are trying to keep away these facts from you know we talk about how big vinick's was was hacked of course we talk about how these exchanges are nonsense and then it's not safe to keep stuff there and all the other things they check out the article and see for yourself i think a lot of you'll be like yeah what this is not a big secret no one's trying to keep this from the public or anything this guy hasn't stumbled upon some you know big discovery it's linked to below Richard Hart has a tweet out there and Richard heart's been on the show before – he's a great guy ledger X will list the Bitcoin futures exchange contract uh no earlier than October oh no earlier than for twenty-seventh Wall Street is almost here he says all right I don't mean if that happens it happens great obviously every day the passes were getting closer to a small street doing something and just taking this thing to the next level so whether it's with this weather with whatever you know a lot of rumors are going on around to Amazon's gonna adopt Bitcoin soon I mean if you want to want to hear about that kind of thing just read like the regular mainstream Bitcoin meet I mean it's gonna happen eventually great read about it at coin desk or something here we have original stories so what and speaking of not so original stories you got all these people out there talking about the theory of hard work is coming what should you shadow should you do this should you do what they know Oh aetherium is great didn't explain I've only got a few words there man so if the you know if it Forks and the the guys at the community activated hard fork get their way there's gonna be a third aetherium so just hold onto your etherium get your free 30 year free aetherium free three crypto dividend and then you know do what you do it's that simple who cares you'll get a free coin out of it a free and if aetherium does better afterwards great good for it you if you hold the Fury I mean I as I've said before I've got some aetherium for various reasons yeah I'm gonna get that many free a fear of threes if these if these dudes are serious about it and we have talked about the community activated hard fork before it's coming out of China they're gonna be proof of proof of work aetherium dudes so i guess it'll be a little bit like a theorem classic but whatever whatever everybody's everyone's doing crypt of dividends these days so it'll be awesome so that's all I gotta say about that and again you this is one of the first places to talk about that one also that that possible crypt of dividend so I've got a question for everyone out there uh this is something I heard it on Rosh Hashanah actually are you alive because you didn't get hit by a truck this morning all right or are you alive because you're alive and if you're thinking that first mindset like uh man I'm here I didn't get hit by a truck I'm just happen to be here no you're alive because you're alive do you man you've got a treat this thing like it's it's it is the best thing in the frickin world it is you're not alive because you didn't get hit by a truck you're alive because you're fucking a live baby and you're gonna make the most of yourself seriously another thing that I liked from synagogue there was a line in one of a prayer and said for they worship vanity and emptiness worshiping vanity and emptiness that is the mainstream today that is everyone wanting to fit in that that is what we're trained to be part of to worship vanity and emptiness and if you can you know see what that encompasses in the world and if you can avoid that and if you have you know you don't need to fit in you're in great shape and finally uh one other thing that I heard and by the oh I forgot the show uh the great uh the great what's his name here this dude my man uh ghetto nerd remember to get this but he's got a new song out there he's got a new an awesome song about Bitcoin and I link to it below did I forget to mention that he's awesome man finally though something else I learned instead God you know there's like three different types of people you can be you could be afraid you could be afraid and like you at all know that guy on the internet said there's gonna be Smita and the world is going to end this is that I gotta stay still here and we've talked about the doom porn before avoid that or you could be like a follower and that's what I was talking about before the people who just have to get into the vanity and into the just the emptiness of the world and just be the cool just do what the cool kids are doing and just go along go along go along and not think for themselves which is unfortunate and I've told people not to do that or the third option is man you can be a soldier go your own way and be a soldier go out into the unknown just take life by the you-know-what and just go out there man be yourself and not you don't care what other people think and don't be afraid so don't be afraid don't be a follower be a soldier man be a total soldier bitcoin soldier baby I can't think of a Jim Morrison unknown soldier when I when I say that obviously that song is not about this at all but it is a good song though yeah all right everybody can that like button i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe to this channel like this video share this video do check out the notes section below and check out ghetto nerds song about bitcoin which i hoped i linked to below because i almost forgot to mention all that stuff and his uh his cool book they can get on to get at his ghetto nerds site which i've linked to below also i will see you guys in the chat right now bye bye