Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is September the 27th 2017 holding bitcoin is becoming more and more lucrative crypto dividends to the moon baby strong hand alright so we've had some big crypto dividend news this morning mainstream Bitcoin press picking up on something we've been talking about here for a month but anyway check out the links section below if you want to get yourself a traceur ledger nano get your leather case for your storage device at crypto HW wallet comm use the affiliate link there are all sorts of discount codes down there if you want to get a shirt from well they have free shirts they are also to some deal but cryptography to use them meister code if you want to get one of his cool shirts I've got a tresor affiliate link down there also good stuff that you need man well I guess you don't need t-shirts and you really need a leather case for your storage device but they're they're cool I've got a leather case right here hey but you do need a storage device never store your coins at an exchange store them on this baby look and look you know it looks looks pretty all right so let's let's jump into this thing today as you can see I am here it's the afternoon in the United States and Baltimore is 346 I'm not usually on at this hour I'm rescheduling everything we were getting stuff on a different schedule was Friday night is Yom Kippur so on Friday we're gonna have an early this week in Bitcoin it might be as early as 9:00 am

oh nice because we haven't done have not decided on the exact time yet but we one of the guests and I'm working on come on my other guests you guys got to get back to me dudes but one of my guests has been very responsive that's a Michael Tidwell of the block time podcast he's he's gonna be on definitely on Friday morning when we do the show so today you can see the Bitcoin price is up we're all happy you know don't worry too much about the price but what I take from all of this because we've had a pretty nice week so far he's that Bitcoin says China who who cares about China look it's China's gone now I mean they're not fighting they're not trading who knows what they're even who cares it life goes on without them and that is what you're seeing it's a nice recovery from all the fun and it just shows why you have to have a strong frickin hand in all this people so use that strong freaking hand and pound that like button also remember we had a show late last night a lot of you haven't seen it because the times are all weird check out yesterday's show check out the day before show it's all linked to below the archives you can learn a lot from the archives but I mean yesterday's show and the day before show are still very relevant um so I do link to them below along with links to everything that I talk about in this video and remember if you're new it's a lot of Europeans are watching us that don't usually watch this at this time hey I post a new video every day alright not the second day of Rosh Hashanah though that's the one day I take off and the second day of Passover long story alright we're not gonna get into that so okay be gold was in coin guess today the big article coin desk does a big article about be gold it wasn't the best article in the world they got some things wrong and I've been saying for a while here that eventually the be go that it was gonna be in the main media and people were gonna start jumping on it and now if you check over social media on Twitter on YouTube all these people who didn't know about it before know about it and uh the one thing that I I wonder also is with today's Bitcoin spike it seemed to happen and again I'm not I'm just wondering the Bitcoin price spike was around $200 at first now it's like around $250 um it was around the same time that the coin deaths article came out about be gold in is it's a coincidence but in theory in a logical market people would begin to realize that holding Bitcoin is you know with this big old development that they're just finding out about because they haven't been paying attention to my channel for the last month that I've been talking about this but most people have it and that you know they're taking into account we'll wait a second I'm gonna get another crypto dividend out of this I want more Bitcoin and that would increase the demand of Bitcoin and would increase the price of Bitcoin and do you know to get them into position to by November first to get this free crypto dividend any way you'd want a hold Bitcoin now so maybe that did it but obviously logical thinkers the 20 percenters out there are gonna say well hang on a second here I gotta continue to hold my Bitcoin or hold some more Bitcoin because this crypto dividend thing is looking more and more real it's not some theoretical thing that Adam brought up a month ago anymore this is it's getting hard core real we you know whether it be a friendly fork crypto giving in like me gold or the 2x whatever be cash you guys are living through that already alright so again another thing with the that I people asked me with the be gold and we're going to get in this they're like how much is it gonna be Adam how much the market decides how much is going to be people I I think you should know that by now right it's like but we can make guesses and again today the price although a Bitcoin all of a sudden jumped $250 if it had anything to do with be gold and again I think it's more of a coincidence but maybe P gold could be $250 maybe maybe that's what's being priced in right now again that's a long shot but it does kind of go with my estimate that I brought up before my conservative estimate it looks like now the peep value be cash at around 10% of Bitcoin I don't see why be gold could not be half of that so valued about 5% of Bitcoin maybe a little more which is around 200 or 250 dollars again maybe it's a coincidence half a be cash the value of half a B has being 1b gold hey man it's it's these things coming out of nowhere there's no such thing as B gold now all of a sudden first to be worth $200 $250 it would be the number five in number five cryptocurrency in the world in terms of market cat it would be higher in market cap in terms more so higher than litecoin and that's pretty insane but again be cash came out of the blue and it became the number three crypto currency on earth we're just going to wait and see I mean I'm giving you some interesting theories there anyway so South Korea we're gonna get more to be regaled in a second South Korea might my contact there he explains what's going on in he's he gets of North Korea South Korea stuff that you might be interested in when he gives some cryptocurrency information to I instead of reading it all off to you I made a steam it post about it I linked to that steam it post below please check this out my contact on the ground in South Korea I mean he tells you what's really going on there he gives some news about the new the new altcoin exchange huge all coin exchange we're gonna be be able to buy over a hundred all coins there I mean as he's mentioned before the South Koreans are huge gamblers they're gonna jump into this thing so they're gonna be all sorts of pumps of all coins coming up I mean that's not my thing but again I find this very fascinating to see what's going on in other countries from on-the-ground sources so that is linked to below that steam it post I also want to remind everyone if you do like international people you like this channel so pal met like button hello Europe but I see how that like button subscribe to this channel and check out the notes section the links below because they're all very important links all right the great Charlie Lee has a tweet out there and if you hey if you want to ask me a question during this show gets you can do the super chat I've got it out of the corner of my eye the live chat I can't see you what you're specifically saying now but once if you if you do the super chat it wakes me up I see the color I click on it I answer your question but let me got allowed to talk about here obviously in the middle of the day so so the great Charlie Lee says in this tweet that's linked to below help out with testing litecoin 015 and start denominating your coins in lights one thousand lights equals one like coin well hey man that is great that Charlie Lee is being proactive with breaking down light point in that manner so in the future you know when light coin is worth $10,000 or whatever yo you'll just say I want this many lights you people won't be intimidated be scared away by their $10,000 like and I'm not saying it's really gonna happen but what I am saying is that Bitcoin a lot of people have brought this up to me and since there is no designated or semi designated leader of Bitcoin we as a community are gonna have to get on this and just start to convince more and more exchanges to list Bitcoin in bits or with that you know in a different denomination that it currently is because people are intimidated by the price so I can't buy $4,000 but if it says well one bit is worth $400 then wait a second I mean it's all about mindset psychology its marketing a really in the long run one Bitcoin still worth one Bitcoin one like coin store worth like coin one light coin but people feel more comfortable its baby with it seems cheaper even though it's not cheaper alright so let's get into some more P gold here because it is the talk of the town people have got all sorts of questions now since they had not been paying you know people had not been washing is it again all of you regular viewers you're like hey man I'm a veteran dude what's this beagle thing as the talking about it for a month what's this crypto dividend thing Anna's been talking about it for a month now it's coming true but a reminder this this Fork this is a friendly Fork it's there to go if you read the article the one of the good things about the article you can tell that it is there to come back what Rocket Man whoo and his buddies are trying to do they don't like this they're talking be gold down so if you if you're not a be cash fan if you're not a 2x fan jump uh just talk up be gold and I'm because I'm saying don't I'm not saying to buy these things again we're holders of Bitcoin we're getting this for free but don't worry people will be telling you to buy this stuff even though you can get it for free because they are not holders and they're not long-term thinkers so you can already see these pump channels and some of these people that make up the 80% that just follow and don't really think they're actually some of their videos and their their articles are funny they're just they just read the coin desk article they just read it that's their video I can't buy these I say a couple things but they're not that really coming up with any original thoughts and he's really I can't I can't believe some of the stuff that is out there but these pump channels these pump people the people about to tell you to buy steam and buy buy all these ridiculous altcoins are gonna be like well buy this and they're not gonna say bye be the simple thing is buy a Bitcoin get this stuff for free so um yeah if you can't you get free money free coins by just holding and and some of some of these pump channels kind of have jumped around that a little bit and they kind of seem angry that you can just get free crypto dividends from just holding Bitcoin and I'm just like dude what it's such a new concept to these people saving is a new I mean be savers being rewarded instead of being pressured into investing into risky assets that's all crypto dividend is that does all be gold is it's rewarding us Bitcoin savers in the old days people would save money in banks and they would get interest people would own stocks they would get dividends when they would hold on to them okay so like see again savings is this lost art but it's such a simple thing but all these pumpers want you to go into these crazy assets lose your but on buying these whack all coins and again and in the long run these the patient people out there who are familiar with this channel we are laughing our butts off because we've just been holding Bitcoin you ain't nothing and we're getting this free stuff and you know as well as I do if that unfriendly fork be cash is worth four hundred bucks or whatever that you that this be gold thing I mean we could see parody parody one day I don't know it's if it's worth five bucks is better than zero box okay we're just getting five bucks by just sitting on our Bitcoin so again if you go back to my original videos where I talked about this I did discuss how what once these things come out though that the the the 80% are gonna pump it just like they pump Ripple they don't they just don't care about the basics behind it the basic concepts so we just we benefit from them pumping okay but again this again it is interesting concept um we're here okay oh yeah it is these people it is a friendly fork they are stew people behind be gold are saying it is an altcoin I cannot stress that enough because you do have people out there who are like oh why is it trying to be Bitcoin it's not trying to be Bitcoin it's trying to be an altcoin is forking away from Bitcoin and they're gonna have more on their site soon and I linked to their Twitter below where they've been correcting some things so check out their Twitter their site is not up fully updated yet but if their Twitter does clarify some things that the articles cut the article kind of misrepresented something it's not a rebellion this is not a rebellion all right so and it's just again I'm still shocked that some videos out there just read from the freaking coin desk and like they're dead space this bait but collect be happy you're part of the 20% if you're part of the 20% man I'm pretty happy about it it's betrayed me pretty well a pound that like button so yeah be patient about again the hardware wallet people are asking about the hardware while it's providing information about beagle with how they're gonna handle it some of them are just finding out about this – okay they haven't been watching the adam meister channel either but you know you can tweet out to them and put you know put pressure on treasurer and ledger to make this easy okay I have no idea of what they're going to do with this if they're going to just ignore it but the more people who are talking about it you're more likely that this is gonna be easier for people who want to extract their be gold from their Bitcoin so I mean we've got a month here be patient keep people just you gotta be a little patient that's part of being a long-term thinker that's part of being the 20% you got to put off gratification for a while there's a lot of dudes out there who cannot put out off gratification and they end up you know with a lot of extra kids that they shouldn't have losing a lot of money on all callings of they shouldn't a la lost on getting you know getting into cloud mining things anyway and remember be gold there is replay protection it is a friendly fork hold your Bitcoin look at these magnificent benefits we get from these crypto dividends all right and you learned where you learn about crypto dividends first right here where do you learn about being gold first right here so Bitcoin magazine has an article out about the Curious Case of Bitcoin movie disk disk the moby dick spam it talks about how these some of these miners some of the whoever was spamming the Bitcoin network to scare people away from seg wit and that it was all you know there was a lot of spam and a lot of nonsense that was furthering this debate when there shouldn't have even been in to date because the it wasn't as crowded out there as everyone was saying it was because the spam was making it crowded so Aaron van we're dumb does that article i link to that below he's been on the show a buddy of mine in india a fan of the show sent a graphic that i linked to below that appeared in a major newspaper there today in The Times of India it talks about crypto currency and the interesting thing about this graphic that I want to bring up and not only talks about Bitcoin it shows information about – etherium classic ripple oh god a theory I'm and litecoin why you pick those I don't exactly know they're all in the top ten right teach his own that's what they're hearing about in India right now in terms of altcoins all right we got a lot of live viewers here there's very good guys I really like your up I know you're enjoying this so let's one final thing I want to is a little bit off-topic it's about you know experience around 1998 I was you know yet we've been talking about this theory of mine that every 20 years is a big technological advance and if you're in before a certain year you're in good shape well I was around for 1998 I was young I was too young to properly get into the internet and in terms of buying things and starting a company and I have the experience of living through that though even though I was young and I know and I know that this works where we're starting to experience now with cryptocurrency with Bitcoin it's bigger and we're earlier I mean this is going to really revolutionize the world in in a completely different way than the internet did but it's going to be bigger and I am not missing out on this okay and I already I positioned myself not to miss out on this because I know how it is the miss out as a young person on the internet okay I mean again I couldn't start a company back but but yeah and I want to point out another thing about experience I was talking about experience so I learned from that experience and there are a lot of young people out there today who are in the cryptocurrencies this who had no idea about the dot-com experience about the 1998 1999 2000 experience at all so you gotta listen to people to have experience even though I was young I mean listen to Andy Hoffman and I'm gonna tell you something funny that I did do eventually back then that showed how young I was but kind of is a comparison with some young people do today I bought a stock called info C because I thought that Yahoo which was the main search engine it was not was too expensive I thought why don't I get the second best thing it's cheaper and that's the exact same mindset that people have today when they go to coin base and they're like well bitcoin is too expensive I want the second I want litecoin that's cheaper and it's just it's a silly it's not a good mindset to have it's a silly mindset there you know you can get both you can diversify whatever you want to say III only buy a Bitcoin of course but you can buy a bit of Bitcoin just as as with stocks I could have gotten a little bit of Yahoo or whatever and I am NOT saying that litecoin is the the next Infoseek no no no no no no and by the way back then – I like I solve it in physique right away I remember I did that – I sold the info secret flipped it I wasn't a long-term person and I think if I see did get purchased by ABC or I don't remember now but again you learn from your experiences like that and some of my commentary on the current state of the cryptocurrency market comes from those days when I was a very young person and I was by doing these things that don't make no sense and when I look back at them now that weren't the best move that I can make was you want the real thing if you know something is better than another thing you want that if it has a high price you buy a fraction of it and you hold on to it you don't flipping alright so i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video check out the new session below pal that like button i'm gonna join you guys in the chat and say hello to my European friends goodbye