Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to super duper late night in bitcoin today is October 31st 2017 yes it is still Halloween in Honolulu and Anchorage Alaska so hello to my fellow Americans in those faraway states and those two faraway cities I've been to those cities before lovely lovely places indeed yeah they the internet was down here in Israel for a bit I don't celebrate Halloween but as you can see when I was a young person I I was into it there's a picture up there for you for people who are do I hope you had a fun Halloween if you if you do that thing alright so yeah it is Halloween October 31st 2017 at least you're still partying out there in the faraway reaches the United States here in Israel it's the morning I'm getting ready to go on a train obviously I am not that caught up on everything is going on in Bitcoin because the Internet has been down for a little bit where I'm staying but I'm actually gonna be going to another city it's gonna be a lot of fun you'll see me soon enough from that other city so let's uh let's stop that screen share I hope you uh you know we're doing some really special things here since this is like the SuperDuper Late Show and it is going to be a fast show hopefully also cuz I'm not even sure how well the the internet is working alright so look mention make tiles in the chat I I just peeked in the chat if you guys want to do the super Chado answer some questions but yeah let us let us begin with my notes here hang on remember on twitter i'm tech vault-tec h b alt ICO requests that I have been receiving III told I've shared with you guys that I get like one request a day from I see Oh trying to be on my show it has just been ramped up this last week I mean I'm getting like six a day now it's so clearly this thing III don't I think they've jumped I think I SEOs have jumped the shark to tell you the truth I mean who I don't think they're effective I don't know I don't see how people are so giving at least the minor ones and the medium ones any money they don't have to give you anything in return it's the weirdest thing I think I think the model is gonna morph a little bit I think that people are going to start you're doing the forks a little bit more but that's an expensive proposition see I CEOs are free propositions these these people just I mean it's they say hey give us money so it's better than free thing but they're not able to raise this money anymore because I mean they're just ramping up contacting me begging me to be on my show and it's some of the most generic emails you've seen to I mean they don't even care I just reject them immediately so who knows so I've got random thoughts here because it's so random of the day is a our critic dividends gonna become like the universal basic income for smart people indoors missing is universe universal basic income will never have that there are a lot of technical reasons but the next best thing to universal basic income for smart people will that be crippling dividends and I expand them in another video I don't have time to talk about it now but it was something that came to my head or uh just I thought I just sherry all right what is this the price of success yeah yeah the price we're at an all-time high and I'm super duper calm and it's funny on I I'm thinking about how I talk I want strong hands I've heard to say at the beginning this show strong hand and if you have a strong man town that like fun but it can be harder on days like this where Bitcoin hits like sixty four hundred dollars and I'm even I mean I'm telling you guys the truth I mean if the Internet's down for like 12 hours I didn't know that I didn't know the how much it was worth in fact when the internet came on I checked the World Series score before I checked the Bitcoin price that's I mean and I don't even my team isn't even in the World Series but I mean I'm curious it's a good World Series I guess the guys in Los Angeles all you're still awake parting because you won in tomorrow's the big day in Game seven but no so so it's it's easier I think in some aspects that on days where Bitcoin is dropping to have a strong hand because you think well it's gonna come back ten days like this some people are like man I should just cash out now I forget cash out now and it's obviously gonna drop later so I can buy back in do you gotta have a strong hand no matter what and by the way some of you are saying this is a subject I didn't plan on talking about two days you know he I obviously I watch his up you know his predictions that are all based on market technicals and he there's some people that who heard this not smart enough who can't grasp what he's trying to say so based on based on technicals he predicts it's going to go down so if you're a trader if you're a real trader looks like no one is you don't want to be buying now he says it's not a good time to buy so people immediately interpolate total raises selling tom brady's is selling but the funniest thing is he always says he's not a Bitcoin trader he is not a big winner he's just a big coin holder Blakeney there's no did you know there's no difference between tone and I in the way we treat our Bitcoin none at all we don't sell that's it but he talked about something completely different on his channel than when I talked about on my channel and maybe we talk about some similar things but he's named thinning obviously people come for that technical analysis and just the scary thing is is that he's given out advice that only about 5% of the people out there can really use to their advantage and the rest of the people are gonna get super confused about it and they're probably gonna get hurt but and so he even has said his tone days a scam he wants to do a crypto scam episode about it is he a scam he's not a scam he uses that word way too much even describe himself it's hilarious it's a lair he's a different no sense of humor than the rest of us do against outlook on life everyone's got a different outlook on life but that that Russian upbringing I think mace makes him a little different in it entertaining to me I I mean I don't feel people he even he is not a traitor so be careful don't don't be a traitor have a strong can't even all days like this hey I know that I know some more specifics about my trick trivia I'm going to be install December I'm gonna have specifics on that next time hopefully err when you'll be able to hang out with me at their equivalent of the Bitcoin Embassy in Seoul December the 4th God we know the date what's the point of me saying it in this just that I know the day I'll say it in the next video ok god there's so much I didn't erase from my last notes that like yeah Bitcoin allows fools to be fools yeah exactly I know that they have a strong hand people okay is it harder or days like this to have a strong hand then days when Bitcoin is dropping found that like button I can check out the link section below seriously check out yesterday's video it was also done at a weird time and when I do these things that are weird time people don't they don't see it as much as they could because they're asleep you know and then YouTube you know one of the things I guess this is a little off-topic but people are very paranoid in a Bitcoin space about YouTube is d monetizing a lot of stuff and they don't boo they don't show a lot of people stuff they boost a lot of people's stuff there's a guy out there like a doom doom guy I happen upon his channel because he's a guy who believes and men going their own way and I was happened to be watching that because I'd watch something and Sandman talked about and by the way mission I see you your comments all over the place do you rock anyway there's this one guy who's like a turtle he's a prepper beyond and I wouldn't usually watch this but he's complaining about how he's not as many uses as he usually does um Leslie his less names like I'm sorry or something like that I don't know anyway the thing is is his video quality is horrible like mine and you know what YouTube is not it doesn't boost people with horrible video body and stricter about that and you know what I'm not gonna complain but you need I see what they're trying to do they want everything that looked pretty I mean they're the business of attracting the 80% they're gonna do with a good they wanted to look super duper professional that's what they're good that's why they they boost the corporate types too they want it to look like TV so whatever I mine doesn't look like TV at all I mean mines got awesome information on it so YouTube doesn't know they're not doing me any favors they're not doing that that guy any favors either but he's got it you know he's more into like he he makes it more complex the situation than it really is now they have the right to do this I mean it's their platform they can do what they want to do to me and so I'm not complaining but I wanted I want to throw that out there a little bit and some people are gonna start screaming me again you gotta fix the quality you got to fix the quality because and yes you'll get more people will find out plenty of people know about me I do really well because of all this stuff I'm not complaining okay I can't I have to get a whole new computer basically to to make the video quality better all right it's just that how fast my computer is when I'm doing these shows like it's just not fast enough to make you know my voice sync with my mounts and everything and to make everything look nice and I'm not getting a new quick laptop I travel around the world it's not worth my while to take you can get a lot of complex equipment and expensive equipment and all that other stuff alright so there's a little bit of information behind the scenes YouTube content creator information but maybe I'm gonna maybe I'll start a a newsletter that everyone can sign up for so yeah so when my shows go live people complain they're less I don't get the I don't get the notification even though I bagged that Bell button well that I mean that's it YouTube they're not they choose not for whatever reasons they're not promoting that's their business so I might start my own little like email lists just to like email people beforehand like I'm going live but another thing on Twitter if you follow me a tech ball there you go and put every time before I go live about 10 minutes before I go live I do put posted on Twitter so if you want to watch it you'll find it you'll find it and you don't have to watch this live I don't understand the point of watching this live I don't the point of making this look good I don't I don't know why that 1996 for left she's 93 percent of you now or men want to see me I don't know why I don't I really don't understand why it's all about the content it's about learner I mean watch my old videos people a lot of people recently have been bringing up to me like Adam you were saying the by but it was 500 you should make a compilation video of all your old videos of all the times when it was 300 400 500 and 600 or 700 tell me people to buy and I did something like that already actually I think if you go back to August the first I posted something similar that when I was traveling between Australia United States all right um so but now I don't time to do another compilation video like that check out the the archives people big old hat says replay protect protection development it's it's been implemented fully implemented they have an update I fully updated update blog post below I link to it below what else a fury I'm on on reddit there is now more than 10 million athere there are now more than 10 million aetherium unique addresses I thought that was interesting they're huge say what you will about them they're huge 10 million unique aetherium addresses are out there I mean running into theory I'm a little bit more lady I think I think there's something to it okay my mind has shifted on them a little bit alright should I bring this up yeah if you have 32 or more Bitcoin if you've enough Bitcoin to like buy a house now don't buy a house now with your Bitcoin don't do it rent rent with your fiat until at least 2020 you could probably get a lot bigger house in 2020 with your magical supply of Bitcoin that you have now that then alright and even then don't do it then maybe you only need a 10 Bitcoin to get your magical house rent with fiat now i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister this Trump wants to remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video I know it's family at another time to do check out the new section below sorry this was a missed mass of stuff town that like button and yeah I'll see you guys later and I'll see you in the chat right now bye