we have right here the bit main aunt minor s9 and then behind me and sitting underneath me is the Tesla Model S what do these two have in common pretty much absolutely nothing except they're kind of like the future technology kind of thing but picture has been circulating around the internet and also different news forms I didn't seen it in newspapers and on TV a picture that someone was actually transporting Bitcoin mining or cryptocurrency mining equipment in his trunk well the news of course takes that picture spins it completely out of proportion and makes up a fake news story that just seems to keep going and going and going and that news story is oh he's stealing power from superchargers in order to mine cryptocurrency for free I've already done two videos on this subject one explaining why it's completely idiotic it's stupid idea and in video number two I know what you'd have to go through to actually make something like that work which just reinforces video number one showing that it's a completely stupid and idiotic idea well my viewers wanted me to actually try it so here we have the bit 9 bit main and minor s9 the most efficient commonly readily available Bitcoin mining computer out on the market this little bugger right here can do thirteen point five terror hashes per second calculations to mine Bitcoin that's a lot it also has the lowest power consumption per tera hasher per half so considering this is the most efficient Bitcoin mining computer and this is pretty much the most efficient vehicle or one of the most efficient vehicles in the world let's give it a go now at full power this thing will draw just a hair under 1,400 watts of power you can run it off 120 or 240 volts about 120 volt outlet just isn't going to provide the unit with just what it needs so we have a 240 volt power inverter DC to DC or DC to AC and Berger right here it's got a 1500 watt sustained capacity with a burst of 3000 watts I can tell you right now this thing does not draw even on burst and start up 3000 watts and I have verified the capacity of my inverter and though it's a little on the small side it did manage to run a 1500 watt load for about a half hour for me before the battery was connected to was dead now one thing I need to note we're connecting to the 12 volt auxilary battery on the car since there's no reasonable way to tap into the high voltage battery act and then even if we did we'd still need other electronics another DC to DC converter of a sizable capacity to bring the voltage down and then we'd still have to find a way to connect it to the amp minor that being said there's also another problem the DC to DC converter that's already in the car that recharges the 12-volt battery off the high voltage battery as approximately a 600 watt capacity even if the car men just a power the amp minor s9 the little problem is we're going to exhaust that 12-volt battery faster then the car can replenish it at but let's just try it anyways and another thing I can do is there's three hash boards in this aunt minor s9 well first we'll try it with all three if it doesn't work we'll try it with two and then we'll try it with one and I'll tell you our conclusions after that so let's lower her in here now if I was actually setting this up to sit attitude supercharger do I would then have some sort of Wi-Fi hotspot' going over the cellular network but we're not doing it and I already can tell you right now this is an idiotic idea and then ain't gonna really work so instead I ran a 50 foot ethernet cord and plug that in here yep that's in the power supply the inverter is on lights go now you guys can already hear in the background fans running those are three other and minor s nines running in my house they're actually my garage for the moment I'm making use of this ultra cold weather move the camera a little closer here and that's three of them about 30 feet away through other stuff in my garage this is gonna get loud okay folks adjust my camera there okay now I also have my dull mini 9 right there so we can so we can monitor this computer I got it set up for the correct correct monitoring page for here all right here we go fans are starting up it's going through its boot sequence right now green lights are on now if it does shut off I'm gonna kill the power on the power supply quickly if it for some reasons there's a power failure because the inverters self resetting and I don't want to fry a very expensive lining computer here the minor frames are now kicking in they go up to as much as 6000 rpm one ant miner can put out as much heat as a 1500 watts space heater actually somewhere in the range of about 4,500 to 5,000 BTU I'm actually working on a little project and return one of these in here for my house he's running I'm gonna check a few okay the aunt liner ends online and on my network and it is displaying the it's no there we go alright and then just kill all right killed the power supply so trial one guess the voltage dip was just a little bit too much or something I don't know let's try removing and disconnecting power to one of the hash boards try again all right man is it cold out here fifteen degrees Fahrenheit right now hope let's put it this way these things taking up so much heat before these running in my garage 15 degrees outside my garage was a balmy 65 degrees Fahrenheit right minor favor no fault like here sometimes it doesn't like having that force to make this okay so each has four uses about 450 watts so right now is one board disconnected we are down to nine still not minding you you know for wife Lincoln and oh alright so can't do 900 watts worth last try now theoretically now we're down to one hash board turn her on theoretically 450 watts draw technically the car should be able to support this indefinitely but let's see Tara has 2/3 I guess escort 45 Tara Hatchin just one board running now we run into the next problem is the hash rate is so low if you went through all the pain in the butt to do this getting free electric all this hassle to make based on right now spot price for Bitcoin through US dollar $150 stealing electric fans are spinning up a little bit more network traffic Oy one hash boards running running the hash port the lessons – Oh now just not doing it I think we're gonna have to call this one all right look all right dashboard lights out this is just not cutting it all right we're gonna power that down yeah that's just not cutting it well we gave it a try this just isn't practical nor is it it's not really properly you know because just in the amount of time this thing's been sitting offline in my front of my car I probably lost more money than I could have gained if it actually ran so we're calling it it's just this it's it's a neat idea but it's just it's it's just it's stupid I mean it's something fun to try but there's just no point in doing it it's just not don't waste your time but we did it I mean who else is stupid enough to actually try it and actually mine Bitcoin with the Tesla Model S me now that being said here is my call to Elon Musk with over 1100 different kinds of cryptocurrency out there now 1100 different kinds of coins and more being created every day Elon I call to you please have your minions make a Tesla coin remember whose idea it was I get the the initial IC o—- maybe a few bonus coins off the start here but maybe have a Tesla coin that we can use as Tesla owners but the amount of processing power in these cars is especially starting with the auto pilot two vehicles and the GPUs that are in these cars and and all that other good stuff maybe we could put to use some of the idle power while the cars are plugged in fully charged and not doing anything to mine Tesla coin cryptocurrency hey how that sounds I am need idea no yes maybe what do you guys think what do you think my viewers what do you think of this whole ordeal and pain on the butt please comment in the comment section below if 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