Hey guys and girls! Welcome back to the Bitcoin Series where I try to find a way to make a passive income through digital currency mining In this episode, we're going to review digital wallets

And if you don't know what a digital wallet is, check out my other video titled 'What Is A Bitcoin Wallet, And How Does It Work?' which will explain everything My name Is Jake Owens, and this is Millionaire Mindset Hub Alright, that's enough of an introduction Let's get into it Let's look at some wallets

First off, we have Coinbase This is the most widely used crypto wallet in the worldThe beauty of Coinbase is that it's a brokerage, exchange and a wallet all in one Which means you are able to store, buy, sell, receive and send coins in the same place which makes life a whole lot easier You can access Coinbase easily from both your desktop and mobile device which makes it super awesome to use from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection

With Coinbase you're able to not only buy Bitcoin, but you can also purchase and store Ethereum and Litecoin which is a nice touch Now, to be transparent because Bitcoin is the most widely used Bitcoin wallet platform it is a consistent target for hackers But to give you peace of mind Coinbase does have an insurance policy So if they lose any of your money due to a breach of their security what you lose will be replaced They also hold only 2% of their customer's coins online so most of it is actually held in a cold storage so overall you really don't have that much to worry about

Another potential problem with Coinbase is that it tracks where you send your money and will even block your account if you send cryptocurrencies to gambling sites or do any darknet purchases But to give you peace of mind around that in almost all cases when your account has been closed they will pay you back what your cryptocurrency is worth into your bank account But remember, they have and always could close your account for any reason and they do track and monitor every transaction So just keep that in mind Next, we have Exodus

Exodus, was released pretty recently in July of 2016 It's a great looking and feeling product which lets you buy, sell, store, send and receive your coins Using an extremely simple user experience through a non-jargon step by step guide They support many currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), LiteCoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETC), DASH (DASH), Golem (GNO), Angur (RED), Dacred (DCR), EOS (EOS), Aragon (ANT), Gnosis (GNO), OmiseGo (OMG), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Civic (CVC), SALT (SALT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), FunFair (FUN), District0x (DNT) However, they are adding new currencies all of the time

One of the biggest problems with Exodus is their lack of a mobile app Which means you'll have to carry around your desktop wherever you go so that you can use your currency remotely Unless you want to write down your public and private key But even that would mean you wouldn't be able to use a QR code for purchases A big security issue that they have is that they don't offer two-factor authentication unlike most wallets

But overall Exodus is is a wonderfull wallet with a 44 out of 5 star rating from over 260 reviews which is impressive The only flaws are its lack of a mobile app and a lack of two factor authentication Now, we're going to move onto the third and last wallet that we're going to be reviewing today Jaxx

Jaxx is a great looking platform which was built with user experience in mind making it intuitive and simple to use for all of your cryptocurrency needs And it also offers a mobile app which is always handy But even though Jaxx is a great looking platform and you can use it anywhere in the world with an internet connection, users have said that it can be buggy on occasion and has been noticed to be slow And because of these two factors people either love the platform or they hate it There's really not an inbetween

A great perk of Jaxx is its security surrounding the storage of your private key The key is stored on your device rather than on the app Which means that a third party is not able ot hack into the software on your device and control where your money goes, a hacker would have to get into your actual device before they could have control over your funds which is a lot harder Hey guys and girls! Thanks for watching! If you would like to sign up or check out any of these wallets I've put a link to them in the description box below And if this video provided you with any value and you feel that way inclined please hit that subscribe button and like the video

If you've got any questions or would just like to reach out and say "Hi!" feel free to do so in the comment section below or feel free to PM me Again, thanks a ton for watching I'll see you guys in the next episode! Cheers 🙂